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Exhibition Committee

Datu Rosmadi Datu Sulai
General Manager of Sabah Cultural Board

Vice Chairman
Y.Bhg. Datuk Mohd. Yaman Hj. Ahmad Mus
Director of Sabah Art Gallery

Jennifer P. Linggi
Launched by
Curator of Sabah Art Gallery

Sabah Art Gallery Staff

Miss Eva Anani Baggal Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ilyas Ibrahim
Mdm Florence Miller Mayor of Kota Kinabalu City
Mdm Lailawaty Jamrin
Mr. Ahmad Sharil
Mr. Julin Dau
Mr. Roslan Saperi
Mr. Medi Lambahid 6 January 2011
Mr. Joas Tumuuh Sabah Art Gallery , Sabah Museum
Mr. Jainin Pedin
Mr. Jacklist Gusting
Mdm Martina Monuit
Mdm Narisah Satai

Special Thanks Organised by

Adam Jamal, Anddy Romeo Dulait, Crig Roynno Francis @ Cracko
Donald Abraham @ Donald Dog, Harlod Peter
Ir wan Awang, Kwan @ Aks, Lybby Illyas
Ng Man Keong @ 5MK, Suparno Sapar @ Phey

Stephanie Estolas, Borneo Colours, IKS Graphic,

Jackiril, CKCC, Amantika, Awang Fadilah, Jainal Amambing,
Yusof Gajah, Red Troops and all the people out there who supported our cause
in improving the local art scene. Ministry of T ourism, Sabah Art Gallery
Culture & Environment Sabah Sabah Cultural Board
“Thank you all for the support! ”
Over the past year, I have had the privilege to meet many interesting local artists, and this
exhibition - The New ‘V’ – highlights the work of some of the avant garde amongst them.

The ‘V’ of the title apparently signifies attributes such as; Vision, Vitality and Versatility.
The “New V” exhibition is an exciting collection of works of ten contemporary young
artists - Adam Jamal, Anddy Romeo Dulait, Crig Roynno Francis, Donald Abraham,
Harlod Peter, Ir wan Azman A wang , Lybby Illyas, Kazat Keong, Aks Kwan and Suparno Sapar.

These artists with their diverse backgrounds explore a wide range of media and styles,
from canvas to graffiti, cartoons to animation, t-shirt design to toys. Much of their Supar no Sapar @ Phey
output represents a fusion of Western and Asian cultures. In their desire to share their Graffiti/ Clothing Label/ Graphic Design
unique individual stories, the artists have drawn inspiration from people and events close
to them. They are visual storytellers with individual styles and techniques serve to
Phey , real name Suparno Sapar hails from
expand the definition of our culture. Labuan and moved to the K ota Kinabalu
at the age of 16. A true graffiti artist, Phey
Although this is the first time the group has exhibited with the Sabah Art Gallery, they are spray cans and airbrushes.
no strangers to the art scene. Individually, collectively , they have been involved in
numerous projects including the creation of comics (notably; Kwan’s joint publication with LAT Phey also is also the creator of KK Luv
and the co-founder of LSW|KKLUV .
of Image Comic, Liquid City, Vol 2), the production of street art (painting columns at the old
His company Lytle Street Wear Enterprise
welfare building site on Jalan Hj. Saman in Kota Kinabalu), and the completion of mural is one of KK’s urban-hip clothing line producer.
paintings of various organisations.
Being in a dynamic group, it took Phey and
Portraying as it does, a vast array of styles and formats – fine art, surrealism, outsider art, his friends 10 years to build their brand and
naive art, 3D art, pop art, multimedia animation, comic and graffiti art - I hope this exhibition style. Phey debut his work at the recent
Labuan ’s Art Festival in 2010.
will encourage visitors to ponder the established notion of Sabahan contemporarist and its
role in our lives . It is my particular wish that the younger viewers find inspiration from
the work on view and use it as a springboard for their own creative endeavours.

Jennifer P. Linggi

Sabah Art Gallery

Sabah Cultural Board
P ronounced in words it’s almost lik e ‘newbie’. It is the first time a group of artists grouped together
for an art exhibition under the Sabah Art Gallery , one can say that they are “newbie” in the art gallery.

The V to the “New- V has a ver y broad meaning. It could be Vision, View, V oice, V ulgar, V ivid, Vast,
and so on, it depends to an individual’s interpretation.

Kwan says that ‘ V ’, is victory for outsider art styles finally getting the interest of the public.

New V ’s main purpose is to give an alternative perspective of art and promoting it, since urbane concepts has
always been an appealing topic.

The group hope that in the future more creative people will step up and promote expressive art themes.

6th January 2011 (Thursday)

Sabah Art Gallery, Sabah Museum
Ng Man Keong @ 5MK
G raphic Artist & Animation Student 9.00am
Arrival of guess

Keong, 20, currently a student at 9.15am

Sabah Institute of Arts (SIA). Keong’s first Arrival of Yang Mulia Datu Rosmadi Datu Sulai
debut is at the Cracko’s beautification General Manager of Sabah Cultural Board
project, the site of the former land and
survey building. 9.30am
Keong aspires to become a comic
Arrival of Honourable Guest
artist someday following his uncle’s YB Datuk Ilyas Ibrahim
footstep, Aks Kwan. Mayor of Kota Kinabalu City
Being one of the youngest members of the Cracko
Certificate presentation
Art Group, Kazat has already created a diversed of
developed comic characters. He is into other
creative works as well; Lomography and graffiti. Exhibition tour

Light refreshments

ceremony ends--
Adam Jamal Irwan Azman Awang
Artist Illustrator

. Irwan Awang, 29, prefers to call himself
Credits to his uncle, mother he was exposed to
y ! !#
       # #!
labels in South East Asia and on other parts
 !   (    )!  
* + !  ..!/ '  13
A fan of Dato Lat, Carravagio and Simon Birch, *#%  . 4   !4
 " #  $       ! 4  
Karya Undangan, Bakat-Bakat Baru ’07
Kartun & Komik ‘07, Karya Undangan ’08 all events (     
%#'     )!
! !   
Harlod Peter Ringgingon Anddy Romeo Dulait
Freelance Designer / College Lecturer @ ND Angelus

Harlod Peter Ringgingon, 24, is an English

language lecturer at The Yayasan Sabah
!  !!6 *G +G  J 
designer.    +G !#
Most of his works has been featured at on his art works.
. (; < => 
and won reviews at The Star and Breeze Magazine.  +GN # 
=O# QN!4  !! 6
His works are inspired by Kenny Chuah,  !Q   !
. !? @<.    V!  N"  .F  
% F;     F%4
building in Kota Kinabalu.
Being a pioneer in his work Harlod’s hopes in
 #!# 3 +G !3!
industry players and produce vinyl versions of  %( !! 
his work.  ! 
Crig Roynno Francis @ Cracko Donald Abraham
Artist / Designer @ Donald Dog

Crig Roynno Francis,32, is a freenlance

graphic designer and artist. Cracko is the founder
of the Cracko Art Group. The group aims to Donald Abraham is an established Malaysian
 ' #GG  
to showcase local talents. career as a painter started out when he was
  W '3
His notable works, most oftenly controversial,
are the publications of Crackozine in 2001.
it went on for two years but stopped cause it was ;
critized over its contents. and trained and showcased his works at
'3N   /@ G
He is also the project leader for the wall painting project ! WW  
held at the former land and survey building in !    
Kota Kinabalu.

A self funded project aimed at beautifying the

abandoned site. It won local paper reviews, state
interest and now a sight for photographers
and tourists visit.