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At Cadillac, we design, engineer and build vehicles that express the concept of luxury
in a uniquely dynamic way. Take the CTS, for example. It begins with everything you
expect in a world-class sport sedan: rear-wheel drive, refined powertrains, a choice of
manual and automatic transmissions, etc. Then it goes a large step beyond. With
styling that mirrors the best in modern art and design. Engines as powerful as they are
refined. Suspension settings and ergonomics fine-tuned at one of the world’s toughest
racetracks. Award-winning quality. And a 400-horsepower V-Series model that you
have to drive to believe. If you want to stand out from the crowd for all the right
reasons, there’s only one choice. Cadillac CTS – find out for yourself why Car and Driver
calls it “… the most entertaining GM car after the Corvette.”*

For more information about CTS visit our website at

*Car and Driver, October 2005.





Ease into CTS’s carefully contoured driver’s seat and you find yourself surrounded
by the best in contemporary design. From the shape of the steering wheel to the
graphics on the instrument panel, this is a driving environment with an edgy style
that’s all its own.

But make no mistake. Aesthetics aren’t the only priority here. The CTS cabin is
designed around established ergonomic principles and dedicated to the joy of
driving. Finding your ideal seating position is an easy matter, thanks to the
adjustable steering wheel and standard eight-way power adjustable driver’s seat.
And while they’re also a delight to look at, the gauges and controls – including a
variety of innovative switchgear mounted on the steering wheel – are all designed
and positioned for immediate, intuitive use.

While you focus on the joys of driving, your CTS looks after your passengers in
exceptional style. For four-season comfort, the automatic climate control system
features dual zones that allow you and your front passenger to choose your own
individual temperature settings. There are also heating elements incorporated
into the cushions and seatbacks of the front bucket seats to take the chill out of
One of CTS’s more innovative features is
our Canadian winter mornings. the steering wheel-mounted thumbwheel that
lets you adjust the volume of the audio system
For enhanced security and convenience for all, CTS includes OnStar as standard and change the signal source without removing
equipment. It also offers a selection of quality audio systems to help everyone your hands from the wheel.
enjoy the trip. The standard audio system includes a CD player, seven speakers
and on CTS 3.6, an XM Satellite Radio receiver. There’s also an available system
with an in-dash six-disc CD changer and a Bose eight-speaker audio system. For
the ultimate in convenience, it can be paired with a DVD navigation system* with
voice activation, voice recognition and much more.

*At time of print, detailed map coverage is available for most major urban areas of the United States and for certain
metropolitan areas of Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Windsor, London, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec Power lumbar adjusters for the driver and
City and Halifax). Coverage is significantly limited outside these areas. Choose the factory navigation option and you will
receive an updated navigation DVD each of the first two years following your purchase. front passenger add support and comfort
on long journeys.They’re among the many
thoughtful touches included in the
available Luxury Package.

252 lb.-ft. (342 Nm) 255 hp (190 kW)
TORQUE @ 3100 rpm @ 6200 rpm HORSEPOWER
The variable valve timing incorporated
into both CTS V6 engines contributes
to their performance, fuel efficiency
and smoothness.
200 200
If real sport-sedan performance is your desire, you’ve definitely come to the right
place. CTS offers a choice of two high-tech V6 engines engineered and tuned to
150 150
put a smile on an enthusiast’s face.
100 100
Raise the hood on a CTS 2.8 and you’ll discover a double overhead cam (DOHC)
V6 that puts 210 horsepower and 194 pounds-feet of torque at your disposal. 50 50
Thanks to an array of advanced features, including variable valve timing (VVT), Chart illustrates the horsepower and torque
outputs of the DOHC 3.6L V6 VVT engine.
variable intake manifold and electronic throttle control, this engine delivers an 0 0
outstanding blend of power, refinement and fuel economy. 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000
Drivers who demand a higher level of performance will gravitate towards the CTS
3.6 and its larger, more muscular V6. The 3.6-litre engine shares all the high-tech C
features of its 2.8-litre stablemate and produces an impressive 255 horsepower
and 252 pounds-feet of torque. A full 90 percent of the 3.6-litre V6’s peak torque A. Variable valve timing (VVT) adjusts the opening and closing
The available 5-speed automatic of both intake and exhaust valves as engine speeds rise and
transmission includes Driver Shift is available from a low 2000 rpm to well beyond 5000 rpm, which translates into fall. The benefits include a smoother idle and improved
Control which allows tap-up, tap- immediate acceleration whenever you call for it. performance at all operating speeds.
Paired with both these quality engines as standard equipment is the smooth- B. Key features of both V6 engines include an aluminum block B
shifting six-speed manual transmission that delivers optimal performance and and heads, dual overhead camshafts, 24 valves and a low-
friction roller-finger follower valvetrain.
control. Or, if you prefer, an electronically controlled five-speed automatic unit
is also available. This highly efficient, precision-engineered transmission is C. CTS’s V6 engines feature two intake valves and two exhaust
equipped with Driver Shift Control, which allows you to shift up or down a gear at valves in each combustion chamber. This design enhances
will with a touch of the gearshift lever. For many drivers, it’s an irresistible blend engine “breathing” for greater efficiency, especially at
of manual control and automatic convenience. higher operating speeds.

A standard 6-speed Aisin manual

transmission helps drivers to extract
maximum performance and efficiency
from either V6.

A. At the rear, upper control arms, front and rear

TRACK-TUNED AGILITY lateral links and longitudinal links are used to
locate each wheel with precision. The rear
A key factor in CTS’s agile
handling is the car’s near 50/50
0 5 km
AND BALANCE. suspension is rubber-mounted, to reduce noise
and harshness.
front-to-rear weight distribution. B. The front suspension is a double short/long
arm (SLA) design featuring many lightweight
Sometimes, even in this age of computer-assisted design and engineering aluminum components. A hydraulic front lower
processes, there’s just no substitute for real-world experience. control arm bushing helps prevent vibrations
from reaching the car’s interior.
That’s why the CTS development team travelled to Germany to put a fleet of C. Stabilizer bars are incorporated into CTS’s
prototypes through repeated high-speed test laps at one of the world’s toughest independent front and rear suspensions. They
racetracks – the north loop of the legendary Nürburgring. They challenged each reduce body roll for flat, controlled cornering,
of the ’Ring’s 178 corners, made adjustments, then went back on the course to without sacrificing ride quality.
put the new settings to the test. The result? Handling so agile and balanced,
you’d almost think your CTS was riding on rails.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that the suspension engineers had a world-class package
of components to work with, beginning with GM’s global luxury architecture. This A
advanced rear-wheel-drive platform is extraordinarily strong and rigid, and
provides an excellent foundation. It also allows a near-50/50 front-to-rear weight
distribution, for excellent balance.
Then there’s the CTS’s fully independent suspension, with double short/long arms
(SLA) at the front and a sophisticated multi-adjustable five-link design at the C
rear. Wheel travel is unusually long at all four wheels, which contributes to a ride
that’s always controlled but never harsh.
Confident, controlled stopping is part A 4-channel StabiliTrak system is included with the Sport Package and
of the CTS driving experience, thanks Performance Package. It uses a complex network of sensors to monitor
to a 4-wheel vented disc braking
For drivers who insist on even more control, CTS offers an available Sport
whether your CTS is travelling in your intended direction. Any time it finds
system equipped with such high-tech that a lateral skid is underway, the system automatically takes action, Package, featuring a specially tuned suspension, speed-sensitive steering,
features as Panic Brake Assist and modulating the braking pressure at any of the 4 wheels, as appropriate, to performance brake linings, Cadillac’s StabiliTrak stability enhancement system
Dynamic Rear Proportioning. help the driver recover control. StabiliTrak operates so quickly and and more. There’s also an available Performance Package with 18-inch polished
unobtrusively, drivers often don’t realize the system has intervened. aluminum wheels, W-rated performance tires, a revised braking system with larger-
diameter rotors, a limited-slip differential and a host of other premium hardware.
It’s a must-have option for those who demand the ultimate in handling precision.

CTS’s computer-designed architecture is among the
most advanced on the market today. It’s engineered to be
dimensionally precise, lightweight and extremely strong.

In the picture above, you see the CTS body stripped bare, without the Of course, CTS protection includes much more than just the body
THE MOST IMPORTANT benefit of bumpers, trim, or paint. Shown this way, you may not think structure. Every CTS is equipped with a total of six air bags. There
it’s very attractive. But if you’re ever in a collision, it could be the are lap/shoulder belts for every occupant, and the front belts are
FEATURES YOU MAY most beautiful thing in your world. equipped with pyrotechnic pre-tensioners that pull the belts snug
the instant a collision is detected, for improved protection. Even the

NEVER USE. At the front and the rear of the CTS body, there are substructures
that have been specially designed to collapse in a controlled fashion
lining of the roof helps prevent injuries, by absorbing crash energy
in a controlled manner.
in a crash. As they do, they absorb impact energy and cushion the
passenger compartment. In effect, they sacrifice themselves to help The bottom line is this: there are literally dozens of sophisticated
keep you and your passengers from potential harm. crash protection features engineered into every CTS. You may
never need any of them. But isn’t it reassuring to know they’re
Surrounding the passenger compartment, there’s another structure there if you do?
which protects you in a very different way. It’s a solid steel safety
cage specifically designed to resist deformation in a collision. It’s
supplemented by carbon-ruled steel side-impact beams, concealed
inside every door, which help shield occupants in an impact at the
side of the car.

FACING PAGE: Dual-stage frontal air bags help protect the CTS driver
and front-seat passenger in the event of certain frontal impacts.
In low-speed crashes these frontal air bags deploy with reduced force
for improved safety. Seat-mounted front side-impact air bags and
front-to-rear head curtain air bags offer supplementary protection in
collisions at the side of the car.

CTS-V is about as serious as luxury performance machines come. Under the hood is a 6.0-litre LS2 V8
that pushes back the frontiers of overhead-valve engine technology. It generates 400 horsepower and
395 pounds-feet of torque – enough to rocket this luxury sport sedan to 96 km/h (60 mph) in under 5
seconds. And CTS-V ’s handling and braking characteristics are equally impressive. Factor in CTS-V ’s
luxurious, well-equipped interior and you have a refined Cadillac sedan capable of out-performing
almost anything else on the road. CTS-V . When you’re serious about performance, this is the car.

“The CTS-V put Cadillac in the market with the BMW M5 and Mercedes AMG sedans.”*

*Steve Purdy, The Auto Channel, Feb. 19, 2006.

CTS-V 21
Massive Brembo disc brakes help the CTS-V driver Unique to CTS-V are low-profile P245/45R18 run-flat
to keep the car’s speed in check. All four rotors performance tires which bear a V-speed rating.
feature 4-piston calipers.

Stiffer springs, larger-diameter front The Tremec T56 6-speed manual transmission
shock absorbers and thicker stabilizer delivers smooth, positive shifts. It’s the only
bars are but a few of the transmission offered on the CTS-V.
suspension upgrades
that differentiate the
CTS-V from other
CTS models.

Originally developed for use in the sixth-generation Corvette, the LS2 engine is a low-
maintenance engine that features long-life engine coolant and platinum-tipped spark plugs
designed to only require changing every 166,000 km in normal use.**
**Maintenance needs vary with use and driving conditions. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for more information.


CTS-V ’s thrilling performance is no accident. Rather, it’s the result of careful engineering using
some of the world’s finest automotive componentry. Every major system on the car has been
substantially upgraded to deliver the ultimate CTS driving experience.

“Rowed through six gears with a manual Tremec transmission, the CTS-V can race from
0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds, leaving many fancy German competitors in its Motown dust.”*

*Review, 2006 Cadillac CTS, Intellichoice,

Racing against modified Dodge Vipers, Porsche 911s and other elite sports cars, Cadillac’s Functional brake cooling ducts are integrated into the CTS-V ’s
production-based CTS-V race car won 4 races and the overall Manufacturer’s and Driver’s unique front fascia. They channel outside air to the front discs to
Championships in the 2005 SPEED World Challenge series. help dissipate heat, for improved braking performance.
CTS-V 23
Unique instrumentation and a multi-
function steering wheel help keep you
firmly in control of CTS-V ’s amazing
capabilities. A DVD navigation system
is standard equipment.

The shifter for the Tremec

manual 6-speed transmission
features a CTS-V-exclusive
satin chrome finish.

Satin chrome is used to

outline CTS-V ’s analogue
gauges. The standard Driver Thanks to a number of significant upgrades, the CTS-V ’s Then there are CTS-V ’s satin chrome-trimmed analogue
Information Centre displays a
interior is just as single-minded about performance as its instruments, which have been designed specifically to
host of useful information,
including cornering g-forces. astounding drivetrain and chassis. convey key information in an instant. In a car as dead-quick
as this, that’s an important consideration, because when
The leather-appointed front bucket seating surfaces are you’re pushing the performance envelope, a glance is often
exclusive to CTS-V. They’re deeply contoured and feature all you have time for.
sueded fabric inserts on the seat cushion and lower seat-
back, all to help hold you firmly in place as you explore the “If you’re lucky enough to sit in the throne of the V-Series, the
Steering wheel-mounted car’s awesome handling capabilities. experience will be marked by one massive grin, from the
switches allow you to moment you turn the key to the point where you walk away
navigate easily through the
The steering wheel is unique, too. In addition to switches for and take one last look over your shoulder at the edgy sheet
Driver Information Centre’s
various displays to find the the cruise control and traction control systems, the wheel metal and mean 18-inch wheels.”*
data you need. includes controls for accessing the dual-display Driver
Information Centre. Read-outs include information on the tire *Review, 2006 Cadillac CTS, Intellichoice,
pressures at all four wheels, along with the temperatures
of the engine oil, transmission oil and engine coolant. The
Driver Information Centre can also display the lateral
acceleration your CTS-V achieved during your last corner.
24 CTS-V
Driver and front-passenger, dual-stage, frontal with passenger-side automatic air bag suppression 6-speed manual Aisin S S – Satin chrome finish on door pulls, door handles, shift knob, instrument cluster rings, CTS standard:
Passenger Sensing System S S S 5-speed automatic transmission with Driver Shift Control5 O O – unique accent stitch on steering wheel, seats and armrests – – S
16" x 7" painted
Driver and front-passenger, seat-mounted side-impact S S S 6-speed manual Tremec – – S TRUNK D
aluminum wheels
Front to rear, side head curtain S S S Cargo convenience net with tie-downs S S S with P225/55R16
DOOR LOCKS INTERIOR Power remote release S S S H-rated all-season tires
Automatic power, programmable with lock-out protection S S S AUDIO SYSTEMS UNIVERSAL HOME REMOTE A
Rear door, child-security S S S AM/FM stereo with CD player, Radio Data System (RDS), reconfigurable liquid crystal 3-channel programmable remote transmitter O3 O3 S B
display (LCD) screen, TheftLock and 7 speakers S S –
AM/FM stereo with 6-disc in-dash CD changer, Radio Data System (RDS), Digital Signal Processing,
Daytime Running Lights, automatic light control with Twilight Sentinel S S S Power with express-up and down on front windows with pinchguard and express-down feature
AudioPilot noise compensation technology, TheftLock and 8 Bose amplified speakers O O –
Windshield wiper activated S S S on rear windows with window lock-out S S S
AM/FM stereo with 6-disc in-dash CD changer, Radio Data System (RDS), Digital Signal Processing, CTS optional,
Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID), automatic light control with Twilight Sentinel O1 O1,2 S AudioPilot noise compensation technology, TheftLock, DVD Navigation for map coverage** WOOD ACCENTS D 16" x 7" machined bright
KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM in Canada and USA with Voice Activated, InfraRed Data Transfer, DVD/video capabilities Burl Walnut wood accents on shifter plate, door handles, centre stack and genuine finish aluminum wheels
(vehicle in ‘Park’ position only), Voice Recognition and 8 Bose amplified speakers O O S wood steering wheel inserts O3 S –
Remote, includes personalization, activation notification and Panic feature S S S with P225/55R16
XM Satellite Radio6 O S S
ONSTAR SYSTEM EXTERIOR H-rated all-season tires
Digital OnStar In-Vehicle Communications and Assistance Service,
includes one-year Directions & Connections Plan‡ S S S Automatic, dual-zone electronic climate control with air filtration system S S S APPEARANCE C C

CONSOLES Specific front fascia with brake cooling ducts, stainless steel wire mesh upper and lower grilles – – S
LATCH (Lower Anchors and top Tethers for Children), rear seats S S S Front centre floor console with dual cupholders S S S APPEARANCE PACKAGE EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS
Overhead console with map lights and dimmer switch S S S Includes Performance Package and 18" x 8" polished aluminum wheels, rear deck-lid spoiler, Wheelbase (A) 2880 mm (113.4 in.)
THEFT-DETERRENT SYSTEM body-colour front grille and rocker moulding, dual bright exhaust tips and specific rear fascia – O – CTS optional, included
PASS-Key III+ with immobilizer S S S CRUISE CONTROL Length (B) 4828 mm (190.1 in.) with Sport Package:
Electronic with resume, coast and decelerate/accelerate features S S S GLASS Width (C) 1793 mm (70.6 in.)
Tamper alarm for doors and trunk, audible/visible alarm O3 O3 S 17" x 7.5" polished
Solar-Ray, tinted S S S Height (D) 1440 mm (56.7 in.) aluminum wheels with
LIGHTS Front track (E) 1524 mm (60.0 in.) P225/50R17 W-rated
Electronic, full-function, all-speed with on/off switch S S S Analogue with Driver Information Centre (5-language capability) in the radio screen S S –
Fog lights S S S Rear track (F) 1524 mm (60.0 in.) all-season tires
Analogue with dual Driver Information Centres with lateral acceleration, oil, transmission and
MECHANICAL coolant temperatures displays in cluster and one in the radio screen – – S MIRRORS INTERIOR DIMENSIONS
BRAKES Tire pressure monitoring system – O2 S Foldaway, heated, power remote control S S S Headroom
Power, 4-wheel vented discs S S – LIGHTING SUNROOF Front/rear 989/937 mm (38.9/36.9 in.)
Power, 4-wheel Brembo 14" vented disc brakes with 4-piston calipers – – S Illuminated entry/exit, rear courtesy reading, front map, front door puddle lighting and trunk S S S Power, tilt and sliding glass panel with variable position and Legroom CTS optional, included
4-wheel, 4-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Panic Brake Assist express-open/close feature with pinchguard O O S Front/rear 1077/940 mm (42.4/37.0 in.)
LUXURY PACKAGE with Performance
and Dynamic Rear Brake Proportioning S S S TIRES Shoulder room Package: 18" x 8" polished
Includes Memory Package, power 8-way front-passenger seat adjuster and driver and front-passenger
DRIVE power 2-way lumbar adjusters, universal home remote 3-channel programmable transmitter, P225/55R16 H-rated, all-season S S – Front/rear 1438/1428 mm (56.6/56.2 in.) aluminum wheels with
Rear-wheel drive S S S 16" machined bright finish aluminum wheels and audible/visual alarm theft-deterrent system O7 O – P225/50R17 W-rated, all-season O1 O1 – Hip room P225/50R18 W-rated
Limited-slip differential O1 O1.2 S MEMORY PACKAGE P225/50R18 W-rated, summer† performance – O2 – Front/rear 1356/1367 mm (53.4/53.8 in.) (summer) tires
ENGINES Automatically recalls settings for 2 drivers based on their individual remote keyless entry key fob; P245/45R18 V-rated, summer extended mobility tires† – – S Seating capacity 5
2.8L V6 VVT with 210 horsepower @ 6500 rpm and 194 lb.-ft. of torque @ 3300 rpm S – – the recall function remembers the position of the driver’s seat, exit seating position, WHEELS CAPACITIES
exterior rear-view mirror preferences and passenger tilt-down parallel park feature O3 O3 S
3.6L V6 VVT with 255 horsepower @ 6200 rpm and 252 lb.-ft. of torque @ 3100 rpm – S – 16" x 7" painted aluminum wheels S S – Fuel 66 L (14.5 imp. gal.)
6.0L LS2 V8 with 400 horsepower @ 6000 rpm and 395 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4400 rpm – – S
MIRRORS 16" x 7" machined bright finish aluminum wheels O3 O3 – Cargo volume 362 L (12.8 cu. ft.) CTS optional, included
Electrochromic, auto-dimming rear-view mirror and 3-button OnStar controls with compass S S S8 17" x 7.5" polished aluminum wheels O1 O1 – Towing†† 454 kg (1000 lb.)
Block heater O O O with Appearance
Illuminated driver and front-passenger visor vanity mirrors S S S 18" x 8.0" polished aluminum wheels – O2 –
Includes performance-tuned suspension with automatic rear-level control, speed-
SEATING 18" x 8.0" polished aluminum wheels – O9 – Manual transmission (V6 models) 1592 kg (3509 lb.) polished aluminum
sensitive steering, performance brake linings, larger brake pads and rotors, 18" x 8" Front buckets with leatherette, power 8-way driver’s seat adjuster and front-passenger 18" x 8.5" aluminum wheels – – S Automatic transmission (V6 models) 1618 kg (3567 lb.) wheels with P225/50R18
polished aluminum wheels, P225/50R18 W-rated (summer) performance tires, StabiliTrak, manual 4-way adjuster S – – W-rated (summer) tires
WIPER/WASHER SYSTEM Manual transmission (V-Series) 1746 kg (3849 lb.)
limited-slip differential, tire pressure monitoring system, and Xenon High-Intensity Front buckets with leather seating surfaces, power 8-way driver’s seat adjuster
Discharge (HID) headlights with high-pressure washers – O – and front-passenger manual 4-way adjuster O S – 2-speed with variable delay S S S
SPORT PACKAGE Front buckets with leather seating surfaces with sueded fabric inserts, power 8-way driver’s and S – Standard. O – Optional individually or in combination with other optional equipment.
Includes Sport suspension, performance brake linings, speed-sensitive steering, 17" x 7.5" front-passenger seat adjusters and power 2-way lumbar adjusters – – S 1 Included with Sport Package.
polished aluminum wheels, P225/50R17 W-rated tires, StabiliTrak, limited-slip differential Heated front seating areas S S S 2 Included with Performance Package.
3 Included with Luxury Package.
CTS-V standard:
and Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights with high-pressure washers O O – Power 8-way front-passenger seat adjuster with driver and front-passenger
4 V-Series includes 4 selectable driving modes – modifies the operation of the traction control and StabiliTrak systems, including competitive 18" x 8.5" aluminum
STEERING power 2-way lumbar adjusters O2 O2 S
driving function. wheels with P245/45R18
Power-assisted, rack-and-pinion S S – Rear seatback, fixed back with armrest pass-through and cupholders S S – 5 Includes Downgrade Detection, Shift Stabilization and Driver Shift Control. V-rated (summer)
Speed-sensitive, power variable-assist, rack-and-pinion O1 O1,2 S Rear seatback, split-folding with armrest and cupholders O O S 6 Includes 3 free trial months beyond which service fees apply. Available in 10 Canadian provinces and 48 contiguous United States. extended mobility tires
7 Includes Burl Walnut wood accents.
SUSPENSION STEERING WHEEL 8 Compass not included with CTS-V.
4-wheel independent S S S Leather-wrapped S – – 9 Included with Appearance Package requires Performance Package.

Leather-wrapped with genuine Walnut burl wood inserts O3 S – Turn-by-Turn availability impacted by some geographic/cellular limitations, advisor-assisted routing available.
Performance-tuned with front tower-to-tower strut brace – – S *Regular production accessory, dealer installed.
StabiliTrak stability enhancement system, 4-channel O1 O1,2 S4 Leather-wrapped with aluminum bezel and controls for Driver Information Centre,
**At time of print, detailed map coverage is available for most major urban areas of the United States and for certain metropolitan areas of Canada
traction control/StabiliTrak and cruise control – – S
Performance Shock Absorber Package – – O* (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Windsor, London, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax). Coverage is significantly
Audio system controls and 4-programmable buttons S S – limited outside these areas. Choose the factory navigation option and you will receive an updated navigation DVD each of the first two years
Tilt adjustable column S S S following your purchase.
†Installation of 4 winter tires recommended for winter driving conditions.

††Includes weight of trailer, cargo, passengers and equipment. All towing recommendations are subject to change. Trailer tongue load should be

10% of the maximum trailer weight but should never exceed the load rating for that vehicle, engine or hitch combination.
See your dealer or refer to the CTS Owner’s Manual for details.



25 – Blue Chip* 30 – Thundergray**

41 – Black Raven 51 – Gold Mist* 53 – Radiant Bronze* 13 – Light Gray 19 – Ebony



67 – Light Platinum 71 – Blackberry 78 – Sunset Blue*

80 – Infrared** 98 – White Diamond*,** 31 / 33* – Cashmere Two-Tone: Light Gray / Ebony

28 COLOUR & TRIM Due to limitations in the printing process, the colours shown may differ slightly from the actual colour. COLOUR & TRIM 29
*Not available on CTS-V. **Available at extra cost. Please see your Cadillac Sales Consultant for specific colour availability and compatibility.
CTS ACCESSORIES Emphasize your CTS’s family connection to the ultra high-performance
CTS-V by adding this handsome mesh grille insert.
In addition to an exceptional driving experience, Cadillac ownership brings with it a
In addition to the many exclusive privileges of Cadillac
A word about this brochure
Some of the equipment shown or described throughout this brochure may be available at extra cost.
We have tried to make this brochure comprehensive and factual. We reserve the right, however, to
world-class array of privileges.* The Cadillac Limited Warranty covers all parts and labour ownership, Cadillac and General Motors of Canada have make changes at any time, without notice, in prices, colours, materials, equipment, specifications,
The addition of carefully chosen quality accessories can enhance models and availability. Specifications, dimensions, measurements, ratings and other numbers in
costs that may be incurred to correct all defects in material or workmanship.* Cadillac created a range of supplementary support programs to this brochure and other printed materials provided at the dealership or affixed to vehicles are
your new CTS’s unique style and endow it with an even higher No Charge Scheduled Maintenance* covers the cost of regularly scheduled maintenance. enhance your ownership experience. Some of these approximates based upon design and engineering drawings and prototypes and laboratory tests.
level of luxury. Genuine GM Accessories are designed especially Cadillac Roadside Service provides assistance throughout Canada and the United States programs assist you in purchasing or leasing the Your vehicle may differ due to variations in manufacture and equipment. Since some information may
have been adapted since the time of the printing, please check with your Cadillac dealer for complete
for your CTS and engineered to the highest standards, ensuring should you require towing, fuel delivery, a jump start or help with a flat tire or lock-out Cadillac of your choice. Others help protect you and details. General Motors of Canada Limited reserves the right to lengthen or shorten the model year
excellent fit, finish and functionality. They’re covered under situation.* Trip Planning can assist you on road trips with computer-generated maps your new Cadillac over the long term. for any product, for any reason, or to start and end model years at different times.

the 4-year/80,000 km Cadillac Limited Warranty.* They can also indicating either the most direct route or the most scenic route to any destination you A word about assembly
choose in North America.* Alternative Transportation provides you with shuttle Purchasing & Leasing:
be included in your new-vehicle lease or finance agreement Cadillac vehicles are equipped with engines and components produced and assembled by different
transportation for daily service and an alternate vehicle (or reimbursement for rental • GMAC Financing – On-the-spot financing at your operating units of General Motors, its subsidiaries and suppliers and these engines and components
through GMAC. Ask your dealer for a complete list of the GM may change or be obtained from different sources from time to time. All such engines and
or other transportation expenses) for overnight service, whenever your CTS requires GM dealership*
Accessories available for the new CTS. Or visit Available exclusively for CTS-V, this forged alloy components are approved for use in Cadillac vehicles. Certain equipment ordered may be unavailable
scheduled maintenance or repairs covered under the Cadillac Limited Warranty.* • GMAC SMARTLEASE – A smart alternative to at the time of assembly and we suggest that you verify that your vehicle includes the equipment you
18-inch wheel features a highly polished finish
*Whichever comes first, when permanently installed by the dealer at the time you purchase or
and affords onlookers a great view of CTS-V ’s Trip Interruption Protection may reimburse you for such incidental expenses as hotel traditional financing* ordered, or if there are changes, that they are acceptable to you.
lease your new vehicle. accommodation, meals and auto rental should your trip be interrupted by a repair covered
massive Brembo brakes. • The GM Card – Eligible cardholders may be able to A word about corrosion
under the Cadillac Limited Warranty.* See your Cadillac dealer for complete details. redeem up to $3500 in GM Card® Earnings toward Cadillacs are designed and built to resist corrosion. All body sheet metal components are warranted
*Program in effect for the first 4 years or 80,000 km (whichever comes first) of ownership. the total purchase price or lease down payment against rust-through corrosion for 6 years. There is no deductible for rust-through repairs.
Conditions and limitations apply. Application of additional rust-inhibiting materials is not required under the corrosion coverage and
on selected vehicles.** For more information on none is recommended.
The GM Card please call 1-800-461-3279.
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Additional Ownership Programs: The marks appearing in this Cadillac CTS brochure including, but not limited to: General Motors, GM,
OnStar* uses advanced communications technology the GM Canada emblem, the GM Canada website address, Cadillac, the Cadillac badge, Cadillac
• GM Protection Plan (GMPP) – the only extended Owner Privileges, Cadillac Roadside Service, Corvette, CTS, CTS-V, and their respective logos,
to enhance your safety, security and convenience. emblems, slogans and vehicle model names and body designs; and other marks such as SMARTLEASE,
services contract backed by the resources and
OnStar Advisors can provide a wealth of information and perform a variety of diagnostic Solar-Ray, StabiliTrak and Twilight Sentinel are trademarks of General Motors Corporation and/or
commitment of General Motors, GMPP may be General Motors of Canada Limited, its subsidiaries, affiliates or licensors.
services. They can also provide assistance in an emergency. No wonder more than
purchased at the time of your sale or lease, or GMAC is a registered trademark of the General Motors Acceptance Corporation.
4 million people have become OnStar subscribers and over 12 million calls are made
subsequently during the Base warranty period.** OnStar, the OnStar logo and the OnStar button are registered trademarks of the OnStar Corporation.
each month on the built-in voice-activated, hands-free system. OnStar and one year of
the Directions and Connections Plan are standard on all CTS models. See your Cadillac PASS-Key III+ and TheftLock are registered trademarks of Delphi Automotive Systems.
Information Resources:
dealer for more information on plans and services. Bose and AudioPilot are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Bose Corporation.
You can obtain more information about Cadillac vehicles Radio Data System (RDS) is a registered trademark of the U.S. National Association
*OnStar services require vehicle electrical system (including battery), wireless service, and GPS satellite signals to be of Broadcasters.
available and operating for features to function properly. Not all OnStar features are available on all vehicles. OnStar acts and programs from your Cadillac dealer, or at these
as a link to existing emergency service providers. OnStar Hands-Free Calling requires a Hands-Free enabled vehicle, information centres: The XM name and related logos are registered trademarks of XM Satellite Radio. Inc.
prepaid minutes and existing OnStar service contract. Subscription Service Agreement required.
• The GM website at Copyright
• The Cadillac Contact Centre at 1-888-446-2000 or
These custom rocker mouldings, reminiscent of the Give your CTS an even more aggressive appearance with this rear deck-lid This fitted vinyl cargo-area mat looks great and
XM SATELLITE RADIO (1-800-263-3830 for TDD users).
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2005 SCCA Speed World Challenge-winning CTS-V race car, spoiler, custom-designed to accent the car’s unmistakable lines. helps protect your trunk from damage from water, property rights of General Motors Corporation and/or General Motors of Canada Limited. These
What’s convinced more than six million people to *Subject to eligibility. **Conditions and limitations apply.
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reinforce CTS’s athletic style. snow, mud and debris. subscribe to XM Satellite Radio? How about the largest General Motors Corporation and/or General Motors of Canada Limited.
playlist on the planet, with musical genres that span
Printed in Canada, June 2006.
everything from decades to dance, rock to rap and country to classical – broadcasting the
most commercial-free music in digital quality sound? Or is it the news, talk, comedy and
sports channels – including more than 1,000 NHL games, and all available from coast to
Show your best side to the vehicles you pass coast?* XM has revolutionized radio as we know it. And now you can enjoy XM Satellite
with these styled stainless steel exhaust tips. Radio in your next General Motors vehicle – GM is the first automaker to offer factory-
installed satellite receivers. Ask your Cadillac dealer for more information.
*Includes 3 free trial months beyond which fees apply.
Available in 10 Canadian provinces and 48 contiguous United States.