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Christian Astrology


William Lilly -- 1647

On the First House

the erecting of a scheam of Heaven; nature of
the twelve Signs of the Zodiack, of the
Planets; with a most easie Introduction
To the whole Art of Astrology.


the Student how to Judge or Resolve all manner of Questions contingent
unto Man, viz. of Health, Sickness, Riches, Marriage, Preferment, Journies,
Severall Questions inferred and Judged.


Judge upon Nativities; severall ways how to rectifie them;
How to judge the generall fate of the Native by the twelve Houses
of Heaven, according to the naturall influence of the STARS:
How his particular and Annuall Accidents, by the Art of Direction, and its
exact measure of Time by Profections, Revolutions, Transits.
A Nativity judged by the Method preceding.

The Second Edition Corrected, and Amended.

By WILLIAM LILLY Student of Astrology.

Omne meum nil meum. Nihil dictum, quod non dictum prius

Printed by John Macock 1659
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of all manner of Q U E S T I 0 N S
and D E M A N D S.

Chap. XXII.
Questions Concerning the First House.

If the Querent is likely to live long yea or not.

Many men and women have not the time of their Nativities, or know how to
procure them, either their Parents being dead, or no rememberance being
left thereof; and yet for divers weighty considerations they are desirous to
know by a question of Astrology, whether they shall live long or not?,
whether any sicknesse is neer them? , what part of their Life is like to be
most happy? together with many other such Queries people doe demand
incident to this house.

Signs of Health or Long Life.

In the Question you must consider if the Sign ascending, the Lord thereof,
and the Moon be free from misfortune, viz. if the Lord of the Ascendant be
free from Combustion of the Sun, from the

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The Resolution Of

Square, Opposition or Conjunction of the Lord of the 8th, 12th, 6th or 4th
House, if he be Direct, in Essentiall Dignity, Swift in Motion, or Angular,
especially in the 1st house, (for in this question he is best placed therein) or
10th, or else in the 11th, or 9th House, and in a good aspect with Jupiter or
Venus, or the Sun, or in the Termes of Jupiter and Venus, it’s an argument of
Health and long life to the Querent, for the Lord of the Ascendant, or
Ascendant it selfe unfortunate or Moon in bad houses afflicted, show
mischiefe at hand; the aforesaid Significators tree, argue the contrary: for as
you consider the Lord of the Ascendant, so the Ascendant is to be
considered, and what aspect is cast unto it, viz. good or evil, and by what
Planet or Planets, and of what house or houses they are Lords of.


It’s generally received, that if the Lord of the Ascendant be under the
Sunbeams, or going to Combustion, which is worse then when he is
departing, or the Moon cadent and unfortunated by any of those Planets who
have dominion in the 8th or 6th, and either the South Node, Saturn or Mars
in the Ascendant or 7th House, peregrine or in detriments, or retrograde, or
if there be in the degree ascending, or in that degree of the Signe wherein
the Lord of the Ascendant is, or with the Moon, or with that Planet who
afflicts any of those; I say, any Fixed Starre of violent influence or nature of
the Planet afflicting, or nature of the Lord of the 8th or 6th House, then you
may judge the Querent is not long lived, but neer some danger, or shall
undergoe some misfortune in one kind or other, according to the quality of
the Significator and Signification of that or those houses they are Lords of.

The Time When Any of These ACCIDENTS Shall Happen.

You must see if the Lord of the Ascendant be going to Combustion, or to

Opposition or Conjunction of the Lord of the 8th or 4th, how many degrees
he is distant from the Sun, or Lord of the 8th or 4th, and in what Signe either
of them are in; if the space betwixt them be eight degrees, and in a common
Signe, it denotes so many moneths; if in a fixed signe, so many yeers; if in a
moveable, so many weeks: this is onely for example, and in

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all manner of QUESTIONS.

generall; for the measure of time must be limited according to the other
Significators concurring in judgment herein..

Secondly, having considered the Lord of the Ascendant, see how many
degrees the Moon is also distant from any Infortune, or from the Lords of the
6th or 8th, and in what Signe or Signes, their Nature, Quality and House
wherein they are posited..

Thirdly, consider if there be an Infortune in the Ascendant, how many

degrees the Cusp of the house wants of that degree the unfortunate Planet is
in, or if the unfortunating Planet be in the 7th, how many degrees the
Ascendant wants of his true Opposition, and compute the time of Death,
Sicknesses or Misfortune according to the dimension of degrees in Signes
moveable, common, or fixed..

If you find the Lord of the Ascendant afflicted most of all by the Lord of the
6th, and in the 6th, or if the Lord of the Ascendant comes to Combustion in
the 6th, you may judge the Querent will have very many and tedious
sicknesses, which will scarce leave him till his death; and the more certain
your judgment will be, if the Lord of the Ascendant, and the Lord of the 8th
and the Moon be all placed in the 6th.

If you find the Lord of the Ascendant, the Signe ascending, or Moon most
principally impedited or unfortunated by the Lord of the 8th, or that Planet
who afflicts your Significators out of the 8th, then you may judge that the
sicknesse with which he is now afflicted, or is shortly to be troubled withall,
will end him, and that his death is approaching or that death is threatened..

But if you can find that the Lord of the Ascendant, or Signe of the Ascendant,
or the Moon are chiefly afficted by the Lords of some other houses, you shall
judge his misfortune from the nature of the house or houses whereof the
Planet or Planets afflicting are Lords; and the first original thereof, or
discovery, shall be signified from something, Man or Woman, &c. belonging
to that house wherein you find the Planet afflicting posited, and thereby you
shall judge a misfortune and not death: The Fixed Starres I mentioned, being
of the nature of Mars, show sudden distempers of

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The Resolution of

body, or Feavers, Murders, Quarrels &c. of the nature of Saturn, quartan

Agues, Poverty, casuall hurts by fals &c..., of the nature of Mercury, they
declare Consumptions,Madness, cozenage by false Evidence or Writings: of
the nature of the Moon, Tumults, Commotions, Wind-chollick, danger by
Water, &c, of the nature of the Sun, envy of Magistrates, hurt in the Eyes,
&c. of the nature of Jupiter, oppression by domineering Priests, or by some
Gentleman: of the nature of Venus, then prejudice by some Woman, the Pox,
or Cards, Dice and Wantonnesse.

You must carefully avoid pronouncing Death rashly, and upon one single
testimony, you must observe, though the Lord of the Ascendant be going to
Combustion, whether either Jupiter or Venus cast not some Sextile or Trine to
the Lord of the Ascendant, ere he come to perfect Combustion, or any other
infortune, for that is an argument that either Medicine or Strength of Nature
will contradict that malignant influence, or take off part of that misfortune;
but when you find two or more of the rules asforesaid concurring to death,
you may be more bold in your Judgement; yet concerning the absolute time
of death of any party, I have found it best to be wary, and have as much as I
could, refrained this manner of judgement; onely this much by the Question
may be knowne, that if you find the Significators, as aforesaid, afflicted, you
may judge the man or party inquiring to be no long lived man, or subject to
many miseries and calamities, and this I know by many verified examples;
the knowledge hereof is of excellent use for such as would purchase any
Lease or Office, or thing for Life or Lives, &c. or for those who would carefully
in a naturall way prevent those casualties their natures or inclinations would
run them into.

To What Part of Heaven its Best the Querent Direct His

Affairs, or Wherein He May Live Most Happily.

You must know that the twelve Houses are divided into the East, West, North
and South quarters of Heaven.

The Cusp of the first house is the beginning of the East, and its

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all manner of QUESTIONS.

called the East Angle, from the Degree of the first house to the Degree or
Cusp of the 10th House or Medium Coeli, containing the 12,11 and 10th
houses, are East, inclining to the South: from the Cuspe of the 10 house to
the Cusp of the 7th house, containing the 9,8, and 7, is South, verging
toward the West: from the degree of the 7th house to the Cusp of the 4th,
consisting of the 6,5, and 4th houses, is the West, tending to the North: from
the Degree of the 4th house to the degrees of the Ascendant, containing the
3,2,and 1st houses, is North inclining to the East..

Having viewed the several quarters of Heaven, see in which of them you
finde the Planet that promiseth the Querent most good, and where you find
Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Part of Fortune, or two or more of them, the quarter
that direct your affaires; and if you have the Part of Fortune and the Moon
free from Combustion and other misfortunes, go that wayes, or to that
quarter of Heaven where you finde her; for you must consider, that though
Jupiter and Venus be Fortunes, yet casually they may be Infortunes, when
they are Lords of the 8,12,or 6th, in that case you must avoyd the quarter
they are in, and observe the Part of Fortune and the Moon and the Lord of
the Ascendant; and as neere as you can avoyd that quarter of Heaven where
the infortunes are, especially when they are Significators of mischiefe,
otherwayes either Mars or Saturn being Lord of the Ascendant or 2nd house,
10th or 11th, may (being essentially strong) prove friendly. The general way
of resolving this Question is thus; If the Querent does onely desire to live
where he may most enjoy most health, look in what signe and quarter of
Heaven the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon are in, and which of them
are strongest, and does cast his or her more friendly Aspect to the Degree
ascending; to that quarter of Heaven repaire for Heavens sake:
If the Querent desire to know to what part he may steer his course for
obtaining of an Estate or Fortune, then see where and ‘in what quarter of
Heaven the Lord of the 2nd is placed, and the Part of Fortune, and his
Dispositor or two of them; for where and in what quarter they are best
fortified, from thence may he expect his most advantage, &c. Of this I shall
speak casually in subsequent Judgments.

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The Resolution of

What Part of His LIFE is Like to be Best.

See either in what Angle or quarter of Heaven the fortunate and promising
Planets are posited in; for in this way of Judicature, we give usually to every
house five yeers, but sometimes more or lesse, according as you see the
Significators promising Life or Death, (but commonly five yeers we give)
beginning with the 12th, and so to the 11th, then the 10th, the 9th, &c. and
so to the Ascendant; as if in your question you find Jupiter or Venus in the
11th or 10th house, you may judge the Man or Woman to have lived happily
from the 5th yeer of his age to the 15th, or in his youth: if they, or either of
them, be in the 8th or 7th, they declare that from 20 to 30 he will, or hath
lived, and may live contentedly: if Jupiter or Venus be in the 6th, 5th, or 4th,
then judge after his middle age, or from 30 to 45, he may do well: If you find
Jupiter or Venus in the 3rd, 2nd, or 1st, then his best days, or his greatest
happinesse will be towards his old age, or after he is forty five until sixty; if
you find the Significators of Life very strong, and signifying long life, you may
adde one yeer to every house, for it’s then possible the Querent may live
more than sixty years, or until seventy, or more, as many we know doe.

Lastly, you must observe at the time of your Question, how the Lord of the
Ascendant and the Moon are separated, from what Planet, and by what
Planet, and by what aspect; the seperation of those shew the manner of
Accidents which have preceeded the Question; their next application, what in
the future may be expected; if you consider what house or houses, the
Planet or Planets they separated from are Lords of, it aquaints you with the
matter, nature, person and quality of the thing already happened: ill, if the
aspect was ill; Good, if the aspect was good; and if you observe the quality of
the next aspect by application, and the well or ill being and position of the
Planet or Planets applied unto, it delivers the quality of the next succeeding
Accidents and Casualities, their nature, proportion, time when they will
happen or come upon the Querent.

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