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An-Nur, Newsletter, Term one April 2020

salaam alaikum, an-nur families, Time is flying fast, we are at the abrupt end of
term 1 already!
This term, our learning focus has been children developing a sense of
belonging and strong relationship with their teachers and peers.
We focussed on collaborative social experiences around the new water trough,
family play, play dough, we made photo books with our own pictures, lots of
reading, bubbles, sandpit, explored the garden & its creatures and we even vis-
ited Sandra in hospital.
The lock down came as a bit of a surprise! We are now into the second week.
We hope that you are all safe and well and spending valuable quality time with
your families. It will be a challenge to keep the children busy and learning over
this time, so please check our facebook page and family whatsapp group and
emails. There will be lots of ideas and activities to so with the whole family. if
you need Arabic communication get in touch with Suzan. Liz has offered to vid-
eo call with the children if they would like—just -to say hi! We are all missing
you! We would love to provide the opportunity for you to share what has been
going in your bubble and our teachers will do the same.
If anyone in your bubble becomes ill or needs to be tested for covid-
19, please get in touch with Maysoon ASAP. As there maybe risk to
This term we welcome Omar, Isra, Rehan and his Mum Roshan _ will be a
reliever with us, Shadid, Rothanak, Jordan Aisha and welcome back to

A few pictures of children challenging themselves with our new outdoor

climbing frame.
Stay safe, cant wait to see you all soon!