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Part #: Complete 5388-3400-08
Glass cleaner, grease pencil, adhesive promoter, clean soft rags and automotive grade masking tape.

Notes to the Technician/Installer: Important information before you begin:

E&G is proud to present this package to you and reminds you that for tech- If this E&G grille installation kit includes grille hole location template(s) to drill mounting holes in the vehicle,
nical information, contact Lynn Eash or Lee Clary at 410-381-4900. Do not you MUST verify that the template(s) provided in this kit match the mounting pin locations on the grille(s).
attempt the installation of any E&G product without first reading the detailed Prior to drilling the mounting holes, place the assembled grille’s mounting pins over the template(s) provided
instructions. E&G Classics will not warrant damaged parts or the vehi- and make sure that the pin and hole locations are the same. If they do not match, please call 410-381-4900
cle due to altered installation instructions. and ask for technical assistance. Thank you.

INSTALLATION TIP: E&G Classics highly rec-

comends the use of an adhesion promotor, such as
PRO BOND, in any application when applying 3M tape.
2 4

2 FLAT BRACKETS - All other locations are the (6 )bent brackets

1. Place the louvers onto a clean, flat work area. Temporarily install 3. Thoroughly clean the rear window on the vehicle and apply pro-
the mounting brackets (two (2) flat ones at the bottom). Then in- tective masking tape around the rear window to protect the paint
stall the remaining six (6) bent brackets around the perimeter. during louver alignment (not shown).
Install the nylon thumb nuts to retain the brackets. 4. Remove the tape backing at this time.
2. Install the supplied 1/8” x 1/4” foam tape to the inside surface
(where shown with white lines) breaking at the mounting brackets.

5. Mark the six (6) bent bracket locations around the perimeter of the 6. Remove the louvers and mounting brackets.
window with a grease pencil. 7. Take the six (6) bent brackets and remove the red 3M tape back-
ing. Align the bent brackets to the markings made in Step #5 and
press firmly into place.

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8. Align the louvers in place ensuring that all studs protrude 10.Once properly aligned, press the louvers and brackets firmly into
through the mounting holes. place to set the tape.
9. Open the trunk and lift up on the bottom edge of the louvers and
pass the studs on the two (2) flat brackets up through the holes in
the bottom edge of the louvers.

11. Secure the louvers using the supplied nylon thumb nuts.
12. Finished installation.

E&G Classics Warranty Information:

Part #5388-3400-08 E&G Classics, Inc. warrants its chrome parts and products to be free from defects in ma-
Quanity: Description: Part Number: terial, workmanship or finish for Thirty-Six (36) months from the date of shipment by E&G.
This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement, at E&G Classics option, of the defec-
1 ABS Rear Window Louvers 5388-340A-05 tive part or product.Full E&G Classics warranty information is available online @ Just click on the product warranty icon.
1 Installation Hardware Kit 5388-3402-08
8 Nylon Thumb Nuts 1999-0387-00
For E&G Classic Product Returns:
Please contact the authorized E&G Classics Dealer where you purchased our prod-
2 15’ Rolls of 1/8” x 1/4” Foam Tape 3999-9137-00 uct from in regards to any workmanship or warranty claims. All items returned to
E&G Classics must have a return authorization number issued by us for inspection
2 Flat Mounting Brackets 3/8” Studs 5049-3411-05 or a defective product and or warranty issue. All merchandise sent back to E&G
Classics without proper paperwork or authorization will be rejected and returned.
6 Bent Mounting Brackets 5388-3412-08


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