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org Name Luis Angel

Order of Adjectives
• In English, it is common to use more than one adjective to describe a noun. These
adjectives must be used in the proper order.
Example: Here is a beautiful, red, cloth flag.
Why does beautiful come before red?
Why does red come before cloth?
• Understanding the proper order of adjectives takes practice. Use the following table to practice
using the proper order of adjectives in the following sentences.
Num Opinio Size A Shap Col Origin Mater Purpo No
ber n g e or ial se un
smal round Germa
l n
red sleepi
generou ol ma
s d n
four metal

Directions: Choose the correct order of adjectives in the following sentences.

1) The woman is wearing a
dress. 9) I am going to wear my tie
A) yellow long to the wedding.
B) long yellow X A) big cotton blue
B) blue big cotton X
2) He is a man.
C) big blue cotton
A) tall thin X
B) thin tall 10) Please recycle those bottles.
A) three water empty X
3) The company makes
B) three empty water
C) water empty three
A) excellent farming
B) farming excellent X 11) She packed her clothes in a
4) James recently departed on a box.
trip. A) green flimsy cardboard
A) camping long B) flimsy green cardboard
B) long camping X C) cardboard flimsy green X

5) I love eating strawberries. 12) Their dog is a shepherd.

A) red big X A) brown big German X
B) big red B) big brown German
C) German big brown
6) The woman did well on the
test. 13) I am drinking from a cup.
A) intelligent young A) small English tea x
B) young intelligent X B) tea small English
C) English small tea
7) The ticket costs dollars.
A) ten US X 14) My teacher talks for hours!
B) US ten A) philosophy old boring
B) old philosophy boring
8) The scientists have found a C) boring philosophy old
cure for the disease. D) boring old philosophyX
A) new great
B) great new X
Directions: Now write two of your own sentences using more than one adjective to describe a noun.

1) My mother is a great woman and with great virtues

2) my town is very small and pretty its people are very friendly