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Friday 14th May 2010

29 Jumady AlAwwal 1431
ALHUDA this issue
Spiritual Disease…  Spiritual Disease—
and its Cure..…….1

S piritual
eases are common and
and ITS  Our World………..………….…...2
 It’s all about Teamwork...…3
 Trivia ‘l HUDA: Quiz 4….3

vary in type, so it is
important to be aware ome people claim
that man has no  Sisters’ Page:
over his actions an control
of the different ways d has no free will,
and that
It’s Time…….…...4
he is therefore co
in which one can be This is the devian mpelled to comm
t doctrine of jabr (pr it sins.
spiritually deceived distorted sense). edestination in a
and thus deviated Some people are de
Others believe in ceived by their lov
the false notion of scholars and pious e for the poor, the
from the Straight which defines fai Irja’, a doctrine people, so they vis
th as a state of be and seek their int it their graves
Path. without attaching lie f in the heart, ercession, instead
any importance SWT! of turning to Allah
to one’s actions
This is an edited (religious obligations). The Murji’
the ah (those who ad Some people are
translation of an arti- doctrine of Irja’) cla opt deceived by reaso
im that the testimon ning that when Al-
its own is enough y of faith on lah SWT Punishes
cle by the great Imam to enter Paradise,
and so they con-
his slave, this does
not add anything
sider that the faith to His Sovereignty,
Ibn AlQayyim RA on of the most corrupte and that when He
the faith of the an d person is like this does not red SWT is Merciful,
this matter… gels! In contrast, uce anything from
of Faith is defined the true definition they falsely conclud His Kingship. So
by Ahl AlSunnah e by saying: “I am
the belief in the he wal Jama’ah as: Mercy, and Allah in need of Allah’s
art, the testimony SWT is the Riches
by the tongue, an of faith declared tute person were t of all. If any des
d actions by the lim in need of drinking ti-
fies that there is no bs (i.e . one testi- the owner of the we water from a well,
god worthy of wo ll would not deny
and that Muhamm rship but Allah, SWT is the Most Ge him so, and Allah
ad is the Messenger nerous of all His Cr
ing in this testim of Allah; believ- giveness would no eation. His For-
ony with his heart t decrease His sover
this belief in actio ; an d manifesting Punishment would eignty, while His
ns, by performing not add anything to
kat and Sadaqah, Salah, giving Za- be forgiven and it, therefore I will
fasting Ramadan, not punished.” Th
one is able, and so performing Hajj if whole purpose of ey forget that the
on). their existence on
test from Allah SW this earth is as a
T, and that they wil
at a person’s
able for all their ac be held account-
c o u ld it b e th tions, and will su
bs equently be re-

Ho w g
warded or punishe
d by their Creator
of their meetin
he art is c ert a in
th e ir L o rd .. .yet they insist
g A ll a h S W T ’s Commands

In the sa
SWT, while
93). The co
and Prohibitio



so me people ar
e Qur’an. For
terpreting ve
ng of this vers
e deceiv
rses like: “V
e is that
and turn to

less understa



lely on the M
rgives all sins
forgives the
their error. In
ercy of Al h
,” (AzZumar,
sins of those
deed, Disb
ed it if an
d w


f is
he n
The Winners of the last
Trivia ‘l HUDA Quiz were:
Farman Ali and Waleed Bukhari
Well done!
er el y an d fully to Him th os e wh o have committ w ho do
repent sinc rgives ed at thos e
SWT only Fo e was direct
n, and Allah e, if the vers ment
the greatest si Fu rt he rm or taili ng the punish
pe nt an d tu rn to Islam. xt s co nf irm ing and de
they re sin then all te So, if fasting the
d continue to month of Ramada
not repent an abrogated. ched with good faith ca n
ould become e reward atta n expiate minor sin
for sinners w r m is in te rp retation of th nt h day if one avoids comm s
ived by thei hura (the te itting any major sin
le, so m e pe ople are dece pl e fa st in g the day of As ns of the then how could ,
Meanwhi good deeds,
for exam r all the si fasting one volun
m in g ce rt ain y of As hu ra expiates fo th ey ha ve day (Ashura) expia tary
to perfor ting the da g that day te for all major sin
ar ra am ). Th ey say: “Fas th ey th in k that by fastin e pr es cr ibed committed by a
person who did
of Muh therefore g the fiv
(a s in th e hadeeth) and t kn ow is that performin g th e da y of repent for them?
This is undoubted
year,” hat they do no d than fast in
en ou gh ! W te r in re w ar impossible, for All ly
done more th
an is grea
of Ramadan ah SWT said: “If
er s an d fa st ing the month avoid the major
sins which you
pray are
forbidden to do, We
Ashura. shall Forgive your
minor sins,” (AnN
isa’, 31). (cont. nex
page) t
AlHuda: Issue 4 Page 2

A nother deception so
spiritual misguida
rantly rely on a misin
SAWS, when he rep
Servant thinks good
me people fall into,
nce and disease, is
terpretation of the
orted that Allah SW
which leads to
that they igno-
hadeeth of the Pro
T Said: “I am as
How could it be tha
with their Lord, an
where they are, and
t a person’s heart is
d that Allah SWT
eflect on this point:
certain of their meetin
hears their words,
of Me. So he may thi My knows their secrets
likes,” (AlBukhari, nk of Me whatever before Him (on the , and that they will sta
Muslim and others he Day of Judgment) to nd
that one can comm ). They think this me deeds, yet they ins be asked about all
it sins and ignore ans ist on transgressio their
a good opinion of obligations, but ha Commands and Pro n and ignoring All
Allah SWT and the ve hibitions, while pre ah’s
fact, nothing can be

There is no doubt
the principle of Ihs
that a good opinio
an (perfection in
refore be forgiven.
further from the tru

n of Allah relates

“ As for the wrong-
doer who persists in
tending to think of
Lord in a good wa

s e l f -
y? This is

SWT), for the Muhsi worshipping Allah de-
worship of Allah) ha
n (the one who exe
rts perfection in his committing sins...
s a good opinion of
that He would Rewa his Lord and belie ception
rd him for his cons ves and self-delusion.
perfect his worship. tant, sincere ques
t to
Abu Umamah Sahl
bin Haneef RAA sai
As for the wrongd “D uring the illness of d:
oer who persists the Messenger of Al-
continued presence in committing sin
in the world of sin s, his lah SAWS, Aishah
s and unlawfulne RAA had six or sev
prevents him from ss dinars which he ordered en
having a good op her to distribute, bu
Hasan AlBasri RA inion of His Lord. t she was busy car-
said: “A believer ha Al- ing for him SAWS. He the
s a good opinion of n asked her what had
Lord, so he perfects His six or seven dinars. Wh happened to the
his work. A wrongd en she replied that
ion of his Lord, so oer has a poor opin- about she had done nothing
he goes about his them because she ha
Those who have a work in an evil mann d been busy caring
poor opinion of the er.” for the m, and placing them for him , he called
Him SWT, and the ir Lord are distant in his hand, he said,
y are consequentl fro m All ah’ s Prophet be thinking “W ha t would
they think nothing y under His Curse if he were to meet All
of His Commands , for and Glo riou s while possessing ah , wh o is Great
how could such pe and Prohibitions. Ind these?” (AtTirmithi
ople have a good ee d, If thi s is the condition of the gre an d Ah mad).
when they have all opinion of their Lo wil atest of this nation
ied themselves wit rd l the op pre ssors and great sin , the n wh at
(His Enemies)? Th h unrepentant sin ners think of Allah
ey deny Allah’s Att ners they meet Him with all SWT when
ributes (claiming tha their acts of injustice
SWT does not Co t He ?
mmand, Forbid, Ta Wh oev
has already Affirm lk, etc.) which He er ponders well ove
ed to Himself. He SWT r this matter knows
SWT said about the of the Lord is the wa that thinking good
“That thought of yo m: y to perfect one’s de
urs which you tho mi ts him eds. Indeed, one com
has brought you ug ht about your Lord, sel f to perfect his act -
to destruction, an ions, because one
those utterly lost,” d you have becom opinion of his Lord: has a good
(Fussilat, 23). Their e of tha t He wo uld Accept these go
thinking that Allah Reward for them ac od deeds and
does not know abou SWT cordingly.
t their deeds is in its Pr ovi
of Him, which would elf their poor opinion ded by Abdullah Ali
ultimately lead to the
ir destruction.
us that with in
Allah SWT tells ra lity and
rioration in mo
corruption, dete eri alism , there
cus on mat
an amplified fo t ca lam itie s and
will be more death
, producing large
natural disasters e tri bula-
ies. Yet, thes
tolls and casualt g ad m on ition
e as stron
tions also serv wi th op en he arts
O K E . A SH . an d wa rning for those
ERUPTION. in northern Europe comes and minds.
al l na tio n t some people
A volc an o on a sm
to life. or eo ve r, they may affec
oke M ough they may
of ic e. Molten lava, sm d no t others, even th
An explosion m and ash pour out.
a riv er an that Iceland itself
se it is in teresting to note anAl-
whelmin g. place. In th is ca of Europe. Subh
be llo w s fo rt h. Engulfing. Over ud of be liv ing in the same tra ffi c cri sis as much as the rest e Al l-W ise ).
Ash a large clo the air keem’ (th
a re lat ive ly small eruption,etres above, then wa s not affected by Ha ka m ’ (th e Ev er Just) and ‘Al Ha ll- kn own
Though the air several
kilom truly ‘Al ills. In a we
smoke boils in in a pre-determined directio
n. lah, Allah SWT is er cy to th os e whom He W so -a nd -so ’s
sends His M to “water
St ra nd ed pa ssengers. Huge In de ed, Allah SWT ice in th e sk y ordering a cloud
r flights.
Jeopardised ai financial losses. heard a vo
Hadeeth, a man the owner of th
is gar-
d m ot io nle ss , fro ze n, un -
ga rd en .” ally su rp ris ed , the man found di d wh ich war-
d science st an ellation atur was that he
Te ch no lo
able to interven
gy an

nightmare or pr ed ict

e recent Icelan
vi ng
e in the evol long it will last.
flig ht

d volcano
ca nc

eru pt
few weeks. Man
ion ha N
s been the
y Muslim
den, and aske
ranted su
the Heavens. Th
e harvest in char

di ble
at it
reward – his nam
e garden replied
ity, took a third
e called t in
that he always ga
for him se lf

an d

he reality of th es in th e pa st to a third of th .
rous articl relation nted the final th
subject of nume t, particularly in family, then repla purifying our
ha ve sp ok en ab out this inciden le is a su mm ar y of ek in g His Pleasure by
scholars Th is ar tic T an d se in eve-
can be learnt fro
m it.
In obeying Allah
SW ran and Sunnah
the lessons that an d st riv ing to adhere to the Qu Hi s Bl es sin gs and
m m en ts and advice. intentions w ill ce rtainly send
some scho lar s’ co
rything we do,
Allah SW T and follow our
Ru m : 
َ (
َ rly , if we disobey Him
Allah SWT says in
Su ra t Ar
‫ ا
َْ ّ وَا‬$ِ% ‫َ ُد‬'

ْ ‫ا‬ َ
Bounties upon
us . Sim ila , He will Send us


ِ ِ

‫ا‬ ‫
َْ!ْ ِ َِ آَََْ َأِْي‬ by se ek ing worldly pleasures
‫ ا
ِي‬ e evil) that
whims and de sir es
َ ُ ِ*ْ َ َُْ َ
ْ‫َُِ ا‬
‫ن‬ sea because of (th nt. next page)
pe ar ed on lan d and and in the Gi ve s th em a taste of His Torment. (co
Mischief has ap in th is wa y (A lla h)
n have earned, Evil). (ArRum, V.
the hands of me th at th ey m ay turn back (from
eds, so
some of their de
Page 3
So we need to prepa
re ourselves as Allah
, [Truly]..there is no Baqarah; SWT tells us in Surat
at AtTawbah verse 118 Al-
As Allah SWT says in Sur
no refuge) but to Him. ِ‫َاُنِ َ ُأوِْ ا ََْب‬
‫ِن ََْ اادِ اَْى و‬
fleeing from Allah (and  ‫ﻤﻠﹾ‬ ‫ﻻ‬
 ‫ﻤ‬ ‫ﺠَﺄ‬ ‫ﱠ‬ َ ‫وَ ََودُو ْا‬
‫ﻪ ِﺇ ﱠ‬ ‫ﻥ ﺍﻝﹼﻠ‬
‫ﻪ‬ ‫ﻻ ِﺇﹶﻝﻴ‬
. It has highlighted And take provision (w
s taught us many lessons ith
The Iceland volcano ha as the weakness of you for the journey of
of Allah SWT, as well
the Power and Might es. It also shows us that Life), but the best of
pite our tec hnological advanc
manki nd des Blessings and Mercy sions is taqwa (God co
Torment as well as His n-
Allah SWT’s Trials and the only way to sciousness and correc
om He Chooses, and t con-
come when and to wh m His Displeasure duct). So fear Me, O
save ourselves fro you who
and gain his are wise! (AlBaqarah
, 197)
Mercy is We need to use eve
nts like
to return these as turning po
ints in our
to Him in lives: to purify our
repentance well as leave all tha and deeds as
t may dis-
and obedi- seeking knowledge of please Allah SWT;
to start
our Deen – both Quran
ence. to start a new way of and Sunnah, in order
life that is adherent
SWT and His Prophe to the teachings of All
t SAWS. ah
May Allah SWT Guide
Muslims across the
Him and Protect us all world to what Please
from His Displeasure s
and in the Hereafter and Torment in this
– Aameen. life

1. NZ’s hottest ever temperature was recorded in this town in 1973—which town was
Answers to
it and what was the temperature?
Quiz 3:
2. Who was meant in the verse: < ‫( >أن
ء ا‬Surat ‘Abasa V. 80:2)? 1) Ethiopia
2) Huthayfah Ibn
3. In which Surah is Lafz AlJalalah (the word Allah) mentioned in every single verse ? man AlYa-

4. What did Sulaymaan AS do to surprise the Queen of Sheba (Saba’)? 3) The Kuffaar in
offered sharing wQuraysh
with the Prophet orship
5. Complete the following Suduko number square: (every row, column and square minigrid; there are 9 SAWS
minigrids—shown in RED; must contain the numbers 1 through 9) 4) Umar Ibn AlKh
RAA attaab

Answers can be emailed directly to: or written 5)

on a separate paper (Suduko square must be copied and completed), along with
Name, Contact Number, and Email Address, into the labelled box in the
mosque foyer; no later than Thursday 20th May. Winners will be notified by
email/text and announced after Juma’a on Friday 21st May.
The Winner* receives a $20 Whitcoulls Gift Voucher, along with a Certificate.
*ALL Questions must be answered correctly
Page 4


By a Dunedin Sister hands. Our main pur-
self res pec t. Our own self respect is in our f,
t is tim e for we do. Respecting onesel

I pose in
one’s fam
tainly bring the pleasure
ah SWT in every action
of Allah SWT.
ity are indeed great act

que cle aning

s of worshi

day. It was indeed

p that cer

very sad to

ter s’ in such a
Recently, we had the sis in the sight of Allah SWT -
t bel oved place
see the Masjid - the mos had been de- serted for
Take the foy er for instance. It seemed as if it the place
state. nny, and
re were spider webs lur king in every nook and cra
years. The n, we found
with dust. In the kitche
was grotesquely carpeted e agar plates in
in mould, as if they wer
plates and cups covered
a lab…

“ It seemed as if it
had been deserted
for years...

e felt a de
der why this
ep sadness…
was the case
It made us
… Why, as
won- we use it? Wh
hy do
y do we rely
to tidy up
on a small
the Masjid
it so diffi-
W do we not ta a and sister numb er
our Masjid, ke more prid s to clean of brot hers
which is no e in the Masjid?
where we al t only a pl Why do we no
l come toge ace Our be lo t ca re?
our Creator, ther to reme ved Prophet
but also a mber and wo Muhammad SA
Islam in Du place which rship in the Si WS said: “
nedin? gh t of Alla The best pl
represents h SWT are th aces
e Masajid (M
So my dear osques).”
Self-respec sisters and
t and pride make our Ma brothers, le
in our community sjid a spec t us work to
thing that is some- whic ial place gether to
we as Muslim h for
Masjid cert s se em to sorely la embr ac es our multicul ever yo ne … A place
ainly deserv ck. Our repres tural Muslim
deserves ou es better ents our be co mmun ity, and
r respect an treatment: autiful reli
d ca it light to gion in th
be achieved re, but before th e wider co e best possib
, we must ha this can Muslim mmunity of le
ve self-resp s. both Muslim
ect... s and nonn- -
It is time
for us to
our communit attain self
Muslim University Students’ y, and our -respect fo
prove the ap Masjid. It r ourselves,
pe ar an ce is time for
Dunedin, New Zealand of our Masj us to im-
We can do it id.
AlHuda Mosque
… And ensh
21 Clyde St, Dunedin aAllah, we wi
Phone: (03) 477 1838
ll do it.
Fax: (03) 477 1840
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