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Women should not be allowed to drive

I would like to propose three arguments on why women should not be allowed to drive.

For the first argument I want to bring up an interesting fact that up until June 2018, Saudi
Arabia was the only country in the world where women were forbidden to drive cars. Their
reasoning behind the ban was that women who drive could damage their ovaries and pelvis,
which, in a result would have negative effects on their ability to bear children. And surely we
cannot let this happen. Women should not be ripped off their only role for existing in the
world, they should be safe and give birth to future generations.

Another argument concerns the spatial awareness. Several studies suggest that men are
statistically better at judging space than women. This is an essential part of driving as it
allows you to park, filter through traffic and make split decisions about whether that gap is
actually big enough. In order to prove this, youtube comes in handy. There are several
hilarious videos of women drivers who attempt to park their cars, and fail miserably each

And the final argument for not allowing women to drive that I would like to mention is
certainly be the makeup issue. It is obvious that women cannot help but to apply their makeup
while driving because they don’t have time to do it at home. Such irresponsible behaviour
should be banned, as not only is it dangerous for other drivers and pedestrians, but we should
also take into consideration the fact that makeup could be ruined, and we cannot let women
look hideous after a reckless driving, don’t you agree?

And on that note, I would like to conclude my presentation. Thank you.

- Men spend an average of 260 hours per year driving, compared with 208 hours
for women, a survey shows.