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​“Religious Institutions Should Pay Taxes In The Philippine Government”

Let's open a new fantastic point of view on one's country and it's about an exceptional

subject of matter which doesn't even subjected to change in this sands of time. Just like

a kaleidoscope which can move everything in just a turn likewise as taxation.

Religion, a belief or a cultural system which affects an individual’s outlook and behavior

towards itself and beyond are being a top most issue these days. Crowds of people are

actually seeking for gods as a part of their development as well as growth and gospel is

the word which is actually needed for one’s soul hunger. Numbers of religion all over

the world are raised however; it keeps on being proliferate specially in the Philippines.

Speaking of our country, religious institutions had been a great non-profit one in the

eye of the others. Some claims that it should be taxed but others claim not to. Well,

what do you think of it? When it comes to imposing taxes, it's becoming a great- not

just great but a massive topic when it comes to one’s country.

To implement a tax in a church really makes sense when it comes to our economy for it

affects the background of our nation. Open your eyes towards those institutions, have

you ever questioned where do our church donations go? Or what may happen if our

president decided to impose a tax on those religious institutions? Religious Institutions

should be taxed by our own government it brings forth of what's the best in our

"Tax the church" is whispered by thousands of voices for taking a lot of money but

seemingly idles at charity works and yet they keep on saying that they are intertwined

with good deeds. Tell me what’s wrong with the society? Taxes are honestly needed to

support our economy and encourage some organizations to do good deeds and yet

some services of the church are a lie. The services of the said institutions are becoming

a business and with it, a lot of pastors or popes are becoming rich. I can draw a pope

who sits on a throne of gold while some other people starves at his back. Certain

people are blind about it and they defend their beliefs by asking, “Do you have a proof?

Why do you blame churches for the poor?”

Based on ucanews, Pope Francis admitted that there are corrupt institutions within

Catholic Church here in the Philippines, he even asked some to reject every form of

corruption. It’s quite disappointing for the other people specially for us, Filipinos. We

surely can’t take back what’s already happened but I believe that we can work this out.

Let’s spin the world which recently had turned upside down for making a name as

simple as a name without any values or sense just like a police who is expected to cut

crimes into actions are the one who do or make crimes, Churches which is known to

give peace and compassion to those who are in need but they are the one who makes

poor people’s life miserably unfair likewise to the politics. As a community service,

religious institutions are the one who was also intertwined to charities so they have the

duty to take care of those who is in need.

Constitutions of the Philippine: Article 6, Section 28 (3) cited the tax exemption for

religious institutions which states Charitable institutions, churches and parsonages or

convents appurtenant thereto, mosques, non-profit cemeteries, and all lands, buildings,

and improvements, actually, directly, and exclusively used for religious, charitable, or

educational purposes shall be exempt from taxation but think of its purpose,

Unmistakably, Taxation is progressive, uniform, and equitable. Therefore, it is also

reasonable to impose a tax to those churches and besides of treating it as a business,

It can also help the government to find out whether they had been paying taxes from

their revenues as a part of new campaign against tax cheats according to ​the Bureau of

Internal Revenue (BIR). ​However, some people who supports the church states that if

religious institutions are imposed to pay taxes they might be a chance of letting the

church and its service go due to their unstable situation of having a lack of money to

pay for the levying of tax and added that they don’t want to force those people who

visit their church. Looking in the other side, If this comes out then churches are

automatically registered into the government together with its connection and as well

as the businesses, churches can be guided by the government for their financial

problem which was from a financial company and somehow if the churches have the

right amount to stand by itself then they can return the debt that they used to borrow.

Money appears like an air, it’s a necessity who keeps on swirling around our world.
Another one why should religious institutions must be paying tax is because there’s a

high ranking officials, large religions are making a lot of money and as time goes by

their supporters as well as their money grows which causes them to think unequal

decisions. Do you think it’s right to make a money by people’s faith? No, it isn’t so stop.

One more thing, aside from repairs and maintenance of the church some pastors just

take or use the money for their own pleasure. Therefore, it would be fair if tax are

inflicted because it gives justice not just only from their work but the people who

supports them. These kinds of institutions may be lessen but think about the positive

side, those who remain to share the gospel of the God are pure. Besides, the one who

stays proved their willingness to serve those people who in need, those who remains

mostly doesn’t work for the money or make those churches a business but made it as a

real community service.

To close this argument, Somewhere else in this world are also talking about putting a

tax in their churches. Singapore is also one of those countries who experienced the

levying of tax when it comes to religious institutions and now, their economy is running

way too fine. Working together with honesty and pureness can lead to excellence,

being fair at all times puts away war and brings tranquility. Both churches and other

organizations have a big role in our country and for us, let’s also play our own role
accurately in order to achieve what we really desire. As a Filipino, we should work as

one not one is working for theirselves. In conclusion, religious company should pay

taxes in the Philippine government for it will be the key to stand and have a better

homeland than before, It will be the answer on the question of time that we’ve been

trapped to. According to the Bible at Mark 12:17, Jesus tells us that he is not against

paying his own tax. “Give to Ceasar what is to Ceasar’s and to God what is God’s” A

true son of God will work and be confident in those times of in need and weaknesses

for God will bless you. In addition, if God didn’t mind paying those taxes then we

shouldn’t feel troubled to it and start practicing what’s right for he didn’t teach us to

avoid those things which needed to pay. View everything optimistically with him,

serving him isn’t that hard and a burden but a blessing, don’t find a way to stop on

doing good deeds.