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Peek—a boo, Omar,

where are you?

Teacher Liz March 2020
Omar, today you again initiated a game of peek-a-boo this time with
the other children around you.
You laughed and laughed as you pulled the builders hat over your
eyes and then back up to your head I moved around in & out of your
sight. It was wonderful to see you interacting with peers, this is how
you will begin to build friendships.
As we all chanted peek—a –boo to you.
You are you being brave and stepping outside your comfort zone with
me to support you as you feel more comfortable here at An-Nur. To-
day I saw you exploring social interactions, in a way that was safe
and noy too over whelming to you, you set the boundaries. You were
in fits of giggles the whole time! And I think you love the surprise too!
You are becoming so much more social now and have began to initi-
ate friendships here, its lovely to see you branching out to be with
others, gaining the confidence to join in.
Playing peek-a-boo, has provided you an opportunity to explore:
 Friendships
 Spatial awareness
 Cause and effect
 Turn taking
 Contributing to others experiences
 Anticipation
 Object permanence—that an object still exists even if you cant
see it.

Omar you have contributed to our

learning environment today, and de-
veloped essential social skills that will
lead to building friendships & playful-
ness, as you venture away from adults
more and more. I see that your confi-
dence is growing, as you continue to
build trust and feel comfortable at An-Nur. I love how joyful you
were engaging in this play. =)