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I discovered that God is love. God is the root of everything good.

God's love
is at the heart of every Christian's faith. God loves no matter what. God's love
always was and always will be. God showed us how much God loved us by sending
us God's only son, Jesus, to save us. God also showed his love through creation.
Everything God created is good. God gave us the power and free will to do whatever
we want with God's gifts. We as Christians believe that God's love is everlasting and
unfailing. No matter what we do, the only way a person can be separated from
God's love is through our own choice. God lets us decide on our own, whether we
accept his teachings.

I am still wondering how, if God made everything good, we still have

suffering, poverty and death in our world today. I try to logically figure out what God
must be planning for everybody in his or her life. I understand that we all have
some mission to complete before we die. However, what that mission may be, is
what puzzles me. Some of my close friends family members have died lately and
through their deaths I have come to have many questions. Why does God take
young teenagers before 90-year-old patients lying in hospitals? If God loves
everyone equally then why does God choose some people to suffer more than
others? So many people suffer in this world today, while others have very good
lives. This puzzles me. However, I truly believe that God does no chose for people to
suffer. Because God is love and we have free will, God is not completely in charge of
what happens. I know that God must have a plan for all of us and everything
happens for a reason. However sometimes I still wonder what God is thinking.

I am challenged to accept all of God's teachings even if I do not understand

them. I need to ask more personal questions and through them seek to find new
answers. I have learned to question my faith more, after realizing it is not the god
what‘s like.

Just like what‘s happening right now more people are sick because of
pandemic (COVID19). COVID 19 affects all over the world. Many people died and
the relatives of that person can’t even see the face of there died love onces
because iy can fam there lives as well. And some are sick and they need to stay in
the hospital for some test they need to go far from there family for the safety of
everyone. Also our frontliners doctors,nurses, police, barangay official, municipal
officials and other people who risking there life for the sake of our country. We know
that is,t is so hard for us to live like this, we just stayed at our house. Just think of
the other people who suffered a lot at this time. The poor people who don‘t have
any income at this time where they can get the food that they can eat? How about
the people who don’t have home to go to. When Im watching news pne of the news
caught my attention. It is the people who lived in beside the ilog Pasig. One of the
police asked them to go home because it is dangerous to stay outside but then the
sadest part are these people don’t have a place to go to. They say that they are
more willing to stay at jail with the other criminals rather than stay outside without
food and home to go to. It breaks my heart to hear something like this. If it is hard
for me for my family on how to survive in this crisis I can‘t even think the other
people who’s suferring more.

So as this time we need to cooperate to one another and stay at home. And
also as a student, yes, even if we are only student we can help to other. In juat
simple staying athome is a big to our country and to our heroes(frontliners). We
can also extend our hand for the other people just like my family they are planning
to help our neighbors by giving some relief. It is just a also thing to others but then
we don’t know that the others are so happy of what they are getting. In all this
things I know that God has a reason. We don‘t know what it is but have faith and
trust him.

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