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Buffer- A device or an area of a computer that temporarily stores data that is being

transferred between two machines that process data at different rates, such as a computer
and a printer.

Real time- The time required for a computer to solve a problem, measured from the time
data are fed in to the time a solution is received.

N-tuple - an ordered set of n elements.

The firing rule- it indicates under which conditions a transition may fire, and what the
effect of the firing is on the marking.

Deterministic- causally determined and not subject to random chance.

 Differential equation- An equation that expresses a relationship between functions and

their derivatives or an equation containing differentials or derivatives of a function of one
independent variable.

Field notes- it refer to various notes recorded by scientists during or after their
observation of a specific phenomenon they are studying.

Immersive- providing information or stimulation for a number of senses, not only sight
and sound.

Wireframe- An umbrella term for a general outline of some structure. For example, the
rough design of Web pages may be called wireframes.

Metadata -Information about information; more specifically, information about the

meaning of other data.
Cross-disciplinary- it refers to knowledge that explains aspects of one discipline in
terms of another. Common examples of cross-disciplinary approaches are studies of the
physics of music or the politics of literature.

Gut instinct – It is something that's almost subconscious that grabs a human and tells
him to react in a certain way to a situation.

Tool box -- A set of precompiled routines for use in writing new programs.

Value Proposition -- A business or marketing statement that summarizes why a consumer

should buy a product or use a service. 

Trackball-- an electronic device consisting of a rotatable ball in a housing used to position the
cursor and move images on a computer screen. (Housing-esthan).

Tracking cursor-- A cross displayed on the screen of a video terminal which automatically
follows a light pen which is used to draw pictures or select menu options.

Default --an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified.

Throw it over the wall -- it is business slang for completing your part of a project
and then offering it to the next group. This phrase is usually said when there is little
communication between two groups.

Cyclomatic complexity (or conditional complexity)-- it is a software metric (measurement). It

directly measures the number of linearly independent paths through a program's source code.