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BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Work-life Balance Report and Action Plan


Purpose of the work life balance is to ensure that employees could deal with work stress and have
time to refresh their mind with their families or hobbies. By having a work life balance, it is proven
that fewer health problems are experienced.

King Edward VII College still doesn’t have a lot of attention and focus towards work-life balance.
However, King Edward VII College has more focus towards health and safety at the workplace to
create a healthy campus and working environment.

This report will show the potential work life balance strategies that could be implemented for the
employees in order to increase employees' happiness and less stress over work.

Work-Life Balance Strategies

There are a lot of methods to apply work-life balance in the organisation, and each of them of course
aims for the same goal which is higher productivity, less turnover, and also happier working

Work-life balance could be implemented by,

● Emphasizing outcomes rather than working hours, sometimes a fixed working hours
is stressful for some people, mostly millennial. Millennial tends to prefer a flexible
working hour as long as they get the job done, therefore, it could increase employees
satisfaction level.
● Develop a supportive culture, people sometimes need a good pair of listening ears to
talk about their problems. Supportive culture means people who support each other in
the workplace and supportive culture could result in a more productive workplace.
● Support flexible schedules, by supporting flexible schedules, the organisation could
apply things differently towards employees. However, these schedules should be
planned in a more detailed way to prevent any miscalculation.
● Promote life-long learning, this could be important because learning is a fun activity
to be done by some people. By learning in a group with a fun method, the employees
could have a closer relationship and know each other better in addition to learning
something new to improve their working performance.
● Promoting and celebrating diversity is also important because it could be a fun
activity which makes the employees with different nationalities know each other
better. The workplace won’t be harmonic if diversity is an issue. However, if that
issue is eliminated by understanding each other, the workplace will be more

Work-Life Balance Strategies Recommendations

It is recommended to implement the emphasizing outcomes rather than working hours, the supportive
culture, and promote life-long learning.

Emphasizing outcomes rather than working hours is quite important nowadays because people are
different, and different generations are working in the same place. Different generations usually own a

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

different habit and working style. By not focusing on working hours, employees don't have to stress
about coming late or going home earlier.

Creating a supportive culture and eliminating diversity issues will unquestionably increase the
harmony in the workplace of each employee. Harmonic workplace will increase the employee’s mood
while working, and it will also tighten the bond between each colleague.

Lastly, life-long learning is beneficial to tighten the relationship and also increase the employee’s
knowledge to perform better in the company. Life-long learning could be associated with training and
development and the benefit is clear for the company which is increasing performance in the long run.

Actions to achieve recommendations

Action Plan

Strategies Actions Priority Time Responsibility Performance

(what) (how) (L/M/H Frames (who)
) (measurement)

Promote & Find out and list the H March,2020 Human -Full list of
Celebrate festive days for resources festivals
Diversity different nationalities manager prepared
-Policy on
Prepare a policy on April,2020 diversity
celebrating and prepared and
promoting diversity communicated
Organise diverse April,2020 -Events
events organised

Practice Diversity July, 2020
atory behaviors
throughout the

Emphasizing Changing the M May, 2020 HRM and -Increasing

Outcomes attendance system Operations productivity
rather than
Working -Happier
Hours Being able to work May, 2020 employees
from home (based on
Doing a video April, survey)
conference 2020

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Accumulating August, -Less

attendance based on 2020 operations
other factors expenses

Incorporating January,
Trainings 2020

Establishing a June, 2020

Library or reading
room -Employees
Creating a monthly February,
HRM, increases
Life-long development 2020
M Finance,
learning activity which
Operations -Increasing
involves employees
Doing a weekly September
sharing session , 2020
related to the book
or new information
obtained for each

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Email to Management

Mr. Dennis
Andy Tandian

Date: 25​th​ March 2020

Subject- Attachment of work life balance report and action plan


I am attaching the work life balance report and corresponding action plan which have been prepared
in consultation with you and the staff members.

Please review through these documents and provide your feedback and approval to move forward
with the project.


Andy Tandian

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Updated - King Edward VII College- Health and Safety

Policy and Procedures
This policy applies to all workers at King Edward VII College. To outline the necessary steps
taken to ensure the continued safety of the work environment for all students, staff and others
participating in any activities within the premises or under the employment of King Edward
VII College. All employees as well as King Edward VII College are responsible for ensuring
a healthy and safe workplace.

A​ ​hazard​ is any potentially dangerous situation within the work environment. Incident​ means
an event or circumstance that leads – or could have lead - to unintended or unnecessary harm
during a person’s participation in work with King Edward VII College. An injury​ is any
incident that causes harm to a person during their participation in work activities with King
Edward VII College. WHS communication and consultation​ means sharing information,
giving workers a reasonable opportunity to express views, and taking those views into
account before making decisions on health and safety matters

King Edward VII College recognises the importance of providing a safe and healthy
environment for staff, contractors and visitors during their participation in work. King
Edward VII College aspires for excellence in workplace health and safety and is committed
to providing an environment which is free from risks and conducive to the productivity and
efficiency needs of its staff and others.

1. Compliance with legislation
1.1. King Edward VII College meets the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act
2011 and complies with all other relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice,
advisory and best practice standards as well as organisational policies and procedures.

2. Organisational responsibility and commitment

2.1 King Edward VII College is committed to:
● Providing a safe and healthy environment for all staff and others during their
participation in activities with King Edward VII College
● Implementing effective risk management systems that are relevant and suitable for
the organisation’s scope of business; promote workplace health and safety at all
times; and continuously improve performance in relation to health and safety.
● Encouraging active participation, cooperation and consultation with all staff and
others in the promotion and development of measures to improve health and
● Actively responding to, recording and investigating all incidents.
● Maintaining relevant policies, procedures, training, codes of conduct and systems
to support and communicate effective health and safety practices throughout
the organisation.
● Routinely conducting checks of the work environment to assess risks, identify
hazards and identify areas for improvement.

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

● Taking immediate response to reduce the risk of identified workplace hazards.

● Providing appropriate induction, training, information and updates to staff on a
regular basis about workplace health and safety.
● Implementing the appropriate work/life balance strategies in order to promote
health and safety practices throughout the organization with the provision of
information and advice to staff

3. Staff responsibility
3.1 All staff including managers have a responsibility to work safely; take all reasonable care
for their own health and safety; and always consider the health and safety of others
who may be affected by their actions.
3.2 When staff are undertaking work from home or at an off-site location, the staff member is
responsible for ensuring the environment they enter into is free from risk and
occupational health and safety hazards.

4. Reporting
4.1 All staff, and others are required to report any identified workplace hazards and
associated risks as soon as they become aware of them. 4.2 All staff, and others are
required to report any incident that causes harm to a person during their participation
in work and/or training activities with King Edward VII College.

5. Records
5.1 Appropriate records of the organisation’s risk management strategy, workplace hazards
and workplace injuries will be accurately maintained at all times.


1. Workplace health and safety inspections

Steps Responsibility
1.1 Annual workplace inspections. Operations Manager
● An annual worksite inspection will be conducted
using the Workplace Health & Safety Checklist.
1.2 Control hazards All Staff
All hazards identified through any of the above
inspections must be reported to the Operations
Manager using the Workplace Hazard Report.
Appropriate actions must be taken to control any
hazards identified. Hazards and control mechanisms
are to be recorded in the central Safety and Hazard
Register for all identified hazards. Risk ratings are to
be added to the Risk Management Plan.

2. Identify and Control Hazards

Steps Responsibility
2.1 Identify and control hazards. All Staff and
● All staff have a responsibility to respond to Operations Manager
hazards and perceived risks to health and safety.

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

● Any staff member who identifies a potential or

actual workplace hazard must report it immediately
to the Operations Manager using the Workplace
Hazard Report.
● The Operations Manager will take appropriate
actions to control the identified hazards in
accordance with the Health and Safety Policy.
● The Operations Manager will complete the Hazard
Register for all identified hazards.
● Hazards and their control mechanisms are to be
recorded in the Workplace Injury Register.
● Any risk ratings are to be added to the Risk
Management Plan.

3. Workplace Incidents
Steps Responsibility
3.1 Workplace incidents All Staff and
● If an incident occurs in the workplace any persons Operations Manager
attending to the incident or witness to the incident
are to fill in a Workplace Incident Form.
● Where the incident involves an injury, the first
person in attendance to a workplace injury should
contact the First Aid Officer or emergency services
in the case of a serious injury.
● Workplace Injury Forms are to be provided to the
Operations Manager who will use the records to
gather accounts of the incident and use them as the
basis of an investigation into the incident, if
● All serious injuries will be reported to Worksafe.

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Evaluation Report
Implementing work from home actually resulted in a really good return for the company. The impact
is very positive for the employees because staff satisfaction has achieved and they seem to have a
better work-life balance. The absence of technology makes some work related stuff can’t be done
from home, additionally, the limited availability of right bandwidth for the phone and network
connection also makes some jobs not possible to be done. For instance, meeting from home through
web cam was interrupted by the slow connection. Moreover, The working time is still not clearly
defined yet, thus creating non-clarity of work time with family members. There is still no internal
policy on connectivity arrangements that has been constructed for work-from-home relocations.
Several things that must be done by the company are to investigate and connect high speed internet to
tackle the technological limitations. Also, to reduce the work-life-balance uncertainty, it is best to
define work time and clearer guidelines and update the procedure of working from home policy for

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Human Resources Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a document used to communicate with the organization the organizations goals, the
actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the
planning exercise. Strategic plan outlines a clear path for the company. Also, by having a strategic
plan, the company and all of its stakeholders have a certain thing to be focused on. Strategic plan will
sharpen the focus to achieve the company’s objectives. Constructing a strategic plan also means
reflecting and being aware of the company’s internal and external condition. Strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, and threats will be readdressed and the next step could be further constructed.

The strategic directions are,
1. To be a leader in vocational education and training
2. To establish and maintain high quality infrastructure supporting clients and staff
3. To be well led, high performing, profitable and accountable
4. To develop our people and resources

Operational Priorities Plan

The purpose of the Operational Plan is to provide organisation personnel with a clear picture of their
tasks and responsibilities in line with the goals and objectives contained within the Strategic Plan.
Basically, the Operational Plan is a plan for the implementation of strategies contained within the
Strategic Plan.

Recruitment, Selection and Induction

Actions Responsibility Budget Performance Target date
Implications Indicators
Constructing and HRM Time spent by Turnover rate of March 2020
implementing an employees staff is reduced
Equal and the right
Employment person to be
Policy in a formal assigned for the
way. job is recruited.
Review the HRM and Outside Turnover rate off May 2020
information stated Marketing consultants and staff is reduced as
in the job Manager time spent by applicants with
advertisement to employees shared values are
ensure a more attracted to our
accurate organization.
information that
could reflect King
Edward VII
College’s value
and vision and job

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Expand the use of HRM and Time spent by Creating June 2020
social media to Marketing employees transparency of
increase visibility Manager information even
of opportunities in recruitment
with King advertisements so
Edward VII that all employees
College. know the benefits.

Workforce Development
Actions Responsibility Budget Performance Target date
Implications Indicators
Constructing HRM Time spent by Achievement of August 2020
development employees each member in
method and every ending of
provide staff with the session.
opportunity to
acquire new
Develop and Human resources Staff time Updated policy March 2020
update the manager with procedures
procedure of developed
working from
home policy for

Supporting and Valuing the Workforce

Actions Responsibility Budget Performance Target date
Implications Indicators
Identify and have HRM and Agreement letter Acquire 1 year October 2020
an agreement Operations agreement letter
toward flexible by law
working system
Identify and HRM and Bonuses Doing a review of June 2020
develop a better Finance the system
reward and monthly
Develop HRM Computers, time Doing gathering May 2020
workplace spent by staff to increase
diversity action colleagues
plan that clarifies relationship
responsibilities of
each staff
Define the work Human resources Staff, Computers, Work time March 2020
time and manager, defined and
guidelines to have Employees Guidelines
a good work-life prepared

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Workforce Skilling
Actions Responsibility Budget Performance Target date
Implications Indicators
Develop and HRM Professional Record and January 2020
introducing a Trainer review the
rolling benefits in the
development end of the session
program for
from trainer or
Focus on the HRM Staff assessment Examining work January 2020
staffing record drivers, output,
assessment processes, and
internally by task monthly.
examining work
drivers, output,
processes, and

Human Resources Information Management

Actions Responsibility Budget Performance
Implications Indicators
Develop and HRM Software Research All staff have a
introducing the basic
concept and understanding of
benefit of human HRIS and the
resources impact.
information system
Implementing HRM RFID Card and Data stored related
HRIS for Tapping machine to attendance could
developing be useful for
training and decision making.

Overview of Cost and benefits of human resources services

indicated in operational priorities plan
Total Cost Annually Total Benefits Annually
2019- 2019-
Website Improvement $1,000 Increase of 10% in students (50 Students)
Annual internal audit fee $2,700 Increase in Market share 5%
Establishment of Workforce Plan $2,000 Increases credibility due to conducting audit
Personal Development Program $1,500 Cultural awareness of staff improved

BSBHRM602 17367 Andy Tandian

Implementing Performance Management Retention of skilled workforce

Review System $1500
Lease for Campus Premises $8,000
2 Part Time Admin $40,000
4 Part Time Trainers $120,000
2020- 2020-
Annual internal audit fee $1,700 Increase of 10% in students (55 Students)
Lease for Campus Premises $8,000 Increase in Market share 5%
2 Part Time Admin $40,000 Increases credibility due to conducting audit
4 Part Time Trainers $120,000 Retention of skilled workforce
1 Admin $20,000
1 Trainer (Full Time) $60,000
2021- 2021-
Annual Internal Audit Fee $1,700 10% increase in students (61 Students)
Lease for Campus Premises $8,000 Increase in Market share 5%
2 Part Time Admin $40,000 Increases credibility due to conducting audit
4 Part Time Trainers $120,000 Retention of skilled workforce
1 Admin $20,000
1 Trainer (Full Time) $60,000