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Ex 1 p 63

1. What situation do you think the pictures shows?

Сustomer not satisfied with service
2. Have you ever returned something you were not happy with? Where were
No, I was always happy with the product

Ex2 p 63
1. Complane
2. unfortunately
3. possible
4. grateful
5. could
6. soon

Ex 3 p 63
1. Yes
2. Which parts of the email match each point ?

3. No

Ex 4 p 63

1. I inform you that I did not fit the shoes from your store
2. The T-shirt which was delivered to me is flawed. It should be replaced.
3. Money must be returned
4. The watch and receipt were sent with a letter
5. Service in the store is not satisfactory
6. Waiting for an answer soon
7. -

Ex 5 p 63

Good afternoon, I am writing to complain about the work of your company. I

booked tickets for a concert in London, booked a hotel and bought plane tickets.
Then the concert was canceled. I was waiting for my money back for everything.
And they returned my money only for tickets to the concert. I demand to return all
my money or I will complain to the court.
Ex 1 p 64
1. I I recently bought a laptop, I am very pleased with my purchase. It is
powerful and comfortable.
2. No, I do not agree with this. Money doesn't always solve everything
3. I would choose a thing. I do not like when they give me money.
4. Usually when I am in the village I spend almost nothing. But when in the
city, then quite a lot
5. Yes I agree. For example, I saved for a long time on a laptop and was
very happy when I bought it
6. I would buy a house and start a business
Ex 2 p 64
- in the shop:
- good afternoon, what interests you
_ good afternoon, I want to buy souvenirs for my friends
-What would you like
- Do you have magnets?
-Yes, a large selection
-Please give me two
- Cash payment?
- Yes
-Thanks for purchase, come again

Ex 3 p 64
Online :
Online shopping is a modern way of buying everything you want from your home.
It has become very popular and it seems to be much better to choose clothes, shoes
and accessories without spending hours in a shopping centre. Apart from saving
time, you can also find same things online but they often cost less than they do in a
mall. However, you may have doubts about the size. Luckily, most online shops
give detailed information about sizes and even offer some online assistance.

Regular shopping:

Shopping is an opportunity to buy everything what we need, from food to clothes.

When we do the shopping we get to know a lot of information about different
goods, their prices, quality. We learn to choose products, to spend money
rationally. Someone will say that shopping is an original way of spending free
time. Someone will say that it's a forced waste of money. Today, shopping is a
means of our existence and living.

It’s a so called exchange of money for any kinds of goods (from pins to vehicles).
Thus, if you want to live in this world shopping is a real necessity for you.
Everyone does the shopping: from the poor to a millionaire.

Ex 1 p 65
1. Pay in - take out
2. In order -faulty
3. Sell – buy
4. Borrow -lend
5. Spend- save
6. Cheap - pricey
Ex 2 p 65
1. Replacement
2. Bargains
3. pocket money
4. hairdresser
5. withdraw
6. interior designer
7. commercial

Ex 3 p 65
1. Tools and building materials usually sold in DIY stores.
2. Few people went to see this film, because studio didn't advertise this film
3. Will the books we ordered be delivered before the weekend?
4. Were funds been refunded for the camera that did not work properly?
5. When we came to the stadium tickets were sold there.
6. Has the advertising campaign for the new Mercedes be launched yet?
7. Peter doesn't buy costumes, he always hire a tailor to sew them.

Ex 4 p 65
1. - Does the ticket machine give change?
-I’m quite sure it does
2. - Is it possible to pay by card?
-I’m afraid we don’t take cards but there’s a cash machine outside the shop.
3. - I would like to make an appointment with a beautician
-Certainly, Madam. Does tomorrow morning suit you?
4. - I would like to make the complaint about service
- I’m sorry to hear that, Sir. I’ll call my supervisor immediately.
Ex 5 p 65
1. such
2. To
3. Are
4. As
5. of
6. out
7. at
8. Is