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The Narendra Modi government has redefined domicile for government jobs in the newly-created
Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir through the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation (Adaptation of
State Laws) Order, 2020, issued late Tuesday night.

According to the notification, anyone who has resided in J&K for 15 years or has studied in the state for
seven years, and appeared in either the Class 10 or the Class 12 examination, will be eligible for domicile
certificates. This would allow them to apply for gazetted and non-gazetted government jobs. The new
rules also state that migrants registered by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner need not fulfill
the amended requirements.

It is a stark departure from the earlier domicile laws in the state.

1) Jammu and Kashmir became part of India through -

a. Instrument of Accession

b. Instrument of Instructions

c. J&K Peace Accord

d. all of the above under indian constitution

2) Which of the following are features of the J&K Constitution?

a) Residents of the state are entitled to all rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India.

b) Bicameral legislature

c)both a and b

d)none of the above

3)which one is the longest river in jammu and kashmir

a)Indus river

b)jhelum river

c)chenab river

d)ravi river

4) Which of the statements is correct.

a)To form a new state, the relevant Bill may be introduced in either house of Parliament only on the
recommendation of the the President.

b)To form a new state, the relevant Bill can only be introduced in the Lok Sabha, with the
recommendation of the President.

c)To form a new state the relevant Bill can only be introduced in the Rajya Sabha with the
recommendation of the President.

d)To form a new state, President’s recommendation is not required.

5)In which schedule of Indian Constitution, the territorial extent of Indian states and union Territories is

A) 1st

B) 2nd

C) 3rd

D) 4th

2.External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday participated in a video-conference of foreign

ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in the backdrop of the coronavirus
pandemic.According to a statement from the External Affairs Ministry, the discussions centred around
the Covid-19 crisis and coordination of the efforts to deal with its trade, economic and social

“The SCO foreign ministers also discussed the preparations for the SCO Council of Heads of State
Meeting (SCO Summit) in Saint Petersburg, the situation in Afghanistan and the commemoration of the
75th anniversary of World War II,” the statement said

1. Which event is generally considered to be the first belligerent act of World War II?

a)Germany’s attack on Russia

b) Germany’s attack on Britain

c)Germany’s attack on Poland

d)Germany’s occupation of Austria

2) how many were the founding members of SCO?




3) What was the “London Blitz”?

A)Germany’s plan for a blitzkrieg on London

B)A term used for Germany’s bombing campaign on London

C)A series of German missile attacks late in the war

D) Code name for a secret British radar system

4. Which of the following country was not the founding member of the SCO?

(a) China

(b) Kazakhstan

(c) Uzbekistan

(d) None of the above

5.Which of the following statement is not correct about the SCO?

(a) The first summit of the SCO was organised in China

(b) Official languages OF SCO are Chinese and Russian.

(c) SCO represents 40% of world population.

(d) all of the above

3.Amidst the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has pushed the whole country on edge, Odisha and
West Bengal state governments will have to face one more catastrophe as extensive damage is expected
due to Super Cyclone Amphan. Cyclone Amphan is expected to make a landfall somewhere between
West Bengal's Digha and Hatya Island in Bangladesh on Wednesday. Heavy rains lashed some parts of
Odisha today as super cyclone 'Amphan’ moved closer to the coasts

Super Cyclone Amphan became the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal on Monday
night, after intensifying with sustained wind speeds of up to 270 kilometers per hour.

1) Which of the following is the cause for ‘storm surge’ which accompanies cyclone making landfall?
a) El Nino

b) La Nino

c) Intense rainfall

d) Winds pushing waves onshore

2) Which of the following is a characteristic of temperate cyclones?

a) It is confined to 10 – 30 N and S of equator

b) It generally occurs in summers

c) It can form in both land and seas

d) The pressure gradient is steep

3) Which of the following causes a tropical cyclone to rotate?

a) Geostratic wind

b) Frictional force

c) Coriolis effect

d) Westerlies

4) A wind vane is used to measure the

a)Air humidity

b)air pressure

c)wind direction

d)all of the above

5) which of the following is unlikely to be affected by cyclone?




4.In the current scenario, when the world is reeling under the coronavirus pandemic, communication
plays a very important role in delivering the correct information, helps us connect to our loved ones. Life
seems to be incomplete without the internet and communication. World Telecommunication and
Information Society Day (WTISD) is celebrated every year on ( X) to help raise awareness about the
importance of the internet and other means of information and communication in bringing the world

1. what does X refers gto ?

a)15 may

b)16 may

c)17 may

d)18 may

2.World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) is celebrated every year since when?




d)none of the above

3.consider About International Telecommunication Union

a)It is an agency of the United Nations (UN).

b)Originally founded in 1865, as the International Telegraph Union.

c) the ITU is the oldest existing international organization.

d)all of the above

4.who invented telephone?

a)Alexander Graham Bell

b)Philo Taylor Farnsworth

c)both a and b

d)none of the above

5)t International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is headquatered at ?