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Sunscreen review, March 2020

Purpose of review:
 To ensure that the centre has an up to date pandemic policy
 That our policy matched practices
 Ensure that all staff are aware and sign off policy

Current Situation:
 There is no record of children who have been sun blocked and those
who haven’t
 Policy is generic and doesn’t match our practices
 Are children being respected when sunblock is applied?
 When is sunblock to be applied?
 Do we have enough shady play areas outside?
What next:
 The policy had a quick check and update, during the review of all
policies this year done by Liz only – other teachers and parents were
not consulted at this stage due to the enormous task of all the
policies being done at once. The policies have been kept in the
usual review cycle and will be formally reviewed at the time
 Added to policy, broad spectrum sun block, must not be expired,
application procedure, recording procedure.
 Ensure all staff are aware of policy
 Ensure all staff have signed off the policy
 Buy new sunblock ready for coming year
 Wash hats and name them
 Discuss with management shade areas outside
 Discuss with children about covering up, wearing hats and sunblock

Management input:
 Policy sent to Maysoon, no comment or changes sent back
 New sunblock purchased

Review Outcome:
 All staff have signed off on policy
 There is a clearer process of application & recording
 The policy is continued to be updated in schedule as
 Children are learning about sunsmart and beginning to
take responsibility for themselves and their friends.

Other Notes:

Elizabeth Todd November 2019