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In a restaurant  :

Waiter: Mesero
Waitress: Mesera


- We start the meal with it

- It is a small dish like:
Eggs, a soup or a salad

Main course
- It is bigger than an appetizer like:
meat, chicken or fish

- Extra food that you order in addition to your main meal, like:
Fries, mashed potatoes, vegetables or sea fruits

- Sweet food like:
Chocolate cake, ice-cream and pie

Cold drinks like: Lemonade, orange juice, soda, alcohol
(wine,whiskey, beer, vodka, champagne)-juice and iced tea
Hot drinks like: coffee, tea, hot chocolate.
Is another dish that is offered for a lower price, or for the same price but
with bigger portions usually we can find two types:
a- Catch of the day: includes fresh fish
b- Soup of the day

To ask for changes in your dish, cancelling an ingredient or replacing it
with another one. Usually it is with side dishes.

Types of dining:

1- Fine dining:
In expensive restaurants and usually needs reservations
2- Casual dining:
In restaurants where no reservation is needed, and you are able to have a
table and enjoy your meal
3- Fast food:
Quick and usually is taken out….Eat in or take away?

The waiter/waitress:

- Can/may I help you?

- How many are you?
- A party for ……….?= A group of ………..?
- Have you booked a table?
- Can I take your drink order? > usually waiters ask this question first to give you
time to think about you will order
- Here is the menu.
- Would you like something to wet your appetite?
- What would you like to start with? = Would you like a starter?
- Are you ready to order sir/ma’am/miss?
- What would you like to order?
- How would you like your meat/chicken/fish? (raw/medium/well-done)
- What kind of dressing would you like?
- What would you like to drink?
- Anything to drink sir/ma’am?
- Would you like dessert?
- Is everything alright?
- Did you enjoy your meal?

The customer:

- A table for ………. Please

- Can I have the menu please?
- What’s on the menu?
- What are the specials for today?
- What do you recommend?
- We are ready to order
- I’d like my meat/chicken/fish……………………
- Can I substitute the carrots with mashed potatoes?
- Could you bring me the check (bill) please?

Extra vocabulary:

Buffet = a meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves
Self-served = usually with buffet, as people serve themselves
Take-out = food that is cooked and prepared to be sold and eaten elsewhere
Toppings = a layer of food poured or spread over a different type of food to add flavor
Beverage = drink
Liquor = booze = alcohol
Busboy = a person who helps clean tables in restaurants
Dressing = liquid topping for salad
Tip = an amount of money given for good service
On the rocks = with ice
Patio = outside seating = terrace
Restrooms= washroom = toilets
Talking about taste:

Seasoning =>salt, herbs, or spices added to food to enhance the flavor

Sour => has an acid taste like: lemon

Salty => contains extra amount of salt

Spicy = hot => contains extra flavors of spices, like:

Bland=> lacks flavor and taste

Bitter ≠ Sweet

Delicious ≠ awful
Yummy ≠ yucky
appetizing ≠ disgusting

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