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U35WF Product User Manual


1. Product Description

2. Product Features
3. Struction Description

4. Step Description

5. Router Functions Setting

6. Mobile Phone APP

7. RFQ
1. Product Description 2. Product Features:
This product is WiFi mobile HDD enclosure also is ※ USB3.0 high speed HDD enclosure
wireless router. It 's a mobile device which can exchange ※ WIFI storage device, private cloud
data high-speed via USB port or WiFi network and ※ Wireless router
computer, at the same time, this device has added WiFi ※ NAS function
transimission function and it has their own APP software ※ Through USB port to read the data from U-disk, mobile
for LAN and WAN ( remote) management, at the same hard disk drive and some other external storage device
time it can support the third party APP to bring more ※ Can support multi devices simultaneously
easy usage experience to customers. It can support ※ Can support samba and FTP share server perfectly
Windows Android IOS mainstream systerm in marketing. ※ Supports FAT32/NTFS/EXT4 3types disk format to read and
write data through wireless
( WiFi storage only can support this four formats, please must
check and confirm the hard disk format is correct)
※ Wireless repeater
3. Structure

Built-in WIFI Reset switch:

indicator: Wifi long after the start of
Blinks when a this switch to release more
device is than 5 seconds to restore
connected DC power port: the factory settings
Insert the 12V / 2ADC
power supply

RJ45 WAN port:

Built-in power Insert the RJ45 network
indicator: Box cable into the WAN
On The lamp
lights up Master Switch:
Open / close the
USB2.0 expansion port:
USB2.0 peripheral data
transmission port
USB3.0 interface:
USB3.0 peripheral data
transmission port

4. Operate Steps

Step 1: Install hard disk drive

1 2 3 4

First, unscrew the two captive And then insert the hard disk Then, insert the housing and And finally put himself on the
screws on the box and remove the into the corresponding interface, tighten the two captive screws. box can be used normally.
inner box. the fixed hard drive screws

Step 2: Wired storage

Access to power, and then use the USB cable to connect the
computer, you can store the files within the disk management.
( New hard drive for the first time needs to be used for hard disk
initialization, or not out disk, only Disk Manager can be seen. Specific
steps can Baidu look at the "disk initialization." Disk initialization is
recommended to format into EXFAT format, or FAT32 / NTFS / EXT4 three
formats are also the other format will result in wireless storage, or can
only read can not write. Unplug the USB cable after initialization is
Note: Wired USB storage and wireless storage can not be used at the
same time (all data will be transferred to the USB data cable USB cable,
wireless will not be able to get to the disk data).

Step 3: Turn on the WiFi

1.Access the power, press switch to turn on ;
2.Wait about 2 minutes to open WIFI, and then use your computer or phone connection to KIMAX - *****
named network;
3.Use your computer or mobile phone to open the browser, enter Enter, enter the
password in the interface kimax login.

Step 4: Wireless Storage and Management

Step 4: Wireless Storage and Management

LAN Network
Make sure the PC / phone / tablet is connected to the WIFI after the box.

Computer version: open the "My Computer", enter the address bar to enter
the \\ to save the file within the disk management.

Mobile phone / tablet with special APP software "KI routing" to a

variety of operations, detailed steps please see the manual "mobile
APP function description."

Make sure that both the computer and the box are connected to the network of
the parent router and make sure that the phone is connected to the network of the
1.Open the APP "KI routing" (download mobile phone APP please see this manual
"mobile APP function").
2.Into the interface can be seen after the IP box, the IP router assigned to the higher
IP box.

3. open the computer "My Computer" in the address bar, enter the mobile client to
see the IP, enter the file can be stored on the disk management

Input \\+ IP which is separated

by superior router.

Step 5: Remote Storage and

1. Remote account register and bind
Confirm computer has connected network and make sure firmware version upgrade to 1.3.4 or above.

Step one. To enter website ,click the right corner to register personal account;
Login/ Sign

Step two: Input in browser and Step three: Click advanced setting and input Step four: Can view account bind status in router
enter in, then fill in password kimax login and personal account & password in this page ( If condition after binding sccess.
enter to setting page; account bind status without display please press
Ctrl+F5 refresh) to finish binding.

2. Remote Login and Management

2. Remote Login and Management

Web version: Open browser and enter into website , login personal account and can to make remote manage to all binding device
including images, files and music, also can download files local.

Mobile version: HDD case

Mobile/ laptop device should
already connected connect 1. Make sure the KI device and the mobile phone / tablet are both connected to
network. network the Internet (For details, refer to the "Router Function Setting Instructions" in this

2. Then mobile/ laptop to login personal account, while can use APP software “ KI
router” to make remote storage.

5.Router Function Setting Description

1. Enter the router background administrator to set the interface method
Step 1: Insert the network cable and Step 2:Connect your KI device to your
short press the power button to boot, computer or phone After the network,
and then press the power button to enter in the browser
Enter, enter the password in the interface Input "kimax" to login
open about 3S WIFI, wait 2 minutes kimax login.
after the opening of WIFI computer or
phone connection to KIMAX - ****
named network.

2. Router Network Connect Method

DHCP is dynamic IP: If your network is for
obtaining IP address automatically ( for
example net cable is from WiFi router), while
系统设置 no need any setting and can connect network
if it’s not for dynamic type.


PPPOE ( Dial-up )
Input network account and password will
access to network.

Wireless repeater
Click scan, device can search around WiFi
hotspot, and select the network you want
to repeat, input password to access.
3. Router Security Setting


在此可修改管理员密码,默认密码为 kimax ,也是登录

在此可修改 WIFI 名称、密码及加密方式。默认密码
为 12345678 或无密码

4. Router Authority Management

Master switch: This

Router controls the default file
sharing permissions and
Status connection Internet
permissions for all
connected devices.
Note: If the switch is on
here, the current and
subsequent connected
devices will be enabled by
default, and disabled by
default. When the main
switch is turned off, if you
want to open a device,
you can open it at the
corresponding switch.

Device switch: You can

modify the
corresponding device
networking and file
sharing permissions
permissions individually.

Click “ Automatic Detection”, if there is

5. Firmware Upgrade new version need to upgrade will
upgrade automatically ( firmware version
need upgrade to 1.3.2 will be able to use
automatic detection function).
Also can click “ Local Upgrade”, then add
Click “ Automatic Detection”, if there is
5. Firmware Upgrade new version need to upgrade will
upgrade automatically ( firmware version
need upgrade to 1.3.2 will be able to use
automatic detection function).
Also can click “ Local Upgrade”, then add
the upgrade firmware file in local PC and
upload it. This progress will take 5
minutes and will restart after finishing
flashing, power can’t turn off in the
Attention: Power can’t turn off during
flashing firmware in the halfway, so
please ensure the power battery is over
50% when you use battery-powered.



6. Off -Line Download

Click “ Add” will

display the task
page then click “
upload seed”. To
1 find seed files
and open then
add it, the task
start to
Advice to use
browser( top
speed), Google
and Microsoft
Edge to login
and download



6. Mobile APP

1. Download way
Android system can search "KI router" in Software Center
or scan QR code to download.
IOS system can search " KI router" to download in APP

安卓 IOS

2. Account Login Remote Login Mode

(This model must ensure the device has connected
stable network well)
LAN Mode Local documents can open in the remote login
( This model device no situation, sharing files can’t open to make manage
need to connect internet, directly, while should copy files to local disk and
can login with download it then can manage it.
Administrator account) Attention: Remote Login or to remote bundled with
WAN mode can manage all the KI smart product must ensure that the account can
the sharing files and local log KI smart device or connect to the Internet
files including files transfer. successfully bound in case of a successful.

Enter personal login

To enter password
account login,
account ID: kimax,
password: kimax
3. Related Settings

Tool Box
WiFi Setting: It display WiFi present
property, can select WiFi
encryption way when need to set
WiFi, to input password click the
confirm it and set well.
Network setting: The user interface
will get into the networking type,
choose disconnected from the
network, by clicking on "Scan" to
get search other WIFI connection.
LAN Setting: Can modify LAN IP,
subnet mask and DNS.
Modify Password: Change
Administrator password, to input
previous password and then input
new password twice click Save well
OTG: Can select this function when
the disk data need back-up.
Reset Router: Can restart router.
Restore factory setting: Can restore
the router back to factory status.
Remove Bind: To remove the
binding between personal account
and KI device.

Can view the router version number,
network situation, IP address and router
disk usage details.

Can display all the sharing files, local files, and
can make management and files transferring.
LAN mode can be managed file transfer and
sharing of documents and all local documents.
The case of remote login local documents
open, shared documents can not be opened
directly manage. Manage shared documents
must first copy files to a local disk, the
Equipment download can be managed.
Can view all the devices which connected the router. Also Attention: KI smart device must connect
can connect the network to one device and control network well and can login success.
sharing disk management.

7. FAQ
USB cable PC can’t read disk
New hard disk need to initialize the disk for first use, otherwise can’t read it, while only can view in the disk manager . Detailed
steps can search on internet “ disk initialize”.
Wireless can’t identify the disk.
If can’t read the hard disk via WiFi network please use USB cable connect your computer and to check disk attribute and whether
have initialized or not, disk attribute if is NTFS or FAT32. If disk format is no problem as usual there are to much disk fragmentation (
For example: it’s old hard disk took from previous PC, Several partition disk partition as long as there is a difference in quality will
affect the entire disk mount failed), will need to repartition the hard disk or to reformat.
Also wired and wireless USB memory storage can not be used simultaneously (USB cable links all disk data will give priority to
wireless USB data cable will not get data to disk)
Wireless relay (if the wireless relay unsuccessful certainly following situations which condition is not met, please check carefully)
First, the need to ensure a higher level of intelligent routing no speed limit, other restrictions client IP binding, MAC binding, etc.
Internet gets set permissions. Also superior routing WIFI password needs eight more. Superior routing SSID can not contain spaces,
SSID can not have Chinese characters and contains special symbols. If the above is no problem, please check the superior routing
WIFI password is correct. If no problem, configure the relay is complete, restart the KI power equipment, see if you can boot
automatically connect successfully.
TP-LINK router individual needs to the higher bandwidth routing wireless settings and channel set to a fixed, default router will
cause the automatic individual wireless relay failure.
360 free WIFI, business class advertising WIFI, mobile phones and other hot spots supported by unknown.
Wireless and wired Internet connection can not relay mode simultaneously. After the success of the wireless relay If using wired
devices connect to the Internet to KI, KI need first route of the device management page - radio relay settings page - Click relay
network list behind the "off" button. After disconnecting the wireless relay settings, power off restart can be linked to KI devices
connected to the Internet network cable KI WAN port.

You can enter my company KIMAX website

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You can enter my company KIMAX website
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products and information as below, thank you!

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