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The Social Classes - Poem by Sylvia Chidi

The Social Classes

I tried to measure my individual status

Against this worlds benchmark
Pondering on common open remarks
Researching from newspapers
And listening to the media
Learning from decades of history
Some of those events remain a mystery
Trying to unfold the logic
Of the class differences in today’s modern society

Upper Class, Upper Class my foot

These are merely wealthy tycoons
Most of them born with golden spoons
Luck is needed to belong to this ring
Its liking flying to the moon
In a hot aired balloon
Or trying to sing
Through a key ring

Their moral obligation

As a minority of the nation
Is to obtain the best and most expensive education
They make damn well sure
Mechanisms are in place to differentiate
And ensure infinity of inequality
Like ownership of earths land
Placing humans beings in separate class bands

With a unique voice

You could release some hit songs
And become a millionaire
And join the so called
Socioeconomic class
Beware most of these people don’t care
You may never belong

I am not alone
I have not being blessed with this privilege
I wish all social classes could just merge
And unite as one
Maybe we may then be able to get rid of the gun
Right under your very nose
Right under the sun

Middle Class, Middle Class

This is the centre
Of confusion for the masses
The obvious gap between the rich and the poor
Here there is everything to live and die for
Hardworking families with two incomes
Dreaming of a random lucky lottery storm
Middle class people are so vain
Everyone striving for prestigious and wealthy gains
You are judged by your looks and your lifestyle
You are judged by what you wear from a lengthy mile
If you are making a considerable racket
In the labour market
You are always adored
People will always laugh at your dry jokes and never get bored

As an individual
One of my chances as usual
To improve my status in this class is
Societies and clubs
Where my expectations
Could be me met
If I have contacts
To the people in the right positions
This is the common norm
One you must conform
To be accepted

Lower Class Lower Class

Some of these people
Play quite skilful jazz

These are the lowest of the lot

The group everyone has simply forgot
Drug addicts, beggars and the homeless
Those whose situation is inevitably hopeless
Permanent consistent hardship
They are on an isolate platform

Constantly hungry looking raw boned

Many resorting to liquor and weed
To get highly stoned

Prayers are voiced in each days struggle

Pleading knowingly for a quick miracle

The Society’s Social classes

What unites us all?

© Sylvia Chidi- 17 October 2005

Sylvia Chidi

The Social Class 

by Liam Hughes

The first poem is called “The Social class” by Liam Hughes. This poem talks about how the upper class takes always has an upper
hand. While everyone else are like lions, trying to fit into society; trying to make something of them. This poem also says that
the rich people see the lower class people work while they are just there watching, doing nothing. “While workers work to fill
your home, They're picking off an empty bone, but you cannot hear their sickly groan, but you can see they're forced to roam,
but while you're sitting on your throne …”  that is what this quote means, that rich see the poor work their tails off. “You would
wake in your beds and scream ‘How did this world become so mean When did we tear the weakened seam And can we repair
the broken system.’” The quote represents how in the inside we thrash with so much worry, and people in poverty don't
understand why society is so cruel. The last quote says, “Will always fear the rising youth, the eagles claw the lions tooth; the
devils eyes the horses hoof, as they try to break the social classes.”  I think this one is talking how the new generation is braking
the difference in classes. 
The Social Class 
by Sylvia Chidi

The second poem is title the same and it’s written by Sylvia Chidi she says in her poem “Upper Class, Upper Class my foot, these
are merely wealthy tycoons, most of them born with golden spoons…” In her first section, her poem she talks about the upper
class and how everything is almost handed to them.  The second quote she talks about the middle class; “Middle class people
are so vain, everyone striving for prestigious and wealthy gains…” she is technically saying the middle class all they do is try to
become richer than they already are; wanting to become the upper class instead of the middle class. In addition, the last is the
lower class; “These are the lowest of the lot, the group everyone has simply forgot, drug addicts, beggars and the homeless…” In
this last section of the poem she describes the people in poverty, the ones that don't try or the ones that can’t keep their jobs. I
think from both of the poems I liked the second one better because, she compared all classes instead of talking about just one or
two. In addition, most of what she says is true about how the different social class act, and why they are in that position.

The Social Classes by Sylvia Chidi

This poem talks about the differences between the classes and how the upper class causes it to be really difficult for the lower
classes to do anything, and thats quite similar to the Cat's Table. A lot of the things that people in the lower classes on the ship
could do were restricted by the first class, like how they weren't able to watch the movie until the first class finished it. The
lower classes were also always considered to be less important than those in first class, which can be seen the the room size
differences. Hector De Silva's room was the same size as around 10 (at minimum) of the rooms like the one Michael was staying

This picture shows some of the problems that come with a social hierarchy, like how those in the upper class get most of the
profits, and leave a little to be shared amongst those in lower classes. We see this a lot in the living environments on the
Oronsay. The people in first class had these enormous rooms while people in the lower classes like Michael had to share a room
that wasn't much more than a glorified broom closet. 

Mean Girls :The Greatest People You'll ever meet and The Plastics
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Mean Girls encapsulates the all-known infamous high school hierarchy. Everyone has their place and you wouldn't dare step out
of it, and forget about even trying to talk to anyone who isn't in your "group". The things seen in Mean Girls also can be seen at
the Cat's Table, when those in first class only socialized with those in first class, and people stuck to their social circles. It went to
a point that Michael's aunt, who was in first class, didn't even want to be seen talking to her nephew (not really aunt of the year,
is she?).