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Period: 2

December 23, 2010

Vocabulary Bank Chapter 4

Word Root Word, Connection Definition

Prefixes, (Where do I find it?
What does it
remind me of?
What other word is

Adipose Adipo- of or located Connective

relating to fat beneath the tissue that
skin, around stores energy
internal in the form of
organs, and in fat
bone marrow

Apocrine Apo- derived Reminds me of Produces a

from the exocrine secretion along
gland with part of the
Cartilage Found between Tough elastic
joints, in the tissue
rib cage, ear,
nose, elbow,
Chondrocyte Chondro- Found in the Produces and
cartilage, cartilage maintains the
gristle, cartilaginous
granule, matrix

Cyte- a cell

Cyte- cell

Collagenous Gen- of a Found Relating to or

certain kind exclusively in consisting of
animals collagen
yielding or
Columnar Simple Refers to the
columnar is shape of
found in the epithelial cells
squamuos layer that are taller
of epithelial then their
tissue width
Cuboidal Oid- Reminds me of Something
resemblance to a cube cube like,
shaped like a
Cubo- lie in or cube

Elastin Elast- elastic Reminds me of Protein in

something elastic tissue
flexible that allows the
cell to resume
Found in its shape after
elastic tissue stretching or

Endocrine Endo- with in Reminds me of Cell signaling

the hormones by the
Crin-secrete in the body secretion of
chemicals to a
target cell

Endothelial Endo- with in Found in the Flattened cell

body cavity that lines the
inside of some
body cavity

Epithelium Epi- upon Reminds me of Membranous

something tissue covering
relating to the internal organs
epithelial layer


Exocrine Exo- out of Reminds me of A gland that

sending secretes
Crine- secrete something out externally
though a duct

Fibroblast Fibro- fiber Found in many A cell from

parts of the which
Blast- initial body; aids connective
stage of healing tissue develops
Histology Hist- denotes Reminds me of Study of the
tissue a branch of microscopic
biology having structure of
Ology- the to do with plants and
study of small things animals

Holocrine Holo- complete, Reminds me of A classification

whole, having to do of exocrine
unsegmented with the glands glands in the
in the body study of
Crine- to histology

Intercalated Inter- between Reminds me of A dense region

something in at the junction
between 2 of cellular units
things in cardiac

Involuntary Voluntary- Reminds me Without

done free- of some intention,
willingly actions of unintentional
certain cells
In- without

In- not

Lamellae Lamella- leaf I think of a gill- Fine sheets of

of layer shaped material held
structure adjacent to one
another, with
fluid in-

Macrophage Macro- large, Found on the A type of white

long, big surface of the blood cell or
pathogen phagocyte that
Phage- digests foreign
destroying invaders and
Mast cell Mast- tall/slim Found in most A large
tissues, connective
surrounding tissue released
blood vessels in allergic
and nerves reactions or in
response to

Merocrine Mero- part Found in the Relating to a

study of gland which
Crine- to histology secretes
secrete relating to a without major
certain type of damage to its
exocrine gland secretory cells

Microvilli Micro- denoting Relates to the Cellular

something as surface of the membrane that
small cell; increase the
absorption, surface area of
secretion… cells
Neuroglial Neuro- nervous Found in the Non-neuronal
tissue/ system central nervous cells that
system maintain
and provide
support and
protection for
the brain's

Neuron Neuro- nervous Reminds me of A specialized

tissue/ system the one doing nerve cells that
the action it conducts nerve
receives impulses

Osteoblast Osteo - bone Reminds me of A cell from

a fibroblast which bones
Blast- initial develop
stage of

Osteocyte Osteo- bone Resides in A mature bone

special regions cell that is
Cyte- cell of adult bone involved in the
maintenance of
that bone

Osteon Osteo- bone Reminds me of Central canals

the words and
osteocyte and surrounding
osteoblast bony layers
which are through which
similar pass nerves,
blood and

Pseudostratified Pseudo- Remind me of Closely packed

something fake something cells which
that appears appear to be
Strat- stratum fake arranged in
layers but are
attached to the
Reticuloendothelial Reticulo- net Occur in widely Phagocytic
separated cells that
Endo- parts of t engulf and
in/within human body destroy
viruses, etc.

Squamous Squamo- scale- Found in blood Epithelium

like vessels characterized
by its most
layer consisting
of flat, scale-
like cells

Stratified Strat~ stratum Found in Cells arranged

layers of cells in horizontal

Striation Stria- groove, Reminds me of Series of

furrow striated muscle furrows, ridges,
or linear marks

Uroepithelium Uro- urine Located in/ Affecting the

around the epithelium of
Epi- upon urinary tract the urinary