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Look, what I did!

March 2020 Teacher Liz

Rehan, today you practiced and practiced to com-

plete this duck puzzle. I think you might have
thought I hadnt seen you! Over and over all morn-
ing you did the puzzle until you were satisfied that
you knew how to do it. I love that you recognised
your own learning goal and had a strategy to
achieve it, then you worked independently. When
you knew you could do it you came running to show
me, you took my hand and lead me to the table
where you showed me you could do the puzzle.
Rehan, you set your own goal, and then you were
proud of yourself and wanted to share your
achievement with me.
Rehan, your still quite new at An-Nur and your
learning priority is developing relationships with
your teachers and peers, this is also the group pro-
gramme plan at the moment. You are still learning
to feel safe without Mum, so I felt so honoured that
you choose to share your learning with me. To me
this means that you know I am here for you and that
you can trust me. I love that you set yourself a goal
and then you had and practiced the skills
(repetition) you need to achieve the task.
Rehan, thank you for sharing your proud moment
with me, you showed me by being proud of your
work what learning is important to you and how you
challenge yourself and achieve your goals.
I can see that you are a problem solver and with fo-
cussed repetition you will independently achieve. I
wonder what other challenges you can can apply
this learning style to? Physical challenges outside?
Matching games? Harder puzzles? Lets see what
problems occur for you in your play and lets see if
you use the same strategies or develop new ones!
Rehan, you were so proud of yourself!