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An Open Letter to the

Prime Minister of Canada

and all Premiers
As a society, we have faced a threat like no other, COVID-19. And we are still dealing with it. Under the leadership of our
governments, we agreed to implement tough decisions to protect our health and safety. We shut down our schools, our
businesses, and our borders. We all made sacrifices and continue to adapt to this new reality.
Now, it seems, we are getting through the worst of it.
As we re-open, we are learning to live with the virus, not hide from it or from each other.
And, just like we are re-opening the front doors of our homes and businesses, we need to re-open the doors of our provinces,
territories – and our country.
The Canadian travel, tourism and hospitality sector employs 1.8 million people and contributes $102 billion to our economy.
It relies on the summer season to survive. As Canadians, we wait all year to travel during the summer. We need the summer.
Like you, we believe personal safety is critical. However, many of the travel restrictions currently in place are simply too broad
or unnecessary. Limitations on inter-provincial travel that restrict Canadians from freely exploring our country, should be
removed. Canadians should be free to travel across Canada.
We also need a more targeted approach to international travel. The mandatory 14-day quarantine and complete closure of our
country to all visitors from abroad is no longer necessary and is out of step with other countries across the globe. 
Not all countries and regions are risky, and we shouldn’t treat them as such. For international visitors, it’s time to mirror the
measured and safe approaches taken in other countries – like Germany, France, Italy and Australia, among many that have
started to re-open borders to safe countries.
Heightened hygiene and bio-safety measures are being adopted across travel and tourism in Canada to allow for safe travel,
with confidence.
It’s time to encourage Canadians and some visitors from abroad to explore our country this summer, to begin reuniting
friends and families, to allow important business travel to occur, and to get our employees working safely again.
It’s time our governments allow Canadians to travel freely.

It’s time.
Jo in th e m o v e m e n t w ith # t i m e t o t r a v e l

The Friends and Supporters of the
Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable

John Allard, President & General Manager, Fleury Carolyne Doyon, President & CEO North Roger Langille, President & CEO, Inland Charles Roberge, CEO, Swissport Canada
Michon America America, Club Med Technologies Canada Inc. Brian Robertson, President – Canada West
Bridgitte Anderson, President & CEO, Greater Gord Duke, President & CEO, Prince George Mark Laroche, President & CEO, Ottawa Region, Direct Travel
Vancouver Board of Trade International Airport Macdonald-Cartier Airport Authority Cecilia Rossos, President & Owner, CWT Victor
Shawn Ashton, President, Sportscorp Travel Jean-Marc Eustache, President & CEO, Transat Adam Legge, President, Business Council of Travel and Victours International
Howard August, EVP, Canadian Operations, Shelley Ewing, President & Partner, TierOne Calin Rovinescu, President & CEO, Air Canada
KAG Canada Travel Wesley Lesosky, Component President, Air Canada Deepak Ruparell, Owner/President, Silver Hotel
Component of CUPE
Deirdre Baxter, Corporate Partner, Forbes Travel, Jim Facette, Executive Director, Canada’s Group
Vancouver Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) Mark MacAlpine, President, AirTime Express Inc. Tom Ruth, President & CEO, Edmonton
Perrin Beatty, President & CEO, The Canadian Deborah Flint, President & CEO, Greater Toronto Lee Mainman, Partner, Vice President of Sales and International Airport
Chamber of Commerce Airports Authority Marketing, Bits In Glass Jean-Michel Ryan, CEO, Mont Sutton
Jacques Beauchamp, President & CEO, Petro-Nav Flemming Friisdahl, Owner & President, The Patrice Malo, President & Chief Operating Officer, Sam Samaddar, Airport Director, Kelowna
Inc. Travel Agent Next Door Station Mont Tremblant International Airport
Scott Beck, President & CEO, Tourism Toronto Beth Gardner, President & CEO, Custom Travel Fredrik Manse, President, EF Education First Steve Sammut, President & CEO, Rocky
Solutions Inc.
Kathy Bedell, Senior Vice President, Americas & Monique Mardinian, CEO & Founder, Voyages Mountaineer
Affiliate Program, BCD Travel Gary Gaudry, President, Maritime Travel Encore Travel Inc. Bob Sartor, President & CEO, Calgary Airport
Charlotte Bell, President & CEO, Tourism Zeina Gedeon, CEO,Travel Professionals Stephen Maybury, President & CEO, Saskatoon Authority
Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) International  International Airport Marc Savoie, Owner, Sportvac Plus Inc.
Kathryn Benn, President, K. Benn Travel Christiane Germain, Co-President, Germain David McKenna, President, Banff Jasper Mike Seabrook, President & CEO, London
Hôtels Collection by Pursuit
Marc Bibeau, President & CEO, OEC Group International Airport
Raymond Girard, Chief Client Officer, Bookmark Lynette McMann, Vice President
James Bogusz, President & CEO, Regina Arvin Shah, Chairman & CEO, Sky Bird Travel 
/ Spafax Group  Operations,Westcan Bulk Transport
International Airport Zulkifle Shaikhali, Owner, Uniglobe The Premiere
Daniel-Robert Gooch, President & CEO, Mike McNaney, President & CEO, National
Paul Burns, President & CEO, Canadian Gaming Travel Group
Canadian Airports Council (CAC) Airlines Council of Canada (NACC)
Association (CGA) Mark Shannon, President, Seaboard Liquid
Cheryl Green, Corporate Partner, Forbes Travel, Jamie Milton, Partner, Uniglobe Carefree Travel
Joyce Carter, President & CEO, Halifax Carriers
International Airport Authority Jules Molinari,Vice President, Canadian Fuelling John Shea, President & Chief Resorts Officer,
Clark Grue, Chair, Meetings Mean Business Operations, Menzies Aviation Fueling
Lydia Chen, President & CEO, InnVest Hotels Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Inc
Canada Danny Ng, CEO, Jade Travel Ltd.
Don Cleary, President, Marriott Hotels of Canada Daryl Silver, President, Continental Travel Group 
Susie Grynol, President & CEO, Hotel Association Joel Ostrov, President - Canada East Region,
Zita Cobb, Inn Keeper, Fogo Island Inn of Canada Ed Sims, President & CEO, WestJet
Direct Travel
Ken Colangelo, President & Managing Director, Reetu Gupta, President & CEO, The Gupta Group Danny Sitnam, President & CEO, Helijet
Steve Paccagnan, President & CEO, Panorama
Gate Gourmet Canada & The Easton’s Group Mountain Resort Derrick Stanford, President & CEO, Saint John
Maxime Cretin, General Manager, Station Mont Yan Hamel, President & CEO, Croisières AML International Airport
Sam Patel, Director, Airnets International
Ste-Anne Serge Harnois, CEO, Harnois Energies Inc RJ Steenstra, President & CEO, Fort McMurray
Wendy Paradis, President of the Association of
Vito Curalli, Executive Director, International International Airport
Alison Hickey, President, Kensington Tours Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA)
Sales & Industry Relations, Hilton Worldwide Jonathan Stent-Torriani, CEO, Newrest
John Holmes, President, AAR Canada Holdings Russell Payson, Chairman of the Board, Sky
Yuvraj Datta, President, Skylink Travel Group ULC Regional Airlines Inc Claude St-Pierre, General Manager, Tours
Greg D’Avignon, President & CEO, Business Chanteclerc
Stephen Hunter, CEO & President, Sunwing Alexandra Pelts, President, YYZ Travel Group
Council of BC Travel Group Allan Sum, President, Mandarin Holidays
Paul Pinchbeck, President & CEO, Canadian Ski
Alexandre De Juniac, Director General & CEO, Grant Hurrle, Corporate Partner, Forbes Travel, Council  Ehud Telem, President & CEO, Peerless Travel
IATA Vancouver Laurent Plourde, Président, Groupe Voyages Joane Tetreault, President & CEO, Skylink Voyages
Janet De Silva, President & CEO, Toronto Region Goldy Hyder, President & CEO, Business Council Québec 
Board of Trade Andrew Torriani, President & CEO, Ritz-Carlton,
of Canada Stéphane Poirier, President & CEO, Quebec City Montreal
Robert Deluce, Executive Chairman, Porter Robert Iasenza, President, FSM Group Jean Lesage International Airport 
Airlines Peter Truong, Owner, Big Ben Travel
Sam S Jain, CEO, Fareportal Inc. Mark Pollack, President & CEO, Sage Parts
Frank DeMarinis, President & CEO, Travel Rita Tsang, Founder and Chairman, Tour East
Brands Chippy Jegathesan, CEO, Voyzant Rocky Racco, CEO, TTI Travel Holidays
Nick Di Donato, President & CEO, Liberty Monica Johnstone, President, Uniglobe Travel Philippe Rainville, President & CEO, Aéroports de Jeffrey Verman, CEO, Plus Travel Group
Entertainment Group Innovations Montréal Lena Watters, President, Airbase Services, Inc.
Jerry Dias, National President, Unifor Stéphane Jussiaume, Directeur Ventes & Joseph Randell, President & CEO, Chorus Catherine Wei, CEO, Compass Holidays
Opérations, GHL Transport Aviation Inc
Geoff Dickson, President & CEO, Victoria Jeff Willner, CEO, Travel Edge
International Airport David Keith, President, SDK Tek Services Ltd. Barry Rempel, President & CEO, Winnipeg
Richardson International Airport Reg Wright, President & CEO, Gander
Yves-Thomas Dorval, President & CEO, Conseil Han Koren, President, ASAP Secured Inc. International Airport
du Patronat du Québec Don Renshaw Jr., Owner/CEO, Renshaw Travel
Frédéric Lalonde, Founder & CEO, Hopper Ltd. Ivy Yeung, CEO, Royal Scenic
Patrick Doyle, Vice President & General Manager, Yves Lalumiere, President & CEO, Tourisme
American Express Global Business Travel Canada Craig Richmond, President & CEO,Vancouver
Montreal Airport Authority