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E-mail: amber.gopalrao@gmail.

com OBH-225, IIIT Hyderabad,

Website: Contact No: +91 9490408744


Career Objective

Seeking an opportunity in an organization where my fledgling skills can be honed to make me a high
achiever contributing to the intellectual pool of the company.


 Trained under Learning By Doing and Project Centric Curriculum.

 Acquired knowledge and understanding of different subjects such as Software Engineering,
Database, Data Structures, Algorithms, Web Designing, J2EE, Computer Networks and
Programming which includes Java, Perl, Python, C++ and C.
 Gained practical knowledge through various academic projects and training.
 Ability in learning new concepts quickly, working under pressure and communicating ideas clearly.
 Excellent team player with strong analytical, problem solving, leadership and organisational skills.


 MS in IT - Specialization in “e-Business Technology” 2011 86.72%

International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyd
in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, USA
 Post Graduation Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT) 2008 91.81%
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad, AP
 Graduation specialization in Computer Applications 2006 70.66%
Osmania University, Hyderabad, AP
 Higher Secondary Education 2003 73.60%
Sadhana Jr. College, Board of Intermediate Education, AP

Technical Skills
Languages JAVA, C, C++ and Data Structures
Web Technologies HTML, Java Script, J2EE, AJAX, JSP, CSS
Scripting Languages PHP, PERL, PYTHON
Operating Systems Windows 95/98/2000/NT/00/XP/7, LINUX
Software Tools Eclipse, Net Beans, Tomcat, Google App Engine, Rational Rose
Areas of Interest Cloud Computing and Application Development


 Title The Student Information System (SIS)

Client RGUKT Basar (
Project Guide Dr. Rajendra Sahu, Prof. IITM Gwalior
Technology PHP, Java Script, AJAX, HTML, CSS, MySQL
Project URL (Best viewed with Chrome and Firefox)

Brief Description It is a real-time, web hosted application. SIS provides information about
the students with their images. The process of retrieving information is
flexible using AJAX Autosuggest feature. User can search the
information using student id, name and class. Administrator can insert
and edit the details using student hall ticket number. Students can know
their academic results.

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 Title Peoples Travel Agency - Web Site
Client Peoples Travel Agency (Pittsburgh, United States)
Project Guide “Dr. Raj Reddy” (
Technology Google App Engine, GQL, HTML, Java Script
Project URL

Brief Description Developing a Web Site for Peoples Travel Agency using emerging cloud
technology Google App Engine. This portal mainly use for reserve tickets
and providing online help to its customer. Users can also book the hotels
and plan a holiday trip.

 Title The Hindu Information System (THIS)

Project Guide Mr. Vamshi Ambati, Research Scholar at CMU, Pittsburgh
Technology Java, Data Structures
Project Demo URL

Brief Description It is a Mini Search Engine which would display the results (URLs) for a
search term entered by the user. The three main properties of search
engine (crawling, indexing and searching) have been implemented in this
application. The spider would crawl on the internet parsing the words and
corresponding URLs and to save it on local system. Using a data structure
(Linked List, Hash, Trees) all these words and corresponding URLs are
indexed and stored in files. Finally, whenever user enters a query, after
searching, the desired URLs will be displayed to the user.

 Title Online Multiplayer Game (Snakes and Ladders)

Project Guide Mr. Praveen Garimella, Research Scholar at CMU, Pittsburgh
Technology JSP, Servlets, CSS, AJAX, Java Script, HTML, MySQL, JDBC
Project Demo URL

Brief Description Snakes and Ladders is an online game portal where users can sign in to
play the game online with various users who are registered. This game
usually involves two or more players and they take turns to move by
rolling a dice. In this game, we limited the number of players to 4 and
they can play the snakes and ladders game online at once.

 Title Online Examination Kit (OEK)

Project Guide Ms. Vamshi Garimella, Resource Principal Mentor, MSIT-IIIT
Technology Java, JDBC, Swings MySQL
Project Demo URL

Brief Description The objective of OEK is to serve the purpose of getting the students
trained for the campus placement aptitude test and subject test. It helps
students in their pre-placement activities. It tests the knowledge of the
candidate in various domains in three level and generates a report

 Title Natural Language Interface for Database (NLIDB)

Project Guide Mr. Vamshi Ambati, Research Scholar at CMU, Pittsburgh
Technology Perl, Python, CGI, MySQL

Brief Description This application is developed to help a person who doesn’t know database
applications. User enters a query, which is not a regular database query
but a normal natural language (ex: English) query. The query will be
parsed and an equivalent database query is generated that gives the
desired information.

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 Title “eFlix” Enterprise System
Project Guide Mr. Praveen Garimella, Research Scholar at CMU, Pittsburgh
Technology J2EE, MySQL, Net Beans

Brief Description eFlix is an Online DVD rental service system that has been developed
using J2EE layered architecture where Application Clients, Web and EJB
containers are used. eFlix provides users an interface to register and
select one of the subscription plans. Users create their own movie list and
the DVD’s are shipped to them as per the subscribed plan.

 Title Online Survey Tool

Project Guide Mr. Praveen Garimella Research Scholar at CMU, Pittsburgh
Technology JSP, Servlets, JDBC, MySQL, HTML, CSS
Project Prototype

Brief Description This tool helps the Organizations to conduct online survey to get instance
feedback representing in a Bar Chart. It featured with registration,
authentication and single instance survey taking functionalities.

 Title Movie Management System

Project Guide Mr.Manjunath Mattam, Resource Principal Mentor & IIIT-H MSIT Coordinator
Technology C with File System

Brief Description This System helps users and theatre owners organize screening and
reserve seats for the viewers based on timings and movie screened. Also
provide interfaces for blocking ticket and make payment using credit. Not
just limited to one screening theatre, but also handling multiplexes.


 Developing a Website for Peoples Travel Agency ( under guidance of

“Dr. Raj Reddy” (
 Currently working for MSIT ( as a Teaching Assistant since July 2010.
 Associated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies ( as IT Mentor,
on behalf of IIIT-Hyd (Part of MS Curriculum).
 Active participate member in CSI Hyderabad.
 Attended a work shop on Cloud Computing organized by Persistent Systems and Computer
Society of India.
 Was granted Fellowship for the 3 year masters program at IIIT-H.
 Worked as a Group Leader in National Service Scheme in Graduation.
 Got Best Student Certificate from District Collector in VII class.


 Hardworking, which helps me in doing assignments at a faster rate.

 Update myself with technologies and innovations.
 Self Confidence and Self Motivation which makes me successful.


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