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Student: Rosfel Clemente Marín


My last vacation was on December, I did nothing but two weeks

passed and December 24th arrived (Christmas), my family and I had a
spectacular dinner. We had fun, we had dinner, we laughed, etc. After
dinner I played with my cousins monopolis and UNO until more than
midnight, it all ended at 3 am, then they retired.

The next day, I traveled for three weeks to Juchitan (Where i’m from). I
really missed everything seriously, meal, the weather, the people,
mostly my friends and family. When I arrived I went to breakfast
mexican food to a market called (Chile relleno and pescado capiado),
also I drink a glass of coffee with natural cow's milk.

Already in the night, my friends and I decided to go out for one rich
tlayudas, because it's customary between us every time I go. Later we
went to a night club to celebrate, we retired from that place late, but we
had some delicious tacos back lol.

Days passed, december 31st (New Year) arrived, that same day was my
mom's birthday, I wasn't with her physically but I called her on the phone
and congratulated her, she was very happy and I was presumed to have
made dinner for the new year and her birthday.

My godmother invited me to spend the new year at her house, arrive and
was all the family, meal was rich, the atmosphere pleasant, after diner we
broke three piñatas everything was fun, after living me retire because I
decided to go out with my friends , get to my house and my friends where
they were already waiting for me.
We went to a nightclub, drank, lived and dawned together, when I got
home it was half a day, I went straight to my bed and I fell asleep, I didn't
leave my house that day.

It was 3 days and my friends invited me to go to Huatulco, I would gladly

accept the invitation, the next day we had to get up early to leave and
arrive early to Huatulco, we went in a friend's car, made several stops and
saw really nice places, We arrived at the beach LA ENTREGA, amazing
atmosphere, delicious meal, live music, beautiful view, all an
unforgettable experience, I recommend it.

We spent all day at the beach, already at night we had to return to

Juchitán, we were already tired but enjoyed to the fullest of Huatulco. We
got back very badly, we ran out of gas half out of nowhere, then when we
got to a gas station there was no gas, then we had to buy gas with a
huachicolero, everything was horrible but with that we arrived at our

We arrived in Juchitán, went straight to dinner some rich tlayudas and

garnachas, they took me to my house I was really tired and I went to

The rest of the weeks I was there, I didn't really do anything relevant, just
go out with my friends to the park and the nightclub.

I hope to be back soon when this coronavirus thing is over, because I

miss everything.



 You start in the morning with 2 integral toasts with
olive oil (a spoonful).

BREAKFAST  Later, to eat two fruits pieces.

 You finish breakfast with 2 fists of wheat cereal.

NOON You can eat two fists of nuts.

Pasta with sautéed vegetables:

 In hot water to place integral pasta (60g).

 After, take out the wholegrain paste (raw), add in a

pan: 2 red pepper, 2 zucchini, 5 mushrooms, 2
tomatoes, 1 onion and 3 carrots.

LUNCH  In the end, to add 2 olive oil spoonfuls.

 You can accompany it with an apple or half a cup of


 You can have 1 glass of tea or coffee without

SNACK sugar.

Salad of tomatoes and peanuts:

DINNER Your dinner will be light, On a plate place 2 tomatoes with

5 peanuts. Add a tablespoon of olive oil.
 Prepare 2 slices of wholemeal bread with 1
tablespoon of low-calorie jam.

BREAKFAST  You can drink 1 glass with orange juice or 1 cup of

coffee with milk (without sugar).

 Drink 1 cup of coffee with whole milk or a cup of

 You can accompany it with 1 médium apple.

 Lunch half a cup of white rice with cooked

 You can accompany it with 1 slice of whole bread
and 1 liter of water.

 In the end, eat 1 pear.

 In the snack, you can consume 2 slices of

SNACK wholemeal bread with 1 cup of coffee with milk (no
sugar) or 1 cup of tea.

 At the end of the day, eat 1 egg French omelette

with 1 slice of white bread.
 1 liter of water.


 Drink 1 cup of tea, accompanied by 2 bread toasts
with jam without added sugars.
 You can also consume, 1 cup of tea with 2 slices of
wholegrain toast with 2 strips of serrano ham.

 It is recommended to consume half a cup of diced

NOON pineapple and 1 liter of water or 1 cup of tea.

 You can also eat half a cup of almonds or nuts.

 Pumpkin puree: (2 Pumpkin, Half Onion, 2

LUNCH Potatoes) this is cooked by 1 tablespoon of olive

 Also you can prepare: 2 chicken breast filets with 1

slice of bread and 1 cup of fruits.

 1 liter of water.

 For the snack you can consume, half a cup of these

SNACK 3 fruits (apple, melon and pineapple) with 1 lactose-
free yoghurt.

 1 liter of water.

 To finish your day, prepare this dish: Lenguado

DINNER with tomato salad: (Lenguado (120g), 2 tomatoes
and 1 teaspoon olive oil).

 you can accompany it with 2 slices of wholemeal

bread (To taste).

 1 liter of water.