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Les Méliés:

Eclipse Edition
By Michael Blau
Pure Imagination Projects

Venture onward
The Markings

One of the biggest secrets of the Les Méliés: Eclipse Edition deck is
their marking system. It is very well hidden and virtually undetectable. The
Pure Imagination Projects team has provided you with a devious tool that will
surely bring your magic to a whole new level.
In addition, the markings are extremely well-hidden and their position
is very purposeful. We have placed these markings in the bottom left and
upper right corners. This placement passes the “riffle test” and prevents a
spectator’s finger from blocking your view of the mark as they select a
playing card. It is important to credit the “Speedreader Marked Deck” by
Garrett Thomas, which also employs a similar marking system.
The cards are marked by their number: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K
and their suit is by letter: C-clubs, H-Hearts, S-Spades, D-Diamonds. It is a
very simple marking system that you will be able to master within minutes.
One-Way Back Design
The Les Méliés: Eclipse Edition features a one-way back design. The
one-way feature is located in the stars above the moon’s head on either end
of the card.
The Card Revelation

This next reveal is an original, never before used in a deck of cards. From a
brand new sealed Les Méliés: Eclipse Edition deck, the ​ Seven of Hearts​ appears
face up in the middle of the deck. Therefore, you could force the S ​even of Hearts​ in
another deck and then reveal it to “magically” reverse itself in your Les Méliés:
Eclipse Edition deck. An additional benefit of this reversed card is that it was printed
backwards. This means that the face of the card and the back of the card are
“switched”, therefore, the card is “reverse cut”. When you, turn the S​even of Hearts
face down in the deck, you will be able to identify it by glancing at the edge of the
cards. This becomes a floating key-card that you can use straight from a brand new
deck of playing cards.
Reversed Mnemonica Stack

The new Les Méliés: Eclipse Edition deck comes in reversed Mnemonica
Stack order (Tamariz Stack). One overhand shuffle and cutting the ​Nine of
Diamonds​ to the face of the deck puts you into full Mnemonica stack ready to
perform miracles. We must of course credit Juan Tamariz for creating one of the
greatest stacked decks in card magic.

These are just some of the features in the new Les Melies deck. We encourage you
to discover the rest on your own. Voyage Onward!

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