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This document is designed to guide you through the process and provide you all necessary information when you 
leave Uber  
Uber policy requires you to:  
❏ Not wipe/erase your computer or destroy files​ upon your departure. 
❏ Return  all  Uber  property  and  information  of  any  type,  and  delete  Uber  property  and  information  from 
any  electronic  repositories  (including  but  not  limited  to  Box,  Dropbox,  or  other  similar  accounts  and 
personal email accounts) on or before your Separation Date. 
❏ Keep  all  of  Uber’s  confidential and proprietary information - ​as well as any confidential and proprietary 
information  belonging  to  third parties that you may have had access to as part of your employment 
with  Uber  -  in  strictest  confidence  and  never  ​disclose  or  use  such  information  on  behalf  of  yourself  or 
any other person or entity (including your next employer). 
❏ Comply  with  the  terms  of  your  Employment  Agreement  and  your  Restrictive  Covenants  Agreement, 
which  may  include  non-solicitation,  non-poaching  and  non-competition  provisions.  Non-poaching 
provisions  prohibit  former  employees  from  inducing  or  encouraging  Uber  personnel  to  enter  into 
employment  relationships  with  third  parties;  non-competition  provisions  prohibit  former  employees  from 
performing services for or working for Uber competitors.  
Uber Property 
We  will  arrange  the  return  of  your  Uber-owned  equipment.  To  ensure  your  safety,  we  will  provide  everything  you 
need  to  do  this  from  home.  Please  ​fill  out  this  form  to  confirm  your  shipping  address.  We  will  mail  you  a  box, 
prepaid  shipping  label,  and  detailed  instructions  for  packing/shipping  your  IT  equipment,  building  card,  and 
locker/drawer keys.  
For  any  Uber  badge,  corporate  credit  card,  or  purchasing  cards  you  may  have,  please  destroy  and  discard 
them as soon as possible.    
Personal Property 
Please note, Uber is not responsible for any personal belongings voluntarily left behind.  
Delete or transfer ownership of the following systems/documents: 
❏ Google Drive documents 
❏ Recurring calendar meetings 
❏ External system logins you manage on behalf of Uber (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, etc) 
Please note that your final paycheck will be delivered to you via direct deposit in accordance with state law. Please 
reference the ​payroll calendar​ on Teamdot for payment dates if needed. If you wish to receive a live check instead of 
direct deposit, please confirm immediately upon receipt of this letter. 
❏ Hourly employees only​: Any accrued and unused Vacation time will be included with your final paycheck. 
Accrued and unused Sick time is not paid out upon separation.  
For any further questions, please reach out to ​  
Your  health  insurance  coverage  (Medical,  Dental,  Vision  and  Lyra  Health)  will  terminate  on  the  last  day  of  the 
month  of  your  Separation  Date.  Thereafter  you  will  be  eligible  for  continued  coverage,  which  is  governed  by  the 
federal law known as the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.  
❏ Bswift  Inc.,  our  COBRA  administrator,  will  send  you  a  packet  (which  includes the COBRA Rate Sheet) to 
your  home  mailing  address  with  enrollment  and  payment  instructions  within  2  weeks  of  your Separation 
❏ [Optional]  If  you  wish  to enroll in continued coverage under COBRA, ​you must enroll directly ​with Bswift 
Inc.,  within  60  days  from  the  date  your  coverage  ends.  If  you  have  questions  about  COBRA,  you  can 
email or call 866-365-2413.  
❏ Once  enrolled  in  COBRA,  you  may  only  make  changes  to  your  benefits  at  Annual  Enrollment  and  if  you 
experience  a  qualifying  life  event  (QLE):  If  you  have  a  qualifying life event, you will have 30 days from the 
date of the event to make changes to your benefits.  
Flexible Spending Accounts - Healthcare FSA  
❏ [Optional] Upon your termination of employment, your participation in the Health Care Flexible 
Spending Arrangement will cease, and no further salary redirection contributions will be contributed on 
your behalf. However, you will be able to submit claims for health care expenses that were incurred 
before the end of the period for which payments to the Health Care Flexible Spending Arrangement 
have already been made. Your further participation will be governed by "Continuation Coverage Rights 
Under COBRA”.  
❏ You must submit claims within 90 days after the end of the Plan Year in which termination 
❏ You can file a claim via Navia Benefits) at ​ ​or 1-800-669-3539.  
Flexible Spending Accounts - ​Dependent​ Care FSA  
❏ [Optional] You must submit claims within 90 days after the end of the Plan Year in which termination 
❏ You will still be able to request reimbursement for qualifying Day Care expenses incurred during the 
remainder of the Plan Year from the balance remaining in your Day Care account at the time of 
termination of employment.  
❏ However, no further salary redirection contributions will be made on your behalf after you terminate.  
Please remember to keep ALL your receipts as they may be required for verification of expenses. ​FSA 
expenses incurred after your last day at work ​are not eligible for reimbursement. 
GoNavia Commuter Transit & Parking  
❏ [Optional] Your GoNavia Commuter Program will terminate on your Separation Date. You will need to 
spend down the balance prior to the Separation Date. Any unused balance remaining will be forfeited. 
Wellbeing Claims, ​per the policy, are reimbursed one month in arrears on the 1st of the month (January was paid in 
Feb and Feb paid in Match etc) and employees must be active at the time of reimbursement. 
The next scheduled reimbursement is for the 1st of next month and if you are not an active employee on that date, 
the reimbursement will not be issued. The reason for not allowing reimbursements post termination is because Uber 
is not able to process and report on the imputed income taxes which are required as part of the fringe benefit.  

Group Term Life / AD&D and Supplemental Life / AD&D Portability/Conversion (Lincoln Financial Group) 
Your benefits coverage ends on your Separation Date. Approximately 7-10 business days after your Separation 
Date, you will receive a conversion/portability letter from Lincoln Financial Group. If you choose to continue 
coverage through conversion or portability, all applicable premiums will be due, based on the date your benefits 
❏ [Optional] If you choose to continue coverage and exercise your conversion or portability privilege, you 
have 31 days from your Separation Date to apply. Should you have questions regarding your 
conversion privilege or would like to apply for conversion., please contactLincoln Financial at 
800-423-2765, option 1. 
❏ Should you have questions regarding your portability privilege, please contact GenRe, Lincoln 
Financial’s portability vendor at 1-888-786-2688.  
❏ Please note that this contact information will be included in the conversion/portability packet that you 
receive from Lincoln Financial  
401(k) Fidelity  
If you have participated in Uber’s 401(k) Savings Plan through Fidelity, your benefit will be based on the value of 
your account, which is comprised of any contributions you have made and any investment earnings/losses. 401(k) 
distributions are subject to the plan rules and regulations.   
❏ [Optional] Log into your Fidelity account to make changes.   
401(k) balance less than $5,000: ​If you do not take action within 30 days, you will receive a notice 
informing you that if you do not rollover your funds into a qualifying 401(k) account or IRA, you will 
receive a check for the balance (minus applicable taxes and penalties). 
401(k) balance $5,000 and above: ​you may keep your funds in the plan, roll it over into a qualifying 
401(k) plan or a personal IRA, or take a distribution as cash (with applicable taxes and penalties) 
❏ To view your equity information and retain access to your Shareworks account, please reach out to the 
Solium Participant Services Group to receive your login information to the external Shareworks website 
Region  Phone Number  Availability 

North America   1.877.380.7793  8 am to 8 pm ET 

Australia  1.800.768.002  9:30 am to 4:30 pm AEST 

Hong Kong  800.906061  8 am to 6 pm HKT 

United Kingdom  0.800.088.5912  8 am. to 6 p.m. GMT 

Netherlands  0.800.022.8632  8 am to 6 pm (UTC/BST) 

India  000.800.0501.537  8 am to 6 pm (UTC/BST) 

Mexico  01.800.681.5308  6 am to 6 pm MST 

Brazil  0.800.724.8370  6 am to 6 pm MST 

Other regions   +1.403.515.3909  1 pm to 1 am GMT 

(long distance charges may 
Email: ​ 
Any vested RSUs will remain in your Shareworks account. Any unvested RSUs as of your Termination Date will be cancelled.  
Stock Options 
● Incentive Stock Options (ISO):  
○ You generally have thirty (30) days from your Termination Date to exercise vested stock options (please check 
your grant agreement for the exact details of your post-termination exercise period). You can exercise vested 
stock options through your Shareworks account.   
● Non-qualified Stock Options (NQ): 
○ If you have met at least three years of service, you will generally have up to seven (7) years from your 
Termination Date to exercise the vested options, or they will be canceled. 
○ If you have NOT met at least three years of service, you will generally have ninety (90) days from your 
Termination Date to exercise any vested options or they will be canceled. 
Any stock options that are unvested as of your Termination Date will be cancelled. To check if you have ISO or NQ, please log in to 
your Shareworks account and view the ‘Grant Name’ for each option grant.   
Any stock options you early exercised during your employment with Uber that are unvested as of your Termination Date will be 
repurchased by Uber at the grant price you paid for them. You will receive an email from the Uber Equity Team confirming the 
repurchase details and receive a live check or wire for the repurchase amount within 90 days of your Termination Date. Please be 
sure to keep your personal contact and banking information up to date in Workday in order to receive any repurchase payments for 
unvested early exercised options. 
If you are participating in the Uber ESPP, you will be automatically withdrawn from the ESPP upon termination of employment and 
any unused contributions will be refunded to you without interest within 1-2 pay periods from your termination date. Employees 
cannot purchase shares under the ESPP after termination of employment. 
Any previously purchased shares can be found and managed in your Shareworks account. 
If you have any additional questions regarding equity, please reach out to​ ​​. 
Contact Info  
❏ Ensure your personal contact information (email address, home address, etc.) is up to date in Workday. 
You will continue to have access to Workday after you leave Uber to view and manage the following information:  
● Tax documents, including W2 
● Historical pay stubs 
● Personal  contact  information  (you  must  keep  your  personal  contact  information  up  to  date  to  receive 
future mail from Uber, including stock and W2 information) 
Login info ​(after last day)​: 
URL: ​ 

UserName: your primary personal email address 
Password: an email will arrive separately with your password 24hrs after your separation date 
*You will be prompted to update your password when you first login, please do this as soon as possible! 
Outstanding Expenses 
❏ All outstanding expenses including your corporate card charges must be submitted in Concur Expense 
prior to your departure. If you no longer have access to Concur, use the manual expense ​form​ provided for 
any outstanding cash expenses. Once the form is completed with attached receipts, please send it to If you have any questions on expenses, please submit a ​JIRA ticket​. 
Company Credit Card 
❏ If you have a corporate card, you are responsible for submitting any outstanding expenses through Concur 
Expense prior to your departure 
❏ Cancel any recurring subscription and membership fees linked to your corporate card.Corporate credit 
card, or purchasing cards you may have, please destroy and discard them as soon as possible. Your card 
will be closed on your separation date. 
Once offboarded from Uber’s systems (i.e. after your final day),your Uber rider email will be automatically 
swapped with your personal email address as available on Workday​. If you have any difficulties, visit 
Any remaining Uber credits in your account will continue to be available for use through the end of the month of 
your separation date. Beginning in the subsequent month, you will no longer be granted additional credits and 
previous month credits will not be available for use.  
You may download the guide to unemployment benefits​ in your state ​here​. 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to ​ 

Benefit  Provider Name  Provider   Provider Website 

Phone Number 
Medical  Collective Health  (844) 803-0214 

   Kaiser  (800) 464-4000 

  UPMC  (888) 876-2756  

Dental  Guardian  (800) 541-7846 

Vision  VSP  (800) 877-7195 

FSA/Commuter  Navia Benefits   (800) 669-3539 

401(k)  Fidelity  (800) 294-4015 

Life & Disability  Lincoln Financial 

Lyra Health  Behavioural Health  (877) 978-2142  


Progyny   Fertility Services   (888)203-4825 
Uber People Team  Employment Verification 

Solium  Equity 


Bswift   COBRA  866-365-2413  



2020 Plan  Employee  Employe + Spouse or  Employee +  Employee + 

Only  DP  Children  Family 

Collective Health  $529.68   $1,165.26   $953.40   $1,641.97  


Collective Health  $639.95   $1,407.88   $1,151.90   $1,983.82  


Collective Health  $595.35   $1,309.76   $1,071.62   $1,845.59  


Kaiser HMO CA  $525.76   $1,156.46   $946.63   $1,630.27  

Kaiser CA HDHP  $410.66   $903.29   $739.40   $1,273.39  

Kaiser HMO Mid  $411.67   $905.67   $741.00   $1,276.54  


Kaiser HDHP Mid  $349.68   $769.28   $629.41  $1,083.99  


UPMC EPO  $531.75   $1,422.96   $1,069.88   $1,483.58  

UPMC PPO  $557.21   $1,491.07   $1,121.08   $1,554.58  

UPMC HDHP  $451.86   $1,209.16   $909.13   $1,260.67  

HMSA (Hawaii Only)  $694.50   $1,378.59   $1,378.59   $2,062.68  

Dental Base  $39.35   $85.25   $102.52   $148.10  

Dental Plus  $42.66   $92.44   $111.16   $160.57  

Vision Base  $10.32   $19.34   $20.62   $32.17  

Vision Plus  $14.92   $28.56   $30.46   $47.90  

Lyra Health  40.21  40.21  40.21  40.21