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What is Covid 19?

The coronavirus or Covid 19 is a virus family, that can generate disease as the common cold and the Severe Acute
Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

In March 2020 the World Health Organization declared that this outbreak of COVID-19 it was already a pandemic.

The public health organizations of United States are watching the pandemic and are publishing updates in their web
sites. These groups have also published recommendations to prevent and treat this disease.


The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 can appear between two and 14 days after you have been infected, and can
include fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste and smell, headache, fatigue…

The severity of this symptoms can be very mild to serious. Even some people don’t have any symptom.

Old people with heart or lung diseases, diabetes, or who have a low immune system, may be at higher risk of getting

How does COVID-19 spread?

Some informative facts show that it is spread from person to person through respiratory drops when someone with
the virus coughs, sneezes, or speaks. You can also catch the virus by touching a surface where it is found and then
touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.

This is why it is important to stay more than 1 meter away from people, and not only from the ones that are sick.


It is recommended to take these measures to prevent COVID-19:

-Prevent events with a lot of people and meetings.

-Prevent the short contacts (less of 2 meters) with anyone that is sick or that have some of the symptoms.

-Wash the hands with frequency with water and soap (at least 20 seconds) or use a sanitizer

-Cover your mouth and nose with the elbow or with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Throw away the used

-Prevent touching eyes, nose and mouth.

-Prevent sharing plates, glasses, bedding clothes and other household objects if you are sick.

-Clean and disinfect diary the frequently touched surfaces.

-Stay at home and don’t go to work, school, public sites if you are sick (except to receive medical attention).

-Use the cloth face mask in public sites like the supermarket.

What is it like to be in confinement?

Be in confinement, is a frustrating situation because we don't know how long this virus will take and it’s also
insufferable because despite the alarm status, a lot of people continue acting with normality despite of the

Being locked up at home for so long, can lead in adopting a sedentary behavior because you have to stay 24 hours at
home. It’s also very important to don’t miss the diary routines and being as much active as you can to maintain our
heath and improve our immune system. Don’t forget that rest and eating healthy food are also essential.