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Perimeter is measuring the

distance around
Find one side given the Perimeter
How can you find one side of a rectangle given the perimeter?
The perimeter of a rectangle is 24metres. Its width is 5 metres. Find its
Length + width = ½ of perimeter
L+W = 24m/2
L+5 = 12m
Length = 12m-5m
= 7m
Find one side given the Perimeter
How can you find one side of a square given the perimeter?
The perimeter of a square is 52 metres. Find the length of one side.
Side= ¼ of perimeter = 24m/2
Side =52m/4
So the length of the side is 13 metres

Area is the space occupied

by a flat shape or the
surface of an object
Approximate the Area of Surfaces
Use a formula

How can you find the area using a formula?

What is the area of the rectangle?

Length = 4m
Width = 3m

Area of rectangle = Length x Width

Area = 4m x 3m

Area of a
compound shape
How can you break apart a compound
shape to find the area?
Step 1: Break apart the figure into
rectangles and squares.
Step 2: Find the area of both shapes

Area of A=4m x 4m =16 cm

Area of B = 9m x 3m = 27cm
Step 3: Combine the areas

Area of A + Area of B = Area of Figure

16m + 27m =43m

So, the area of the figure is 43m
Solving problems in Area
How can you use area to solve problems?

Follow the problem steps

What do I need to find?

What information am I given?

Plan your strategy

What is my strategy?

What conversions do I have to do?

If a problem has different sizes of measurement units, perform your conversions when
solving the problems

A gram is the basic unit for

measuring mass. Mass is
the amount of matter in an
How can you determine the mass of the unknown?
What is the mass of the sphere?

The scale is balanced. So the mass on

each side of the scale is equal.
1 cube weighs as much as 2 cubes
The sphere is 5kg x 2 = 10 kg
So the mass of the sphere is 10kg
So, the mass of the sphere is 10kg
Volume and Capacity

Volume is the amount of space

taken up by an object
Capacity is the measure of an
object’s ability to hold a
substance like a solid or liquid
Volume and
Volume and Capacity
Volume and
What are Units of Time
60 seconds – 1 365 days = 1 year
minute 52 weeks = 1 year
60 minutes = 1 hour 366 days = 1 leap year
24 hours = 1 day 10 years = 1 decade
7 days = 1 week 100 years = 1 century
2 weeks = 1 fortnight 1000 years = 1 millennium
4 weeks = 1 month
Converting Units of Time
How many minutes in Convert 360 seconds
3 hours? to minutes
1 hour = 60 mins 60 seconds = 1 min
3 hours = 60 x 3 = 360 seconds =
180 mins 360/60 = 3 mins
How Can You tell and Record Time
When we tell time on This is important to
the 12-hour clock, we
remember when
use am for time
between 12 midnight calculating time
and 12 noon and pm
We therefore check
for time between 12
noon and 12
am separate from
midnight. pm
How can you use the 24-hour clock to
tell time?
On a 12 hour clock each time is shown
twice a day, example 2:00am and
A 24 hour clock tells time without
using am or pm. The clock begins at
midnight and reads the time as 12
hour clock until midday. It uses
numbers 0-24 to stand for hours in the
When reading time schedules
make sure you know what
type of information is in each
column or row
What time does the first bus
leave SDO in the afternoon?
How long does it take to get
to its destination?
What is the earliest departure
time for the afternoon?