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DoomLegacyMod v201901 - by emoose/infogram

This is a small mod for DOOM 2016 that readds all the hidden console commands &
cvars in the game, without needing to be in any kind of "developer mode"!
(boosting the number of usable commands & cvars from 39&170 to 290&6592!!)

It also reimplements the following commands, which were almost completely stripped
from the game:
- noclip
- infiniteHealth
- noPlayerDeath
- noPlayerKill
- noTarget

DLM v201901 is built to work with the latest DOOM 2016 update as of 18th January
2019, it very likely won't work on any other versions.

Just copy the dinput8.dll file to your DOOM directory, next to the
DOOMx64.exe/DOOMx64vk.exe files, then launch the game.

Open the console and type listcmds / listcvars to see all the unlocked commands!
The doom_cmds.txt / doom_cvars.txt files also contain a near complete list of all
the unlocked commands.

Some fun things you can try doing:

Disable corpses/gibs from fading out

Set the following cvars:
ai_death_FadeDelay 86400000
breakable_NoFadeAndRemove 1
gore_neverFadeAndRemove 1

With this corpses and gibs should stay on screen for about 24 hours before fading
away, now you can really rip and tear!

(you can also set the following for some placebo-tier gibbing:)
dp_deadHideDemonTime 86400000
dp_deadRemoveDemonTime 86400000
ai_MaxCorpses 1000
corpse_optimzationStartTime 86400000
corpseManager_MaxEntities 200
gore_maxLivingGoreEnts 1000
corpse_useEntityPool 0
g_entityPoolMode 0

Boundary break the game and explore the map

Set r_useUmbraCulling to 0, then enter "noclip" to freely break the bounds of the
game and noclip wherever you like!

Script your favorite commands

You can also save commands/cvars that you like into a file and then execute it
ingame later.
Just save the commands as a text file inside DOOMs "base" folder, then run the
following ingame to execute it:
exec mycommandlist.txt

eg. you could save the disable fading commands above to

SteamApps\common\DOOM\base\nofade.txt and then run those commands later with "exec

If you're having problems running DLM the first thing you should try is installing
the VC2017 redistributables:

Failing that, try verifying game data on Steam, or maybe even redownloading the

You could also try PMing me on reddit (my username is _emoose_), though help isn't
There's also the modding subreddit which is semi-active, you could try posting