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The following guidelines are very important safety procedures.

If you service truck tires and rims/wheels, READ, UNDERSTAND,
and FOLLOW these safety procedures. Improper service procedures
can lead to serious, even fatal accidents for you or others.

Section 1. DANGER

Section 2. WARNING

Section 3. NOTICE


Section 5. WARRANTY

Keep the TIRE AIR PRESSURE in regulated value.
The maximum air pressure is marked on the surface of
ALUX WHEEL. lf tire air pressure is higher or lower than
the regulation, it can cause tire explode or reduce the life
cycle of wheel & other parts.

Use only an exclusive bolt and nut for aluminum wheel.

There are many types of nuts and studs, and their designs
and specifications are not standardized.
ALUX recommends the nuts and studs for use with
the aluminum truck wheels.

Do not heat wheels in an attempt to soften them for

straightening to repair damage from striking curbs or
other causes.
These special alloy used in these wheels is heat treated
and uncontrolled heating will weaken the wheel.

At driving if you feel vibration or noise, you should move

to a safety area and check to the deformation or lugwares.


Correct torque is as important for

Procedure of wheel mounting
aluminum wheel as it is for steel disc
wheels. Overtorquing stresses the
studs and damages the wheels.
Undertorquing results in loose wheels.
To get the right tightness, use the right more, no less and the
instructions are as below;
A spherical surface nut's joining on the wheel 60kg*m
(add lubricant to screw position)
ISO type's plane nut's joining on the wheel 38kg*m
for M20×1.5 and 60kg*m for M22×1.5(add lubricant
to nut, washer and screw position).



If Stud bolts are damaged, please follow the proper exchange

installation and maintenance practices.

- Check for and replace bent, broken, cracked or damaged

studs. When replacing broken studs, always replace the
studs on each side of the broken stud. If two or more
studs are broken, replace all the studs for that wheel

- lmproperly seated wheels can run loose, cause stud

breakage and disengage from the vehicle which can lead
to serious injury or death. Loose wheels can lead to stud
breakage. Using the wrong cap nuts can cause loss of
torque, broken studs and cracked wheels, conditions
which can lead to serious injury or death.


Lubricate the pads or the wheel hub bore

generously with a non-water based lubricant.
Do not use lubricate the face of the hub,
wheel face or brake brum. Before installing
nuts, lightly lubricate the stud threads and
the contact surfaces between the cap nut
and washer as illustrated as an SAE 30W oil.
This will minimize corrosion between the
mating surfaces.

Application of lubricant to the ball seats can

cause excessive torque.
Overtorquing can stretch studs causing them
to fail. Overtorquing can leak to wheel
disengagement causing serious injury or death.
Do not allow oil to contact ball seats or
mounting surfaces of the wheel, hub or drum.
Do not use aerosol cans for lubrication of stud


Lubricate the rim and tire bead immediately before

mounting the tire.

Remove all rust, corrosion, dirt and other foreign material

from metal surfaces.
Take particular care in the rim gutter and bead seat areas.
It may lead an serious damage on the truck wheel.

After 50~100miles of operation, nuts and studs should be

checked at tire changes. If necessary, nuts should be
retorqued with a torque wrench.

In positioning wheel, hand tighten all nuts, then tighten

to the recommended torque following the proper sequence
for your type wheel.

Normally, any washing materials or chemicals including mild

acid washes(except strong acid or caustic soda) that can
safely be used on a vehicle.
The ALUX technology surface treatment prevent corrosions
of aluminum wheels and protects their shine.

Hub Piloted Mounting (ISO-TYPE) Stud Located Ball Seat Mounting (JIS-TYPE)


1) Take out the Air valve on the bottom
Type Valve
in the packaging box.
2) Separate CAPs from the Valve.
3) Separate Nuts from the Valve.
4) Check the O-RING on the Valve.
5) Check the insert position of the Valve
on the Forged Wheel and insert to the
Type Valve
Valve with O-ring. Apply the proper
vaccum grease inside and outside of
the holes.
6) After Valve insert and fix the upper
parts, and assemble the Nuts with
the pictures shown.
7) Fasten Nuts with torque 9~14.6 N.m Air Leakage Cases:
by TRA specification. Improperly assembled Air Valve can cause O-RING
damage, cause the Air Leakage. Especially,
8) Afer Air Valve installation, assemble if the Valve circles around and around when assembling
the Valve, the O-RING can turn around together which
with Tire, and inflate with specifications
can cause damage. As O-RING is heat-harden by use,
and close the cap. It should be replaced when replacing Tire.

Wheel & Tire SPEC.

- 10 -
ALUX warrants to the original purchaser from ALUX or its authorized distributor thar the truck
wheel is free from defects in material and workmanship.
ALUX agrees, without any payment, to repair or replace a wheel which fails in normal use and
service because of defects in material or workmanship. Wheels are warranted for 5years
from date of manufacture as shown on the wheel(except rust, scratch and finishing condition).
ALUX does not warrant and will not repair or replace or make adjustment with respect to normal
wear or for any wheel which has been damaged or subject to misuse or abuse including, without
limitation, the following:

1) Using a tire which is improperly sized according to standards recommended by

ALUX or the Tire and Rim Association, Inc.
2) InfIating beyond the applicable maximum as marked on the wheel;
3) Loading beyond the applicable maximum wheel load as marked on the wheel;
4) Accidents, abnormal or severe operating condition;
5) Changing the original condition of the wheel by alteration or by subjecting it to
processing, such as heating, welding, straightening or machining;

ALUX shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for any for any
breach of warranty, its liability and the purchaser's exclusive remedy being expressly
limited to repair or replacement of the wheel.

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