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This Deed of Partnership is executed on this the 10th day of January, 2018 amongst:

Rumana Jahan, D/o:Md. Ozi Ullah, aged 21 years residing at 15/1 Shegunbagicha, Dhaka
hereinafter called the “FIRST PARTNER”.

M.M. Qudrat-E-Khuda [Rafi] , S/o: MA Quader aged 22 years residing at, Konapara,
Jatrabari, Demra, Dhaka hereinafter called the “SECOND PARTNER”.

A.Z.M Chowdhuray Rifat Protiq, S/o: Md. Zafar Ali Chowdhuray, aged 22 years residing at
‘Z’ Concord, Gorosthan Road,Patuakhali hereinafter called the “THIRD PARTNER”

WHEREAS, all the parties to this Deed having considered it profitable to engage themselves in
the business of Broad-Brand Internet Service in partnership for the mutual benefit of all under
the name and style of“ P/R. Bangladesh Traders’’by contributing the required finance.

AND WHEREAS it is considered expedient to reduce the terms and conditions governing the
partnership into writing in order to avoid any misunderstandings in future. Hence, it is witnessed
and it is hereby mutually agreed as under:

1. Commencement Date

The Partnership shall be deemed to have commenced on the 10th day of January, 2019

2. Business Name and Place

The business of the Partnership shall be carried on under the name and style of “P/R.
Bangladesh Traders’’

The principal place of the business of the partnership shall be at Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka and at such
other place or places as may be decided by the partners from time to time.

3. The nature of the business of the partnership shall be as under:

a. Our firm is a Bijoy Nagar based Internet Service Provider. We will provide Broadband access
to every home and every office across the Bijoy Nagar area by making Broadband cost effective,
readily available and educating everyone on all its available utilities and their advantages and
offer our clients the required level of services that have stability, security, reliability and network

b. We will provide following services:

 Broadband Internet Connection

 Domain & Hosting
 Website Design & Development
 Web-based Software
 E-commerce Website
 CCTV Camera
 Wi-FiRouter (Any Brand)
 Network Cable (UTP Cat-5, 6)
 Optical FiberCable (4core, 6core, 12core)
 Ethernet Switch (Any Brand)
 Network Connector (Cat-5, 6)
 Media Converter (Any Brand)

4. Business Management, Mechanism and Power:

Rumana Jahan the first partner, shall be the Managing Partner. M.M. Qudrat-E-Khuda [Rafi]
and A.Z.M Chowdhuray Rifat Protiq, the second and third shall be executive partners.
Managing Partner individually shall be empowered on behalf of the partnership to appoint staff
and fix remuneration and to supervise over their work and to dismiss them as and when found
necessary, to acknowledge receipt of cash/cheques and goods and give effectual receipts, to incur
expenses during the course of business of the partnership, to do all other acts, and things that are
usual, necessary, and expedient in carrying on the Partnership business. He is individually
authorized to execute and sign all agreements relating to contracts, guarantees and indemnity
bonds in favor of Government/ other authorities and also to deal with all types of disputes with
the departments.

5. Operation of Bank:

Bank accounts that are to be opened in the name of the Firm with Marcantile Bank Ltd. and all
such accounts including current accounts whether in deposit or overdrawn and all types of
overdraft accounts shall be operated by either or individually on behalf of the partnership by the
Managing Partner Rumana Jahan and Executive Partner M.M. Qudrat-E-Khuda [Rafi] , They
shall be empowered on behalf of the partnership to execute, endorse and discharge all types of
instruments like Hundis, Cheques, Drafts etc.

6. Accounts Maintenance: Proper books of accounts of the partnership business shall be

maintained and the same shall be closed for the first time on 31st March, 2020 and thereafter
once in every year on 31st March.
7. Estimated Capital:

The estimated capital for initial stage is 05 crore (BDT).

8. Initial Capital Contribution:

Managing Partner shall contribute the 40% of the total capital and the rest by other partners.

9. Profits and Losses:

Profits including capital profit or loss ascertained in accordance with the above clause shall be
divided amongst or borne by the partners as the case may be in the following manner:

SL. No Name of the Partners Extent of Shares Profit

1. Rumana Jahan 40%

2. M.M. Qudrat-E-Khuda [Rafi] 40%
3. A.Z.M Chowdhuray Rifat Protiq 20%
Total 100%

10. Borrowing Power:

No partner can borrow from business but enjoy the profits and losses.

11. Termination:

The partnership shall be terminable at the WILL of the partners. However, any partner may
retire from the partnership business after giving three months’ Notice, of his intention to do so
in advance, to other partners.

12. Death, retirement or insolvency:

Any of the partners shall not have the effect of dissolving of the partnership and the business
of the Firm shall continue to be carried on by admitting new partner in the vacancy caused.

13. Dissolution of Business:

Only by the full consent of all partners.

14. Goodwill:

There shall be no goodwill to the Firm under any circumstances. If any partner dies or retires,
such retiring partner or legal representatives of the deceased partner or any other person cannot
claim any amount towards goodwill either from the Firm or from the surviving partners.

15. Inherent Process:

In the case of death or retirement of any partner, the retiring partner or the legal heirs of the
deceased partners shall be given the balance in the capital account and share of profits or losses
till the date of death or retirement.

16. Dispute Solving Mechanism:

In the case of dispute or differences of opinion between partners either on the interpretation of
the terms of this deed or any of the partnership affairs the same shall be settled by arbitration.
The provisions of THE ARBITRATION ACT, 2001 for the time being shall apply in this

17. Amendment:

Any of the term or terms of this deed may be amended abandoned or otherwise be dealt with and
the same shall be reduced in writing which shall have the same effect as if embodied in this deed.

18. The provisions of THE PARTNESHIP ACT, 1932 in so far as they are not contained herein
shall be deemed to have been incorporated into these presents.

SL. No Name of the Partners OFFICIAL SIGNATURE

1. FIRST PARTNER Rumana Jahan
Rumana Jahan
2. SECOND PARTNER M.M.Qudrat-E-Khuda [Rafi]
M.M. Qudrat-E-Khuda [Rafi]
3. THIRD PARTNER A.Z.M Chowdhuray Rifat
A.Z.M Chowdhuray Rifat Protiq Protiq


A.K.M. Nazib Hasan Robin


Rafiunnesa Shopno


Sharmin Shehnaj Polok