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Arranging: Small Ensemble and Horns - Syllabus

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Lesson 2: Rhythm Section Notation Review

Drums: 3-Part Notation
Credits: 3
Drums: Stop-Time Notation
Duration: 12 weeks
Drums: "Kicks Over Time" Notation Catalog #: BME-131
Bass: Written Out Pitches
Bass: Rhythmic Notation with Slashes
Bass Activity 2
Total credits: 24
Guitar Duration: 8 courses
Guitar: Melodic Lines Tuition: $11,200

Guitar: Comping Parts Registration fee: $175

Keyboards: Melody Parts What is a certificate?

Keyboards: Comping and Solos

Lesson 3: Instrumentation: Trumpet and Trombone Course Faculty

Trumpet Jerry Gates

Associate Professor in
Trumpet With Concert Pitch Melody
Breakdown of Ranges by Area Arranging, Directed
Trumpet Mutes Studies in Arranging,
and Contemporary
Tenor Slide Trombone Twelve-Tone
Pedal Tones Composition.

Trombone Range Breakdown

Jeff Perry
Slide Positions
Berklee faculty since
Lesson 4: Instrumentation: Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones 1997, and currently
teaches arranging in
Eb Alto Sax the Contemporary
Writing and Production
Alto with Concert Pitch Melody
Breakdown of Ranges by Area
Bb Tenor Sax
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Arranging: Small Ensemble and Horns - Syllabus

Tenor With Concert Pitch Melody

Breakdown of Ranges by Area
Eb Bari Sax Student Comments
“I have always loved the idea of
Bari Sax With Concert Pitch Melody
writing for horns and writing
Breakdown of Ranges by Area
multi-stave parts, but I’ve never

Lesson 5: Unison Writing been able to get my ideas to work

on paper. This course gave me a
Writing within a Given Specific Key great foundation for writing lines
Transposing to Fit a Specific Instrument and crafting ideas that can be
played in a the real world!” - F.
Combinations of Horns on Unison Melodies
Two Octaves Playing the Melody
Three Octaves Playing The Melody

Lesson 6: The Arranging Process and the Midterm Project

Considerations Before Writing Pitches

The Arranging Process
Midterm Project Review

Lesson 7: Melodic Development

Eighth-Note Anticipations: Melodic Development

Quarter-Note Anticipations
Eighth-Note Delayed Attacks
Quarter-Note Delayed Attacks

Lesson 8: Melodic Development Continued

Straight vs. Swing

Sixteenth-Note Anticipations
Sixteenth-Note Delayed Attacks

Lesson 9: Harmonization: 2-Part Couplings (Soli Writing)

Melodic Couplings: Diatonic Thirds and Sixths

Intervals of Fourths and Fifths
Seconds and Sevenths
Orchestrating the Harmonized Melody

Lesson 10: Three-Part Soli Writing

Harmonizing A Diatonic Melody with Triads

Diatonic Approach-Chord Harmonization
Chromatic Approach Chord Harmonization
Applying Triadic Voicings to 4-Part Chords

Lesson 11: Three-Part Soli Writing (Continued)

Tension Substitution
Omit 2, 3, or 4 Technique
Harmonization with Diatonic Major and Minor Triads
Special-Case Voicings

Lesson 12: Background Lines

Voice Leading Background Lines

Common Tones in Background Lines
Creating Complex Background Lines
Final Project

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Arranging: Small Ensemble and Horns - Syllabus

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