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MCA (Revised)

Term-End Practical Exarnination

|une, 2009 00162


T i m ea l l o w e d : 2 h o u r s Maximum Marks : 50

Note : Thereare two parts GINIX and DBMS) in this paper. Eachpart is for L hour
as yet.
duration. Attempt only that part(s) in which you are not successful


Note : Ansnterthefollowing questions.Thty carry 2A marksand the aiaa-aoceis for 5 marks.

1. Write and executethe UNIX commands for the following : 5xL=5

(u) To display the login details of the user.
(b) To display the inode number of a file.
(.) To display only the sizes of the files in the current directory.
(d) To determine the type of the file.
(") To sort the files by their accesstime from the latest to the old.

2. Write a shell script to split the given text file into two equal divisions 1-5
(w.r.t the no. of lines) and redirect the contents to two different files namely
fle, and filrz.

MCSL-045/ S4 P.T.O.

Note : Answer thefottowing questions.Theycilrry 20 ma*s and the aiaa-aoceis for 5 marks. l
l. Createa SOCIStable with the fields : L0
Programme-Code, Programme title, No-of-Students-Enrolled, Year-of-Start,
No-of-Activation-Centres, No-of-Credits, No_of_Semesters,Programme_Coordinator
SelectProgramme-Code as the primary k"y. Insert L0 meaningful records. Also write
the queries for the following :
(u) Modify the table by inserting another field called "Practicals IY /N]" and
"TYPE_of_Programme lC/B / MJ" .
(b) From the table display the programme-codes with the highest enrollments and
least enrollments respectively.

2. Write a trigger that will be fired whenever an insertion or update occurs on the SOCIS

3. Write a procedure that takes the YeaLof-Start as input and display all the prograrnrne
details activated in that specific year.


MCSL-045/ 34 2,00a