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Activate Your DNA

Supporting information for working with the DNA Activation soundscapes by Shapeshifter
DNA Science EVOLVE; using the DNA soundscapes
While this work is not focused heavily on as a backdrop to the teachings and see
the science aspect of understanding what your guidance shows you in your
the DNA, it is important to at least have meditative states about this dimensional
a little knowledge about it so you can level of reality. You will find clues and
comprehend on deeper levels what this guidance that will assist you in your
work is about. We have provided some unfolding DNA Activation process.
information below to get you started in ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
learning about the connections between Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes
the science of DNA and recommend you within each of their cells. Each chromosome
learn more about this subject as you resembles its partner in size, shape, and
continue to work with DNA Actvation. genetic constitution, with one important
exception. The exception is the pair of
NOTE: Some of this information sex chromosomes. Which combination of
presented in this section will seem sex chromosomes you have determines
elementary and too 3D scientific, try whether you are male or female.
to expand your multidimensional ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
consciousness around the information Next time you light up a cigarette, bite
presented, invoking the essence of into a bacon sandwich, go sunbathing,
your spiritual teachings to bring forth or stand under the mushroom cloud of a
new levels of understanding. Shift recently detonated atomic bomb, spare a
your consciousness directly into the thought for your DNA. Mutations aren’t
experience of the biological process. just the results of internal copying errors.
When many of us first learned this info, They can also be caused by random insults
we did if from our left-brained learning from outside the body. The environment is
constructs. Go beyond that now -- full of agents just waiting to inflict lasting
damage on your DNA.
Today, Gregor Mendel is
hailed as the founding
father of modern genetics.
But the initial reaction of
the scientific community
was one of universal
indifference instead of
worldwide acclaim. His
discoveries were dismissed
as irrelevant because they
were seemingly at odds
with the prevailing ideas
on inheritance.
Mendel was simply way
ahead of his time. It would
be another 40 years before
the importance of this work 800.817.6373 
was recognized. to awaken the dormant potentials in the
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DNA using sound/music/ frequencies/
The discovery of the material basis of harmonics
heredity came, in part, from probing the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
finer details of plant and animal tissues. Genetics is one of the newest of all the
In 1655, the physicist Robert Hooke, using sciences. Most of its significant discoveries
a primitive light microscope, described belong to the 20th century.
small angular spaces in sections of cork, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
for which he coined the term “cells.” But The term “gene” was coined in 1909 by
the idea that cells were the fundamental Danish biologist Wilhelm Johannsen (1857-
units of all animals and plants was not 1927) to describe a unit of heredity.
confirmed until superior light microscopes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
became available in the early 19th century. Although cells vary enormously in size
Before they could get a more refined picture and function, they all have the same basic
of these tiny and colorless structures, design. Within each cell, there is an inner
biologists had to wait until the latter part of compartment called the NUCLEUS which
the 19th century, when suitable stains and contains long, thin threadlike structures
dyes were developed that could highlight called CHROMOSOMES. Almost every
and contrast the inner-architecture of cell in the body carries an identical set of
cells. chromosomes. Genes are arranged linearly
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ on the chromosomes, like beads on a
Significant Moments in Cell Biology necklace.

1833 - First description of Cell Nucleus

Number of Chromosomes
1835 - Schleiden and Schwann put forward Human - 46
the theory that cells with nuclei are the Chimp - 48
funadamental units of plant and animal Dog - 78
tissues Horse - 64
Fruit Fly - 8
1855 - Rudolph Virchow states that new Pea - 14
cells can only be formed by the division ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
of previously existing cells - in other DNA(DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is the genetic
works, cells cannot arise by Spontaneous material of most living organisms. Each
Generation. chromosome is effectively one extremely
long molecule of DNA. The chemical
1869 - Frederic Miescher discovers Nuclein building blocks of DNA are nucleotides.
(DNA) A nucleotide consists of a sugar molecule
and a phosphate molecule bound to one of
1879 - Using new staining techniques, the four DNA bases -- Thymine, Adenine,
Walthar Flemming identifies chromosomes Guanine and Cytosine.
in the cell nucleus (from chroma the Greek ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
word for color). The shape of the DNA molecule is one of
its most characteristic features. It resembles
1989 - Shapeshifter discovers a technique a spiral staircase -- or DOUBLE HELIX, 800.817.6373 
to give it its proper scientific name. The In other words, it coils in a clockwise
molecule has two intertwining STRANDS direction.
with links across the middle, which form Book-Get a Grip on Genetics
the “stairs.” by Martin Brookes
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Despite its length, DNA is actually quite The number of genes varies between
a simple molecule. Each strand consists different species. Simple organisms like
of a linear arrangement of basic chemical bacteria may have as few as 2,000 while
units called NUCLEOTIDES. These come humans have about 100,000 genes.
in four different varieties, which can be ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
represented by the letters A, G, C, and DNA is a Universal Code.
T. A single strand of DNA can have any ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sequence of these four letters. A triplet of DNA letters always code for
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the same amino acid - no matter whether it
Given the sequence of letters on one appears in the genetic recipe of a bacterium,
DNA strand, we know instantly what the a cabbage, an aardvark, a human being, or
sequence of letters on the other strand must any other species.
be, because the letters form complementary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
pairings. A always pairs with T, and G We all start life as a single cell, created by
always pairs with C. a sperm from the father fusing with an egg
from the mother. The first cell of a new life
AATCATTCGGTACG will divide by mitosis to produce a final
|||||||||||||| count of billions. Each of these cells will
TTAGTAAGCCATGC contain a genetic recipe which is identical
to the one present at conception.
A DNA sequence is actually a strong of ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
three-letter “words,” each word being the Before a cell divides, each one of the 46
code for an amino acid. So the sequence chromosomes makes a copy of itself. The
AGCTTCCGATCGGTA, would actually original and the copy are joined together at
read as AGC TTC CGA TCG GTA. Each a central point called the CENTROMERE.
triplet of letters specifies one of the 20
amino acids. For example, the triplet AGC The MEMBRANE of the nucleus dissolves
is the code for the amino acid serine; TTC and a SPINDLE of protein fibers forms on
is the code for the amino acid known as which the chromosomes line up.
phenylalanine; and so on.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The spindle fibers then pull apart each
If the DNA from all the cells in the human chromosome and its copy to opposite ends
body was stretched out and laid end to of the cell.
end, it would reach to the moon and back
- a distance of more than 435,000 miles. The spindle fibers dissolve, and
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ membranes form around each of the sets of
The DNA from a single human cell contains chromosomes. And finally...the cell divides
about 3 billiion “letters.” in two.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The DNA molecule is a right handed helix. DNA is a self replicating molecule. 800.817.6373 
DNA is made up of two intertwining Quotes for Deep Thoughts
strands of complementary letters, held
together by chemical bonds. Before There are about 100 quotes here, so take
copying starts, these bonds weaken and time to absorb each one. Each of these
the two strands loosen their grip on one quotes have been carefully selected to
another. The DNA literally unzips itself, stimulate your brain synapses in such a
leaving the two strands exposed. Each of way, so that you will GET all the higher
these strands becomes a template for its meanings and intentions behind this
own replication. powerful work. Once you get a few
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ major Light bulbs turned on, you will
Mutations -- spontaneous changes in DNA find that your entire reality will take a
-- can manifest themselves in a variety of shift into a higher probability and many
ways. They can be a substitution of one amazing people, things, events and
letter for another, a deletion of a single situations will start to appear in your 3D
letter or blocks of letters; or an insertion, reality.
inversion, or duplication of a single letter
or blocks of letters. Until now, this stored information has
been inaccessible to us except for initiates
Mutations can have dire consequences for of mystery schools, spiritual masters,
an organism. Changes to the DNA sequence and holy persons dedicated to serving
of a gene can translate into changes to a the Light. Our human form is composed
protein’s amino-acid sequence. of 12 physical strands of DNA and 12
corresponding spiritual strands, totaling
Because we have two copies of any 24 strands. The average person has only
particular gene, one normal working copy one strand of DNA activated, which relates
may be able to “cover” for its defective to 10% brain use in humans. Herein lies
partner. the reason why people use so little of their
brain capacity.
Genetic diseases are caused by defective -Cheryl Caccialanza
genes. Instead of producing a normal
working protein, the mutated gene either 22StrandDNA.htm
produces an altered version of the protein ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
which cannot function properly, or no What is a common denominator amongst
protein at all. all living things? Deoxyribonucleic acid
(DNA) is that subatomic link in the micro/
Sometimes a mutation change to the macro universe. The DNA molecule is a
genetic code will result in a new version double helix in atomic structure. Consider
of a protein that functions better than what this... DNA is a common denominator
went before. All the genetic differences throughout the universe and that crop
between individuals or species have come circles are a genetic language. All life
about through mutations at some point in consists of DNA. It is in plants and animals
history. alike. The DNA molecule is in the shape of
the double helix. I (personally) believe that
Crop Circles are some sort of “language” 800.817.6373 
of this macro universe, being manifested -through Wistancia
into our space and time by an unknown ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
force or intelligence. For me personally, You see, your genetic structure, that
that explains the “what is it” enough for spiraling double length of DNA material
me to accept the reality and acknowledge is much more than simply a tool for your
the importance of Crop Circles as a evolutionary physical process to remember
communication. from one generation to the next, it is much
Article - Crop Circles - Field of Cosmic like a Universal communication satellite
Dreams? that has been dormant for thousands of
by Jack Schafer millennia. (c)Spirit Light Resources, Rev. Dr. Meg
htm Blackburn
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Some biologist describe DNA as an In order to begin the process of reunification,
“ancient high biotechnology,” containing you have had to acknowledge and accept
“over a hundred trillion times as much your shadow side as well as the fragments
information by volume as our most of yourselves you have created down
sophisticated information storage devices.” through the ages. Many of you began
Could one still speak of a technology in the process of releasing your old belief
these circumstances? Yes, because there is systems in 1988, which in turn activated
no other word to qualify this duplicable, the transformation of your four lower body
information-storing molecule. DNA is only systems, making ready for the great Light
ten atoms wide and as such constitutes a infusions to come. In 1994, your bodily
sort of ultimate technology: It is organic transformation took a giant leap and has
and so miniaturized that it approaches the been accelerating exponentially ever since.
limits of material existence. It has taken eight years, from 1994 to 2002,
The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins for you to begin to fully experience the
of Knowledge opening of number eight or INFINITY
Jeremy Narby GATEWAY in your solar system and
P. 103-4 galaxy. This corresponds to the opening of
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the soul star within your body. The soul
And I am here to say that the Divine Plan star is a light aqua blue in color. Many of
is about All Ascensions. Unity is what is you have felt pain in the area just above
at hand. Unity and harmony is what is your hearts (often called the high heart or
being worked out and worked upon at the thymus area) over the past few years. This
highest levels of Creation and it comes all pain is because that area is bursting into
the way down into your DNA! You are part Light and the thymus gland is becoming
of all of that. You are part of the plan. The active once more, which will assist you in
plan is a living plan; a plan that is alive.. the “youthing process,” as you harmonize
You are not lesser; it is not greater. It is all the energies within your physical vessel. It
One Plan. is apparent that many of you have almost totally blended with your shadow self,
htm adding lightness and brightness within,
Gabriel's Message: The Fragrant Essence which means there is now a tremendous
of Earth's Blessed Morning-Glory opportunity to manifest love and Light on 800.817.6373 
Earth. Your Sun is the Light of this solar non-functional only in the relative states
system and it has also been going through of consciousness; waking, dreaming and
many changes. It is increasing in Light, just sleeping. In the three elightened states,
like you are. You have Light switches in certain parts of the DNA start functioning
your bodies, and all you have to do is ask to create protein molecules that have no
to have them turned on. You are moving purpose in the relative states. Two of the
from carbon-based entities to silica-based most important of these are named soma
entities. Silica is crystal and holds the and amrita in the ancient literature.
Light of the rainbow. When all twelve MSI
strands of your DNA are activated, you Book Ascension - An Analysis of the Art of
will be able to manifest all twelve colors of Ascension as Taught by the Ishayas
Creator Light in a harmonious way, and pg. 135
you will be well on your way to becoming ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
multidimensional Beings. Notice the similarity between the names
MESSAGES FROM ARCHANGEL ‘Altean’ and ‘Atlantean’. The Dinoids
MICHAEL LM-11-03 were a far more developed humanoid type
TRANSMITTED THROUGH RONNA than the humans, since they had existed
HERMAN immeasurably longer. However, their DNA was ultimately less capable than
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the human DNA, so that their ultimate
As the planetary personalities make their development could not go nearly as far
way through your astrological DNA so to as the full potential of the human being.
speak - each one of them will broadcast to They looked for ways to get around this
you truths about yourself that have been restriction, and in particular, they did this
hidden and dormant up until this time energetically, developing a two layer soul
and place. These awakenings will give to structure. The first layer was not unlike
you the recipe for success, the recipe for ours. The second, a sort of soul-mantle, held
healing, the recipe for remembering your many extraordinary faculties which, today,
power. we are only just becoming cognoscente
-Gillian MacBeth-Louthan of. Using the power of this mantle, they
Article - The Gift of Mars could manifest into the physical, travel across time and dimensions, communicate
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ telepathically, teleport and bi-locate.
The body has built into its wondrous Article - Atlantis Grid, DNA, Energy,
structure the mechanics of much subtler Wormwood
styles of functioning. Approximately From the House of David Teachings
90% of the material of the genetic code,
for example, is encoded with no known atlantis_grid_dna_energy.htm
function in the waking state. This is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
one of the greatest mysteries of modern DNA’s double helix is a model for the
genetic research; why only in the DNA controlled evolution that is possible
is Nature, typically so ruthless in Her through co-chaos. It combines the circle’s
efficiency, squandering over nine-tenths repetition with the line’s directional thrust
of the building blocks? One answer is that to make a spiraling ladder. This twisting
many of these blank sections of code are DNA ladder echoes the simpler Lorenz 800.817.6373 
attractor, which is a looping figure 8 of
iterating points that never quite exactly The base pairs, decoded from a worldwide
repeat their old locations. But DNA has detection of ultra-low frequency emissions
a sophisticated difference: it pushes into at 1.618033 Hz, appear to match certain
higher complexity by going not just over base strings found in the target (injured)
the same ground in new variations, but cells while they are being repaired through
by evolving the “points” which are the the actions of the Ganesh particle-created
organisms in its living system forward in cells of the bridges. The strings, working in
spacetime. concert with resident viral components of
Book- Tao of Chaos: DNA & The I Ching, the genome (what I will call the Vishnu part
Unlocking the Code of the Universe; pg. of the Lotus) appear to set in motion a rapid
151 cascade of activation and deactivation gene
by Katya Walter switches that promote cellular repair. I am
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ not allowed to speak more to that issue at
[Think about this in terms of your personal this time.
growth path as well as the overall planetary
consciousness. Remember we have been at Article - Nexus Magazine, Jan/Feb 03
this place before, but things are different The Saga of an Area 51 Microbiologist, pg.
now. How it plays out is up to each of us 55
doing something different than we did the Written by Bill Hamilton, senior
last time through this place. If you will programmer-analyst at UCLA
REMEMBER the last time, ask yourself Target Subject- Dr. Dan Burisch, PhD,
what didn’t you do that you can do now.] Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
In accordance with new ideas on ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
evolutionary biology beyond the neo- The codes for natural evolution are held
Darwinist approach, Dan found that (1) within humanity’s original 12-stranded
life comes from space; and (2) the “Genesis DNA and our galactic 64-stranded DNA.
Seed” has evidence of intelligent design These codes carried patterns that would
and operation (not alien intelligence, but a assure that divine beings in earth’s dense
Cosmic Creator intelligence). body suit could rise beyond the heavy
vibrations to return to the realm of their
We discussed DNA, but it is not just the beginnings-ascension/evolution. In
structure of the molecules in DNA but the addition to the evolutionary codes in the
resonances and vibrations that relate to 12-stranded DNA was a connection point
extraordinary mathematical harmonics. within the circuitry of the body suit for
If DNA arrived from space, embedded in communication flow from Sacred Mind
a virus or protective capsule, and split into and the spiritual guidance team.
primary components (as Dan believed), -Article: DNA-Genetic Self Direct Evolution
then panspermia -- the hypothesis that Ascension
life on Earth came from seed elements
deposited on Earth in meteoric and tag4.html
cometary collisions -- may be the normal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
way that planets give birth to life by a sort Three groundbreaking experiments in the
of cosmic fertilization. late 1990’s unveil dramatic and undeniable 800.817.6373 
evidence of a newly recognized form of you will find your way.”
energy, a matrix, linking each member of Carlos Barrios is the author of Kam Wuj:
our global family, creation, and the events El Libro del Destino, a book published in
of our lives in unexpected and empowering Spanish that explores Mayan teachings.
ways. Relegated to technical journals, and
receiving little attention from mainstream ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
media, these experiments, reported by Part of the Crystalline Grid’s energy is
leading research institutions of our day, responsible for the storehouse of the
shake the foundation of our predominant knowledge of the planet. All that ever was
worldview, scientifically documenting - all that exists - all the potentials of what
that: can be, are located in the Crystalline Grid.
1. We communicate with our world through There’s another section of this Crystalline
a previously unrecognized form of energy Grid that’s a safeguard. There’s a section
that operates beyond the bounds of time of this Crystalline Grid that’s alive. It’s a
and space. mammal. It contains
2. Our DNA directly influences our physical the storehouse of the planet - the knowledge
world through the energy. of everything - within its DNA. We’ve
3. Our emotions directly influence our spoken of this before, and now, perhaps,
physical DNA through this non-physical, you’ll understand. The age of the whale has
non-local form of energy. begun. As the Crystalline Grid is moved,
A growing body of evidence suggest that the knowledge centers of the storehouse
the events of our visible world, the failed of energy will also be altered within the
relationship, broken agreements, disease mammals of the planet.
and conflict of our past, as well as the joy, As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
peace and healing of the present, stem from < h t t p : / / w w w. k r y o n . c o m / k _
events that begin with what Max Planck 25.html>
called the “matrix of all matter.” Through 25.html
this unconventional form of energy, now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
associated with human emotion, and we As you enter the world of Sacred Geometry
create conditions that are mirrored as the you begin to see as never before the
reality of our lives. wonderfully patterned beauty of Creation.
Article-Living in the Mind of God: The The molecules of our DNA, the cornea of
Search for Meaning in Our Reflected our eye, snow flakes, pine cones, flower
Universe petals, diamond crystals, the branching
Horizons Magazine, Feb. 2003, pg. 9 of trees, a nautilus shell, the star we spin
Greg Braden around, the galaxy we spiral within, the air
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we breathe, and all life forms as we know
“The greatest wisdom is in simplicity,” them emerge out of timeless geometric
Mr. Barrios advised before leaving Santa codes. Viewing and contemplating these
Fe. “Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, codes allow us to gaze directly at the lines
gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or on the face of deep wisdom and offers up
elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It’s a glimpse into the inner workings of the
encoded in your DNA. All you need is Universal Mind and the Universe itself.
within you. Great teachers have said that
from the beginning. Find your heart, and geometry.htm 800.817.6373 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ meaning within these archetypes for you
These codes are the energetic connections to discover. These symbols will morph into
to the etheric overlays of the other visions, into waves of feeling and emotion
qualities/dimensions that have been and into actual manifestations of wonder
termed “strands.” In other words, these with your 3D
etheric strands equate to dimensional experience.
states. They are not ultimately separate DNA Activation Companion Guide, pg.
as you might visualize bands or strata of 18
energy, but interpenetrate each other in a -Shapeshifter
holistic synergy when re-integrated within ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the fully realized dual strand structure. Many are starting to see the new reality
Separation is an illusion created by the and are now admitting, “Yes, it seems very
holographic imprint seals, previously different from what we were told,” Yet
mentioned, that were inserted into the DNA these same Humans now doubt whether
in the distant past of our shared reality to they can rewrite their own DNA! This is the
create this effect. Many of you are now at a grand Human duality at work. Sometimes
sufficient level of consciousness and Light the bias of doubt wins, no matter what the
Quotient for the possibility to exist for the proof. The magnetic grid of this planet was
frequency fences to be dissolved and for adjusted for you. There are many who will
re-integration to occur. benefit, but it’s still the free choice for those
A workable initial model has to do who wish to grasp the new arrangement
with the visualization of relationships, what and move forward - that’s the key.
can be termed coordinate points of energy, As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
which are in essence, points of focused < h t t p : / / w w w. k r y o n . c o m / k _
intent. You may visualize these connections 25.html>
within the codex as a transparent circuit 25.html
board of shifting pathways, the lines of ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
directed intent connecting the circuits As Garajev and his team went deeper,
as interpenetrating beams of light, like they discovered that the vibrational matrix
a glowing fiber optic display. Begin by within the DNA followed the laws of
conceptualizing a 2D flat plane surface of nonlinear waveform-shaping, known since
these lines connecting points of reference the mid 19th century as Soliton waves.
in this way. Now expand your awareness Soliton waves are extraordinarily stable
and watch as this surface becomes a cube and may store information for a long time.
in 3 dimensions. Allow your consciousness Garajev’s concluded that the chromosomes
to go further. The structure will at some work like solitronic, holographic
point begin to shapeshift, folding your computers utilizing biophotonic radiation.
perception of time and space. Let the form The Moscow researchers discovered that
of these connections become whatever it DNA substance in vivo (in the living fabric
wishes to become. You will then experience of an organism, not in the test tube) reacts
a symbolic display, of what has been to language-modulated laser light, even to
termed sacred geometry. These symbols are radio waves, if one utilizes certain resonant
a manifestation of what has been termed frequencies. Now do you begin to see why
the Language of Light, which is capable we are using music/sound/frequency as
of holding infinite depths and shades of a carrier wave? We will go further and 800.817.6373 
say that the DNA codes are unlocked/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
activated through intent, and intent is, of Your DNA coding is layered in such a
course, energized by emotion and heartfelt way that you will naturally unfold, and
feeling that “Modulate the Lifewave” of if you desire to bring forth or enhance
the scalar field potential. the fullness of your own DNA, then we
-DNA Activation Companion Guide, pg.22 suggest you deal with life and give thanks
Shapeshifter for the foods you have, for the people who
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ are part of your life, and for the family
So here we are undertaking, undergoing, from whom you spring forth, both light
a Reality Transition. We have all talked and dark. Embracing your existence seeds
about how our cells are changing, our DNA you frequency into the ethers, and this in
is changing, our abilities are changing, itself seeds the Earth, building your future.
our awareness is changing, our diets are Many people have turned their backs on
changing, our relationships are changing, their families, and we see that those who
our bodies are changing, our consciousness have abandoned their bloodlines, no
is changing --- what is actually going on is matter how justified it seems, have often
that our entire Reality is changing! We are missed the greatest opportunities to heal
going through a total, irreversible Realty their ancestral lines through their DNA. In
Transition and becoming prepared to the Book of Earth, this lesson is repeated
become citizens of a whole new Level of again and again when people shun what
Reality, Consciousness, and Light. they do not like, or what they judge and
Addressing the State of Our Union: find too difficult or fearful to deal with.
Article-A Reality Transition Lies Ahead In your world, a great cluster of people
As we stand on the precipice of The New avoids doing the most difficult task again
Earth By Wistancia Stone and again out of fear.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Book - Family of Light, pg. 207
Bridging is crucial in this lifetime to bring Barbara Marciniak
forth the unmanifest into manifestation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We have the blueprints, our very bodies Unexplained in your archeological and
are the proof that we have the blueprints. missing-link evolutionist theories is the
We came from the nothing plus thought, isolated emergence upon your planet of
and then there was fluid, and then there four distinct seed races. These, we can tell
was attractions between the male and you, are archetypes of master races, whose
the female. They merged and created the fundamental genetic material formed the
first cell. In that first cell is the encoding, primary “substance’ of your race, while
and because of that original encoding, the vibrational patterns and sequencing
you and I are here today. It was all the of extradimensional beings (those of
genetic (DNA) coding that you chose and the higher realms) were woven into the
all the memories from your past, present, intricate light codes of your incredible
future experiences, recorded in that ever- twelve-stranded DNA.
expanding consciousness that you chose No More Secrets No More Lies, A Handbook
as well. Conception is a meditation, it is to Starseed Awakening
the great wisdom. Patricia Cori
Book - Ecstasy is a New Frequency, pg. 127 Pg. 18
Chris Griscom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 800.817.6373 10
The activation of the third strand of DNA these valuable features of Earth, the Dark
is of paramount significance to your forces took control about half a million
ascension process, since its re-assembly years ago. Prior to this, a security system
creates triangulation within the DNA -- of informational structures was set up to
the resolution of duality and you leap of enable light workers and humans to trigger
consciousness from a three-dimensional the release of these energy patterns to aid
orientation into far more complex in regaining control over the planet. This
cosmometric proportions. These will will produce an acceleration of human
bring you into resonance with significant evolution, with further positive influences
other alternate realities, dimensions and from other sources such as harmonic
universes. Indeed,the heightened cellular convergences, the photon belt, continuous
consciousness that evolves from the transmissions to Earth of cosmic energies,
activation of the etheric third strand is solar flares, and of course the ascension
either beginning now or will eventually process (of the natural stellar activation
take form in the sea of your body matter. cycles), etc.
It will manifest in exquisite crystalline Article- The Ultimate Swindle
formations that represent, both in their Noel Huntley, Ph.D.
physical and etheric frequencies, the
complex star tetrahedron, microcosm of ~noelh/article1.htm
the merkaba energy fields which define ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the “I am” awareness of every element of If you have old texts and they give
your being and your interconnectedness to information about the healing of the Human
the celestial deities, the Earth Mother and body, of the processes, of the energies of
all that which lies beyond your immediate discovery, these texts, if authentic, are
fields of awareness. revolutionary. They’ll reveal much. There
No More Secrets No More Lies, A Handbook are still many of them that are hidden
to Starseet Awakening and yet to be discovered. When they’re
Patricia Core finally seen, they’ll tie your own biology
Pg. 32 to the workings of the earth and even to
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the workings of the solar system! They’ll
They inform us that our planet has a expose ratios between your DNA and the
principal role in a huge plan and experiment geology of the planet... things that have yet
to bring together diverse varieties of to be discovered, hidden in the texts. Let’s
aliens originating across the universe. The call them the energy texts.
implications are that already the Earth grid -Kyron
system has stored within it DNA/blueprints ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
of many species to enable the planet to This next step is unique. I want you
provide a common frequency band for to understand something about the
all, and establish itself as an intergalactic interdimensional “cup” of DNA
communication centre, or living “library”, information. All of those layers within the
for exchange of information. Earth has DNA you cannot see - the ones that are
apparently been “designed” eons ago with filled with karmic information and life
many way-portals (dimensional doorways, lesson - the ones that describe who you
spiritual gateways, vortices, “wormholes”) are this time around - your temporary
to enable rapid distant travel. Attracted to contracts - are complete, full, layers. That 800.817.6373 11
cup of DNA is always FULL. All the DNA systems, judgments, control, and other
is used for information, every portion. contracted energies that are the source of
There’s no unused portion. The entire DNA limitation in the third dimension. As this is
complement of every Human is filled to done, you make way for your Higher Self
the brim when you arrive on the planet. to completely blend with you, as did the
You might ask, “What do some of these Christ, Quan Yin, Buddha and other beings
layers contain?” Let me tell you what just of enlightened consciousness. This results
one layer contains: It contains a postulate of in full-chakra, cellular enlightenment
duality, an attribute of Human nature. It’s or ascension instead of escape. In other
something that you’re about to eliminate, words, we are each ultimately responsible
and it’s complicated, since it’s “fear.” for our integrity, evolution, spiritual
-Kryon 3/29/03 enlightenment, and ascension. To become
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ our I AM Selves, we must first master
In that cup called DNA, that layer that’s ourselves. Christ, Mother Mary, Buddha,
filled with fear in most Humans, there was Quan Yin and many other Ascended
none in the ascended one. The ascension Masters have achieved self-mastery while
process voided it. This process was the in human form, and thus have shown us
total and complete removal of that energy the way.”
from the Human’s psyche, from the body, Article-Awakening To Your Light Body
from the divinity, and from all of the things Within:
that belonged to it. Discovering Your Inner Essence through
This is actually the first actual “working Interdimensional Journeys into Spiritual
step” in the ascension process. The fearful Energy Healing
things that have your “stamp” and your by Dan Watson, Ph.D.
name upon them, must be stripped out, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
literally pulled like a string right out of Almost 75% of your physical body is
your body’s DNA - pulled out, wrapped comprised of water, just like Planet
around a metaphoric spool, called the Earth, of which each human being is but
“spool of fear,” and tossed in the trash - a microcosmic image. Water serves as the
severed. Never to be reconnected again. It’s resonance field through which your cells
a change of Human nature, and a profound communicate with each other, transferring
one, which will be taken away. data from the DNA and transmitting all
Article - Through the Eyes of Ascension matter of information via the waves. It
Kryon is the conductor for the electrical activity
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ of the cells; it is the highway of the cells’
“During this full-body, cellular DNA electromagnetic currents.
restructuring and enlightenment process, Book-No More Secrets, No More Lies pg.
also referred to as an ascension process, the 124
goal is not to leave your body and transcend by Patricia Cori
the physical; the goal is to transcend your ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
belief in fear of the limitations of the The most concise repository of information
physical plane. You accomplish this by in your personal blueprint of your species
spiritually descending onto matter fully for is found in the cellular DNA of your bodies.
the purpose of clearing lower-frequency Your DNA will evolve from two helixes to
energies such as repressed emotions, belief twelve helixes or even fourteen strands 800.817.6373 12
which correspond to energy centers, or From The House of David Teaching
chakras, inside and outside your body. Center
The new type twelve strand DNA was Message Post #17 ActivateYourDNA12
originally in bodies 300,000 years ago. Egroup

Within human body cells are light-encoded

filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy
that carry information. When these Music & Consciousness
gossamer threads are working together The follow quotes contain information
like a fiber optic type of cable, they form about music and consciousness so you
the helix of your DNA. Imagine that your can begin to understand the connections
frequencies are starting to detach from we are making with using music/sound
each other and that where they are still to activate the DNA. Ponder them
connected, they are just threaded together. carefully as you read them.

They are not so congealed that they create “The Music of the Spheres”, an ancient
that much matter any more. What isgoing concept of the Universal Song, may be seen
to happen then is that the energy that is as a reality when considering the motions
coming into you is going to start to come of the solar system. When the revolutions
in more easily. It is as if the cells have to and rotations for the planets and their
break apart a bit. moons are converted to frequencies, there
appear many harmonic relationships.
This is why so many people are now For examples: the Moon’s revolution is
waking up and remembering. It was harmonically attuned to the three largest
predetermined that you would do so at moons of Jupiter, which are themselves
this time! Beings who have been living in one octave separated from each other in
dense physical bodies, now have the option their revolutions. Jupiter’s rotation is a
of living in wondrous bodies of Light. harmonic of the Earth, and Pasiphae, the
From The House of David Teaching outer moon of Jupiter, is in harmony with
Center the Earth’s revolution. There are many
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ other similar solar system harmonics.
As you mutate, all of these things are being E. E. Richards, K1NI
thrown up by your DNA. You do
not have them inside of you because you
did something wrong. When things have htm
been coming up from the deep places ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
within you and have not felt good, it is not Like the Hindus, the Chinese believed
because you are doing anything wrong. It is audible sound on Earth to be a manifestation
because you are the right thing and the old of a super-physical vibration, an undertone
things inside your bodies have to surface. prevailing in every celestial object, what the
You have to pull them out and they will Greeks would later call “the Harmony of
come out of the DNA of your bodies. They the Spheres.” So it not by accident that the
will be sloughed off in your body and at Greek gods were referred to as akousmata,
the etheric levels also. the “resonant ones.”
Article - Body Changes Book - Secret in the Fields: The Science and 800.817.6373 13
Mysticism of Crop Circles, pg. 206 inextricably linked, at which time it
Freddy Silva was already established that the laws of
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ geometry governed the mathematical
Everything that exists, whether the thing intervals that made up the music scale. This
is physical, emotional or spiritual, is the inseparable bond was certainly taught in
product of the movement (or “oscillation”) the Egyptian Mystery schools, since many
of Energy between a positively charged of the temples associated with knowledge
pole and a negatively charged pole. This and transformation structurally encode the
oscillation is called vibration. The speed same harmonic ratios found in music. In
of this vibration is called “frequency”, fact, the relationship of form and substance
i.e. the frequency is the number of times to tone was understood to such a degree
the fundamental vibration oscillates from that structures such as the colossal statues
one pole to another and back again in one of Memmon used to emit an audible tone
second, (also called “cycles per second” when struck by the rays of the rising Sun.
or cps). In some schools of thought, Book-Secrets in the Fields: The Science and
the fundamental vibration of a thing is Mysticism of Crop Circles
referred to as its fundamental “harmonic”. Chapter-Acoustic Alchemy pg. 205
All things are connected to all other Freddy Silva
things which have the same fundamental ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
vibration as a consequence of their Spirit becomes matter through the vibration
harmonic correspondence. of sound, and similarly, matter becomes
Pharmaco Phantastica spirit through the harmonics of sound. -James, Wingmakers
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hakomi4-6.html
The geometric relationship between outer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
and middle rings was a perfect equilateral There were other structures in Atlantis that
triangle. The significance of this is that the were utilized as schools of learning. One
ratio between these two areas produces important one was the “Temple of Sound,”
the mathematical ratio of 4:1, a double where children were taken at the age of ten
octave. If a straight line is drawn through years. There they began to learn to train
the axis of the grapeshot, a contact point is their minds, to understand and differentiate
made between the triangle and the outer tones and sounds. This was done so that,
heptagon, suggesting that a connection when they matured, they could assume the
exists between musical ratios (the heptagon) duties of those who had become too old to
and light (the triangle) in the circle-making continue to relate properly to high levels of
process. energies. In
Book-Secrets in the Fields: The Science and
Mysticism of Crop Circles this way, the communication and energy
Chapter-The Geometry of Crop Circles pg. patterns were continuous.
189 Book - Exploriing Atlantis pg. 96
Circle: Cow Down, 1995 by Dr. Frnak Alper
Freddy Silva ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have chosen to communicate our
By 4000 b.c. geometry and sound were thoughts about the humans’ fear of opening 800.817.6373 14
to love, because from our perspective healing music, as they speak through many
the doorway to accelerated evolution of us on the planet. While they do come
and growth lies in what you would call through some trained musicians, Atamira
“feelings.” We note that as humans open up has shared with me that the Beings birthed
to deeper feelings there is also a powerful from the consciousness grids seek primarily
tendency for many people to hold back, to humans who have a shared history of also
fear that very process of experiencing deep, incarnating as Hathors.
powerful feelings. So we wish to describe Website - http://www.healingchants.
to you how feelings move energetically, com/faq.hathor.html
how they affect the subtle bodies and offer -Norma Gentile (with Atamira)
some suggestion on how to let this process ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
safely unfold. For it is through this process The only difference between consciousness
of opening to feeling that your greatest and matter, mind and body, is rate of
strides in evolution and in awareness will vibration. Vibration is the motion of energy.
occur. How did this motion originate from the
Please remember that the different Cosmic Intelligence? All the vibrations
subtle bodies resonate to different specific in the ether are manifestation of the
frequencies. As stated earlier, the emotional Intelligence-guided cosmic energy. Spirit
body is very connected to the Ka. The Ka, as the unmanifested Absolute is without
your pranic body -- the life-force itself - vibration or motion. Spirit manifested as
- and emotional body are very closely the Creator is God the Father. The Creator
intertwined! If you will allow yourself first stirred His still Spirit with the motion
to experience deep feelings, then you are of thoughts; thus God the Father’s first
allowing the Ka to vibrate at a fast rate. By projection of creation was cosmic intelligent
this we do not mean becoming hysterical, motion, or vibration of thought. This
over-volatile, or over-emotional. We simply motion became stronger and grosser until
mean that the capacity to feel deeply, it changed outwardly and manifested as
whether it is expressed or not, allows the cosmic light and cosmic sound (registered
Ka to vibrate at a faster rate. in the human body as the visible spiritual
Book-The Hathor Material: Messages from eye and the audible cosmic sound of Aum
an Ascended Civilization, pg.63 or Amen). The vibration of the conscious
by Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene cosmic energy became progressively more
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ gross, until it began to manifest as divine,
Many humans are blended with these semi-intelligent, instinctively guided
Beings (Hathors). Some are aware of it, and electronic energy and finally as the still
others are not. Most who are touched in grosser forms of gaseous, liquid and solid
some way experience a yearning for using energy.
sound, art, music, medicine and healing as Book-Man’s Eternal Quest, pg. 366
a personal expression. by Paramahansa Yogananda
The Hathor Beings are now primarily living The Golden Ratio (also referred to as
in the 5th dimension, and a fair number Golden Mean) is a mathematical proportion
are also in the 7th dimension. They reside numerically approximated at 1.68034,
in Venus, and are not visible or tangible and may be found by dividing a line at a
to us as form. They are what we sense in specific point to yield two unequal sections 800.817.6373 15
in which the smaller section (A to B) is subatomic particle is represented by a single
proportionate to the larger one (B to C), as string vibrating at a distinct frequency.
the larger section (B to C) is to the entire It is possible that these strings represent
line (A to C). The ration can be expressed: the ultimate particles that the ancient
Greeks referred to as “atoms,” not as the
AB BC particles defined by modern chemistry, but
as __ = __ as identical and undividable constituents
BC AC of the Universe that are fundamental to
all matter and forces. According to string
Considered by the Egyptians to express the theory, particles of the universe are not
creative process and by Plato to be the key fundamental, but are simply the harmonies
to the physics of the Cosmos, evidence of created by the tiny vibrating strings. In
the Golden Ratio can be observed in a tiny the words of theoretical physicist Micho
spiraled seashell and in the spiral nebulae Kaku, “the universe itself, composed of
forty-million times the size of the sun; countless vibrating strings, would then be
the petal arrangement of a daisy or rose, comparable to a symphony.”
the spatial constructions of Renaissance Book-Universal Water: The Ancient
paintings and the underlying structure of Wisdom and Scientific Theory of Water,
the Greek Parthenon of Athens. The Golden pg. 207
Ratio describes the universal formula by West Marrin, Ph.D.
for growth and represents, therefore, the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
foundation of organic harmony. Music In our reality, energy, vibration or frequency
that takes the 4:3:2 ratio as the basis for its all range from a high of God/Goddess to a
harmonic material is music that mirrors low of matter. Rising from matter we have
the natural order of the universe, and as an levels of sound, light and the unnamed;
expression of the Golden Ratio, connects which may include intention. All of these
to the natural internal biological rhythms are organized in patterns and these patterns
of our physical bodies as well. If music is are the essence of Sacred Geometry. Sacred
the Reflection of the natural order of the Geometry is the organizational basis of all
universe, then to understand and achieve that exists, has existed and will exist. Found
harmony with its laws, one must study the within these patterns are both two and three
laws of music. dimensional shapes which carry archetypal
Book - The Healing Forces of Music: memories. The pineal gland holds the
History, Theory & Practice, pg. 130 memories of these archetypal experiences
by Randall McClellan, Ph.D. and serves as an ‘akashic record’ within for
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ each of us. The akashic records are often
The latest brainchild that theoretical physics described as a huge library in the ethers
has put forth to explain the nature of both containing all of the experiences of all
matter and spacetime (and the only theory souls through all incarnations. The pineal
that unifies the four fundamental forces of gland is the master gland containing all
modern physics) is known as string theory. of the records for an individual’s various
String theory supposes that particles are incarnations.
represented by vibrating strings that are Sacred Geometry for Personal
about 10(20) (one hundred trillion trillion) Transformation
times smaller than a proton, such that each ByJim Albani 800.817.6373 16 Light that surround the Earth are now
asp in the process of changing to Fourth and
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fifth Dimensional Frequencies. The entire
In the beginning . . . the Word. This Word Solar System is shifting toward a blue
was experienced as a vibration -- a sound and ultraviolet Light Spectrum. We are
or MUSIC. This music carried with it graduating from a Population I System to
information for all beings to utilize and a Population II System.
access through their physical organs of Book - Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls
sensing. Through eons of time, this method Revealed, pg. 162
of obtaining information was lost which Sandra Bowen, F.R. “Nick” Nocerino,
created disharmony among the people of Joshua Shapiro
the planet Earth. They became consumed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
by the world of matter and gave their “There are different levels. There is a
power to these new gods. These gods were whole category of music that comes from
creative in the illusions of their magic, the higher vital, which is very catching,
and the sheep began to sleep -- Deeeeep somewhat (not to put it exactly) vulgar, it
Sleeeep. is something that twists your nerves. This
Article-Creative Evolution through Higher music is not necessarily unpleasant, but
Consciousness Music generally seizes you there in the nervous
-Shapeshifter centers. So there is one type of music which has a vital origin. There is music
ce.html which has a psychic origin - it is altogether
Cymatic sound patterns help us visualize different. And then there is music which
the behaviors of energy fields. When has a spiritual origin; it is very bright and it
a new tone is introduced, we can see a carries you away, captures you entirely. But
Cymatic pattern instantly change, which is if you want to execute this music correctly
a metaphor for a new energy field. Now you must be able to make it come through
it is important to understand the basic the vital passage. Your music coming from
principle of energy medicine: above may become externally quite flat if
Our life patterns can change on a you do not possess that intensity of vital
fundamental level if a new tone is vibration which gives it its splendor and
introduced into our life. strength. I knew people who had truly a
Article - Energy Medicine and Sound very high inspiration and it became quite
Healing flat, because the vital did not stir. I must
By John Beaulieu, ND, PhD admit that by their spiritual practices they had put to sleep their vital completely - it
article_info.php/cArticlePath/2/articles_ was literally asleep, it did not act at all - and
id/18 the music came straight into the physical,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and if one were connected with the origin
The Planetary Evolution and Intelligence of that music, one could see that it was
of the Earth will ascend Jacob’s Ladder of something wonderful, but externally it had
Light through the introduction of Crystal no force, it was a little melody, very poor,
and Light Technologies (sound) as the very thin; there was none of the strength
Earth moves closer to the Heart of the of harmony. When you can bring the vital
Galaxy. The Twelve Crystalline Fields of into play, then all the strength of vibration 800.817.6373 17
is there. If you draw into it this higher that music! When one has heard that, even
origin, it becomes the music of a genius. the most perfect instrument is inadequate.
All constructed instruments, among which
For music it is very special; it is difficult, it the violin certainly has the purest sound,
needs an intermediary. And it is like that are very much inferior in their expression
for all other things, for literature also, for to the music of this world of harmonies.
poetry, for painting, for everything one The human voice when absolutely pure is
does. The true value of one’s creation of all instruments the one which expresses
depends on the origin of one’s inspiration, it best; but it is still... it has a sound which
on the level, the height where one finds it. seems so harsh, so gross compared with
But the value of the execution depends on that. When one has been in that region, one
the vital strength which expresses it. To truly knows what music is. And it has so
complete the genius, both must be there. perfect a clarity that at the same time as the
This is very rare. Generally it is the one or sound one has the full understanding of
the other, more often the vital. And then what is said. That is, one has the principle
there are those other kinds of music we of the idea, without words, simple with
have - the music of the cafe-concert, of the the sound and all the inflexion of the... one
cinema - it has an extraordinary skill, and can’t call it sensations, nor feelings... what
at the same time an exceptional platitude, seems to be closest would be some kind
an extraordinary vulgarity. But as it has of soul-states or states of consciousness.
an extraordinary skill, it seizes you in the All these inflexions are clearly perceptible
solar plexus and it is this music that you through the nuances of the sound. And
remember. It grasps you at once and holds certainly, those who were great musicians,
you and it is very difficult to free yourself geniuses from the point of view of music,
from it, for it is well-made music, music must have been more or less consciously
very well made. It is made vitally with vital in contact with that. The physical world
vibrations, but what is behind is frightful. as we have it today is an absolutely gross
world; it looks like a caricature. Conscious
The Mother Hands ... I knew how the consciousness
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on Music works. Well, it is impossible to learn piano
h t t p : / / w w w. s e a r c h f o r l i g h t . o r g / or to do painting unless the consciousness
musicforsoul.htm enters into the hands and the hands become
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ conscious independently of the head. The
There certainly is a sound in all the head can be busy elsewhere, that has no
manifested worlds, and when one has importance.
the appropriate organs one hears it. The Mother
There are sounds which belong to the The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on Music
highest regions, and in fact, the sound we h t t p : / / w w w. s e a r c h f o r l i g h t . o r g /
have here gives the feeling of a noise in musicforsoul.htm
comparison with that sound. For example, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
there are regions harmonious and musical There certainly is a sound in all the
in which one hears something which is the manifested worlds, and when one has
origin of the music we have here - but the the appropriate organs one hears it.
sounds of material, physical music seem There are sounds which belong to the
absolutely barbaric in comparison with highest regions, and in fact, the sound we 800.817.6373 18
have here gives the feeling of a noise in musicforsoul.htm
comparison with that sound. For example, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
there are regions harmonious and musical When we listen to tuning forks and
in which one hears something which is the music in the right setting the sounds will
origin of the music we have here - but the tune us to a specific vibrational field.
sounds of material, physical music seem Within that energy field our awareness
absolutely barbaric in comparison with will shift, the tone of our nervous system
that music! When one has heard that, even will change, and the connective tissues
the most perfect instrument is inadequate. throughout our body will vibrate to
All constructed instruments, among which the sound. This sets off a cascading
the violin certainly has the purest sound, resonance of physiological events causing
are very much inferior in their expression our cells to rhythmically puff <http://
to the music of this world of harmonies.
The human voice when absolutely pure is redir.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.
of all instruments the one which expresses
it best; but it is still... it has a sound which &ceid=797754>nitric oxide, which then
seems so harsh, so gross compared with signals the release of the conscious altering
that. When one has been in that region, one molecules.
truly knows what music is. And it has so Sound and Psychedelics
perfect a clarity that at the same time as the By John Beaulieu, ND, PhD
sound one has the full understanding of
what is said. That is, one has the principle php/cArticlePath/2/articles_id/19
of the idea, without words, simple with ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the sound and all the inflexion of the... one We had been discussing how often our
can’t call it sensations, nor feelings... what current views are limited by our reliance
seems to be closest would be some kind on the scientific explanation. “Science
of soul-states or states of consciousness. would explain hearing sound solely as the
All these inflexions are clearly perceptible interception of sound waves upon the ear,
through the nuances of the sound. And which activate the filaments just inside the
certainly, those who were great musicians, middle ear, which is turned into electrical
geniuses from the point of view of music, stimuli, producing chemical signals, and
must have been more or less consciously experienced as noise. He went on. “But
in contact with that. The physical world there are subtle aspects we overlook. I
as we have it today is an absolutely gross believe that sound conveys much more
world; it looks like a caricature. Conscious data than we consciously realize, that we
Hands ... I knew how the consciousness pick this up on some level, and that we can
works. Well, it is impossible to learn piano interact directly with this information and
or to do painting unless the consciousness energy.
enters into the hands and the hands become Sacred Soundscape:
conscious independently of the head. The A 12th Century Chapel Reveals its Sonic
head can be busy elsewhere, that has no Secrets, and a New Theory of Art
importance. by Laura Lee
The Mother
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on Music article.htm
h t t p : / / w w w. s e a r c h f o r l i g h t . o r g / ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 800.817.6373 19
That which is infinite, the inner sanctum, is what science will eventually acknowledge
the mind -- it is the thought, the vibration; as a fourth-dimensional spectrum (this is a
it is the focused intent of consciousness scalar-wave spectrum).
which creates it, the architectural blueprint Book THE SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES OF
of all life . . . the DNA. It is the mathematics SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT
of creation -- the Music of the Spheres. It is AND THE CREATION OF A NAIVE
the ‘container’ of those vibrations that have CIVILISATION
been bouncing about in its parameters, By Noel Huntley, Ph.D
reverberating Spirit through its sacred ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
forms and spaces, just as the light of the Light, sound and color are the modalities
Universe shines through every cell of your of healing, expanding and the integration
bodies. It is the vibration itself. of your multi-dimensional Selves. You are
No More Secrets No More Lies, A Handbook just now remembering and learning to use
to Starseed Awakening some of the major tools of mastery that
Patricia Cori are a part of your Divinity and birthright.
Pg. 143 Your DNA/genetic encodings carry a
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tone or resonance, a perfect harmonic
Informational structures, akashic records, blend of sound vibrations which assure
etc. are apparently stored everywhere. good health, vitality and long life when
According to extraterrestrials, bone, maintained in their original state. There
stone and crystal have prolific storage have been experiments whereby human
mechanisms, not to mention water. And DNA has been set to music, and much will
we know that cells (DNA) contain huge be learned about illness and dis-ease as
amounts of information. The Tibetans are more studies and knowledge are gathered
said to hoard skulls of deceased learned which will establish the value of the
Tibetans in secret vaults and can access the harmonics of sound and the vibrational
information in the bone structure by using patterns within the human vessel. It will
sound. soon be validated that toning and using
Article- The Ultimate Swindle overtone harmonics can cure many of the
Noel Huntley, Ph.D. symptoms of distress or illness that you as humans are experiencing, for it brings
~noelh/article1.htm your DNA, etheric, emotional and mental
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bodies back into harmony and balance.
Thus the energies of good art and music Cellular geometry is encoded within the
communicate a higher frequency to the molecular structure of your chakra system
public. What has this to do with beneficial and you are in the process of restoring the
influences? When listening to music one’s perfect holographic replica of your multi-
consciousness duplicates the frequency dimensional oversoul. As you return your
patterns of the music. Now combine this chakras to harmonious balance, they burst
with the fact that man has not been taught into spinning radiant spheres and this
that evolution or ascension is from lower activates the opening of the Seven Seals of
frequencies to higher frequencies. As we God-consciousness, thereby turning your
evolve, our frequency spectrum rises, in chakra system into a luminous column of
fact our species has the purpose of moving Light that follows the spine up through
from a third-dimensional spectrum to the crown chakra. This process expands 800.817.6373 20
the rainbow bridge which ultimately you and supply comfort throughout your
reconnects you to the vastness of your God lifetime. Categories of music which have
Self. been ignored due to unpleasant sensations
MESSAGES FROM ARCHANGEL experienced on first exposure, can become
MICHAEL LM-6-2003 the mainstay of your listening once you
TRANSMITTED THROUGH RONNA and, sometimes, the musical style have
HERMAN matured.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Book - Sound Medicine
Imagine the mRNA to be like a long piece of by Laeh Maggie Garfield
magnetic recording tape, and the ribosome pg.33
to be like a tape recorder. As the tape passes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
through the playing head of the recorder, “When scattered liquids, powders, metal
it is “read” and converted into music, or filings, or sand are placed on a disk with
other sounds...When a “tape” of mRNA a vibrating crystal, thereby causing the
passes through the “playing head” of a disk to vibrate, repeatable patterns form
ribosome, the “notes” produced are amino on the disk. As the pitch is changed, the
acids and the pieces of music they make harmonic pattern formed on the disk also
up are proteins. changes. Thus, matter assumes certain
p. 519 shapes or patterns based on the vibrations
or frequency of the sound to which it is
Music is not a mere linear sequence of exposed. The study of patterns and shapes
notes. Our minds perceive pieces of music evoked by sound is called cymatics. The
on a level far higher than that. We chunk forms of snowflakes and faces of flowers
notes into phrases, phrases into melodies, may take on their shape because they are
melodies into movements, and movements responding to some sounds in nature.
into full pieces. similarly proteins only Likewise, it is possible that crystals, plants,
make sense when they act as chunked and human beings may be, in some way,
units. Although a primary structure carries music that has taken on visible form”
all the information for the tertiary structure
to be created, it still “feels” like less, for its From the book, Music Physician For Times
potential is only realized when the tertiary to Come,
structure is actually physically created. p. 149, (edited by Don Campbell), byCathie
Book - Godel, Escher, Bach, E. Guzzetta.
By Douglas Hofstadter Vintage Books ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Edition, 1980, p. 525 Music breaks down the barriers authorities
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ build, just as those in power use music to
Every chakra is affected on multiple levels retain the status quo. Innovative, clear-
by music. Depending upon the chakra sighted people, outside of the mainstream,
you are nourishing in your life or the have played music that eradicated
chakras you are avoiding care for, you are entrenched power. From time immemorial,
attracted or repelled by music that touches philosophers have believed in the hidden
that chakra. Frequently, music you were powers of music.
enchanted by at one period in your life, pg. 32
you later revaluate as empty or irritating.
Other types of music continue to sustain Before people became musically 800.817.6373 21
sophisticated, their channeled music and the illumined, music was a tool of beauty
the things they sang about were similar. and power, which could lead the way for
The infinite forms music has taken an entire society into a golden age of peace,
throughout the ages is indicative of the prosperity and brotherhood.
level of sophistication of the civilization Article/Dissertation-The Sound of Silence
that supports it, as well as the spiritual
attunement of the musicians who play and octave3.htm
compose it. Message #634-
pg. 32 h t t p : / / g ro u p s . y a h o o . c o m / g ro u p /
All the music ever written has been by Thomas Váczy Hightower
channeled. The very nature of music is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
spiritual art, repeatable, uplifting and ever The Third Attention can be defined as that
changing. The composers whose works quality of awareness which demonstrates
have endured for several centuries were itself as the purpose of the dreamer. The
master psychic, or channels, who attuned effect of demonstrating this quality upon
themselves to the entities who set the stage the physical plane is what average man calls
for future human development. magic, or a miracle. This purpose which we
pg. 41 call magic is triple in nature and manifests
as movement, sound and colour. Naturally
Primary channels are composers who listen this triplicity pertains to the dreamer. Upon
with their heart and inside themselves the physical plane we find that movement
find a fragment of inspirational music corresponds to physical action, sound to
upon which they build a song or an entire thought and colour to emotion. Thus we
symphony. These are times when a song say that emotion initiates thought which
arrives full-blown, without a note requiring materializes in to action.
any changes by the alert, active channel.
This opening into Cosmic Consciousness It is not possible to say more about intent in
is the same one very advanced healers and this volume, except that magic by it truest
prophets receive information from. possible definition is nothing more than the
pg. 41 use of intent through the manipulation of
colour, sound and movement, or emotion,
Book - Sound Medicine thought and action. The only reasons why
Laeh Maggie Garfield this has been touched upon here is because
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ it is vital to understand that emotion is the
Music contains a secret power, which can manifestation of the dreamer’s intent upon
shape the mind of man and alter societies the physical planet.
or nations, either in alignments with God -Book - Return of the Warriors, pg. 186
and our deepest, real self or away from the by Theune Mares
supreme influence of our mighty Creator. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
They used a great deal of Yogic techniques
If a civilization’s music was in the hands around the Crystal Skull, which is a whole
of the “evil” or ignorant, the ancients science of Light (and sound). They used
believed, it could lead the civilization only the skull as a storage device or computer,
to an inevitable doom. But in the hands of as they would simply put their hand 800.817.6373 22
on it and then transmit their thoughts
directly. If you know how to place your
hands together correctly using the right
frequency, you can extract information
directly from the skull into yourself. If you
aren’t ready for it, the skull or your own
mental blocks will prevent it. When you’re
encoded with the appropriate frequencies
(as in surrounding your bio-energetic field
with the DNA soundscapes), you can work
with objects such as a Crystal Skull, the
Cryatsl Ball, or Crystal Pyramid which are
coded for specific individuals, frequencies
and communication.
Book-Mysteries of the Cyrstal Skulls
Revealed pg.182 (Michael channel)
Sandra Bowen/F.R. “Nick’ Nocerino/
Joshua Shapiro 800.817.6373 23