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WEEK 1 | SEMESTER 1/20192020 | VOLUME 1.3


Website related to
planning approval and
controlling development


In accordance to revised RIBA plan B. Strategic Briefing: Preparation of

of work, the erection of a building Strategic Brief by or on behalf of
involves: the client confirming key
requirements & constraints.
A. Appraisal: Identification of Identification of procedures,
client’s requirements & of organisational structure & range
possible constraints on of consultants & others to be
development. Preparation of engaged for the project.
studies to enable the client to
decide whether to proceed &
to select the probable
procurement method.

WEEK 1 | SEMESTER 1/20192020 | VOLUME 1.3

C. Outline Proposal: Commence F. Production Information: F1 – Preparation of production information

development of Strategic Brief into in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained.
full Project Brief. Preparation of Application for statutory approvals. F2 – Preparation of further
Outline Proposals & estimate of cost. production information required under the building contract.
Review of procurement route.
D. Detailed Proposal: Complete G. Tender Documentation: Preparation & collation of tender
development of the Project Brief. documentation in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to
Preparation of Detailed Proposals. be obtained for the construction of the project.
Application for full Development H. Tender Action: Identification & evaluation of potential contractors
Control Approval. and/or specialists for the construction of the project.
E. Final Proposal: Preparation of Final
Proposals for the project sufficient for I. Mobilisation: Letting the building contract, appointing the
co-ordination of all components & contractor. Issuing of production information to the contractor.
elements of the project. Arranging site handover to the contractor.

K. Construction to Practical Completion: L. After Practical

Administration of the building contract up Completion:
to & including practical completion. Administration of the
building contract after
Provision to the contractor of further practical completion.
information as & when reasonably required. Making final inspections &
settling the final account.

THE BUILDING TEAM The client has the responsibility for defining the building
The parties involved in constructing a building to suit needs, establishing & providing the necessary
are: finances, agreeing design & construction phases,
o Client Team timetabling and, fulfilling the management & running of
o User Team the completed project. The client may appoint an
o Design Team architect as the project coordinator.
o Research Team USER TEAM
o Legislative Team A building User Team forms a link between design
o Manufacturing Team concepts & built reality. User requirements may be
o Construction Team straightforward when client & occupants are the same.
o Maintenance Team However, the Design Team often has to draw
independently upon the expertise, experience on a
client’s own interpretation of user requirements for a
proposed building. Eg. school, police station etc.
WEEK 1 | SEMESTER 1/20192020 | VOLUME 1.3


There are two types of building The Manufacturing Team supplies the materials, components &
designers: principal designers with the equipment which are used during the construction processes of a
responsibility for the overall design of the building. Commonly, supply of readily available materials that
project, and specialist designers who converted into forms or sizes are relied when constructing a
provide expertise concerning certain building (rationalised traditional construction procedure). Open-
aspects of a building and ofter system building is when the component design is coordinated
coordinated by the principal designer. between manufacturers of different products so that they can be
Cost control and financial advice to
used together without alterations or become interchangeable.
client, principal & specialist designers is
generally provided by a quantity
Construction Team usually grouped under trade headings according
to their skills such as bricklayer, carpenter, concreter, electrician, floor
tiler, plasterer, painter & decorator, scaffolder, metalworker and
plumber. Commonly, the construction team consists of main
contractor, sub-contractors and nominated sub-contractors.

In addition, project such as

“The Design Team may act as Legislative
railway track between
Team which they start negotiation with the Singapore and Malaysia may
local authority in order to clarify certain legal engage a Legislative Team
requirements (eg planning process).” consists of lawyers to assist in
the law requirements for both

CONSTRUCTION METHOD 1. Osbourn, D. and Greeno, R.(2007). Mitchell’s
Introduction to Building. Pearson Education Ltd:
Communication between team includes England.
drawings, specification of works & bill of 2.
quantities, contracts, fee accounts & certificates
of payments, programmes of work & documents/ribaoutlineplanofwork2007revised2008
maintenance manual. pdf.pdf
Figure 1.3 shows an outline of activities resources/resources-landing-page/riba-plan-of-
(sequence of activities) for a two-storey house. work