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See me : Use scissors!

Teacher Liz March 2020

Issa, your motto seems to be I can do anything

the older can do! Its delightful to see you learning
from your peers and taking on all the challenges
they set, you don’t accept that there maybe things
you can not do yet! You are determined and you
achieve! This time you set yourself the task of us-
ing scissors, no easy feat, Issa, it take a great
deal of co-ordination and control to hold the scis-
sors, then be able to open and close them and
then hold the paper you want to cut aswell! You
are an observer you had seen the older children
using scissors and saw how they worked them,
so you gave it go! You took the scissors and pa-
per over to teacher Rosy so she could help you,
not that you needed much help! She held the pa-
per for you and then you showed us you already
knew how to hold the scissors and could open
and close them too! With teacher rosy holding the
paper, you were able to cut, just look at your face!
You were so happy that you too can use the scis-
sors! You loved that both me & teacher were able
to see and encourage and praise you for your ef-
fort. So proud of yourself Issa! We never cease to
be amazed what you can do! The phrase “He is
little but mighty” comes to mind for you Issa! With
your determination and can do attitude you can
do anything and everything the big kids do!