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Maintaining condition records for output types

Purpose – Role of Key user – End user can’t do
Order Acknowledgement
Invoice Copy
Delivery Receipt should be generated automatically
To fix the issue:
VB11, VB21, VB31 – chose the appropriate records
VB11 – create material determination
VB21 – create sales deal
VB31 – create promotion

2. Request from Sales team to maintain pricing conditions

One of the condition records to maintain pricing
VK11, VK12, VK31, VK32
This is for Pricing

3. Creation of customer Master data – Setup Customer Master Data

We have 3 tabs
Gen Data – FI team
Sales area data – SD team maintains
Company code data – FI team
SD – maintain Sales area Data
- Sales Tab
- Shipping Tab Inco terms
- Payment terms

4. You process diff type of sales orders


5. If any issue in pricing like VAT not picked, The Billing value appearing in invoice wrong
Cancel Invoice

High quantity billed

Wrong incoterms
Currency different
Sales Order doc should show currency maintained in Customer Master Data

6. Availability check
Items not available when order is placed – only backward scheduling in SD

7. Account assignment group

8. Invoice and Billing diff in SD and ISU

SAP Key user Roles and Responsibilities and Consultant


 Be the link between the SAP implenentation team and the department/process which the key user is representing.
 Provide the as-is process to the implementation team of business analysts.
 Participate in the To-Be process design.
 Test the process implemented.
The SAP key user is a representative of a department or process for which the SAP module is being implemented. The expectations from the
key user are mainly:

 Be the link between the SAP implenentation team and the department/process which the key user is representing
 Provide the as-is process to the implementation team of business analysts
 Participate in the To-Be process design
 Test the process implemented
 Provide sign-offs to the process, process implemented
 Be the first point of contact for issue related to the functionality implemented, especially from a process wise. Most often
the end users are clear with the new process and that’s where the majority of issues come up.
 Conduct training for the department which the key user is representing
Some of the expectations mentioned above might change depending on how the organization is driving the implementation.

Requirement gathering