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Customer Satisfaction

High Quality Deliverables

1) Accurate auditing of Forex Advances issued to employees.

2) Accurate auditing of Housing Advances issued to employees.
3) Any query related to Forex & Housing Advance need to be addressed to employee within 24 hrs
of the mail recd.
4) Providing the complete Advances details to employees during settlements.

Timely Delivery

1.Timely reload of perdiem. (Should send out an approval email on the day the employee sends out
an request)
2.Following up with the associate for forex settlement once they are back from Onsite.
3.To ensure that the forex advance should not cross >180 Days.
Follow up of pending Forex & Housing Advance to be done each week.
4. Providing Data of Forex & Housing Advance issued everyday to Team Lead.
5. Ensure month end reports are prepared on time & necessary entries to be passed accurately

High Customer Satisfaction

1) To ensure that the forex reload happens on time so that it reduces esclations.
2) Communication with the employees should be accurate and easy to understand. Present written
and verbal information clearly and concisely. Listens carefully to the content of information being
conveyed by others in order to understand the key points.
3) Consistently focusing on satisfying customer needs

Financial Results

Effective utilization of billable hours

1.Utilizing the time in learning the process & streamlining the processs.
2.Helping the team members

Utilisation of idle hours

1.Utlising the Idle hour to learn new process.

2.Resolving the problematic cases.

Time Entry.

1. Not to miss out time entry in Clarity.

2. Filling the time sheet before the close.
3. Should not receive any email from the Time entry team on violating time compliance

Leave Planning

1.One month prior notice for applying leave for 1 week.

2.Not more than 3 unplanned leaves in a year.
3.Creating backup's & updating them with the knowledge transfer about the process.

Internal Business Process Development

Quality Process

1. Maintaining of tracker for Forex & Housing Advance issued to Employees on Daily Basis
2. Any Corrections or issues in Advances need to be informed to Concern AP Team Leads.
3. Keep the Team Leader and Manager informed of any escalations.
4. Ensure Advances are adjusted accurately by processing team. Any Deviation needs to be
informed to respective Team Lead with Details.

Learning and Growth

Self development

1. Attend atleast two training in Quarter subject with the discussion with Supervisor
2. Learn and handle global forex advance management (take care of ROW advances)
3. Involve in implementation of atleast 2 process improvements.
4. Involve in documenting all the process updates and procedures.

Practice Contribution

Skill data entry

Skill data entry / Resume update each quarter as in applicable system .. No instance of profile not
updated for more than 6 month

Participation in recruitment & staffing activities

As & when requested