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June 2020 Teacher Liz

Sandpit baking is on going exploration for

many children currently.
Children's skills pouring, stirring, rolling, mashing, moulding are increasing with
every play baking experience. Children use real utensils both at home and in the
sandpit, allowing them to develop the skills
and confidence to practice with sieves, fun-
nels, muffin tins, serving spoons etc.
Children are involved in discussions about
ingredients, measuring cooking times and
methods. The dramatic play usually revolves
around cake, birthdays, popcorn or pizza!
What a party! Children play was extended
by having a picnic in the tent.
Children recognise that cooking is a way of caring for people and will bake for peo-
ple and special occasions. links between centre and home are extended and strength-
ened as baking become more complex chil-
dren create familiar dishes.
Ariam, today I noticed you sandpit baking
too, you said you had made a cake, your en-
joyment was clear,. You initiated the experi-
ence and then your friends joined you. In
singing Happy birthday! You were the leader
today giving instructions to the other chil-
dren. You are making sense of celebrations
and social events you have experienced. Through dramatic play you are able to ex-
press new feelings and ideas, as well gain insight into communication and relation-
ships with others. Ariam, its great to see you making choices about the activities you
want to be involved in, and leading a small group.