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Hardship Request Form

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The following form has been prepared for Aon U.S. colleagues applying for a hardship relief related to the COVID -
19 temporary salary reduction. Our firm has committed that no colleague at Aon is going to lose their job because
of this COVID-19 outbreak. To preserve our operational flexibility and ensure we emerge from this uncertainty a
stronger and more capable firm following this unprecedented global economic lockdown, we are taking a series of
actions. We first focused on opportunities that do not have a direct, personal impact on individual colleagues. We
are also asking colleagues across the firm to support us during this time with temporary compensation reductions.
While we have worked with local leaders around the world to determine the most equitable approach, we realize
that personal situations will vary for our colleagues and we are committed to continuing to support them. In certain
circumstances where our colleagues are suffering a hardship we will extend special consideration and provide
appropriate relief.

We ask that you please read through the “Action Steps” for instructions on how to complete the Hardship Request
Application. You will be asked to provide details of your hardship, actions you have taken to mitigate the impact of
the reduction and details of your income to expense budget. The Hardship Committee, created to review each
application, may request additional documentation.

You can be assured that each request will be reviewed individually, and all information provided will remain
confidential. Before the application is provided to the Hardship Committee, we will remove your name and any
personal identifier information. The information we are requesting is intended to enable the committee to fairly
evaluate each application and will only be used to assess the hardship request. We thank you for your
understanding and assistance, so we can support all of our colleagues with sensitivity, compassion, and an
equitable approach.

Action Steps to Complete Hardship Request for the Salary Reduction

1. Complete the Income to Expense Review

2. Complete the Hardship Evaluation Questions and Detailed Description section. Your description should include
information on your hardship, actions taken to reduce the impact of the salary reduction, and any supporting
3. Send the signed certification, income to expense review and description of your hardship by email:
• If you are unable to print the form to sign it, please include your agreement with the COVID-19 Hardship
Confidentiality Agreement and Certification in your email
• Include your employee ID

Your request will be reviewed by the Hardship Committee after receiving your application. Requests will be reviewed
monthly and considered for hardship (i.e. the salary reduction waived) based on the calendar below.

U.S. Bi-Weekly Pay Date – Salary U.S. Semi-Monthly Pay Date – Salary
Hardship Forms Received By
Reduction Waived Begin Date Reduction Waived Begin Date
May 27 June 19 June 15
June 30 July 17 July 15
July 31 Aug 14 Aug 14
Aug 31 Sep 11 Sep 15
Sep 29 Oct 9 Oct 15
Oct 27 Nov 6 Nov 13
Nov 24 Dec 4 Dec 15

If the hardship request is received on or before the “received by” date above, the hardship request may be approved
beginning with the corresponding pay date. The review will be conducted anonymously when presented to Committee
members. Once reviewed, you’ll receive a notification regarding the status of your hardship request.
Hardship Request Form
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Income to Expense Review

Item Description Amount

Monthly Household Income

Include your own income and income from other sources, such as,
after taxes and payroll
others in your household, rental income, dividend income, interest
deduction (assuming
income, etc.
salary reduction)

Include your total savings amount, such as, savings accounts,

Total Savings
checking accounts, investment accounts, etc.

Monthly non-
Include all monthly expenses, such as, home insurance, auto
insurance, mortgage/rent payments, car payments, etc.
utilities and expenses
Hardship Request Form
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Hardship Evaluation Questions and Detailed Description

1. Are you able to afford your essential monthly bills with the reduction? (yes or no) ______________

2. Do you have a savings account or additional source(s) of household income you ______________
are able to leverage? (yes or no)

3. How long (in months) do you believe you need to defer your salary reduction to ______________
reassess and adjust your financial situation?

4. What percentage reduction do you believe you could manage with your financial ______________

5. In detail, please describe your hardship request, including:

- Specific comments on your current financial situation

- What you have done to change/adjust your financial situation
- How the waiver of the salary reduction will alleviate your situation.

The information provided along with any supporting documentation will be used to make a decision about your
request, so please be specific. A separate sheet of paper may be used. Any information provided in this
description will remain confidential.
Hardship Request Form
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COVID-19 Hardship Confidentiality Agreement and Certification

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Aon (“Aon” or the “Company”) is in a period of unprecedented economic uncertainty. As a
result, Aon has put in place measures to help maintain operational flexibility and ensure the protection of jobs for its
workforce, which includes U.S. colleagues over the salary threshold(s) taking a salary reduction of up to approximately 20%
beginning May 1, 2020, and continuing, at the latest, until December 31, 2020. The wellbeing of our colleagues remains a
top priority for Aon. As such, Aon has created a process for colleagues to apply for hardship assistance based on the
information you submitted regarding the financial hardship the salary reduction will create for you (the “Hardship Request

Aon considers your Hardship Request Form and the information that you submitted in connection with it to be confidential
and will not disclose or share that information. Likewise, the terms and conditions of this Hardship Request Form are
confidential. You agree and acknowledge that you shall keep confidential the terms and conditions of this Hardship Request
Form, except as required to comply with law or receive advice from professional advisors.

Additionally, by signing this Hardship Request Form, you represent that the reasons for your hardship request are true and
accurate. In addition, you certify that all information contained in this Hardship Request Form and submitted supporting
documentation is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. If Aon discovers any information provided herein and/or
any required documents submitted by you are incorrect or intentionally deceptive, it may lead to disciplinary action.

Please sign and date this Agreement in the space below to indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to its terms.
The signed Agreement can be submitted with the rest of your Hardship Request Form.

I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the terms set forth in this document.

Colleague Signature Date


Colleague Name Printed Employee ID