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Calvert Group Piling division is a certified API 5L PSL1 & PSL2 and ASTM
A252 manufacturing plant directly located directly in the Ningbo port,
having our own loading Warf provides our client with maximum piling
lengths and competitive prices. Wharf capacity, 40,000 tons with draft
capacity of 9.4 meters, or 50,000 DWT vessel. Our new factory
manufacture’s, coats and lines pipe pilings from DN100 to DN2800 with
lengths to 60 meters in all grades and standards. Calvert Group will
provide the best delivery and price worldwide.

ERW, DSAW, Seamless and Spiral Weld (threaded and welded connections)

Similar to H-Piles, Pipe Piles are most efficient as friction piles. Pipe Piles have substantial surface area that interacts
with the surrounding soil to provide great frictional load resistance.

Pipe Piles are also used in conjunction with sheet piles to add lateral stiffness and bending resistance where loads
exceed the capacity of sheet piles alone.

Calvert Group provides ERW, DSAW and Spiral weld pipe pile in a wide range of sizes and lengths to meet your
requirements. In addition, Calvert Group provides value added services such as coating & welding to facilitate complete
pipe pile solutions. Piling shown on this page was DSAW DN2.0 meters x 40mm wall, grade X60 x 48m lengths.

Electric Resistance Weld Pipe

Calvert Group employs the most advance Electric Resistance Weld pipe manufacturing technology available today. With
over 200,000 tons of annual capacity Calvert Group has a strong cost advantage and coupled with its onsite port & Warf
facility nobody beats our capabilities. ERW pipe are produced in sizes from 4” to 24”, wall thickness range from 10mm
to 20mm. Lengths can made up to 40 meters.
Longitude Double Submerged Arc Weld Pipe

Calvert DSAW pipe is produced in sizes from 350mm through 1400mm OD and
wall thicknesses from 14mm to 80mm, either coated or bare. Calvert Group
manufacturing process used is U-0-E & JCOE method. DSAW pipe may or may
not be cold expanded. Cold expansion is a process where the pipe is expanded
(up to 1.5%) to obtain its final OD dimension. Cold expansion also provides a
gain of yield strength results.

Spiral Weld Pipe

Spiral Weld Pipe 100MM TO 3200MM diameters and wall

thickness from 12mm to 40mm. Pipes can be coated and lined or
bare, lengths to 60 meters. Our Spiral Weld mill consist of a de-
coiling device (in the case of strip base material) or a plate
preparation table (where the base material is in plate form) a
strip connecting welder, straightening rollers, edge preparation
tools (shearing and trimming), pre-bending devices, a three roller
bending and cage forming system, an internal welder, an external
welder (both Submerged Arc), ultrasonic testing apparatus and cutting devices. Spiral Weld Pipe is produced in
accordance with the dimensional and tolerance requirements of various ASTM, AWWA, and API Specifications.

Threaded Micro-Pile Casings

Calvert Group manufactures micro piles from 2” to 24” in all API 5CT grades and lengths to 12 meters. Micropiles are
mainly used in Deep Foundations today. Also known as "Pin &box piles are in smaller to medium size diameters for high
strength high capacity deep piling applications. They are typically specified in short threaded lengths and installed
through various drilling techniques. The addition of grout and threaded bar reinforce the pile in lateral, tensile, and
compressive loading.

Depending on pile diameter and soil conditions, Micropiles can extend to depths of 180 meters and exceed design
loads of 800 kips. The threaded lengths are suited for low access and retrofit applications. In addition, drilled installation
methods are being used in new construction where surrounding structures might be sensitive to vibration. In 2007,
Calvert Group had a tension and flexural test on diameters 9-5/8" and 24” X 30 METERS, performance test results were
higher than expected which prove Calvert thread is the perfect fit for deep and harsh seismic application.

Steel Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piling is a manufactured construction product with a mechanical connection "interlock" at both ends of the
section. These mechanical connections interlock with one another to form a continuous wall of sheet piling. Steel sheet
pile applications are typically designed to create a rigid barrier for earth and water, while resisting the lateral pressures
of those bending forces. The shape or geometry of a section lends to the structural strength. In addition, the soil in
which the section is driven has numerous mechanical properties that can affect the performance.

Steel sheet piling is classified in two construction applications, permanent and temporary. A permanent application is
"stay-in-place" where the sheet piling wall is driven and remains in the ground. A temporary application provides access
and safety for construction in a confined area. Once the work is completed, the sheet piling is removed.

Z Sheet Pile

Z sections are considered one of the most efficient piles available today. Having the interlocks located at the outer fibers
of the wall, assures the designer of their published section modulus. Z-Piles are commonly used for Cantilevered, Tied-
Back, King Pile and Combi-Wall retaining systems. Additional applications also include load bearing bridge abutments.

Piling Solution weight width
Designation Type kg / m² mm
cm³ / m
PZC 13 1300 105.9 708.2
PZC 14 1400 115.6 708.2
PZC 18 1800 118.1 635.0
PZC 19 1940 128.9 635.0
PZC 26 2600 155.3 708.2
PZC 28 2760 166.0 708.2
PZC-B 37 3660 158.5 1735.6
PZC-B 38 3830 158.7 1931.8
PZC-B 39 3880 158.0 1760.5
PZC-P 42 4210 166.0 2490.3
PZC-P 45 4470 176.3 2616.3
PZC-B 47 4690 177.3 1761.9
PZC-P 48 4810 179.7 2667.1
PZC-B 52 5190 183.7 1773.0
PZC-P 55 5510 177.1 2693.5
PZC-B 67 6650 220.2 1776.6
PZC-B 72 7170 233.4 1778.3
PZC-P 78 7770 215.0 2971.9
PZC-B 86 8580 237.4 1931.8
PZC-P 90 9020 227.2 2947.5
PZC-B 100 10000 264.7 1785.5
PZC-B 117 11700 289.9 2409.8
PZC-B 126 12600 308.6 2263.5
PZC-P 148 14800 287.3 3303.1
PZC-B 164 16400 385.5 2263.5
PZC-P 266 26600 359.4 4140.3


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