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Mahasen, the leader

Teacher Liz , March 2020

Mahasen, lately I have noticed that you are initiating group
games. You are definitely showing a leadership role here.
First you invite all your friends to join you, even though some
are hesitant you were encouraging and inclusive. Then you
speak with the team in Arabic, informing them about what
they need to do in order to play. I’m not sure I can under-
stand what the rules are, but the children all do and they en-
gage in the group game of chasing.
Mahasen you show that you are a leader, you are one of our
oldest girls now and soon you will be a school girl! I was im-
pressed at your inclusion of everyone and your ability to en-
sure that it was a group game everyone had an opportunity
and was involved no mater of their age or ability. You told
the children the rules to the game and they listened to you
and respected you as you had given them an awesome fun
Mahasen, Its has been so amazing watching the last week
repeat this experience, and practice your leadership skills.
The children certainly have an affinity with you so that the
group game is successful. Do you know what though? Most
importantly you all had fun together!
Thank you for contribution Mahsen.