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KINDERGARTEN WINTER PACKET Sx \ f 2012-2013 x The purpose of this packet is to help students maintain skills learned so far this year and continue to build and maintain skills and strategies over break. Please complete all pages, as this will be counted as a grade. Please reinforce neatness in handwriting and coloring. Also, please remember to utilize proper pencil grip. Students should log on to SuccessMaker and ixl as often as possible. THE DUE DATE FOR THE WINTER PACKET IS. WEDNESDAY JANUARY 9™, 2013. NO EXCEPTIONS! Directions: Say the picture name. Listen to the beginning sound, Write the beginning letter. & ohEP Eads Noma == Blending (A, T, B, C) Directions: Slide your finger along the arrow. Read each word. Draw a line from the word tthe: picture. cat ---. Name ee FP Blending Directions: Practice these sight words. the was here Directions: Read the sentence. Draw a picture. The cat was at bat. The cab was here. Bieag ard ogn woe Name Rhyming Words Say the names of the pictures in each row. Color the pictures that have rhyming names. ee aig Blending Directions: Read the words. Draw a picture. wet rag fox and a hen fat cat einen intel red can hot rod pigs in a pen i "Proce Conreton—Grade knant2a9 pads ‘rermmeriapraiven son Blending (0, X, H, P) Directions: Slide your finger along the arrow. Read each word. Draw a picture for each word. | box pig | hat bib top ax Color-A-Rhyme Instructions: Say the two words aloud. If the words rhyme, color them, Ifthe words do not rhyme, put an X on the word pair. mice rice a a | {12m nes 8 Sg pr int LEAT + Ot weet | 7 Reading Directions: Use a completely filled circle to show what does not belong in each group. [oan Ome Om 2. Odes @ Onn GE Oat fh 8. Octar Bf Owason £5 0 vito G8 4. O tree & Orower & Otamp 5. © boot raat Ocslove 5% 0 apple ) 6. O car a Otnck GBIF O die G2 7. Otable Fig O desk G2 Oiler @ 9. O cow TA. O elephant g2357 O bird & 10.0 pencil go O scissors ys O crayons EP 14 Recognize the Differences sor tet mas Copter 3 Lesson Nee enrich Sets of Nests testa ¥ CAI 3 x wy Aico , a Wes dy * < “else Cul T. oe oe EEE Peeters and Seeeeaereeereer tie mee ~ O SEP Coie Ba, ‘a> Si CS od make 10. DIRECTIONS Coun ihe oggs in each nes. Gilet nests so you hove 10 gs {nol Wit he numte of eggs each nat hat you cod 26 ert Chopter3,Leson 3 Name at a Enrich Missing Hopscotch Ramos ae oe DIRECTIONS 1-2, The hopscotch games ore missing numbers, White he rmbors hat exe missing, es 27 Grote hopter 3, tesant¥ Name pee eee Totem Poles to the 10th ay Pe eT DIRECTIONS Stata he word fs och te, 1. Marken Xen the tied tem. Gio te ninth oten. 2. Morkon Xn he seventh ot. Cirle he nth oem, ‘3. Moran Xone fst tote. Cle he eecond oem Mark anXon the fourth tote. Cee fit ote, e28 Name —_ ae Pea DIRECTIONS Tho fort mals won! pay wih each oer. Count nw ‘bow many armas rein och group. Then el how many buses in elon how ctiomarksincl 9 oom Copter esson2 eee Evie Name Adding Beads mea [DIRECTIONS 1. How many beads? Trove the sumbers to mexe an akon ‘Sentence, 2-¥, row sore beods in one color. Use cnatar colo Yo erow sore ‘ere beac. Coun and wie how many ofeach eoier bead. Wie how mony boaisinal 530 coir Chpter Lesson TR ats sseballllieiii >is How Many in All? mares DIRECTIONS 1-3. Wit how mony in ach group. Gtle he umber tht shows how may al ea. rie Name eM meaner Addition Math aoe te GOGO eeee 2 GOO eee6 9 00060 t @ @ e@@ it eeeeee [DIRECTIONS 1-4, Witehow many in each eouo. Wt how mon in al. 2 rote hopter Lesson 5 Nome. eee Erich Pet Store Addition mace DIRECTIONS 1-9, Each group of anima has wo groups. Count and write the numberof ‘eoch group of animals. Compete he odton sentence towne how many ermess no woe 33 Grok Chapter Lesson 6 kien Name pee Counting in the Sand Stet DIRECTIONS 1-2. raw seuhelin the sonst tl an adn story. Wie ‘nodctionserenee to show how many seashell BH Grote Chapter Lesson 7 Nomen Erich Separating Sharks nnn DIRECTIONS 1-2. The shorts ae swimming away tom each oer. Talo _subtoston sory. Wie the rumbor tat shows how mony sbrks eee. 35 ate copter tessonb Name — Envich Separating Trains ats wr trains. _____drive away. ___are left. trains. _____drive away. ____are left. DIRECTIONS 1-2. Coun the tains nd writs how many, hen writ the umber thet die wey. How many rin oot? Wit the nue 56 cote copter Lesson @ Name ——___ i: Enrich How Many Are Left? an DIRECTIONS we axis rom sath group decid ogo off and pay. Toke her ovo. (Cecio and meron Kon he ria you ae taking away. Write how mony ae i 87 i 2208 ow id! 24M Moqu vy iM | id! poo iM! 24M moquing 4! 244A iH! poay ~ syed aueny can the we in my you was To Avj\d ob 4DUM do on of it “Gw''") UoLuDNyoUNd 4>aWJ09 344 YIM 2oUa,Uas YD Pua pUD 24412 joyidoo D Yum a2ua.UAs Y>DE 4uDIS O4 Jaquiawey “2/qissod sp spuom 4Y61s AUDW sp Bush sauajuas xIS {sda| {D 24D.4SN| pup a4um asvajq “stadod woauo 29) Jo $429YS 240 PIY2DILY yey pup S! awen aaed