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Marketing Myopia is term used in marketing industry to describe short sightedness of an
Industry or services provided by company. The article by Theodore Levitt is about marketing
and strategies used in the industry. The main idea was to meet customer needs rather than
selling products if they need to grow in market.
The first case is about Railroads. In railroads the fault was not in management but they lacked
vision for longer span. They took railroads only in terms of railways instead of taking in entire
Transportation solution. This concept says that key to growth is to make products fulfilling the
needs of customer, not merely achieving perfection on their limited standards. This is what we
called as Marketing Myopia. Second example is the Hollywood industry. In case of Hollywood
they started making movies and only movies considering their mindset of a movie oriented
industry instead of providing entire entertainment solution. Hollywood failed to realize that it
was a part of entertainment industry and as a result, gave a path of progress to a T.V industry
which was greatly entertaining as per customer needs.
Next case is about Dry cleaning industry. In this case Industry was growing with very high pace
but when chemical and ultrasonic came, they were out. Continuous advancement in technology
makes the product or service better resulting in preferred choice of customer and hence
increase its market. Industry should analyze and try to realize its business that where it would
stand in 10 to 20 years? Considering all the SWOT facts, they will think and bring innovation to
retain its customer.
According to Levitt, if thinking is an intellectual problem, then the absence of problem leads to
the absence of thinking. From this we can derive an assumption that management stops
thinking of ways of expanding the market when the market is expanding. This short sightedness
of Industry is one of the causes to sink the market. Given the example of petroleum industry,
the oldest one having a very desirable record, there are some serious questions regarding its
growth rate. It may be a time come when oil industries faces same consequences of railroads.
In short, the industry efforts have focused on improving the efficiency of getting and making its
product on major ones. Industries are now focusing on mass production to decrease the cost in
manufacture of product eliminating the idea that this mass production won’t affect the needs
and wants of customer. Not spending on marketing will eventually result in unawareness of
customer trends and changing taste. An industry is a customer-satisfying process, not a goods-
producing process. Customers do not care about how materials are created. The mains
functions of an industry should be:
Marketing: Satisfying customer needs
Research and development