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How should Christians respond to COVID-19 today?

We Christians as the believer of Christ must always remember in our heart that He will always be there
for us at all times. During these pandemic a Christians way of responding must always be in reflection to
the teachings of the Bible. Let us not be afraid that these crisis will destroy us but must think that this is
another challenge that may test our faith and belief in him.

As we respond to these pandemic we musr first, and most importantly, don’t panic. There are more than
enough “Chicken Littles” running around proclaiming doom and gloom, and there are many false
prophets proclaiming this virus as God’s judgment against whatever ill they believe plagues society.
Personally, I am not ready to elevate any of them to the stature of Isaiah or Jeremiah. I believe that it is
important during this time that we realize that God is still sovereign. He is in control. Nothing that is
happening is a surprise to him. Nor is it something that he has not allowed to occur for some reason. A
reason that may only be known to himself. Regardless of what may happen to others around me, to my
family, or to myself, God is in control and I can trust him to accomplish his perfect will through whatever
may come. And that all these struggles can be solve by Him alone and our only way of giving gratitude is
by keeping our faith stronger.

Our belief in him is the hope that our land will heal soon. His grace is an enough to prove it. We must
always keep in ourself that God however unseen he is will always be with us and won't ever leave us
behind to face everything on our own and will not give us any challenges to face without confirming that
we are strong enough to succed and win from it. Let us pray and have faith its always the best way of

What are some practical ways we can love our neighbors in the midst of COVID-19

Our neighbors is our another family. They are someone that we can call on immediate help. Neighbors
does not need be always our relatives because they can either be frienda or just someone who live near
our home. It is in the Ten Commandments that We Must Love our Neighbor but how can we really
express our love for them. In what we are we certain that we are loving them as neighbors.

Sharing is caring. I believe nto share our blessings is to share love and that can be our ways. It is way
better to give than to receive as it is more beautiful to be the one to give. We receive blessings from God
but we must know it is not only ours to appreciate but also share with others. Our blessing is only worth
it if we are not the only one grateful for it. Sharing to our neighbor is another way of caring for them.
We might not have all the riches on earth but a beautiful bond with our neighbor is a more wonderful
riches the world can have. We can be friends with everyone but a friendship that has a strong bond that
we can only have with our neighbor is a rare kind. Offering friendship is an enough action that we love
them. We might not be able to help them in terms of their needs but helping them with our presence
during their times of struggle me be a big help to them. Not all can give their sincerity to everyone but a
sincerity offered to a neighbor is of great honor to anyone. Its proud to say that with all I have and all
the struggles during these time of pandemic I am able to love my neighbor in my own practical way and
that is by sharing my blessings and offering a sincere friendship to them.

In the end these small practical ways of showing love is already an example of my ways of showing
my love. It is simple I know but atleast its real. No pretentions and lies. And not to forgot to mention is
praying for them a better health, safety, happiness, and blessings that way I can share them way of
salvation. It might be not that grand but I can say I don't need millions to show my love just my sincere
heart is more than enough that I assure you.