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Arizona sheriff sees others like Mindray Medical Announces

Loughner Strong Preliminary Earnings
David Morgan (Front Row
Kyl for linking Gifford’s
attempted assassination to
vitriolic political rhetoric. The Brent Archer (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:58:04 AM
conservative Web site RedState Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:30:00 PM

Jan 10, 2011 11:58 EST has gone so far as to predict that
Pima County Sheriff Clarence he will lose the next election over Filed under: Major Movement,
Earnings Reports, Forecasts, $28.05. So far today the stock has
Dupnik sounds worried about the it. hit a low of $28.02 and a high of
possibility of other attacks on The sheriff’s defense? Good news, China, Options,
Technical Analysis Mindray $29.04. As of 12:15, MR is
elected officials like Gabrielle “That’s my feeling, that’s my trading at $28.25 up $1.20 (4.4%).
Giffords. belief. Do I have any proof? No.” Medical ( MR- option chain)
shares are rising today after the The chart for MR looks neutral
Not that he’s got evidence of “I know these people personally and S&P gives MR a neutral 3
another shooter or anything. But and I’m very, very affected by Chinese medical devices company
announced preliminary 2010 STARS (out of 5) hold ranking.
Dupnik says there are thousands what occurred, and I’m just Continue reading Mindray
of people like Jared Lee towards the government, which I expressing my feelings. I have no results, saying it now expects
think perhaps benefits some fiscal-2010 revenues to come in at Medical Announces Strong
Loughner, the shooting suspect agenda.” Preliminary Earnings Results
described as a mentally disturbed people in politics.” Reuters Photo Credits: $703 million, up from a previous
“Constantly 24-hours a day, 7- forecast of $700 million. Analysts Mindray Medical Announces
loner. Eric Thayer (Dupnik); Official Strong Preliminary Earnings
“These people are very days a week, making the people Hand Out (Giffords); Rick have forecast 2010 revenue of
angry at government, public $703.56 million. If you think that Results originally appeared on
susceptible to emotions like anger Wilking (Memorial) BloggingStocks on Mon, 10 Jan
and paranoia and so forth, and I officials, elected officials and so Click here for more political the stock won't fall by too much
forth, may benefit some party. But in the coming months, then now 2011 13:30:00 EST. Please see
think that the tone of rhetoric that coverage from Reuters our terms for use of feeds.
has occurred in this country over I think those people have to This entry passed through the could be a good time to look at a
consider that they may have some bullish hedged trade on MR. Permalink| Email this| Comments
the past couple of years affects Full-Text RSS service — if this is
troubled personalities,” he tells responsibility when incidents like your content and you're reading it MR opened this morning at
NBC’s Today show. this occur and may occur in the on someone else's site, please read
Dupnik also says the unhealthy
rhetoric is being driven by people
future,” he tells ABC’s Good
Morning America in a separate
our FAQ page at
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who foment discontent for their Five Filters featured site: So, (Ad
own living and the benefit of Dupnik doesn’t mention names. Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed)
some politicians. The Democrat has already been Again?.
“There are people in this country chastised by Republicans Visit Starbucks Mighty Leaf
who make a living off of anger including Arizona Senator Jon
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Names We Loved - and Loved to Hate - in 2010

Laurel Sutton (Fast Company) themselves, thus dooming this
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:39:04 PM trend forever.
Gleek: Original TV show gives
Ah, 2010. Seems like a million rise to slick name--and scary new
years ago, when in fact we're only breed of fanatics. Eek!
two weeks into the new year. Like Tea Party: Deft marketing ploy
all good bloggers, I have a confounds Constitution's
professional obligation to look forefathers with fear-mongering
back at the year that was and naysayers. But it was fun to see
summarize the highs and lows of the movement "embrace" the term
my particular area of expertise-- teabagging. Paging Urban
that is, naming. So, for your Dictionary!
enjoyment, my colleagues at Good idea, bad names (close but
Catchword and I put together a no cigar--but thanks for playing)
rundown of names that made the WikiLeaks: Sounds like an
headlines in 2010. incontinent Wikipedia in need of
Bad Ideas, Bad Names (adding Depends. But this is one leak that
insult to injury) won't be contained. Maybe it
Vuvuzela: The world's population ought to be called WikiFloods.
learns this word simply so they The Situation: Sorry, Sitch, this
can talk about how much they name's a bitch. But props for
hate it. Surprisingly, no one branding yourself before the
confuses it with a Venezuelan tabloids did!
pudendum. Kinect: Super-cool tech for Xbox
The Double-Down: KFC 360 video game platform gets
introduces its heart-attack-in-a- dreary name tied to ill-fated old
sandwich. Might as well call it brand. Does anyone actually own
Double Infarction. Or better yet, a Kin?
ClusterCluck. Silly Bandz: Crazy-popular kids'
Eyjafjallajökull: A name that fashion accessory for under $3.
would live on in infamy ... if Although if these Bandz aren't
only we could pronounce it. (We bannedz at your kid's school
suggest calling it "Jeff.") for rollercoaster recession ride. another one for the mama bear. person. already, they will be soon.
Top Kill: Yet another BP tactic Rumor has it the new rollercoaster Four Loko: Apt name for caffeine Auto-Tune: Just what we need: PPACA: Government-speak for
that couldn't cap America's worst at Six Flags will be called the -and-alcohol concoction causing technology that makes the world a Patient Protection and Affordable
oil spill. Deepwater indeed. More Great ReDepression. blackouts and worse. Why not just friendly place for really crappy Care Act. Or Piss Poor Acronym
like deep sh*t. Congressman John Boehner: call it liquid crack? singers. Can't Assist an otherwise
Crotchal Area: TSA's genital pat That's BANE-er, not BONER. Bad idea, good name (but a good Bieberize: The boy with the important idea. (Why does the
downs and nude imaging The tanorexic congressman and name won't save a terrible bulletproof hairdo inspires a wave Pentagon get all the cool names?)
technology give new meaning to soon-to-be butt of a thousand concept!) of copycat fashions among Good ideas, good names (hooray!
flying the friendly skies. We think SNL jokes. Hoarders: Documentary series identity-challenged males. Note: namers everywhere rejoice)
TSA means Totally Screwed Refudiate: It ain't a word, and it spawns collective fascination, and studies have shown that J-Beeb is iPad: Forget the menstrual
Anyhow. blurs the distinction between two "hoarder" becomes buzzword for more popular with mothers of 16-
Double-Dip: Oddly cheery term perfectly good ones. Score every even remotely possessive year old girls than the girls NAMES page 5
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IBM Is (Still) the Patent King in the U.S. [Video]

Kit Eaton (Fast Company)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:54:04 PM

IBM has emerged, yet again, as

the United States' patent king for
2010. It's the 18th straight year it's
topped the list for the most new
patents, and it actually grew the
number it owns by an impressive
20%. That wasn't the fastest
growth, however: Apple was tops
in that category.
In its press release about the
news, IBM is proud to blow its
own trumpet and notes this is the
18th consecutive year it's "topped
the list of the world's most
inventive companies." And while
it's a bit of a stretch to equate
patent awards with inventiveness
(especially given the increasing
controversy about the U.S. patent more patents added in 2010 data analysis system that provides germanium photodetector." This was Samsung, with 4,551--up
system, driven by excessive versus 2009--it isn't a bad sign for "more effective diagnoses of represents the culmination of 10 26% on 2009. And while Apple's
patent trolling), it's IBM at all, since the 31% growth medical conditions," to a system years of research into integrating patent tally only jumped up by
unquestionably impressive. IBM in patent awards is the largest on for predicting traffic based on electronic and optical 563 new patents, this represents a
also became the first company to record for the USPTO. short-range wireless data. There's communications tech onto one growth of 94% over the previous
be "granted as many as 5,000 U.S. Remember that IBM spends a fascinating patent (number single slice of silicon chip--an year--if Apple chooses to spend
patents in a single year," with enormous amounts on patents that 7,693,663) that uses data from the advance we've covered several more of its tens of billions of
5,896 awarded in 2010--a stark seem to extend far beyond the motion-sensors in computer hard times, and which represents a step dollars of cash reserve on deeper
contrast to the 50 years it took business domains you may be drives to "accurately and precisely toward the future of optical research over the next several
IBM's engineers to mark their first familiar with--it's responsible for conduct post-event analysis of computing. years, it could easily begin to
5,000 total patents following the a scanning-tunneling microscope seismic events" to help with better While the growth in patents could challenge the leaders on the patent
company's 1911 founding. breakthrough that gave us the emergency responses in the be seen as a sign that the economy winners list.
[video_twistage 1] world's smallest logo, in just a aftermath of earthquake disasters. is (finally) on the upswing, and To read more news on this, and
IBM's figure last year is 20% few atoms (shown above). In a field that's more classically IBM's in the lead here, there are similar stuff, keep up with my
higher than in 2009. While that's So what did Big Blue patent last IBM-ish, the firm also won patent indications that IBM's lead may updates by following me, Kit
less than the overall growth of the year? An extraordinarily wide number 7,790,495, which is for an be under threat in the long term. Eaton, on Twitter.
patent archive--there were 31% range of things--from a medical "optoelectronic device with In second place in patent growth

Untitled (Ad Your gift to provide seeds, tools, and death for hungry children.
ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed) and training will be multiplied 4
times by grant funds, and can mean the difference between life
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Kevin Kolb Wants Out Of Philly But Words as Weapons

Beth Monaghan (Business
The Eagles Shouldn't Budge Insider)
industry conversations. However,
frequently the most extreme
points of view garner the most
Kevin Baumer (Business second-most Pro Bowl votes in period. Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:48:33 PM

Insider) attention simply because they are

the NFL. Plus, Kolb has an extremely As I watched the events unfold e x t r e m e . C o n t r o v e r s y a n d
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:40:36 PM Kolb did get some sporadic reasonable salary of under $1.4 in Tuscon this weekend and differing points of view are
action during the 2010 season but million in 2011 before he hoped against all hopes that powerful tools, particularly when
While Kevin Kolb has refused to he was never able to establish a becomes a free agent. In a time of Representative Giffords would
you are competing against
directly ask the Philadelphia rhythm before Vick became the such financial chaos in the NFL, make it through, I came across
millions of voices in social media.
Eagles for a trade, he's made his undisputed starter. Kolb didn't such a cheap alternative at this article in The New York
And they can be a great tools,
desires well known. If the Eagles outperform Vick this season, but quarterback is a huge asset. Times by Matt Bai: A Turning
when used properly. We live in an
are willing to hand Kolb the he also didn't get much of a Philadelphia obviously has a Point in the Discourse, but in
age where “news” is defined by
starting quarterback position, he'd chance. playoff contender, and keeping a Which Direction? Bai noted that an amalgamation of professional
be more than happy to stay, but So it's understandable that Kolb, quality quarterback who knows a number of politicians had begun
and “citizen” journalists. This
since the team seems all but w h o w a s a g o o d s o l d i e r the system might be the wisest removing pages from their Web
means that depending on what
guaranteed to sign Michael Vick throughout the season, would course of action for 2011, whether s i t e s , p a g e s t h a t c o n t a i n e d
you are reading, fact checking
to a long-term extension, Kolb want to seek a starting job with Kolb likes it or not. powerful rhetoric that could be d o e s n o t a l w a y s h a p p e n .
wants a chance to start elsewhere. another team. The Eagles would Bookmark the Sports Page > associated with some sort of Consumers must be more cautious
You have to feel for Kolb a bit be dumb not to listen to offers for Join the conversation about this militant response to politicians on
about which sources they trust.
here. The Eagles cleared the way t h e 2 6 - y e a r - o l d , b u t t h e r e story » the other side of the aisle. My While reporters like Bai will
for the fourth-year pro to be the probably won't be too many See Also: post is not about politics, so I will continue doing his research and
starter when they traded Donovan scenarios that blow them away, • Tucker Carlson changed his leave those details out, but I
writing thoughtful, balanced
McNabb in April, but just 10 especially considering their initial mind, he doesn't really think encourage you to read Bai’s piece,
stories, there are lots of other
throws into his season Kolb asking price of two first-round Michael Vick should have been and many of the other thoughtful
outlets that exist solely to
suffered a concussion and missed picks. executed. articles that have followed (just a d v a n c e a n a g e n d a . A s
the next two games. When Kolb Unless they can secure a huge • VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Says do a quick Google search on
communicators increasingly
returned he put in two very strong package for Kolb, the Eagles Michael Vick Should Have Been “Giffords and political rhetoric”).
become creators of original
performances in four stars, but the might be wise to ignore his trade Executed This kind of article is a reminder content that promotes our clients’
momentum had already swung in requests and keep him as a backup • Hey America, It's Time To for communicators whose job is
points of view, we have the
Vick's direction. for Vick in 2011. No. 7 took a Forgive Michael Vick focused on e l e v a t i n g responsibility to balance the need
We all know what happened next beating this year and it could be conversations and points of view for visibility with the need for
as Vick went from a global villain just a matter of time before he above the din. The din is a accountability and responsibility.
to the player that received the goes down for a significant powerful obstacle, and as I have We need to push ourselves to
noted here in the past, controversy take the hard route to getting out
almost always leads to interest. the right message in the right way.
There is an appropriate role for Join the conversation about this
controversy in many kinds of story »
Healthy Lunchbox Tips
Untitled (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) how to give your lunch a (Ad GREAT PRICE ON WINDOWS nutritional makeover.
ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed) 7 [ unable to retrieve
GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS! full-text content] Find easy tips on
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spoofs. Nothing's gonna stop this

baby. Pod, phone, pad--any bets
on the next p-word from Apple?
Inception: A movie title as cold
and precise as its sci-fi premise.
And bonus points for giving high
school kids a leg up on their
verbal SATs.
Lady Gaga: The name, the
persona, the phenom: we're Gaga
for all of it. We draw the line at
Gaga-branded meat dresses,
Jeggings: What you get when you
smush jeans and leggings together
(besides skinnier thighs). Fun to
say, fun to wear--although Clinton
and Stacy may disapprove.
Coco: Leno/Conan furor inspires
"I'm with Coco" movement. As
names go, it's more fun than
Conan, and minus those Arnold-
the-Barbarian overtones. Yep,
we're with Coco.
Groupon: We can't wait to see
Smartphone Credit Payments Go Free ... For Now them adopt a cute grouper fish as
their mascot. (Note: grouper fish
Kit Eaton (Fast Company) 2011. The GoPayment peripherals compared to the $1 billion market benefit from discounted swipe a r e n o t c u t e . ) F o l l o w
Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:10:05 PM have been around for a while, and in 2010--according to analysts fees. @FastCoLeaders for all of our
are just one example of the from the Aite Group, quoted by There's another reason Intuit's leadership news, expert bloggers,
Wireless credit card payments number of mobile payment Intuit in its press release. This is trying this trick--which will and book excerpts.
may hit the mainstream in 2011, processors out there--with Square certainly driving Intuit's decision undoubtedly benefit many smaller Droid: Whatever they paid to
but there's still scope for other being one of the more headline- to promote its services for free-- -sized vendors: 2011 is the year license the name from Lucasfilm,
mobile payment systems: Intuit, grabbing examples. The idea of an effort to gain mindshare and we're expecting Apple, Google, it was worth it. Now if only it
maker of the smartphone plug-in all these systems is simple: market standing (and possibly and Nokia to radically change the could make us a latte and walk the
"GoPayment" peripheral, is trying They're a challenge to the existing vendor loyalty). And the credit card game by introducing dog, it would be the perfect little
to kick things off with free credit-card processing equipment company's not making zero w i r e l e s s c r e d i t p a y m e n t robot pal.
hardware and no monthly fees. you're familiar with, since they money, since the "no monthly technology directly into
Intuit's plan is to make it "easier work through smartphones rather fee" promotion only applies for smartphones.
and cheaper" for small businesses than dedicated hardware that's "lower or intermittent" processing To read more news on this, and
to leap aboard the mobile leased to store owners by banks or volume, and discounted rates of similar stuff, keep up with my
payments bandwagon--it's credit card companies. 2.7% for every swipe, and 3.7% updates by following me, Kit
offering its GoPayment credit It's expected that the point-of-sale for key-entered transactions. And Eaton, on Twitter.
card processing system for free to market will leap to a value of higher volume vendors will still
new customers until mid February around $55 billion by 2015, pay $12.95 monthly fees, and
6 Business/ E-reader News Edition

Purchasing Danish
Firm Danisco
Mark Fightmaster
Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:30:00 PM

Filed under: Deals,

duPont(E.I.)deNemours (DD)
Late yesterday, DuPont ( DD)
announced that it will purchase
Danish food-ingredient producer
Danisco for $5.8 billion. The
company is making this move in
order to expand both its foods and
biofuels operations. Along with
the $5.8 billion, DD will assume

Cambodia Gets First Commercial Cow Farm $500 million in debt. These
companies are not strangers, as
Danisco is already a joint venture
Jenara Nerenberg (Fast that--and as Cambodia is still Sweden’s HPT Dairy Company. expand our business further.”
Company) partner of DD in the development
largely agricultural, it's surprising They entered into a $250 million Cambodia is looking to expand of cellulosic ethanol technology.
Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:03:18 PM that commercial cow farms don't deal whereby the highly its agricultural productivity in The Dutch company is expected
already exist. productive Holstein cow breed other ways--late last year the firm to recommend that its
The country's current supply of There was talk of an earlier joint will be imported from New Angkor Kasekam Roongroeung shareholders accept the deal.
fresh milk is entirely imported, c o w f a r m v e n t u r e b e t w e e n Zealand with a goal of producing announced plans to operate its Continue reading DuPont
but that is about to change with Cambodia's Mong Reththy Group about 317,000 gallons of milk in first rice-husk-powered generator Purchasing Danish Firm Danisco
the introduction of New Zealand's (MRG) and the British farming the first year of operation. The to, you guessed it, mill rice. DuPont Purchasing Danish Firm
Holstein cows. company, Lordswood Farms, last farm is set to begin operating in Follow me, Jenara Nerenberg, on Danisco originally appeared on
Cambodia is set to get its first year, but it's not clear if that November of 2011. Twitter. BloggingStocks on Mon, 10 Jan
commercial cow farm this year panned out. “This is the first time in history [Image: Flickr user 2011 14:30:00 EST. Please see
with construction on a 247-acre Either way, Cambodia is taking a that our country will produce aWorldTourer] our terms for use of feeds.
farm breaking ground this month. leap in agricultural innovations fresh cows’ milk,” said Srey Permalink| Email this| Comments
Cambodia's current supply of this year and the farm that's set to Chanthou, managing director of
fresh milk is 100% imported and open is a joint venture between 7NG Group. “We hope it will be
the cow farm is meant to change the Cambodian 7NG Group and successful, and that we can
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Alaska Pipeline Closure Seadrill (SDRL): Dollars

Could Drive Oil Prices to from the Deep
Steven Halpern
$100 per Barrel (BloggingStocks)
Connie Madon Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:00:00 PM

Filed under: Newsletters,
Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:00:00 PM Commodities, Oil A Quick Look At The
"Seadrill ( SDRL) is the best- Emerging Market
Filed under: International placed contract driller in my
Markets, Products and Services, coverage universe," says energy
Inflation That's Panicking
Industry, Commodities, Oil, sector specialist Elliott Gue. advanced fleet of drilling rigs of Investors Worldwide
Headline News Alaska Pipeline The editor of The Energy (FXI, EWH, FRN, IDX,
Service, which operates the Trans any of the major contractors.
Strategist explains, "The company Continue reading Seadrill EIDO, INDY, INP)
Alaska Pipeline, on Saturday told "when we have temperature and doesn't produce or explore for oil
BP and other producers to reduce (SDRL): Dollars from the Deep
their output by 95%. An extended
weather challenges." and natural gas; rather, it is in the Seadrill (SDRL): Dollars from Mamta Badkar and Gregory
White (Business Insider)
Continue reading Alaska Pipeline business of owning drilling rigs the Deep originally appeared on
shutdown could drive oil prices to Closure Could Drive Oil Prices to that are leased out to major
$100 per barrel. BloggingStocks on Mon, 10 Jan Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:41:32 PM
$100 per Barrel producers for a daily fee known as 2011 13:00:00 EST. Please see
This is a nasty situation coming
in the middle of winter. The Wall
Alaska Pipeline Closure Could a day rate. our terms for use of feeds. 2011 has only just begun, yet
Street Journal quoted BP
Drive Oil Prices to $100 per "There are three major reasons to Permalink| Email this| Comments there's already a key trend
Barrel originally appeared on buy Seadrill. First, the company investors need to be aware of.
spokeman Steve Rinehart who BloggingStocks on Mon, 10 Jan has the youngest and most Some of the emerging markets
said that this is a "significant 2011 14:00:00 EST. Please see most lauded for their gains in
event." He further added: that the our terms for use of feeds. 2011 are now dipping, some even
latest shutdown means "a big Permalink| Email this| Comments tanking, as a result of inflation
reduction" in the middle of winter and rate hike fears.
This isn't exclusive to Asia either.
Watch Out Investors, Check Out What The "Smart The slowdown has hit Latin
American and South American
shares too. Click here to see the
Money" Just Started Doing (SPY, GLD, BAC) countries >
Join the conversation about this
Joe Weisenthal (Business mentality where nobody sees any ( c u r r e n t l y a t 2 5 % ) , A s story »
Insider) risks, and nobody wants to settle MarketFolly notes, the last time
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:52:03 PM for the skimpy returns offered by they retrenched, there was a
Treasuries. subsequent market selloff. Click
Individual investors are now But watch out. here to see the hedge fund trades
(almost) uniformly bullish on According to Bank of America/ >
equities. Merrill Lynch's latest look at Join the conversation about this
"Buy the dop" has been a killer hedge fund positioning, the smart story »
October, Long/Short funds have
strategy for months and months money is starting to turn on this reduced their net long exposure
now, and we're once again in that market. For the first time since
8 Top News/ Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

'Band of Brothers' inspiration dies at age 92 (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Another member of the unit Bulge, he and his men held their Magazine:
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:00:49 AM living in Philadelphia, Edward place until the Third Army broke "If you can," he wrote, "find that
Heffron, 87, said thinking about through enemy lines, and Winters peace within yourself, that peace
PHILADELPHIA – Richard Winters brought a tear to his eye. shortly afterward was promoted to and quiet and confidence that you
" D i c k " W i n t e r s , t h e E a s y "He was one hell of a guy, one of major. can pass on to others, so that they
Company commander whose the greatest soldiers I was ever After returning home, Winters know that you are honest and you
World War II exploits were made under," said Heffron, who had the married his wife, Ethel, in May are fair and will help them, no
famous by the book and television nickname "Babe" in the company. 1948, and trained infantry and matter what, when the chips are Rumor: Best Buy stores
miniseries "Band of Brothers," "He was a wonderful officer, a Army Ranger units at Fort Dix down." to add more Apple
d i e d l a s t w e e k i n c e n t r a l wonderful leader. He had what during the Korean War. He started When people asked whether he products, get Genius Bars
P e n n s y l v a n i a . H e w a s 9 2 . you needed, guts and brains. He a company selling livestock feed was a hero, he echoed the words
Winters died following a several- took care of his men, that's very to farmers, and he and his family of his World War II buddy, Mike Steven Sande (TUAW)
year battle with Parkinson's important." eventually settled in a farmhouse Ranney: "No, but I served in a Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:30:00 PM
disease, longtime family friend Winters was born Jan. 21, 1918 in Hershey, Pa., where he retired. company of heroes."
William Jackson said Monday. and studied economics at Franklin Historian Stephen Ambrose "He was a good man, a very good An anonymous tipster who works
An intensely private and humble & Marshall College before interviewed Winters for the 1992 man," Guarnere said. "I would at a Best Buy store let us know
man, Winters had asked that news e n l i s t i n g , a c c o r d i n g t o a book "Band of Brothers," upon follow him to hell and back. So this morning that he was informed
of his death be withheld until after biography on the Penn State which the HBO miniseries that would the men from E Company." by his Apple rep that the Apple
his funeral, Jackson said. Winters website. started airing in September 2001 Arrangements for a public section of the computer
lived in Hershey, Pa., but died in Winters became the leader of was based. Winters himself memorial service are pending. department will be going through
suburban Palmyra. Company E, 506th Regiment, published a memoir in 2006 ___ a transition sometime this Spring
The men Winters led expressed 101st Airborne Division on D- entitled "Beyond Band of Online: to allow more products to be
their admiration for their company Day, after the death of the Brothers." h t t p : / / displayed. At the same time, the
commander after learning of his company commander during the Two years ago, an exhibit stores will get a Genius Bar, up to
death. invasion of Normandy. devoted to Winters was dedicated This entry passed through the this time a fixture only at Apple
William Guarnere, 88, said what During that invasion, Winters led at the Hershey-Derry Township Full-Text RSS service — if this is Stores.
he remembers about Winters was 13 of his men in destroying an Historical Society. Winters, in your content and you're reading it If this is true, this marks the first
"great leadership." enemy battery and obtained a frail health in later years, has also on someone else's site, please read time that Apple has expanded
"When he said 'Let's go,' he was detailed map of German defenses been the subject of a campaign to our FAQ page at some of the trademark features of
right in the front," Guarnere, who along Utah Beach. In September raise money to erect a monument content-only/faq.php the Apple Stores to other retailers.
was called "Wild Bill" by his 1 9 4 4 , h e l e d 2 0 m e n i n a in his honor near the beaches of Five Filters featured site: So, This, and the earlier report today
comrades, said Sunday night from successful attack on a German Normandy. Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing about a Mac setup section in
his South Philadelphia home. "He force of 200 soldiers. Occupying Winters talked about his view of Again?. Apple Stores, seem to mark a
was never in the back. A leader the Bastogne area of Belgium at leadership for an August 2004 renewed commitment to customer
personified." the time of the Battle of the article in American History service by Apple.
Rumor: Best Buy stores to add

Marion Cotillard Is Pregnant! more Apple products, get Genius

Bars originally appeared on
TUAW on Mon, 10 Jan 2011
Allie Merriam (PopSugar) confirmed that she and long-term finger. It's big news for the Oscar
partner Guillaume Canet will winner and her boyfriend, so 14:30:00 EST. Please see our
Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:23:35 AM
welcome their first child later this congrats to the growing family! terms for use of feeds.
Another actress is now on the year! The pair were together this View Slideshow › Source| Permalink| Email this|
long list of stars expecting babies December for the Marrakech Comments
spotted with a sparkly ring on her
in 2011 - Marion Cotillard just Film Festival, where she was
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Playboy agrees to Hefner buyout offer (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) publishing and TV business into a As part of the deal completed lure readers and advertisers as the
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:11:11 PM "brand management" company, Sunday night, Scott Flanders will Internet supplants print as the top Holtzbrinck Ventures
leaning more on revenue from remain Playboy CEO and keep purveyor of adult content. Falling And HarbourVest Closes
NEW YORK – The publisher of licensing out the Playboy name what the company called a revenue has forced several rounds
Playboy magazine has agreed to and bunny ears for a range of "significant" equity investment in of layoffs at the company since
€117M Early Stage Fund
accept a sweetened buyout offer p r o d u c t s , s u c h a s l i n g e r i e , Playboy, the company said. Icon 2008. Lukas Zinnagl (TechCrunch)
from a partnership headed by h a n d b a g s a n d s u n g l a s s e s . Acquisitions is paying for the Not surprisingly, it wasn't the Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:17:32 PM
founder Hugh Hefner, allowing "I believe this agreement will give purchase with equity paper magazine but Playboy's
the original playboy to fulfill his us the resources and flexibility to commitments from Rizvi digital prospects — on the Web We've just learned that German
plans to take the company private. return Playboy to its unique Traverse, a private investment and on mobile devices — that had VC Holtzbrinck Ventures will
Hefner is Playboy's largest position and to further expand our firm, and a debt commitment from been of interest to Marc Bell, the announce that it's closed a
shareholder with about 70 percent business around the world," said Jefferies & Co. CEO of Penthouse owner whopping €117 million early
of Playboy Enterprises Inc.'s H e f n e r , w h o s e r v e s a s t h e Playboy said Monday that a FriendFinder, who said in July the stage fund tomorrow. The
voting shares and 28 percent of magazine's editor-in-chief and group of board members had been business "needs to be run like a Holtzbrinck Ventures Fund IV is
the nonvoting stock. By leading a chief creative officer. evaluating Hefner's offer and 21st century company." backed by both Georg von
buyout for a larger portion, the 84 Hefner-controlled Icon decided to recommend the deal to Representatives for Playboy and Holtzbrinck publishing group and
-year-old known for his penchant Acquisition Holdings LP is stockholders Sunday night. A FriendFinder did not immediately funds managed by HarbourVest
for silk pajamas and young blond o f f e r i n g $ 6 . 1 5 a s h a r e f o r tender offer is expected to begin return a message for comment late Partners, a global private equity
women is betting that the racy Playboy, an 18 percent premium by Jan. 21 and the deal is Monday morning. investment firm. This is a
magazine he launched in 1953 can over Friday's closing price. Shares expected to close by the end of This entry passed through the significant new fund for European
still reap profits in the digital age. rose 89 cents, or 17 percent, to the first quarter. Full-Text RSS service — if this is standards and will fundamentally
It's been a challenge. The printed $6.09 in midday trading Monday. Hefner now faces the big task your content and you're reading it help prosper and establish
Playboy has struggled with rivals The stock has traded in the 52- turning the company around. on someone else's site, please read consumer web startups from all
from the Web and has lost both week range of $3.04 and $6.10. Playboy's most popular years are our FAQ page at walks. Current investments and
r e a d e r s a n d a d v e r t i s e r s . I n The accepted bid values the well behind it — the magazine content-only/faq.php holdings include highly successful
November, the company reported Chicago-based company at about enjoyed its heyday in the 1970s. Five Filters featured site: So, ventures, such as Zalando,
a wider third quarter loss than a $207 million and tops Hefner's Today it faces competition that Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Groupon or the freshly exited
year ago as its revenue fell 7 offer of $5.50 per share in July, ranges from other men's Again?. brands4friends.
percent to $52.1 million. though it's just shy of an offer magazines such as Maxim to far
To stem its losses, Playboy's made by a group led by Penthouse racier content available on the
management has been trying to magazine that's valued at $210 Web for free. In recent years, the
transform the company from a million. company has found it difficult to

Verizon Tweets from Twitter for iPhone

Evan Selleck (SlashGear) regrading tomorrow’s Verizon any indicator, anyway. Obviously nothing has been
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:52:39 PM event. The consensus is that it’s As you can see in the image confirmed, as Verizon is keeping
going to be an iPhone running on above, the tweet looks like any a tight lid on what’s to come. But
There’s a certain point where Verizon’s network. It’s reached a normal one. However, knowing we know that it’s going to be big.
believing in coincidences just remarkable level, and now that it’s officially from Verizon, [ via TechCrunch]
doesn’t work. Unless you’ve been everyone is basically expecting an and then seeing the line “via
living under a rock, you’ve iPhone to show up on stage Twitter for iPhone” is kind of
probably heard the rumor mill tomorrow. So while we wait, it employees haven’t had to — if the indicative of what we should
churning out rumor after rumor l o o k s l i k e s o m e V e r i z o n official Verizon Twitter account is (probably) expect tomorrow.
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Apple No-Show's the 2011 CES, Still Wife of WH

Has Huge Impact AdviserFound Dead in
(ContributorNetwork) D.C.
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) profitable. Plus the computer one for me is an iPhone or iPod ( been critical on so many of our
Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:37:08 AM giant will offer more choices for projector. Optoma created the Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:38:19 PM legislative and regulatory issues.
consumers when the Verizon Neo-i dock for your handy Apple She was also a dear friend to
Despite Apple being absent from iPhone is released. As one reader device and lets you watch the WASHINGTON -- Homicide many of us and this news is very
the 2011 International Consumer to the Wall Street Journal points image projected at about 50 investigators were called to the hard to take. I know we all will
Electronics Show in Las Vegas, out, the iPhone was part of the lumens of power. scene Monday of a burning car keep her husband, children and
the company that brought us the biggest news from the CES and While it won't replace your that contained the body of the parents in our thoughts and
iPod, iPad and iPhone still yet it didn't happen in Las Vegas. laptop's plasma screen, it's handy wife of a White House adviser. prayers. ... Ashley's tragic death
grabbed headlines. Here's a look Are there any new apps for Apple if you want to watch a larger Ashley Turton, a Washington reminds us all to keep perspective
at some important innovations and products this year? version of your movie and not lobbyist who was a former chief in all things," reads the statement
announcements made by Apple A huge announcement was the bring along a cumbersome screen. of staff to Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D- by Bill Johnson, president and
regarding the 2011 CES. launch of the new Mac App Store For those who love "wow" Conn., and the wife of White CEO of Progress Energy.
What upgrades will be available on the Apple website. The apps gadgets, this projector is perhaps House congressional liaison Dan Piringer said that initially
for the iPhone? are available for Macintosh the niftiest audio video gadget at Turton, was found inside the car residents at the complex where
Apple did make an iPhone computers and laptops as opposed just more than 2 pounds. Just located in southeast Washington. the fire occurred said everyone
announcement at the 2011 CES, to iPods, iPhones and iPads. dock your device and you can Property records show the Turtons was accounted for, and only after
but it didn't show consumers PC Magazine reports more than a project something as small as 5 lived at the southeast Washington t h e f i r e w a s p u t o u t d i d
anything. Instead, the buzz was million apps were downloaded on inches and as large as 10 feet home where D.C. firefighters firefighters discover that a body
about Apple branching out its Jan. 6, the first day the online across. Amazon sells Optoma's found the body. They have three was in the vehicle.
iPhone business. Instead of store was available. That's very Neo-i for $450. children. D.C. Fire/EMS is working with
having an iPhone with AT&T impressive considering there were This entry passed through the D . C . F i r e a n d E m e r g e n c y the Metro Police Department
service, Apple announced it was only around 2,000 apps available. Full-Text RSS service — if this is Services spokesman Pete Piringer major crash unit on the incident.
making an iPhone for Verizon. No The most prominent category of your content and you're reading it said EMS received a call around 5 Piringer said the leading theory
word yet on pricing or its exact apps in the store is games, making on someone else's site, please read a.m. regarding a fire in a garage. for the fire is that the car crashed
release date but chances are it will up around 600 apps. our FAQ page at Officials determined that the car crashed into the garage and
retail for somewhere close to the Were there any cool new iPod content-only/faq.php ignited in the garage and damage ignited.
original iPhone's price. accessories which debuted this Five Filters featured site: So, was confined to that area. One This entry passed through the
It makes perfect sense for Apple - year? Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing victim was found deceased in the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
- adding customers to another MacLife has the lowdown on Again?. car, but Piringer would not your content and you're reading it
network only improves the market many new gadgets compatible provide details of the victim to on someone else's site, please read
share and will make Apple more with Apple hardware. The coolest Fox News. our FAQ page at
Progress Energy, where Ashley content-only/faq.php
Turton worked since 2007, issued Five Filters featured site: So,
a statement that she had died. Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
"Ashley was a valued employee Again?.
whose insight and hard work had
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Severe Snow SnarlsTravel in the South

( In Atlanta, under three to four with ice in Shelby County, just Georgia Department of imperative to travel.
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:38:19 PM inches of snow and ice, state south of Birmingham, where Transportation spokesman Rick Most canceled flights across the
officials were forced to move Waffle House waitress Stephanie Parham said Monday morning region had been scheduled to fly
Southerners more accustomed to Monday's inauguration of Gov. McGougin served eggs and grits that at least one lane was open in into or out of Hartsfield-Jackson
sunshine than snow ditched Nathan Deal from the state to the few diners who could make each direction on all major Atlanta International Airport, the
wrecked cars on icy roadsides and Capitol steps into the House it inside early Monday. There highways. world's busiest. The airport's long
huddled in chilly, dark homes chamber. The inaugural gala was were plenty of empty seats at the "Since it's going to be pretty cold halls were nearly deserted on
Monday as a wintry blast swept scrapped to keep supporters off restaurant, which is normally over the next few days, we could what would normally be a chaotic
the region and threatened days of treacherous roads. busy. see whatever accumulates sticking Monday morning.
treacherous conditions. Emily Blackwell and Whitney "I think we're about the only place around for a few days," National For some whose flights made it
Forecasters say the storm is Ball, both 22-year-old students at open," McGougin said. Weather Service meteorologist to Atlanta, the sight of snow-
rolling across the South and Georgia State University, were Despite officials imploring Daniel Lamb said. covered runways was
heading for the Northeast, parts of stuck Monday at a north Atlanta people to stay off the roads, Tim Loucks, general manager of disorienting. Larry and Judy
which are still digging out from apartment complex where they'd interstates around Atlanta were the Pilot Truck Stop in the Keefauver, of Buffalo, thought
t w o m a j o r s n o w f a l l s t h a t come to watch football the night clogged with cars early Monday. northwestern Louisiana town of their flight from Sacramento had
blanketed the region within the before. Ball's late 1990s model, Elsewhere all over the South, cars Haughton, said he had an empty landed somewhere else when they
past two weeks. white Ford Mustang had rear- were having trouble on the diner as truckers who slept on his looked out the window.
The storm has so far canceled wheel drive and couldn't make it slippery streets and highways, lot during the night were pulling "I have been flying (through
more than 2,000 flights in the up the steep hill at the complex. with numerous slideoffs. out. Atlanta) since the early 70s and
South, cut power to thousands and "It was slushy" Sunday night, Ball In Nashville, Tenn., 24-year-old "Interstate 20 is open, but it's I've never landed on snow here
even forced Auburn University to said. "I tried to drive on it, but it Jay Rebisz described the roads as moving slow," Loucks said. ever," Larry Keefauver, 62, said.
cancel campus viewing parties for was just as bad." terrible, saying he'd seen many "There's ice on the bridges and Auburn University students must
the national championship bowl Both had hoped to get home cars abandoned where they had overpasses." go somewhere other than campus
game. Sleet and freezing rain before the snow hit. They said spun out. Loucks said the situation was to watch the Tigers play in the
followed the snow in many areas they had been well-stocked with "With the economy being what it different for drivers trying to national championship bowl game
from Louisiana to the Carolinas, food and supplies at their own is, people are trying to make it to drive on local roads. "If you're off Monday. The university has
and low temperatures across much homes -- but that their friends work no matter what," said the main roads, it's a skating canceled all viewing parties and
of the region were expected to weren't as prepared. Rebisz. He and a friend operate a rink," he said. other events planned as the state
turn slushy roads into sheets of ice "I even bought a sled," Ball said. private snowplow and had been Icy roads were blamed in prepares for severe winter
by Tuesday morning. "And now I'm here without it." busy all day clearing out separate accidents Sunday that weather.
The governors of Alabama, Michigan native Phil Cooper, apartment complexes, parking lots killed two people in northern Classes were also canceled at the
G e o r g i a , L o u i s i a n a , N o r t h who lives in the Atlanta suburb of and shopping centers. Louisiana. Two others died in University of Mississippi in
Carolina and Tennessee declared Marietta, said he drove 20 miles Georgia was expecting up to 6 separate Oklahoma crashes: a Oxford, where the city used
emergencies, and schools and on barely plowed highways to get inches in the northern mountains woman whose car went off an icy backhoes to clear roads because it
colleges called off classes. to work in the northern part of the from the powerful storm that was road and into a pond in Tulsa has no snow plows.
Most major cities in the South city. also dumping snow and ice in County on Sunday and a man "They aren't as good as plows, but
have only a handful of snow "Pretty normal for Michigan, but Mississippi, Alabama, the whose pickup slid off an interstate they do a pretty good job," said
plows, if any at all, and their work here in Atlanta, you take 16 lanes Carolinas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and hit a tree near Henryetta the Mayor Pat Patterson, adding that
was hampered in some places by of highway and it turns into two," Arkansas and Texas. Sleet and next day. some parts of the city got 8 inches
stranded cars. Officials in several Cooper said. freezing rain could last into Alabama Gov. Bob Riley said of snow.
states reported hundreds of The snowy weather would begin Tuesday in Georgia and the workers had readied snow and salt University worker Joel Weems
wrecks and urged drivers to stay spreading north to Ohio by Carolinas. trucks to help clear icy roads, and said the city is virtually shut
home. At least four people died in Tuesday, forecasters said. Highway crews were working to asked all residents to stay home
weather-related crashes. In Alabama, roads were coated keep major roads passable. through Monday unless it is SEVERE page 13
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ECB gives Portugal temporary lifeline, traders say

(Reuters: Top News) do this either," Merkel said on a Ireland, which accepted an 80 PedTeles wrote: 917&SM=1
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:17:02 PM visit to Malta. States would have billion euro EU-IMF rescue in Portugal’s fiscal health (in I would like to know why news
to decide for themselves whether December. comparison with other countries) items like this are never
A sculpture showing the Euro they required help, she added. "LITTLE CHANCE OF deficit: 7.3% mentioned by the WSJ. As a
currency sign is seen in front of The interest rate premium on ESCAPING" from the economist: Portuguese citizen I feel
the European Central Bank (ECB) Portuguese sovereign debt fell Economists said high-deficit discriminated by this journal as
h e a d q u a r t e r s i n F r a n k f u r t , back on Monday after rising Portugal, with a stagnant /dailychart/2010/12/charts_2010 they seem to always only want to
December 5, 2010. sharply late last week as traders economy that has lost Portugal’s deficit 2010: 7.3% bring the bad economic side and
Credit: Reuters/Alex Domanski said the ECB intervened to buy competitiveness since joining the Greece’s: 9.7% never the good one. The country
By William James and Jan g o v e r n m e n t b o n d s o n t h e euro area, was inching inexorably UK: 10% is making an effort yet it is never
Strupczewski secondary market. toward seeking aid. US:8.9% recognised. It’s time the
LONDON/BRUSSELS| Mon Jan One trader said the ECB "If market spreads keep rising, France:7.8% Portugeuse start complaining we
10, 2011 2:17pm EST appeared to be buying Greek and Portugal has little chance of Spain:9.6% can’t be made the scapegoats of
LONDON/BRUSSELS(Reuters) Irish bonds too. EU sources say escaping a bailout," said Laurence Ireland:34.5% this crisis, when we are clearly
- The European Central Bank the central bank has not yet Boone, research director at etc… not the worst in terms of public
threw Portugal a temporary bought Spanish government debt. Barclays Capital in Paris. economic growth is also online. finances neither in economic
lifeline on Monday by buying up The ECB has bought 74 billion Deutsche Bank economists Gilles performance!
its bonds, traders said, as market euros ($95.53 billion) in troubled Moec and Marco Stringa said in a /2011-01-07/portugal-s-debt- You must stop this Portugal
and peer pressure mounted for euro zone sovereign bonds since it note that the Lisbon government worries-worsen-as-bond-yield- persecution. It’s getting tiring
Lisbon to seek an international began intervening to stabilize the would have to significantly "over- rises.html VirNeto wrote:
bailout soon. market last May. Last week's issue" debt in the first four in this article it is stated 1.3% but Thats just too sad to see…
A senior euro zone source said on purchase of 113 million euros was months to avoid a sharp if you look on eurostat it will tell there are numerous episodes of
Sunday that Germany, France and the smallest since October. deterioration in its cash position you 1.4% and the government its mismanagement.
other euro zone countries were But even at their peak, ECB while Portuguese banks will face confident it’s going to be 1.5%, The worst is that at these times,
pushing Portugal to seek an EU- purchases have only bought a a peak in their refinancing needs but definite figures will only be the austerity measures afect the
I M F a s s i s t a n c e p r o g r a m , short-term respite from market in January and February. available in one month. In any most vulnerable.
following Greece and Ireland, to pressures. "It would be rational for Portugal case it is growing and it also just too sad.
prevent contagion spreading to The euro fell to a four-month low to call for external help sooner recessed less than most EZ This entry passed through the
much larger Spain, the fourth against the dollar and European rather than later," they said. countries last year. Portugal GDP Full-Text RSS service — if this is
biggest economy in the euro area. shares also fell sharply, giving PedTeles wrote: per capita in PPP actually grew by your content and you're reading it
The Reuters report drew official back some of last week's gains, as Another speculative article…. the 1 percentage point since 2008, on someone else's site, please read
denials from German Chancellor worries about the debt crisis media’s biggest fantasy is to see if whereas those of most countries our FAQ page at
Angela Merkel on down, but returned to center stage ahead of they can pressure the EU to make diminished a lot in the same content-only/faq.php
economists and market analysts this week's bond auctions. Portugal take a bailout. You have period. Five Filters featured site: So,
said it was only a question of time One senior euro zone source told to realise it’s not because you - Portugal’s exports grew by 14% Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
before Lisbon too would need a Reuters on Sunday that Lisbon want it, it’s whether it is in 2010, diminishing the trade Again?.
rescue. would need between 50 billion necessary or not, and fiscally, it os balance!
"We never pushed countries into and 100 billion euros ($64.5- NOT, Portugal fiscally is better
doing something and we will not $129.1 billion) in loans, similar to than most countries in Europe AllEconomicNews.aspx?Id=1521

Video: Natalie Portman and Javier Bardem Gush About Their Loves and Talk Bar-Hopping!
PopSugar (PopSugar) Natalie Portman and Javier about their real life loves and bar-
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:54:24 AM Bardem are both winners at the hopping in Spain together!
2011 Palm Springs Film Festival and took the time onstage to talk
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Suspect in Arizona shootings to appear in court continued from page 11

(Reuters: Top News) responsiveness, Dr Michael counts of first-degree murder, one congresswoman who was shot "There's about six inches of snow
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:12:48 PM Lemole, chief neurosurgeon, said. count of attempted assassination was an outspoken endorser of in my yard and the streets still
The shooting spree on Saturday of a member of Congress and two “gun rights.” i.e.: She “defended have a bunch of slush and ice,"
Susan Shobe, with her children in Arizona has fueled debate other counts of attempted murder. the ability to shoot her…” Weems said. "Towns down here
Violet Schorr, 1, and Willow about extreme political rhetoric in FBI Director Robert Mueller A fellow was caught on security just don't have the equipment to
Schorr (R), 3, kneels for a t h e U n i t e d S t a t e s a f t e r a n cautioned public officials to be on camera, with his head bowed deal with this much snow."
moment of silence at a memorial a c r i m o n i o u s c a m p a i g n f o r alert, but said there was no down, next to the emotionally Click here to read more on this
outside the hospital where the c o n g r e s s i o n a l e l e c t i o n s i n information to suggest a further disturbed boy who did the story from
victims of last Saturday's November. specific threat. shooting. The Associated Press contributed
shootings are recovering in While the motive for the attack Mueller said "hate speech and My take: the kid was the trigger- to this report
Tucson, Arizona January 10, was not yet clear, several facts other inciteful speech" presented a puller, order follower, and fall- This entry passed through the
2011. emerged about the suspect, Jared challenge to law enforcement guy; for some nefarious political- Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking Lee Loughner, 22. People who officials, especially when it hit. your content and you're reading it
By Peter Henderson and Tim knew him said he was a troubled resulted in "lone wolves" And the kid’s crazy enough, on someone else's site, please read
Gaynor young man who had been asked to undertaking attacks. following orders, to continue in our FAQ page at
TUCSON, Arizona| Mon Jan 10, leave a local college for disruptive "When the rhetoric about hatred, the “taking the Fifth content-only/faq.php
2011 2:12pm EST behavior. about mistrust of government, Amendment,” not realize he was Five Filters featured site: So,
TUCSON, Arizona(Reuters) - A Investigators said they had found about paranoia of how set-up; while the puppeteers leave Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
22-year-old man charged with a n e n v e l o p e a t L o u g h n e r ' s government operates, and to try to town… jmmx wrote: Again?.
t r y i n g t o a s s a s s i n a t e residence with the handwritten inflame the public on a daily “A Palin aide, Rebecca Mansour,
c o n g r e s s w o m a n G a b r i e l l e phrases "I planned ahead" and basis, 24 hours a day, seven days told conservative radio host
Giffords in a shooting rampage "My assassination," along with a week, has impact on people Tammy Bruce of the graphic:
t h a t k i l l e d s i x p e o p l e a n d the name "Giffords" and what especially who are unbalanced “We never, ever, ever intended it
wounded 14, is due to appear in a p p e a r e d t o b e L o u g h n e r ' s personalities to begin with," said to be gun sights. It was simply Autos Trend Report -
court on Monday on charges of s i g n a t u r e . Clarence Dupnik, the sheriff of crosshairs like you’d see on maps Gain Insight into the Auto
murder and attempted murder. President Barack Obama and first Pima County where the shootings … a surveyor’s symbol.”"
Giffords was still in critical lady Michelle Obama bowed their occurred. RIGHT!!! Is anyone REALLY
Industry with Our
condition at a Tucson hospital heads in a moment of silence at SUSPECT'S LAWYER suppose to believe that? Unrivaled Research
f o l l o w i n g e m e r g e n c y b r a i n 11 a.m. EST for the victims of the DEFENDED UNABOMBER Jesus Christ! Have a little respect (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
surgery. Doctors said on Monday Arizona shooting. Loughner was due to appear in for the dead and wounded and do Trends)
it was a good sign that there was About 300 White House staffers court in Phoenix at 2 p.m. MST (4 not try to foster such obvious lies
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:39:01 PM
no increased swelling in her brain joined the Obamas on the South p.m. EST) on Monday, the Justice on the people.
and that she continued to respond Lawn for the ceremony on a frigid Department said. Waldo313 This entry passed through the ( Trend
to simple commands such as day in Washington. Hundreds of wrote: Full-Text RSS service — if this is Hunter's Autos Trend Report
squeezing a finger and wiggling people also gathered on the steps Is this for real! He’s not being your content and you're reading it reveals some of the major auto
her toes. of the U.S. Capitol to also observe charged with murdering six on someone else's site, please read trends occurring in the constantly
"Things are going very well," Dr. the moment of silence. people, but for attempted murder our FAQ page at changing car industry. Shifting
Peter Rhee, the hospital's trauma Flags there flew at half-staff in on the congresswoman. Guess the content-only/faq.php preferences among consumers
director told reporters. She will remembrance of a Giffords aide, six dead people don’t count as Five Filters featured site: So, have spawned a variety of car
remain on ventilator for several Gabriel Zimmerman, who was much as one congresswoman. Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing trends that...
more days, and is brought out of a killed in the shooting. This is insanity! JimKendall Again?.
medically induced coma several The U.S. government has wrote:
t i m e s a d a y t o c h e c k h e r charged Loughner with two Turns out, the Arizona
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Vintage Vocal
Biden on surprise Afghan trip for talks with Karzai Microphones - Bring
Back the Oldies With a
(Reuters: Top News) time. This is a pivot point in our David Petraeus, chief of U.S. numbering about 97,000 in a total
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:07:19 PM policy," a senior administration forces in Afghanistan and U.S. foreign force of some 150,000 -- Samson Meteor Mic
official traveling with Biden told Ambassador Karl Eikenberry. in July. The pace and scope of the (GALLERY)
Vice president Joe Biden (R) reports on board Air Force Two. ASSESSING TROOPS AND drawdown remains unclear.
talks with General David "We moved from a surge last year TRAINING We welcome comments that (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
Petraeus, commander of U.S. and Trends)
to the transition to Afghan lead On Tuesday, Biden was to meet advance the story directly or with
NATO forces in Afghanistan, at that we'll be starting this year and U.S. troops and civilians, and tour relevant tangential information. Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:28:03 PM

the U.S embassy in Kabul January concluding in 2014. So what he an Afghan National Army We try to block comments that
10, 2011. (Biden) wants to do in the first Training Center. He is due to have use offensive language, all capital ( With the
Credit: Reuters/Omar Sobhani instance is to assess the progress lunch with Karzai and other letters or appear to be spam, and Samson Meteor Mic's 50s-
By Patricia Zengerle we're making toward transition." officials and meet Karzai we review comments frequently inspired looks and high-tech
KABUL| Mon Jan 10, 2011 NATO leaders agreed in privately. to ensure they meet our standards. features, you can rock out with
2:07pm EST November to Karzai's request to The trip is Biden's first time in If you see a comment that you some of your own digital audio
KABUL(Reuters) - Vice end combat operations and hand Afghanistan as vice president. He believe is irrelevant or recordings in style. Having this
President Joe Biden arrived in security responsibilities to Afghan was last in the country in January inappropriate, you can flag it to Samson Meteor Mic hooked up to
Afghanistan on Monday on a forces by the end of 2014. 2009. our editors by using the report your computer...
surprise trip to assess a shift in With the U.S. public growing Obama visited Afghanistan last abuse links. Views expressed in
security operations to Afghan weary of a conflict that costs month. He was scheduled to talk the comments do not represent
forces before a gradual U.S. troop taxpayers some $113 billion a with Karzai, but the face-to-face those of Reuters.
withdrawal starts in July. year, U.S. President Barack meeting was canceled because Comments (0)
Biden, whose trip was not Obama has promised to begin bad weather prevented their Be the first to comment on
announced in advance for security withdrawing U.S. troops from travel.
reasons, is due to meet Afghan July. A review by Obama last month Add yours using the box above.
President Hamid Karzai for talks Critics, including some found U.S. and NATO forces This entry passed through the
on Tuesday. Republicans in the U.S. Congress, were making headway against the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Violence is at its worst in the say the Democratic president's Taliban and al Qaeda, but serious your content and you're reading it
near-decade-long war against a target is too ambitious, stressing challenges remained. It said the on someone else's site, please read
Taliban-led insurgency, with the that setting a deadline only Taliban's momentum had been our FAQ page at
insurgency spreading from emboldens the insurgents. arrested in much of Afghanistan content-only/faq.php
traditional strongholds in the Upon landing at Kabul's airport, and reversed in some areas. Five Filters featured site: So,
south and east into once-peaceful Biden flew in a helicopter to the The review also said the United Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
areas in the north and west. U.S. Embassy for 1 hour and 45 States was on track to begin the Again?.
"The visit comes at an important minutes of talks with General gradual withdrawal of its troops --

Foodspotting Scoops Up $3 Million From BlueRun Ventures

Alexia Tsotsis (TechCrunch) further focus on growth in the foodies, continue investing in our and has just passed the 550K
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:24:37 PM mobile space. Angels from the business development efforts, and mark. Over 275K foods have been
previous $750k seed round will being the place where people go foodspotted thus far. CrunchBase
A v i s u a l g u i d e t o f o o d , also following on and BlueRun’s Andrzejewski,“We’re really on their mobile phones for food Information Foodspotting
Foodspotting has just picked up 3 Jay Jamison will be joining exciting about expanding content.” Information provided by
million in series A funding from Foodspotting’s board. Foodspotting’s audience beyond Right around Christmas-time the CrunchBase
BlueRun Ventures, in order to Says Foodspotting CEO Alexa popular app hit 500K downloads,
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Technology/ 15

English Professor Travels from Connecticut to see

Shen Yun
(Epoch Times | All headlines) of a teacher in present-day China
Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:29:36 AM who is persecuted for her belief in Apple stock
the mediation practice Falun
Joel and Myung Nagy enjoy the
presentation of Shen Yun
Dafa. Ultimately the story has a
hopeful ending.
rises to over
Performing Arts in New York.
Mr. Nagy is an English professor
Since 1999, some millions of
Falun Dafa (also known as Falun
$342 intra-day
from Connecticut. (Epoch Times Gong) practitioners in China have David Winograd (TUAW)
Staff) NEW YORK—Joel Nagy, been persecuted for their beliefs. Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:15:00 PM
and English professor in With reporting by Isabella
Connecticut traveled to the Murphy and Catherine Yang. On a day where the Dow Jones
Lincoln Center's David H. Koch Shen Yun Performing Arts will Industrial Average is down by US
Theater in New York City with perform at Lincoln Center's David $38.20 and the Nasdaq composite
his wife, Myung Nagy, to see H. Koch Theater through Jan. 16. is nearly flat, once again, AAPL is
Shen Yun Performing Arts on For more information visit bucking the trend and going
Sunday. The tickets were a straight up. At this writing Apple
Christmas present bought by Mr. The Epoch Times is a proud stock is at $342.05, (a new intra-
Nagy for his wife. sponsor of Shen Yun Performing day high) and bouncing. So far
"I think it is mesmerizing," Mrs. Arts. the stock is up $5.93 or 1.76
Nagy said, noting that Shen Yun's This entry passed through the percent on moderate volume. I'm
use of a hi-tech backdrop who said that he had been scene from the epic “Journey to sure that this is at least partially
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
synchronized with the dancers "waiting to see this one." the West.” due to the anticipated Verizon (
your content and you're reading it
added to that feeling. Mrs. Nagy commented on how " T h i s k i n d o f d a n c e s h o w , VZW) announcement tomorrow.
on someone else's site, please read
The New York-based company much she liked the movements classical Chinese dance, we’ve Surprisingly enough, Verizon is
our FAQ page at
impressed the couple with its the dancers made, and, overall, never seen it before," she said. "I about flat for the day trading at
artful display of China's rich how well they danced. thought it was really well done." $36.01 or up only $0.08 so far. If
Five Filters featured site: So,
history. "It was quite educational as well," She also said found the spiritual the Verizon announcement goes
Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
"It's a cultural history of China's she said, adding that she knew a aspect in the dance “Our Story” to as we all hope, I can see this
5,000-year history, but in bit about the classical Chinese be "very beautiful and very continuing, but who knows?
performance," said Mr. Nagy, stories portrayed, such as one touching." The dance tells a story So if you've got 'em, hold 'em.
Apple stock rises to over $342
Tartan High-Tops - Nonnative Dweller Water-Powered Jet Packs - The Jetlev intra-day originally appeared on
TUAW on Mon, 10 Jan 2011
Trainers Get a Preppy Makeover in an -Flyer was Unveiled at the London 14:15:00 EST. Please see our
terms for use of feeds.
All-Over Plaid Print (GALLERY) International Boat Show (VIDEO) Source| Permalink| Email this|
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest Trainers get a traditional Scottish (TREND HUNTER - The Latest the Jetlev-Flyer was definitely the Comments
Trends) makeover in a tartan takeover. Trends) center of attention at the London
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:17:01 PM With its criss-cross pattern, these Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:52:02 PM International Boat Show. This
high-tops come in multiple water-powered jet pack is capable
( In a preppy colorways of bright and... ( Designed by of flying up to 30 meters...
plaid print, the Nonnative Dweller Canadian engineer Raymond Li,
16 News Wire/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Biden Makes SurpriseTrip to Energy Companies Duke

Afghanistan Energy and Progress
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:38:19 PM
many parts of Afghanistan –
although some areas of the
country have seen security
July deadline where the
administration hopes to begin
drawing down US forces. Biden
Energy to Merge
(Epoch Times | All headlines) release.“By merging our
KABUL – Vice President Joe improve during the past year. But has repeatedly said the July draw
Biden arrived in Afghanistan the Afghan government remains down will be significant, Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:38:26 AM companies, we can do that more
Monday to meet with Afghan weak and corrupt, and insurgent however, privately, US economically for our customers,
President Hamid Karzai and U.S. safe havens remain across the Energy companies Duke Energy improve shareholder value and
commanders insist only a few
military commanders as the border in Western Pakistan. and Progress Energy are set to continue to grow.”
U.S. troops will leave
Obama administrations looks for merge, with Duke buying the Post-merger Duke Energy will
The White House says the Afghanistan.
signs of progress in the nearly ten purpose of the Vice President’s former energy company for $13.7 provide 57 gigawatts of
This trip is Biden’s first trip to
year war. billion, the two companies generating capacity from coal,
trip is to “assess progress towards Afghanistan as Vice President. He
Biden’s unannounced visit comes the transition to Afghan-led announced in a Monday nuclear, oil, natural gas, and
last visited the country in January
just one month after the White security beginning this year, and statement. renewable energies, for customers
of 2009 as Vice President-elect.
House finished a review of the to demonstrate the United State’s After the merger, the new in North and South Carolina,
This entry passed through the
Afghan strategy and just days commitment to a long-term company, which will be called Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
after the Pentagon announced partnership with Afghanistan.” Duke Energy, will be the largest Kentucky.
your content and you're reading it
additional 1,400 marines will be Biden has long been a skeptic of utility in the nation, with a market Duke Energy Corporation stock
on someone else's site, please read
sent to the war torn country. capitalization of $37 billion and (DUK, NYSE) slipped in morning
the current surge strategy, and our FAQ page at
Despite the presence of more urged President Obama not to 7.1 million energy customers. trading, falling 1.5 percent ($0.27,
than 150,000 international troops, send an additional 30,000 troops The Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke to $17.52) as of 12:55 p.m. EST.
Five Filters featured site: So,
the current surge strategy has in December of 2009. plans to pay a 6.4 percent Progress Energy Inc. (PGN,
Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
shown mixed results. The Taliban The Vice President’s visit to premium over the past 20 trading NYSE) stock was also down, by
insurgency remains strong in Kabul comes just months before a days for the Raleigh, N.C.-based nearly 2 percent ($0.87) to
Progress, the statement said. The $43.85.
A Quick Look At The Emerging Market total value of the deal comes out
to $46.48 per share of Progress
This entry passed through the
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Energy. your content and you're reading it
Inflation That's Panicking Investors Worldwide “Our industry is entering a on someone else's site, please read
building phase where we must our FAQ page at
(FXI, EWH, FRN, IDX, EIDO, INDY, INP) invest in an array of new
technologies to reduce our
Five Filters featured site: So,
Mamta Badkar and Gregory and rate hike fears.
White (Money Game) environmental footprints and Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
This isn't exclusive to Asia either. become more efficient,” Jim
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:41:32 PM The slowdown has hit Latin Rogers, chairman, president and
American and South American CEO of Duke Energy, said in a
2011 has only just begun, yet shares too. Click here to see the
there's already a key trend countries >
investors need to be aware of. 2011 are now dipping, some even Join the conversation about this
Some of the emerging markets tanking, as a result of inflation story »
most lauded for their gains in
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Technology/ Culture/ 17

Jim Carrey, The Black Keys Bring In Cameron Diaz Is Back in

High Ratings For SNL (Video) Her Bikini For a Hawaiian
(Epoch Times | All headlines)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:24:55 PM
psychological thriller “The Black
The show also took a jab at New
album “Brothers.”
The recent SNL episode averaged
a 5.4 household rating for adults
Getaway With A Rod!
Allie Merriam (PopSugar) Naomi Campbell, and Vladimir
Jim Carrey introducing the Black York City’s failed clean-up of the between 18 to 49 years old, their Doronin. Cameron and Alex were
Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:46:54 AM
K e y s o n S N L T h i s p a s t recent snowstorm, as Fred highest since their November 1, together last month to soak up the
weekend’s episode of Saturday Armisen played mayor Michael 2008 episode hosted by Ben Cameron Diaz was in a sun and do some paddle boarding
Night Live (SNL) with host Jim R . B l o o m b e r g d e l i v e r i n g a Affleck and with a guest mismatched bikini yesterday to go in Cabo. They made a brief trek
Carrey and musical guest The fireside chat to New Yorkers. appearance by then-presidential canoeing with Alex Rodriguez in North to celebrate New Year's in
Black Keys drew in big numbers On Weekend Update, SNL candidate John McCain. Hawaii. She and Alex are off on Las Vegas, though, to enjoy a date
for the late-night television show, members Bill Hader and Kristen This entry passed through the their latest tropical vacation night and ring in 2011 with Jay-Z
averaging a 7.8 household rating, Wiig made fun of the recent shift Full-Text RSS service — if this is together, this time with pals like and Coldplay. View Slideshow ›
SNL’s best since their episode on to the right on Capitol Hill by your content and you're reading it Leonardo DiCaprio, Bar Refaeli,
May 8, 2010 featuring Betty playing new House Speaker John on someone else's site, please read
White and musical guest Jay-Z. Beohner and his predecessor our FAQ page at
On Jan. 8’s show, actor and Nancy Pelosi. content-only/faq.php
comedian Jim Carrey teamed up Blues-rock band The Black Keys Five Filters featured site: So,
with SNL cast members in a were the musical guests and Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
number of skits, including a spoof performed “Howlin’ For You” Again?.
o n t h e m u c h t a l k e d - a b o u t and “Tighten Up” off their latest

Apple updates with Keynote playback

(CNET hyperlinks, and audio if those are Using Apple's iWork suite of audio market, examining the best
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:59:57 PM part of your presentation. applications, you can post ways to record music using a How to Recognize Signs
Playback is supported using the documents to the service by going Macintosh. He is a member of the of Burnout (and What to
Apple today sent a note to users latest version of Safari on the Mac to the Share menu and choosing CNET Blog Network and is not Do About Them) [Health]
of its public beta and PC. You can also view the "Share via" an employee of CNET. He
program informing them of presentation using an iPad, iPhone If you have a question or currently runs The Loop. Adam Dachis (Lifehacker)
updates made to the system. or iPod Touch, which allows you comment for Jim Dalrymple, you This entry passed through the Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:00:00 AM
There were two major features to swipe the screen to advance the can submit it here. However, Full-Text RSS service — if this is
added to Keynote slides. because our editors and writers your content and you're reading it We all feel burnt out from work
presentation playback and new will also now allow receive hundreds of requests, we on someone else's site, please read now and again, but it's not always
publishing options, according to users to create a public link so cannot tell you when you may our FAQ page at easy to recognize and easier to
the e-mail sent by Apple. you are able to share the uploaded receive a response. content-only/faq.php place blame elsewhere. Here are
With Keynote '09 presentation documents on social-media sites. Jim Dalrymple has followed Five Filters featured site: So, some burnout signs to look for
playback, users viewing your You can also use the supplied Apple and the Mac industry for Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing and what you can do if you fit the
shared Keynote documents will be embed code to post your shared the last 15 years, first as part of Again?. bill. More »
able to see the presentations as documents on your Web site. MacCentral and then in various
they were meant to be viewed, You will need an Apple ID to positions at Macworld. Jim also
w i t h a n i m a t i o n s , v i d e o , access your space. writes about the professional
18 World News/ E-reader News Edition

The New Rules: U.S. Defense Cuts a Step in the Right Direction
(World Politics Review: Articles) encouraging the trade-fueled rise Qaida has been greatly weakened missile defense systems -- as presents almost no capacity for
Submitted at 1/9/2011 10:50:00 PM of fellow great powers would over the past decade, forced into they're willing to buy. As for any projecting -- and far more
create a better world. greater diffusion in terms of its further proliferation triggered by importantly, for sustaining-- its
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert We were both correct in that network and relegated to even these two states' nuclear forces beyond its immediate home
Gates unveiled his much- assumption and incredibly weaker, more off-grid nodes -- achievements, it will primarily waters. Moreover, China has no
anticipated budget cuts last successful in making it happen. such as Somalia and Yemen-- to involve our friends: Turkey, Saudi actual major combat experience
Thursday, signaling the beginning There is now more peace across sustain itself. Yes, AQ central is Arabia, Egypt, South Korea and over the last three decades, while
of the end of the decade-long the system, on a per capita basis, still to be found in northwest Japan. So it's hard to get too America's is both extended and
splurge in military spending than at any time in human history. Pakistan, but now America scared about those prospects, comprehensive. Other than
triggered by Sept. 11. Gates And the same holds for poverty consistently brings the fight outside of the usual fears about sporadic border skirmishes with
presented the package of cuts as reduction, income growth, life directly to it, increasingly terrorists getting nukes. Vietnam across the 1980s, China
being the biggest possible given expectancy and social resilience "symmetricizing" our application As for "rising military powers," has not fought a war since Deng
the current international security in the face of natural and man- of force through the use of small we can cut that subject down by Xiaoping established the nation's
landscape, warning that any made disasters. Frankly, the special ops units and drones. admitting that we don't worry mantras of "peaceful coexistence"
deeper reductions could prove biggest collective challenges we Will we continue to live with the whatsoever about most of them -- and "non-interference."
"potentially calamitous." Frankly, face going forward are: 1) threat of catastrophic terrorism? India, Brazil and Turkey -- and With its military build-up, China
I find that statement hard to accommodating the resource Absolutely. Do we need a huge that we're the primary weapons- is essentially constructing a force
swallow. demands triggered by a conventional military to deal with provider to a host of others, that makes it far harder for
How can America basically ballooning global middle class; that? We certainly need a military including Egypt, Israel, Saudi America to remain the dominant
match the rest of the world's and 2) adjusting human life to appropriate to the security Arabia and Pakistan. Yes, we military power in East Asia. But
defense spending combined, and c l i m a t e c h a n g e . T h e s e t w o environment from which such were certainly dismayed by whether or not America should
then describe anything less as admittedly daunting challenges terrorists spring, meaning one Russia's incursion into Georgia in expect to remain the dominant
"potentially calamitous"? Clearly, grow out of our past, current and able to deftly wage small wars 2008, along with other military power there is a good
given the "nation's grim financial future success in extending across globalization's many interventions in Moscow's so- question. The region features
outlook," as Gates himself put it, globalization's benefits across the shifting frontiers, along with called near abroad. But Russia's three other strong powers: Japan,
we're going to have to come up planet. appropriate counterinsurgency alleged military prowess remains South Korea and India. We sell
with a more-realistic force-sizing But you wouldn't know that from and nation-building operations. but a dim shadow of what we arms to all three of these states
principle, rather than simply the way our national security As for any "barbarians" already once faced, and its future and have explicit military
adding new threats to the list establishment so stubbornly holds inside the "gate" of advanced prospects are bleak. alliances with the first two. When
while never having the courage to onto every one of its old fears economies, they require a So all we're really left with in all of that is factored in, it's
trim back less-plausible ones. while piling on new ones. In response based on solid terms of " rising military powers" reasonable to expect that Asian
Much like with the dollar's c i t i n g t h a t " p o t e n t i a l l y intelligence and police networks. is China, one of our biggest trade trio to be able to stand up
declining status as global reserve calamitous" pathway of deeper How about all those "nuclear- and financial partners. That's it: an collectively to anything China
currency, Americans are going to defense cuts, Gates listed our armed rogue states" Gates ominously vague pool reduced to might be foolish enough to try --
have to admit that we cannot and nation's security challenges as mentioned? Here we face the one player. especially as Beijing knows that
should not seek to dominate the being "global terrorist networks, same two states that we've spent Is China building up its military? America and the rest of the West
global security system as much as rising military powers, nuclear- the last several years obsessing Definitely. Does it project that would back them up in any
we have, by default, over the past armed rogue states and much, over: Iran and North Korea -- power around the world along the genuine conflict.
two decades. Far from being a bad much more." unless you want to be impolite lines that we do? Not at all. As for the plausible scenarios for
thing, this is a tremendous Let's dissect that diagnosis. and mention Pakistan, too. In both Beijing can't match our globe- genuine war, as opposed to naval
achievement. America spent the No experts are credibly arguing instances, our cheapest and most- spanning regional combatant incidents over disputed
second half of the 20th century that today's global terrorist effective response has been to arm command structure; possesses no sovereignty, we're basically down
building an international order networks are growing in strength. neighboring states with as many foreign military bases, compared
premised on the notion that Indeed, the majority say that al- defensive weapons -- including to our several hundred; and NEW page 20
E-reader News Edition World News/ 19

Middle East Heralds New Year With Winter of Discontent

(World Politics Review: Articles) services. Riots in the southern protests furthermore suggests a grievances. They blame The current wave of protests may
Submitted at 1/9/2011 10:57:00 PM Jordanian town of Maan erupted hardening of the battle lines. unidentified foreign forces for the not constitute a tipping point in
following a brawl in which two There is a sharper, more violent unrest and often target Al Jazeera the region. But in an environment
The Middle East and North people were killed. And protests edge to the protests compared to because of its extensive reporting. of boiling anger and pent-up
Africa welcomed the New Year in Kuwait denounced the beating past demonstrations. Moreover, Tunisian President Zine Abidine frustration, they could trigger
with a rare phenomenon: protests by police of a law professor this time around, the waves of Ben Ali ordered riot police to use events that spin out of control.
in an arc stretching from Algeria critical of the government. discontent originated more often tear gas and rubber bullets in a This week's warning by the U.N.
to Kuwait, directed against The wave of discontent follows a than not in underdeveloped rural failed attempt to quell the unrest. Food and Agriculture
repressive regimes at home rather series of underreported areas rather than major urban Like Iranian President Mahmoud Organization that record food
than a foreign power. The protests economically inspired protests in centers, signaling discontent Ahmadinejad during the 2009 prices are likely to rise still further
are a rare outpouring of pent-up recent years across North Africa - among more-traditional layers of protests against his country's as a result of erratic global
frustration and anger at - including in Tunisia's southern society over shifts in power due to election results, Ben Ali has also weather patterns certainly does
discrimination and failed Gafsa mining province in early inequitable economic shut down communication not bode well for Arab
economic and social policies as 2008, in Morocco's impoverished development. networks in a bid to disrupt the governments.
well as corruption in a region that port city of Sidi Ifni in the same The Tunisian protests were demonstrators' ability to organize. The protests offer the Obama
is governed by authoritarian year, and in various Egyptian sparked in mid-December when Algeria has resorted to mass administration as well as the
governments intolerant of public towns over the past several years - an unemployed 26-year-old arrests, while Jordan has imposed European Union an opportunity to
criticism. - as well as ethnic and political university graduate in the central a clampdown and warned alter a widespread Arab
It is too early to conclude that the clashes sparked in recent weeks Tunisian province of Sidi Bou Zid protesters of dire consequences. perception that the West favors
protests signal a milestone after by soccer rivalries in Jordan and set himself on fire to protest The protests put the Obama authoritarian rule in the Middle
which Middle Eastern population Iran. A draw last week in the unemployment, corruption and administration and the European East at the expense of the region's
groups no longer quietly endure world's most violent soccer derby dictatorial rule. A 17-year-old Union on the spot. That is population. So far, Western
repression and economic between Cairo arch-rivals Al Ahly Tunisian high school student nowhere more the case than in governments have been slow to
deprivation and instead and Zamalek sparked speculation immolated himself this week. Tunisia, which until the outbreak grasp the opportunity. The U.S.
increasingly and publicly by Egyptian sports commentators Rioters in Algiers stormed the of discontent last month State Department waited until the
challenge their authoritarian that the government had fixed the police headquarters and attacked constituted the West's successful 22nd day of the Tunisian protests
leaders. Yet even if they are match to prevent potential soccer the Directorate-General for model of economic and social before it publicly expressed
unlikely to repeat the regime- riots that could turn political. National Security. Youth in the liberalism void of political concern on Friday, calling on the
toppling successes of the velvet Algeria this weekend postponed Algerian port city of Oran threw reform. That image was shattered Ben Ali government to protect
revolutions of Eastern Europe, the all national soccer league matches animal bones in the streets not only by the protests, but also civil liberties. In remaining
protests reflect increased chafing in a bid to prevent games from because the government, in the by Wikileaks' disclosure of largely silent, the West denies
at disenfranchisement and lack of turning into anti-government words of one protester, "has left reporting by the U.S. Embassy in authoritarian governments the
opportunity and good governance. protests. nothing for us except bones." The Tunis that painted a very different ability to paint the protesters as
Tunisia is witnessing the most- If anything, the protests indicate protests in Maan as well as the picture of Tunisia. Embassy stooges, particularly of the United
sustained demonstrations against that the window of opportunity soccer riots in December in cables detail the rampant States. But as authoritarian Arab
an Arab government in recent for Arab governments to talk the Amman reflect fears resulting corruption of Ben Ali's regime, governments cling to power with
history. The New Year's church talk on political and economic from a shift in power in Jordan and particularly of First Lady ever-greater repression and
bombing in Alexandria, Egypt, reform without walking the walk away from the East Bank tribes to Leila Trabelsi and her family. The restriction of freedoms, silence is
has sparked a rare public outburst is narrowing. They also call into urbanized, more-affluent, cables suggest that U.S. diplomats a policy that is likely to ultimately
of pent-up Coptic anger. question the instinctive U.S. and Westernized Jordanians of have all but given up on working haunt not only regimes across the
Demonstrators in Algeria this European Union preference for Palestinian descent. with the Tunisian leader, whose region but also their Western
week protested food-price hikes, stability in the Middle East and Governments across the region regime former U.S. Ambassador backers.
unemployment and an alleged North Africa at the price of have responded by increasing Robert Godec described as
deterioration of government democracy. The recent wave of repression rather than addressing "sclerotic." MIDDLE page 20
20 Culture/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 18

to North Korea's regime collapse Taiwan scenario -- which is to again, the only warfighting defense." Gates' plan is entirely
and Taiwan pushing openly for say, focused on America's ability scenario that would trigger a warranted and easily defended. If
independence. On the former, to intervene in that scenario. The widespread attack is the anything, it doesn't go far enough.
there are no plausible pathways Pentagon, in return, is readying its increasingly implausible Taiwan Thomas P.M. Barnett is chief
for direct Sino-American war. new U.S. Cyber Command and its scenario. So it's safe to assume analyst at Wikistrat and a
Both superpowers would be fairly provocative AirSea Battle that Gates was just offering contributing editor for Esquire
concerned with addressing Concept, a warfighting paradigm himself a bit of cover. magazine. His latest book is "
refugee flows and securing North that would see America bombing So there you have it: the usual Great Powers: America and the
Korea's weapons of mass the length and breadth of China in concerns about terrorists and our World After Bush" (2009). His Watch Out Investors,
destruction, but there is simply no the opening days of an extended increasingly symmetrical efforts weekly WPR column, The New Check Out What The
logic in our two states warring conventional war. to keep them on the run; small Rules, appears every Monday.
over either. Indeed, a scenario If that last bit strikes you as a bit wars and nation-building when Reach him and his blog at "Smart Money" Just
based on the Kim regime lashing incongruous with our economic and where we choose to engage in Started Doing (SPY,
out to stave off collapse is likely relationship with China, then such efforts; arms sales galore to Photo: U.S. Defense Secretary GLD, BAC)
to trigger unprecedented you're not alone. Just understand the neighbors of Iran, North Robert Gates (U.S. Army photo
collaboration between our two that when Gates and others wield Korea and China; and the Taiwan by Chad J. McNeeley). Joe Weisenthal (Money Game)
militaries. the "rising military powers" scenario involving a military This entry passed through the Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:52:03 PM

So quite frankly, all we're left bogeyman, this truly implausible opponent that we dramatically Full-Text RSS service — if this is
with is Taiwan as the scenario that scenario is the only one they're outspend. How dramatically? your content and you're reading it Individual investors are now
is driving a stealth arms race actually selling you. China has almost five times on someone else's site, please read (almost) uniformly bullish on
between the United States and the It's a bit more difficult to America's population, and yet our FAQ page at equities.
People's Republic. China is deconstruct Gates' concluding bit Washington outspends Beijing 5- content-only/faq.php "Buy the dop" has been a killer
seeking to add cyberwarriors, about "much, much more," to-1 on defense. Five Filters featured site: So, strategy for months and months
stealth fighters, attack because of its vagueness. Most Reducing that overwhelming and Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing now, and we're once again in that
submarines, an aircraft carrier, an experts would include disproportionate spending gap Again?. mentality where nobody sees any
anti-ship ballistic missile and vast cyberwarfare in that catch-all will not usher in a "potentially risks, and nobody wants to settle
quantities of more-conventional category. But there again, the only calamitous" world, so you'd do for the skimpy returns offered by
missiles to its already substantial serious nation-state threat to be well to tune out all the coming Treasuries.
stockpile of assets focused on the cited would be China, and there nonsense about "Obama gutting But watch out.
According to Bank of America/
MIDDLE Merrill Lynch's latest look at
continued from page 19

James M. Dorsey, a former Wall your content and you're reading it

Sign-N-Send Lets You Sign hedge fund positioning, the smart
money is starting to turn on this
Street Journal foreign
correspondent, writes about ethnic
on someone else's site, please read
our FAQ page at
and Email Documents from market. For the first time since
October, Long/Short funds have
and religious conflict.
Photo: Tunisian President Zine
Five Filters featured site: So, Your iOS Device [Video] reduced their net long exposure
(currently at 25%), As
Abidine Ben Ali (Photo by the Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing Adam Dachis (Lifehacker) MarketFolly notes, the last time
office of the Argentinian Again?. they retrenched, there was a
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:30:00 AM
president, licensed under the subsequent market selloff. Click
Creative Commons 2.0 Generic iOS: Sign-N-Send is a helpful here to see the hedge fund trades
Attribution). app that lets you sign documents >
This entry passed through the (whether a PDF or an image) by email or print it when you're Join the conversation about this
Full-Text RSS service — if this is directly on the screen of your iOS finished. More » story »
device, allowing you to send it off
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Foursquare to Add Restaurant, Other Reviews, From

Questionable Source
Marshall Kirkpatrick comment. though, and the company has
(ReadWriteWeb) Sponsor raised tens of millions of dollars.
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:37:56 PM We've long written about location A simpler explanation is that the
as a platform for innovation here company's leadership doesn't
Location based social network at ReadWriteWeb and we're really really care.
F o u r s q u a r e i s r e p o r t e d l y excited about it. Given the
Raw Footage Of The
street from my house. I go there That much is disappointing, but if Inflation And Stock
partnering with bulk-content i n c r e d i b l e a m o u n t o f r i c h often and decided to Google the the Examiner content now being
c o m p a n y E x a m i n e r . c o m t o information that could be tied to name of the park. On the second added is as bad as some critics say Market Riots In
provide revues of restaurants and F o u r s q u a r e p l a c e s , i t i s a page of search results, I found a and is as tightly integrated into the Bangladesh
other venues whenever a user disappointment that a major new PDF map of all the trees in the Foursquare experience as it
checks-in at a location. On one feature on the site sounds like it Joe Weisenthal (Money Game)
park, listing what kind of tree they sounds, this move could be more
hand the move will add helpful will look more like a commercial are and offering more information t h a n j u s t a n o t h e r m i s s e d Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:44:37 PM

content to otherwise barren place than a living encyclopedia. in a walking tour! I added a tip to o p p o r t u n i t y - i t c o u l d b e
pages when users haven't yet The way that most brands have Earlier we mentioned the violent
the venue to do that same Google downright annoying. If you're not riots in Bangladesh falling a
added their own tips to those been using Foursquare is to search, but otherwise that great familiar with the Examiner, the
places, and it will provide upload tips about places around stunning 9% collapse in the
place-based content never would W i k i p e d i a e n t r y a b o u t t h e Dhaka stock exchange in
lengthier content even when user the country, then encourage users have been surfaced in Foursquare. c o m p a n y i s i l l u m i n a t i n g ,
tips are available. On the other to Friend their account. Once you Bangladesh.
Instead we'll have to settle for especially the criticism part. In addition to the stock market
hand, the inclusion of reviews do that, if you check in near a some content-farm's review of the Basically, the company pays
instead of news and other content place that's been annotated by a collapse, the country is currently
d i v e b a r a c r o s s t h e s t r e e t . contributors bottom of the barrel being wracked by devastating
seems like a big lost opportunity. brand you're following, you'll get Presumably because the content rates to write content that's widely
Examiner content is also widely a push notification with that food inflation.
farm paid Foursquare for the criticized. Via Russia Today, here's some
derided as low-quality. Some brand's tip. The History Channel, privilege. Thanks, Foursquare. For what it's worth, each time
users will undoubtedly feel that for example, is a great account to remarkable footage of the riot,
The company has said in the past Foursquare frustrates me or though before you watch that, we
Foursquare has chosen a content f o l l o w - i t p u s h e s r e a l l y that it is interested in adding Gowalla disappoints me, I get
partner who paid over place interesting and educational tips wanted to pull out this from just
cultural and informational layers more hopeful about the fast- to show what the front of the
annotation solutions that add more about places around the country. to the check-in experience, but approaching public launch of
value for the users. The untapped potential on a Dhaka Stock Exchange looks like:
that it's limited in its ability to do another little geo startup called And here's the video:
David Kaplan at PaidContent platform that ties a person's so in the near-term by constrained Geoloqi. Somebody's got to nail
reported on the partnership this declared location to the web and Join the conversation about this
resources. Branded location this location based web stuff. story »
morning but very few details are to their friends is incredible. Last annotation has gone on via Discuss
available and Foursquare has yet week, for example, I checked-in Foursquare for at least a year,
to reply to our request for on Foursquare at a park down the

Rrrewind is a Wayback Machine for Social Media [Webapp]

Adam Dachis (Lifehacker) Rrrewind is your ticket to social delicious, Reddit, YouTube, Hulu,
Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:30:00 AM media's past, letting you browse and more. More »
the archives of the most popular items posted to sites like
22 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Obama's Internet Plan Sounds an Square Raises $27.5M From

Sequoia And Khosla, On Track
Awful Lot Like a National Internet ID To Process $40M In Q1 Payments
Curt Hopkins (ReadWriteWeb) program
• A user would be able to use one Leena Rao (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:00:00 PM
login to sign in to all of their sites Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:21:13 PM

White House Cybersecurity

Coordinator Howard Schmidt So, a user would have one, We recently reported that Jack
announced to the Stanford "verified" ID, which would be Dorsey’s mobile payments startup
Institute for Economic Policy Square was in the process of
transaction have a high degree of known by the government, and a raising a new round of funding at
Research on Friday that President trust that they are interacting with set of large corporations. Given
Obama intended to turn over the periodic outbreak of a $200 million valuation. Today,
known entities." Square’s general manager Keith
development of a national Internet A c c o r d i n g t o C o m m e r c e governmental and corporate
ID to the Commerce Department. Rabois tells us that the company
Secretary Gary Locke, as reported shenanigans, we fail to see the has officially closed its largest
Pursuant to the Orwellian- by CNET: benefit of such a system.
sounding National Strategy for round of funding to date, raising
"We are not talking about a Further, the "Identity Ecosystem" $27.5 million in new funding led
Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, national ID card. We are not sounds strangely like the national public last Fall. Dorsey also
which the administration is by Sequoia Capital with exiting
talking about a government- intranet the Chinese government investor Khosla Ventures brought on PayPal and Slide
currently writing, Commerce will controlled system. What we are has been working on, as an veteran Rabois as General
create a program to provide and participating in the round.
talking about is enhancing online alternative to the Internet as a Sequoia partner Roelof Botha has Manager in August.
administer an allegedly voluntary security and privacy, and reducing w h o l e , and more Botha’s addition as a board
interoperable verified online IDs. c o n t r o l l a b l e . " T h e I d entity joined Square’s board of
and perhaps even eliminating the directors. We’ve heard from member makes sense considering
Sponsor n e e d t o m e m o r i z e a d o z e n Ecosystem is the embodiment of his experience as CFO of
An early draft makes the case for sources familiar with the matter
passwords, through creation and t h e v i s i o n . I t i s a n o n l i n e that Square’s valuation in the payments giant PayPal. Rabois
such an ID."(A) secure use of more trusted digital environment where individuals, says that the new funding will be
cyberspace is critical to the health organizations, services, and round was around $200 million
identities." (that’s up from a $40 million used to go on a hiring spree for
of our economy and to the W e a r e t a l k i n g a b o u t a devices can trust each other the company particularly for
security of our Nation. In valuation in the startup’s Series A
government-controlled system. because authoritative sources round in 2009) engineers and designers. The
particular, the Federal That is exactly what we are establish and authenticate their investment will also be used for
Government must address the Square has steadily gained
t a l k i n g a b o u t . I n f a c t , t h e digital identities." traction as a simple payments sales and marketing purposes. He
recent and alarming rise in online presentation of what few facts We write frequently here about adds that Square will process
fraud, identity theft, and misuse of option for small businesses and is
exist is vague enough as to be Facebook's efforts to become the processing millions of dollars a around $40 million in payments in
information online. One key step good for nothing but worry. source of a universal verified the first quarter of 2010.
in reducing online fraud and week in transactions.
Here are the few facts on the online ID system, but a campaign By way of history, The brainchild “It’s about empowering people to
identity theft is to increase the program that are available. by the US government to do grow their businesses,” Rabois
level of trust associated with of Dorsey and Jim McKelvey,
• The government will enable the something similar is another Square was unveiled last explains. “And you are going to
identities in cyberspace. While creation of verified identities matter. It would be niave to see more and more instances of
this Strategy recognizes the value December as a small credit card
• The government will create an assume that either party is reader that could turn any iPhone larger businesses accepting
of anonymity for many online "Identity Ecosystem" motivated by nothing more than Square as they want to bring the
transactions (e.g., blog postings), into a mobile cash register. The
• Getting a verified identity will convenience on the part of users. startup unveiled apps for the iPad, Apple-store like experience to
for other types of transactions be elective Discuss consumers.” CrunchBase
(e.g., online banking or accessing Android and iPhone.
• Verizon, Google, PayPal, Square initially launched as a Information Square Information
electronic health records) it is Symantec and AT&T support the provided by CrunchBase
important that the parties to that private pilot limited to only
50,000 users and launched to the
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 23

Microsoft looking into 'phantom' Best Buy buy-back

Windows Phone 7 data use program could boost e-
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:36:33 PM
A Microsoft spokesperson said
simply that the company was
"investigating this issue to
you're on), that amount can fill up
quickly when normal use is mixed
with this extra data polling, which
(CNET percent of the purchase price
Microsoft says it's investigating a determine the root cause and will is said to range from 30-50MB of
Windows Phone 7 software update with information and data per day. Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:43:44 PM within six months, up to 40
behavior that has the phone guidance as it becomes available." Microsoft's first big update to its percent for between six and 12
slurping up cellular data, even Best Buy today launched a buy- months, up to 30 percent for one
Several years ago background Windows Phone 7 platform is set
when the phone is connected to back program designed to quash year to 18 months, and up to 20
data use would not have been as to roll out to users in the next
Wi-Fi. t h e f e a r o f t e c h n o l o g y percent for 18 months to two
much of an issue, however within month or so. It's not yet clear
The cause of this data use is not obsolescence. In the process, tech years. For TVs, people have up to
the last year, carriers like AT&T whether that update will address
yet known, but the BBC points to b u y e r s c a n f i n d a w a y t o four years to get 10 percent.
and Verizon have moved away this issue, or whether new
a handful of reports that say it's a r e p u r p o s e o r r e c y c l e t h e i r The primary goal of the buy-back
from so-called "unlimited' data software will be necessary to
built-in feedback tool that's electronic gadgets. program is to encourage
plans, to packages of data that can make any changes.
essentially phoning home. In exchange for a fee, Best Buy consumers, particularly early
be purchased in allotments. For This entry passed through the
If true, this type of behavior customers can return their product technology adopters, to spend on
consumers these represent a more Full-Text RSS service — if this is
would not be out of place and get paid for a fraction of its new products rather than wait,
economical way to buy into a your content and you're reading it
compared to other smartphone purchase price, depending on how Sherman said.
smartphone purchase over the on someone else's site, please read
operating systems. In fact, Apple's long the consumer had it. But having another channel to
course of a long-term contract, but our FAQ page at
iPhone came under similar If it doesn't have any resale value, return electronics goods could
can carry steep penalties for content-only/faq.php
scrutiny last year, with some users the PC, TV, or smart phone will increase used product take-back
overages. Five Filters featured site: So,
reporting large chunks of data be either stripped down for parts rates. Best Buy projects that it
With some entry tier data plans Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
getting sent in the wee hours of or recycled in the U.S., as part of will increase the amount of
hovering in the 150-200MB range Again?.
the night. Best Buy's existing programs, said electronics it takes back in stores
(depending on which carrier
George Sherman, the senior vice by about 15 percent to 160 million
president of services at the p o u n d s i n t h i s f i s c a l y e a r ,
Where Are You Most company. Sherman said.
The cost of the buy-back program This entry passed through the
Productive When Working at for laptops, netbooks, or tablets is Full-Text RSS service — if this is
$69.99. For smart phones that cost your content and you're reading it
Home? [Ask The Readers] less than $350, it's $39.99 and on someone else's site, please read
$59.99 for smart phones that cost our FAQ page at
Adam Dachis (Lifehacker) more than $350, Sherman said. content-only/faq.php
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:00:00 AM Best Buy could extend the Five Filters featured site: So,
program to game machines or Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
The desk was designed for work, other electronics, depending on Again?.
but many of us find ourselves consumer reaction, he said
are you most productive when
taking our laptops to the couch or A customer can get up to 50
working at home? More »
the bed to get things done. Where
24 Technology/ Products/ E-reader News Edition

Apple Stores certified by US Green Startup Sherpa (Kickstarter):

Building Council...barely Going Direct To The Audience
Dave Caolo (TUAW) towards innovative wastewater For Crowdsourced Funding
Submitted at 1/10/2011 3:00:00 PM technology as its stores lack any Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) your own project on his site.
significant landscaping. Rule No.1: Think what you can
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:33:30 PM
While Apple has made great give your audience that is of
gains in the environmental Elsewhere in the test, Apple If you want to crowdsource the value, whether that is early access
friendliness of its products, s c o r e d w e l l i n i n d o o r funding for a project—whether it to your project or a discount.
manufacturing and facilities, the environmental quality (its most i s a p r o d u c t , a l b u m , o r a “This is not about extracting
U.S. Green Building compliant category) and poorly in film—one of the best places to value,” he advises. It’s a two-way
Council(GBC), a "non-profit the materials & resources and find both patrons and early street.
community of leaders working to innovation & design process customers is Kickstarter. In this Rule No. 2: Promote the hell out
make green buildings available to categories. week’s episode of Startup Sherpa, of your project. “You have to be
everyone within a generation," You'll find more information on host Chris Dixon dives deep into willing to market it to your
has identified its retail stores as the LEED for retail standard here. t h e c r o w d s o u r c e d - f u n d i n g audience,” says Chen. “You have
ripe for improvement. Apple environmental quality. Congratulations to Apple for phenomenon with Kickstarter to get the ball going. The Internet
earned the group's low "certified" Unfortunately, Apple's stores receiving certification; hopefully founder Perry Chen. is not just going to find you.”
ranking, but it wasn't due to poor failed to qualify for certain points, there will be opportunities to gain The majority of projects on Startup Sherpa is a new series on
design or implementation. contributing to its low ranking. a higher ranking next time. Kickstarter are creative ones TCTV where founder and angel
The group's tool is the Leadership For example: Apple Stores certified by US involving film, art, or music. But investor Chris Dixon talks about
in Environmental and Energy • Sustainable sites: Apple won Green Building Council...barely product design and startups can be startups with other founders and
Design, or LEED standard, which points for for site selection and originally appeared on TUAW on just as creative. Chen describes investors. Please let us know in
measures a building's density, but was unable to earn Mon, 10 Jan 2011 15:00:00 EST. the funding model on Kickstarter comments who else you’d like to
performance across five aspects of points for protecting habitats since Please see our terms for use of a s “ s o m e w h e r e b e t w e e n see Chris talk to in future
human and environmental health: Apple Stores don't include a lawn, feeds. commerce and patronage.” And episodes.
sustainable site development, yard or other landscaping. Source| Permalink| Email this| some of the most notable projects Startup Sherpa (Kickstarter):
water savings, energy efficiency, • Water efficiency: Again, Apple Comments a r e t e c h n o l o g y p r o d u c t s , How To Get Successful Projects
materials selection and indoor loses out on possible points
including open social network Going
Diaspora and the TikTok iPod Startup Sherpa (Kickstarter):
CES 2011: The Wootable Awards Nano watch that raised almost $1 “You Really Gotta Want It.”
million. CrunchBase Information
(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) we've put the Wootables in video Didn't I already see this? If In the videos below, Dixon and K i c k s t a r t e r C h r i s D i x o n
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:35:00 PM form this year, immersing you in you've watched the Wootcast this Chen discuss what made those I n f o r m a t i o n p r o v i d e d b y
the CES experience without the week, yes. We present it again in two projects take off. Chen also C r u n c h B a s e
Our magical bag of CES 2011 unsavory convention center this blog post because we want to offers advice for how to kickstart
video goodies still holds a couple t o i l e t s . T a k e i t a w a y , D r . keep both our Wootcast archive
of surprises - you'll see those later H e r c u l e s ! and our CES 2011 coverage
today - but none will be more Want more? Need more? Crave archive clean and complete. And
enchanting than the Wootable more? The crimes of CESes past man, those Wootcast posts have
Awards, our annual roundup of are memorialized forever in our boring titles, don't they?
the expo's flotsammest jetsam. In Wootable Awards posts from
light of the declining literacy rate, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 25

News Corp’s “The Daily” iPad App Stuck On A Sudoku?

Landing January 19th Google Goggles Will
Evan Selleck (SlashGear)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:05:29 PM
What will be most notable about
the app, though, is the push
Solve It For You [Video]
Mike Melanson
The talk about News Corp’s The notification system that has been (ReadWriteWeb)
Daily application for the iPad has hinted at in the past. This is meant
been a pretty constant piece of for a subscription plan, and not Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:26:08 PM

news for awhile now, with people for notifications on the iPad. That
guessing about the content Google Goggles, our favorite
means that iTunes will magazines from August 2010
therein, or trying to pinpoint the mobile app that lets you visually
automatically bill customers, onwards.
exact release date of the app. search the Web simply by taking a
whether it be on a weekly or As for the Sudoku, Google
Others, though, didn’t even think picture with your smartphone, has
monthly schedule, depending on Goggles will now solve any
it was coming out. But, thanks to learned a couple of new tricks. In
the individual user. If it comes to Sudoku puzzle that you just can't
a new “coming soon” site addition to speeding up its
fruition, then there’s a possibility solve. According to Google, "if
dedicated to The Daily, we can barcode scanning feature, Google
that magazines and other you ever get stuck, take a clear
probably safely assume that it’s Goggles now recognizes a variety
subscription-based periodicals picture of the entire puzzle with
coming. And, according to of print ads and...solves that
could use the same system, and Goggles and we'll tell you the
Forbes, its launch date is only just Sudoku puzzle you just can't
perhaps boost sales. correct solution." Take a look at
a little off from that previous solve!
And finally, The Daily now has a the video for a quick demo:
rumor we heard not too long ago. repository for news articles from Sponsor
“coming soon” website, with a What do you think of Google
While Forbes is reporting that many different sources across the Last November, Google
new logo which you can see Goggles? Is it simply a fun parlor
The Daily will launch on January United States. It will also include announced and experiment using
above. trick type app (at least for the
19th now, further details about the some international content. There Google Goggles to bring users
[ via Forbes] moment) or do you actually
application are still hazy at this are also writers that were extra content when they scanned
certain ads. Though similar, that visually search for anything, ever?
point. We do know that the app specifically hired to write for The Obviously visual search is
will function as a sort of Daily, who will publish original experiment returned users to a
specific link, whereas this new something new that we'll see more
feature brings related search and more of in the future, but
results, recognizing that you we're wondering when it will
scanned a print ad. The app will become more of an integrated
recognize print ads in major U.S. feature. Discuss

What Cities Will Be Hot for Entrepreneurship in 2011?

Audrey Watters Mind the Valley" series has incubator or accelerator programs, You can contact us via email with
(ReadWriteWeb) featured cities like Austin, or at the very least some sort of your suggestions.
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:30:15 PM London, Montreal, New York, mentorship opportunities so that Image credits: Minnesota
and Boulder. new entrepreneurs can work with Historical Society (via Flickr)
Here at ReadWriteStart, we These cities tend to have strong those more established in the Discuss
frequently profile cities outside business climates, but in industry.
Silicon Valley that are thriving particular they offer a strong Sponsor
hot-spots for tech community for startups - often, universities. Frequently, these As the new year kicks off, we're
entrepreneurship. Our " Never but not always, centered on communities provide startup looking for more cities to profile.
26 Technology/ Products/ E-reader News Edition

Hey, your iPhone's

Rick Martin (TUAW)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:00:00 PM

In the market for a shoe-phone?

iShoes are funky little iPhone
cases coming out of Asia that
make your phone look like a tiny,
somewhat flattened-out sneaker.
Recently available for purchase
from Japan-based vendor Strapya,
iShoes are made by Korean
company Play Hello. These
If you do want to convert your
colorful cases seem to have been
iPhone into a cute l'il shoe-phone,
around since earlier this year but
then this might be for you. I can't
surprisingly without much foreign
help but think however that
fanfare. Strapya is selling the
somewhere Don Adams is yelling
iPhone 4 iShoes cases on site for
down at us that we're doing it
2380 yen (or about $28), and the
Windows Phone 7 Performance company will take orders from
outside Japan. Cases are available
in an assortment of colors: black,
Hello, Chief?
Hey, your iPhone's untied!

Upgrade Demoed on Video blue, orange, pink, red, and white.

Play Hello has cases available for
originally appeared on TUAW on
Mon, 10 Jan 2011 14:00:00 EST.
Please see our terms for use of
Evan Selleck (SlashGear) games. previous version. the iPhone 4 and 3GS, and even
The demonstration below (filmed The update, along with the for the homegrown fave Samsung
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:09:24 PM
Source| Permalink| Email this|
by Anandtech), which you can see updates mentioned above, is also Galaxy S, though as far as I can
Microsoft has been open about i n a l l o f i t s v i d e o g l o r y , meant to bring a better search see the company doesn't ship
their first update to Windows showcases applications, mainly experience to the Marketplace.
Phone 7, saying that the update games, being loaded in two
w o u l d b r i n g p l e n t y o f devices. The Samsung Taylor in
However, the biggest question of Wootcast for 1/10/2011
all regarding the first software Woot (Woot! - One Day, One
improvements to the mobile question, of which one of them is we hope you're not applying the
update for Microsoft’s newest Deal)
Operating System. What most loaded with the new software will-it-float test to determine
mobile OS is when it’s coming,
people are waiting for is Copy & build of Windows Phone 7 (you’ll Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:00:00 AM value. With all that in mind, this
and that’s still not answered. So,
Paste, but Microsoft is also adding have to watch it to find out which week's Woot podcast features a
check out the video, and if you
They say it's the cream that rises few of the things that bobbed up
other flourishes to make sure that one), is put against the same have yourself a Windows Phone 7
to the top, but the truth is that in front of us at CES in Las Vegas
the package isn’t just a one-hit device running the older version handset, you’ll have to keep on
buoyancy is a poor measure of last week. Our Wootable Awards
wonder. Namely, the update, of the mobile Operating System. waiting for that Copy & Paste
quality. After all, which would aren't necessarily given to the
which is build number 7.0.7353.0, Bejeweled manages to load up update.
you rather own, a gold ingot, or a BEST stuff at the show -- just the
also speeds up applications — about 16.9 times faster than the [ via WinRumors]
Ziploc bag full of hair? When most buoyant.
especially the graphic-intensive same game opening on the
someone offers you this choice,
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Featured/ 27

Re-Use Your Keurig K-

Cups! (Ad
ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed)

Do you love the Keurig coffee

Are you tired of paying 50¢ per
cup? Do you want to start saving
money today? Turn your used K-
Cups into reusable K-Cups!
The Keurig standard approach $14 and up. If you want 10 of
involves the purchase of K-Cups them, that is $140 just for the
with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, reusable cups. Second, the cup
etc. The K-Cups make excellent does not produce as good of a cup
coffee. But they each cost of coffee as the K-Cup itself. The
anywhere from $.25 to $.50 per designs are different and the water
cup depending on the quantity and flows out the sides of the filter
where you purchase them. If you rather than down through the
like to drink coffee like me, this coffee (take a look at it closely).
Third, the design is big, bulky,
Silent Hill: Downpour is the Next can add up to quite a bill really
So you say, why not get a
and hard to store. If you already
have a turnstile for K-Cups, you

Installment in the Series reusable K-Cup. Good idea. But

there are a few problems with the
can not store these there. With
this product you can.
Evan Selleck (SlashGear) and it looks like rain is going to invaded by a rust-covered version system Keurig wants you to use.
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:41:49 PM be playing a huge role in the of the town, where the monsters First the reusable K-Cups cost
upcoming title. and main antagonists of the
The Silent Hill games are part of According to Game Informer, the franchise lurk. Fog has played a NYT on future-safe archives
a long-running series from next game will be titled Silent huge role in the games as well. (Scripting News) August of last year, and we
developer and publisher Konami. Hill: Downpour, and the Most recently, though, Silent Hill: exchanged 21 emails, some quite
Submitted at 1/10/2011 7:34:21 AM
It’s a survival horror franchise developers are making sure that Shattered Memories utilized snow lengthy, over the months.
that has seen releases on several rain is an integral part of the and ice, instead of rust and broken Over the years I've written I appreciate the thought he put
different consoles over the year, game’s structure. And not just down buildings to imagine frequently about making the web into this story, and now that the
but Konami has focused primarily rain, but water in general, it Konami’s other world. It will be a more permanent medium, I call Times has written on it, maybe we
on Sony’s home videogame seems. Details about the game are interesting to see how water might the topic "future-safe archives." can make some progress in
console mostly, with a few still sparse at the moment, but GI play into the nightmares of the Yesterday there was an excellent assuring that people who want to
divergents here and there. With will have full details in their main protagonist. article in the NY Times Magazine create lasting works on the web
the latest edition to the franchise, February edition of the magazine. [ via Game Informer] by Rob Walker on this topic. He have a way to do it.
which is in development now, it In previous installments, the contacted me via email initially in
marks the 8th title for Silent Hill, Silent Hill world has been
28 Policy/ E-reader News Edition

How to Cut $100 Billion Without Really Crying

(AEI.Org: Articles) the first year alone and putting us easy. policy makers to withdraw The easiest cuts are to money not
Submitted at 1/9/2011 5:00:00 PM on a path to balance the budget No Tears billions of subsidies to big yet spent. There are various
and pay down the debt." The Heritage Foundation's Brian agriculture. competing estimates of how much
To listen to Democrats, they have Would Americans really suffer if Riedl came up with an ambitious These changes, plus closing the remains unspent from the great
new Republican House Speaker taxpayer-funded travel by federal plan for cutting $343 billion in U.S. Agriculture Department's stimulus of 2009. I'll take the
John Boehner right where they employees was slashed? I doubt spending. I'll shoot for one-third Foreign Agricultural Service, most conservative estimate, $12
want him. it. of that target, with the added goal would save about $19.5 billion. billion--the biggest chunk of
"The reality of governing is Note the operative phrase, "the of avoiding some of his proposals Not a bad start. which would go toward high-
different than the reality of first year." Those now predicting --such as reducing Pell Grants and Next, target energy subsidies, speed rail, something that we all
campaigning, and it's easier to defeat for Boehner--dare I say, eliminating homeland-security which might make us feel good covet when visiting Europe or
throw out a number than it is to rooting for it--make his task funding to states--that would be but make little economic sense. Asia but that would require a
support it," David Axelrod, tougher by implying that the word most likely to lead to wailing in As I've written before, if Congress wholesale transfiguring of the
President Barack Obama's "fiscal" precedes "year." the echoing halls of the Capitol wants to encourage innovation in American landscape that the U.S.
outgoing senior strategist, said Months Gone By complex. energy, it should tax carbon, not simply will never do.
last week. The 2011 U.S. fiscal year began Here's how to do it. subsidize politically favored We're two-thirds of the way to
The number, of course, is the on Oct. 1, 2010, without a budget First, it's finally time to take on approaches such as ethanol. Riedl $100 billion.
$100 billion in cuts to federal in effect, and with Democrats in farm subsidies, which topped says cutting energy subsidies Just because we're all tired of
spending that House Republicans charge. Since that time, the $15.4 billion in 2009, according would save about $6.5 billion. hearing about alleged "waste,
have been discussing since they government has been funded by to the Washington-based (We could go after the tax-credit fraud and abuse" doesn't mean
unveiled their 2010 campaign passage of continuing resolutions, Environmental Working Group. subsidies too, which technically there isn't a lot of it. Riedl
platform last September. maintaining expenditures at 2010 Farm-state lawmakers in both aren't spending.) estimates that a $5 billion
Republicans in the House barely levels. When the current one parties, using the Agriculture Justice Department block grants-- investment in updated computer
had time to adjust to their expires on March 4, Republicans Committee as their base, have annual sums given to state and systems could halve errors in
majority status before facing will have just seven months to long beaten back efforts to slash local governments, which largely government payments, saving $44
questions and skepticism about make their mark on the 2011 direct payments to growers. So get to decide how to spend them billion. That lifts our spending
whether and how they can pull budget. why might now be different? to achieve a certain goal--have cuts to $111.8 billion: target
that off. But since Boehner didn't specify Because of the unprecedented also been targeted for cuts, and achieved, with wiggle room to
Boehner is going to win this one. "fiscal year," Republicans simply power that Boehner is investing in then saved, again and again. Here, boot.
Government spending has surged can say that the starting pistol Ryan and the Budget Committee. too, it's high time to strike a blow Of course, there's still the matter
so much in the past two years that went off only last week. House This doesn't mean America's for federalism: local law of my bill. Kevin A. Hassett is a
cutting $100 billion is a piece of Budget Committee Chairman Paul farmers have to be left to fend for enforcement is, by definition, a senior fellow and director of
cake. Ryan said as much: "We will be themselves. local concern. That's $7.3 billion economic policy studies at AEI.
First, let's understand exactly cutting $100 billion plus over this Farmer Savings in savings. Photo Credit: iStockphoto/cogal
what Boehner and his team calendar year. If you think we're Canada has experimented with a Grounded Bureaucrats This entry passed through the
promised. stopping shy of $100 billion in program that provides Would Americans really suffer if Full-Text RSS service — if this is
In their "Pledge to America," cuts, you got another think government matching funds for taxpayer-funded travel by federal your content and you're reading it
congressional Republicans wrote: coming." farmers' deposits into savings employees was slashed? I doubt on someone else's site, please read
"With common-sense exceptions The budget hawks have tied a accounts that help them buffer it. Riedl counts $22.5 billion in our FAQ page at
for seniors, veterans, and our hand behind their backs by their incomes against the ups and savings from that and from content-only/faq.php
troops, we will roll back vowing not to cut spending for downs of farm prices. Such a cutting in half the cost of Five Filters featured site: So,
government spending to pre- seniors, national defense and program in the U.S. could achieve maintaining vacant federal Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
stimulus, pre-bailout levels, veterans. Still, with 12 months to the objective of helping family properties. (How about selling Again?.
saving us at least $100 billion in accomplish it, the lift is pretty farmers survive while enabling some of them?)
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Michelle Williams Has a
Don't Let O Disarm Our Military New York Weekend
While Ryan Gosling
(AEI.Org: Articles) in Virginia for closing and talked one of the canceled F-22 Raptor cyberwarfare are the military's
Submitted at 1/9/2011 5:00:00 PM of forgoing replacement vessels fighters employs some 1,000 future, goes the claim. Talks "Real" Sex
for our carrier strike groups. subcontractors and suppliers and But the focus on the hi-tech side Katie Henry (PopSugar)
Call it President Obama's During his tenure, Gates has also 95,000 workers. of modern warfare mistakes the
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:55:33 AM
"conditional-surrender Pentagon sent a clear message to America's A modest 15 percent rise in the trunk for the elephant. The trunk
budget"--and bad news for the US defense industry: If you want new Pentagon's outlays for makes him distinct, and he can't Michelle Williams broke out her
economy. weapons contracts, don't look for procurement, research and function without it. But it's the favorite fur-lined jacket for a
The 2012 Defense budget that them here. That's why most are operations would mean 300,000 rest of him that makes him lord of stroll in Brooklyn on Saturday,
Secretary Robert Gates unveiled rapidly expanding their sales jobs and $30 billion pumped into the jungle. though yesterday she didn't let the
last week calls for cuts of more overseas and one reason Northrop our manufacturing and That includes our Marines. The Winter weather affect her
than $178 billion--more than a Grumman is selling its Newport engineering sector--with ripple savage irony is that, just as Gates wardrobe choice when she
quarter of today's Pentagon News shipyard--the one place effects throughout the economy, is slashing their numbers and stepped out for a Blue Valentine
spending. Some $100 million in where we build nuclear carriers from technology spin-offs to new taking away their vertical-take-off Q&A hosted by The New York
cuts are coming now, including and subs. basic research grants for F-35s, they're doing so well in Times in NYC. She chose a short
$35 billion from the Navy alone, The White House message to corporations and universities. Afghanistan he's sending in black Chanel dress for the event,
with the other $78 billion slated friends and foes has been clear: Think of our military buildup another 1,400 of them. which she attended alongside
for the next five years. Being a superpower isn't for us during World War II, which Republicans in Congress must reporter Dave Itzkoff and the
On the chopping block are the any more. doubled our GNP. Think of the firmly reject this budget, and call musician Lang Lang. Her costar
Marine Expeditionary Fighting Liberal critics point out that Internet, cellphones and GPS--all Obama's bluff. They must fight Ryan Gosling was slated to
Vehicle and the Slamraam surface Pentagon spending won't actually spin-offs from past military for our Marines, sailors and attend, however, he didn't make it.
-to-air missile system, while the F go down. With personnel benefits spending--and the point becomes soldiers, and for the equipment Michelle will reunite with Ryan
-35 Joint Strike Fighter will face and health-care costs rising 5 obvious. they need to make us all safer, just on Sunday to attend the Golden
more delays--which without a percent a year, it'll go up--but by Of course, the Pentagon exists for as those forces fight for us. Globes, where they're both
doubt will trigger cost overruns. the most modest amount in almost an even more important reason: to They'll be fighting for our nominated for their roles - don't
The official story is that Gates is a decade. defend the nation and maintain economic future, too. Arthur forget to fill out Buzz's ballot for
implementing these cuts to prove Others note that despite cuts in the strategic posture on which our Herman is a visiting scholar at your chance to win $1,000! Ryan
that the Pentagon is serious about i n f r a s t r u c t u r e a n d s u p p o r t alliances around the world AEI. was busy doing interviews last
austerity at a time of heightened personnel and weapons programs, depend. Photo Credit: U.S. Army Photo week, visiting The Ellen
public concern about budget funding for the Afghanistan war On that front, this new budget by Spc. Christen Best DeGeneres Show to chat about
deficits. will continue as before. Yet that's assumes that carriers, tanks, This entry passed through the their movie and play coy once
Yet building the military future is like driving the Lexus at high armored vehicles like the EFV Full-Text RSS service — if this is again on the topic of his possible
the best economic stimulus we speed without bothering to change and the ships like USS New York your content and you're reading it offscreen romance with Michelle.
have. the oil or replace the brake and that carry them into battle are all on someone else's site, please read He recently opened up to the
Nonsense. Since the president transmission fluid. We're letting Cold War relics. So, it seems, are our FAQ page at Guardian, however, to share about
took office, Gates and Obama current war needs consume the such "boots on the ground"-type content-only/faq.php their steamy scenes. He said, "The
have been looking for ways to resources for the future. forces as the Marines, which are Five Filters featured site: So, sex felt real - it wasn't sexy or 'a
hack out $300 billion from the Yet building the military future is slated to lose not only their EFV's Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing sex scene', and that's why we got
Pentagon budget. A year ago, they the best economic stimulus we but some 20,000 personnel. (The Again?. into trouble. You shouldn't be
canceled the F-22 Raptor fighter have. Gary Schmitt and Tom Army will lose even more.) penalized for doing a good job."
program and ordered cuts in Donnelly, my colleagues at the In this view, flashier but also View Slideshow ›
funding for missile defense. Gates American Enterprise Institute, cheaper Predator Drones, robots,
slated the Joint Forces Command have calculated that building just Navy SEAL teams and
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Ivy Chase Amazing Abs

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)
(AEI.Org: Articles) Payscale has a large database of Delaware, the 16th is the the Georgia Institute of
Submitted at 1/9/2011 5:00:00 PM wage and salary data, allowing it University of California at San Technology will see a return of
Lie on back with legs extended,
to compare the pay of workers Diego, and the 17th and 18th $1.1 million more over the same
toes pointed. Inhale and raise
It is the time of year when high- who attended, say, the University places are held by Caltech and period.
arms up, fingers pointing toward
school seniors zip uncountable of Florida with that of a control MIT. Neither number is chump change,
ceiling. Exhale and press lower
college applications across the group of high-school graduates All told, the average annual ROI and the relatively high returns for
back toward floor as you roll
country. Many yearn to be and then estimate what the typical for the top ten public institutions the public universities mark them
head, neck, and shoulders up,
accepted in top private colleges student gets out of her investment is 13.4 percent. The average as first-rate investments. The
reaching fingers toward the
and universities such as Harvard in college. The calculations are annual ROI for the top ten private University of Virginia and
ceiling, until you feel a strong
or Williams and fear that they done for a very large sample of institutions is 12.3 percent. The Williams College, for example,
contraction in stomach muscles.
might get stuck at a lowly "state U . S . i n s t i t u t i o n s o f h i g h e r chart also provides a clue about provide almost exactly the same
During the move, tighten your leg
school." learning, so one can compare the why the public institutions are 30-year income.
muscles to maintain intensity.
This bias is age-old, and was annualized return on investment such good buys. The average total So if you are anxious this
Slowly return to start, and repeat.
perhaps most succinctly described (ROI) for public and private cost for a bachelor's degree from a application season, relax. In most
Next Dead Bug
by Friedrich Nietzsche, who said universities. public institution is $83,695; for a cases, the impact of ending up at a
This entry passed through the
that "in large states public The results, which are private institution it is $171,026. state school rather than a "first
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
e d u c a t i o n w i l l a l w a y s b e summarized in the nearby chart, The higher tuition at top schools choice" will be small indeed.
your content and you're reading it
mediocre, for the same reason that a r e s t a r t l i n g . T h e p u b l i c brings diminishing returns. Kevin A. Hassett is a senior
on someone else's site, please read
in large kitchens the cooking is institutions trounce the private While annual ROI is a useful fellow and director of economic
our FAQ page at
usually bad." ones in terms of the percentage measure of bang for the buck, one policy studies at AEI.
But are public universities in the return on investment. With the caveat is in order. Even though This entry passed through the
Five Filters featured site: So,
U.S. really that bad? A new study exception of Brigham Young the rates of return are lower for Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
by the website University, which is somewhat private schools, they are your content and you're reading it
analyzed a massive data set unrepresentative because it compounding off of an investment on someone else's site, please read
r e p r e s e n t i n g m i l l i o n s o f receives much support from the that is larger, so the actual cash our FAQ page at
observations and estimated the Mormon Church, the top 16 rates haul associated with a private content-only/faq.php
rate of return on investment in of return were all posted by public college education can be higher. Five Filters featured site: So,
higher education for people who institutions. For example, a person with an Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
attended a wide array of U.S. To see how much this turns MIT degree can expect to earn Again?.
colleges and universities. conventional wisdom on its head, about $1.7 million more than a
So if you are anxious this consider that the 15th-place high-school graduate over the
application season, relax. institution is the University of next 30 years, while a graduate of

We're Learning A Huge Lesson About Inflation Right Now

Joe Weisenthal (Money Game) Where inflation stings is in places anywhere near the same ballpark bit of commodity inflation to fight
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:26:00 PM like Indonesia, India, and as what's going in in the emerging off deflation in wages and
Bangladesh, where rampant world is a joke. Yes, it sucks to housing. (Whether he succeeds is
People yell a lot about inflation inflation and a stock market crash pay $3/gallon in gasoline, or pay another story.)
and its potential harm to the have lead to riots. more for a box of cereal, but this Join the conversation about this
economy, but if you're screaming For some perspective, here's what sort of inflation is not going to story »
about food or energy inflation in the Dhaka Stock Exchange has lead to riots or abandoned
the US you don't have a clue done in recent weeks. Obviously To even talk about the US vehicles or crater the US market.
about what it can really do. ugly. experiencing inflation in Bernanke is happy to tolerate a
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Brazil Accuses US, China of Currency Manipulation; Intense

Monetary Tightening in China; Iceland Solution Tempts
Ireland;Unprecedented Hell in Belgium (Michael exchange-rate manipulation at the Prasad, a former senior IMF
Shedlock) (Mish's Global World Trade Organisation and official now at Cornell University.
Economic Trend Analysis) other global bodies. He said the The case for global rules is that
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:26:00 AM US and China were among the one country’s actions can spill
Here are a few of the many worst offenders. over to others. Last year’s rash of
stories I am following: The risk of “This is a currency war that is direct currency market
trade wars escalates as Brazil turning into a trade war,” Mr intervention to slow speculative
accuses the United States and Mantega said in his first exclusive capital inflows, for example,
China of currency manipulation. interview since Dilma Rousseff, proved self-perpetuating as
In turn, the IMF is upset at Brazil Brazil’s new president, took country after country rushed to
for imposing capital controls. In office on January 1. His stop its own exchange rate being
Belgium, the king wants to end comments follow interventions in the only one to rise. China's Trade
the "unprecedented hell" that has currency markets by Brazil, Chile Surplus Weakens
left Belgium without a and Peru last week and recent The New York Times reports
government for 211 days smack sharp rises in the Australian China’s December Trade Rises,
in the midst of a budget crisis. dollar, the Swiss franc and other but Growth Weakens
China is set for multiple rounds of currencies amid an exodus of China's December exports rose
credit tightening even though investment from the sluggish by double digits, possibly fueling
China's growth is weakening. economies of the US and Europe. tension with Washington ahead of
Interest rates in Portugal and Tensions Rise in Currency Wars Chinese President Hu Jintao's
Spain suggest more bailouts In related news, the IMF is U.S. visit next week.
coming up. Ireland is pondering arguing against Brazil's Exports rose 17.9 percent,
the Iceland Solution and that has imposition of capital controls as producing a $13.1 billion trade
the IMF more than a bit upset. Tensions rise in currency wars. If surplus, though growth was down
Brazil Finance Minister Warns of the world’s shell-shocked from November's 34.9 percent
Trade Wars investors thought that 2011 might surge, customs data showed
The Financial Times reports see an outbreak of peace in the Monday. Imports gained 25.6
Brazil Warns Trade War Looming currency wars, they were sadly percent over a year earlier, down
Brazil has warned that the world mistaken. Not only did Brazil last from the previous month's 37.7
is on course for a full-blown week take more action to stem the percent growth but reflecting
“trade war” as it stepped up its rise in the real but Chile, one of China's relatively strong
rhetoric against exchange rate the most free-market of emerging engagement on controlling them. debate, releasing a study arguing economic growth.
manipulation. economies, has also unveiled a But given the uncertainty and for global rules to constrain December exports of $154.1
Guido Mantega, finance minister, campaign of intervention against political explosiveness around the governments’ use of capital billion might be the highest
told the Financial Times that its currency. issue, any such venture faces a controls. But observers doubt that monthly level ever for China,
Brazil was preparing new With a sense that the battles tough future. it will broker a deal soon. “The which overtook Germany in 2009
measures to prevent further against destabilising capital The International Monetary Fund IMF has made a pre-emptive grab as the world's biggest exporter,
appreciation of its currency, the inflows are here to stay has come last week revealed an attempt to for power without a clear idea of
real, and would raise the issue of a determination to set new rules of BRAZIL page 33
put itself at the centre of the what it is asking for,” says Eswar
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Campaign To Recall Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Underway (Michael more money to fund pension With high property taxes, high 85% vote turnout for Quinn in
Shedlock) (Mish's Global plans sales taxes and now high income Chicago. Sadly, Mayor Daley did In essence, Public unions own
Economic Trend Analysis) taxes, the flight to low-tax states nothing to stop this, although the Illinois, California, and New
Submitted at 1/10/2011 4:37:00 AM The Tribune notes "As a measure will only pick up speed. mayor is complaining mightily York.
I have exciting news this o f h o w d e s p e r a t e s t a t e Enough is enough. Indiana now about the Governor's New Jersey Governor Chris
morning. I am launching a g o v e r n m e n t ' s f i n a n c e s a r e , Governor Mitch Daniels On proposals. Christie is starting to turn things
c a m p a i g n t o r e c a l l I l l i n o i s Cullerton said the state would use Quinn's Plan “It’s worth remembering that around. Wisconsin and Ohio also
governor Pat Quinn. the income-tax hike to borrow The Illinois Policy Institute is not Governor Quinn only found one have newly elected governors
This is not a frivolous effort. It is $12.2 billion. Of that, $8.5 billion the only one who thinks Governor program—out of thousands—to willing to take on public unions.
a serious undertaking and one in would pay overdue bills and $3.7 Quinn's proposal would be horrid veto outright when he signed this In Illinois, Governor Quinn
which I intend to see to the end. It billion would cover a government for Illinois. So does Indiana year’s spending bill in July. Had remains beholden to public
will take hard work and lots of w o r k e r p e n s i o n p a y m e n t G o v e r n o r M i t c h D a n i e l s he taken a closer look at structural unions, not taxpayers, in spite of
v o l u n t e e r s b u t w e w i l l b e lawmakers skipped when putting according to The Northwest spending reforms and not agreed massive voter rejections
successful. together the current budget, he Times of Indiana. to politically motivated “no layoff nationally of tax-and-spend
I need volunteers to ... said." "We already had an edge on and closure” deals with public policies.
Raising corporate and personal Illinois in terms of the cost of employee unions, we could be on Organized labor contributed
• Gather signatures income taxes to borrow $12.2 doing business, and this is going the path back to recovery instead mightily to his campaign, and
• Talk to state legislative billion is not "desperation", it is to make it significantly wider," of being stuck in ever-mounting Governor Quinn wants to pay
representatives to get them on fiscal insanity. It will drive Daniels said. debt,” noted John Tillman at the them back. His proposals will do
board businesses out of Illinois and push The Tax Foundation, a Illinois Policy Institute. that by taking money out of your
• Provide legal help many struggling taxpayers into nonpartisan tax research group in Those "no layoff" agreements pocket so that the public unions
• Design a website bankruptcy. Washington, noted if the proposed bought Quinn votes. So did other get wages and benefits that most
• Help with advertising Quinn is unlikely to get all of corporate tax hike becomes law, union-pandering deals. It did not taxpayers will never see.
those measures passed, but it does Illinois businesses will pay the matter that Illinois could not Quinn bought the election, even
I will pay for website hosting and not matter. Those are his highest combined national-local afford those deals. Quinn did what if barely.
domain names. intentions and they they show his c o r p o r a t e t a x r a t e i n t h e he could to get elected, taxpayers Constitutional Amendment To
We need to be successful because b l a t a n t i n c o m p e t e n c e a n d i n d u s t r i a l i z e d w o r l d . be damned. Recall Governors
Governor Quinn has plans that disregard for both taxpayers and That is the wrong course for There still is no serious Last November, Illinois voters
will destroy Illinois. businesses. Moreover, he will try Illinois to take, Daniels said. discussion from Quinn as to how were presented a chance to vote
Massive Tax Hikes Will Drive again. "It does show that you can make to rein in exorbitant taxpayer on a constitutional amendment
Businesses Out Of Illinois Enough Is Enough very different choices, and the giveaways to public unions. His allowing governors to be recalled.
The Chicago Tribune reports John Tillman at the Illinois contrast between the choice we've only "solution" is to raise taxes. I am pleased to report the Illinois
Governor Quinn has reached a P o l i c y I n s t i t u t e s a y s . . . made and the one they have is Four Big States - Four Big Governor Recall Amendment
d e a l w i t h t o p D e m o c r a t i c Amazingly, the deal will also hike stark," he said. " Obviously I Problems Passes With Two-Thirds Of Vote.
lawmakers including Senate the corporate income tax rate. think ours is wiser, but self- California, Illinois, and New The Illinois constitution was
President John Cullerton to .... Combined with the personal governance means people get York all have massive fiscal changed last night, with an
property replacement tax and the what they vote for." problems. They all have other amendment swept in by a wide
• Hike the state income tax by federal corporate tax, Illinois Indeed, people get what they vote things in common. margin.
75%, from 3% to 5.25% would have one of the HIGHEST for, but how did Quinn win? Over two million voters approved
• Hike the corporate income tax corporate income tax rates in the Governor Quinn Bought The • Collective Bargaining a process for the public to recall
rate by 75% from 4.8% to 8.4% world. You don't have to be a Election • Prevailing Wage Laws governors during their term,
• Hike the cigarette tax by $1 a rocket scientist to figure out this Governor Quinn barely won the • Illinois, California, and New giving the measure well over the
pack means bad news for job growth in election against a very weak York are NOT " Right to Work"
• Use the tax hikes to borrow Illinois. opponent in spite of an amazing states CAMPAIGN page 35
E-reader News Edition 33
continued from page 31

according to Cohen. with a 0.8 percent drop for inflows may be part of the reason summit, Handelsblatt reported 6.3pc this year, and soon in
Imports were $141 billion. The Brazil’s real, a 0.3 percent behind the central bank’s yesterday, citing German surplus: Ireland's will be 12pc
trade surplus was the third-lowest increase for Russia’s ruble and 5 inclination to use the reserve ratio government officials it didn’t (32pc with bank bail-outs) and not
monthly level in 2010 and down percent advance for India’s rupee, tool more frequently than interest identify. German Chancellor much better next year.
sharply from November's $22.9 according to Bloomberg surveys rates,” said Wen Pengyong, an Angela Merkel has said she The pain has been distributed
billion. of strategists. economist at Essence Securities opposes increasing government- very differently. Irish
Beijing promised more exchange “We will probably see a round of Co., a Shenzhen-based brokerage. funded aid for euro countries and unemployment has reached
rate flexibility in June and the pretty intense tightening in the Unprecedented Hell In Belgium her chief spokesman, Steffen 14.1pc, and is still rising. Iceland's
yuan has risen by about 3.5 first half,” said Ren Xianfang, an As Debt Crisis Escalates Seibert, said yesterday that “no peaked at 9.7pc and has since
percent against the U.S. dollar economist in Beijing for Bloomberg reports Belgium’s decision has been taken about fallen to 7.3pc.
since then. Analysts expect the Lexington, Massachusetts-based King to Tackle Political Deadlock widening the rescue fund.” Iceland's president, Olafur
currency to rise by about 5 research company IHS Global as Debt Woes Mount The extra borrowing cost over Grimsson, irritated EU officials
percent this year, but that is too Insight. “The yuan’s appreciation Belgium’s king will make a fresh German bonds, a gauge of the risk last month when he said his
little for critics who say the yuan in 2011, particularly in the first bid to end the 211-day post- of investing in Belgium, has risen country was recovering faster
is undervalued by up to 40 half, should be faster than last election deadlock that has left the to 126 basis points from 79 basis because it had refused to bail out
percent. year.” country without a full-time points on election day June 13. creditors – mostly foreigners.
Beijing also faces criticism that it The reserves, which exceeded $1 government and fanned concern The spotlight shifts later this "The difference is that in Iceland
is hampering access to its finance trillion in 2006 and $2 trillion in that Europe’s debt crisis will week to southern Europe for sales we allowed the banks to fail.
industries and is improperly 2009, will reach $3 trillion by widen. of some of the $1.1 trillion that These were private banks and we
supporting its fledgling producers June 30, according to UBS AG Belgium’s 10-year borrowing euro-region governments need to didn't pump money into them in
of solar, wind and other estimates. costs jumped to an almost two- borrow on bond markets in 2011. order to keep them going; the
renewable energy technology by Premier Wen Jiabao is seeking to year high last week, prompting Portugal will auction bonds state should not shoulder the
shutting foreign suppliers out of sustain the economy’s growth to business leaders to demand an maturing in 2014 and 2020 on responsibility," he said.
government-financed projects. create millions of jobs each year, immediate coalition deal between Jan. 12. Spain follows on Jan. 13 The Irish press reported that EU
Those last two paragraphs also while preventing rising prices for feuding parties in the Dutch- with the sale of bonds maturing in officials "hit the roof" when Irish
smack of trade wars. Currently, homes and food from fueling speaking north and French- 2016. negotiators talked of broader
China is on the Congressional social unrest. Benchmark speaking south. Portugal’s 10-year yields rose 50 burden-sharing. The European
back burner, but that will change borrowing costs for Chinese “Financial markets will be basis points to 7.10 percent last Central Bank is afraid that any
as soon as the US economy stalls banks have risen to a two- year merciless if the country doesn’t week, while Spain’s rose 6 basis such move would cause instant
even a bit. high, fuelling an 11 percent extricate itself from this points to 5.51 percent. The market contagion through the debt
China Faces Intense Monetary decline in the benchmark unprecedented hell as soon as has signaled it's all over for markets of southern Europe.
Tightening Shanghai Composite Index of possible,” billionaire financier Portugal. Spain is next. Comparisons between the Irish
Bloomberg reports Reserves Set stocks in the past 12 months. Albert Frere told Le Soir Icelandic Way Out and Icelandic banks must be
for $2.8 Trillion Mean Tightening While a stronger currency and newspaper. The Telegraph reports Iceland handled with care. Iceland is tiny.
People’s Bank of China higher rates may help tame For the first time, investors view offers risky temptation for Ireland It could walk away from liabilities
Governor Zhou Xiaochuan inflation, they also risk attracting western European government as recession ends equal to 900pc of GDP without
ordered lenders to increase funds capital from abroad. In bonds as riskier than emerging- Iceland has finally emerged from causing a global systemic crisis.
on deposit at the authority six November, consumer prices rose market debt, the Markit iTraxx deep recession after allowing its Ireland is 12 times bigger. The
times in 2010, as the yuan’s 5.1 percent from a year earlier, the SovX Western Europe Index of currency to plunge and washing balance sheets of Irish banks are
interest-rate advantage over the most in 28 months, food costs credit-default swaps showed last its hands of private bank debt, $1.3 trillion (£822bn). The
dollar attracted capital that stoked jumped 11.7 percent and property week. prompting an intense the debate interlocking ties with German,
inflation. The yuan may gain the prices gained 7.7 percent, European leaders may discuss over whether Ireland might suffer Dutch, Belgian, and British banks
most among currencies in the so- government data show. expanding the 750 billion-euro less damage if adopted the same create a nexus of vulnerability.
called BRIC nations, rising 5.4 “The risk of a widening interest- ($965 billion) financial backstop strategy. BRAZIL page 37
percent by year-end, compared rate gap attracting hot money for indebted nations at their next Iceland's budget deficit will be
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Australia's "Tulip Mania" About to Crash; 44% Jump in Property

Listings Proves the Proposed Housing Shortage is Gargantuan
Myth; Playable Actions (Michael properties on the market in one sharply. "It's going to be tough" one bit once.
Shedlock) (Mish's Global postcode – just one. That area is said Shane Oliver, chief Remember the housing • Exit the Australian stock market
Economic Trend Analysis) really struggling at the moment, economist at AMP Capital. "shortage" in Florida? People • Get out of the Australian dollar
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:36:00 AM and it is now the equivalent of According to the Reserve Bank, stood in lines overnight and • Pick up some popcorn
For years I have been hearing Florida in the United States." Australians have added almost entered lotteries for the right to • Stay on the sidelines and watch
about a housing "shortage" in Christopher also says he is $220 billion to household debt buy condos. Others were going the collapse unfold
Australia. That myth has been concerned about Darwin, which levels since the beginning of door to door making offers on
shattered by latest stats that show recorded the largest increase out 2008, taking our borrowings to a homes that were not even for sale. Addendum:
a 44% jump in property listings. of all capital cities at 57.3%. record $1.3 trillion. From that aspect, it sure looked Steve Keen added this comment
The property market could be set Listings increased in Brisbane by "Unlike the rest of the world, like there was a shortage. There to the blog.
for early-year price falls due to a 59.4% and Perth by 54.8%. Australia has slipped back into its wasn't. It was nothing more than a Spot on as always Mish. One
build up of unsold properties, with Melbourne followed closely with old habits," said Steve Keen, speculative mirage much akin to factor that I'm following closely
new figures by property research a 42.7% rise, although Canberra professor of economics at the the shortage of quality tulip bulbs in all this is what Biggs, Meyer,
company SQM Research showing recorded a rise of 46.5% as well. University of Western Sydney. in the year 1635 during Holland and Pick called "The Credit
the number of listings swelled The region with the highest "We're spending ourselves right Tulipmania. So anxious were the Impulse".
44% over 2010. growth in stock levels was North back into trouble. With so much speculators to obtain them that This is the change in the change
Managing director Louis Queensland, with an increase of extra debt to service, we don't one person offered twelve acres of in debt, expressed as a percentage
Christopher says overall the huge 216.3%. The region with the need interest rates to reach building ground for the Harlaem of GDP, something I've covered
number of listings means prices highest month-on-month stock anything like the 9.6 per cent they tulip. That of Amsterdam was in a couple of recent posts:
are now hanging by a thread and a growth was Launceston, with hit in 2008. bought for 4600 florins, a new A Fork in the Road?
market downturn is imminent. 18.1%. Australia Heads For Mr Oliver has estimated that debt carriage, two grey horses, and a Deleveraging, Deceleration and
"It's still very clear to us that they Economic Crunch will become unmanageable for complete suit of harness. Housing the Double Dip
are now at levels that would The Daily Telegraph reports many households when mortgage mania did not get as far out of It follows from my argument that
suggest a downturn in the housing Australians sinking under debt rates rise from 7.80 per cent to hand as tulip mania. Nonetheless, aggregate demand in a credit-
market, although the stock levels burden about 8.50 per cent. many lives were ruined in Florida, driven economy is the sum of
have fallen seasonally. The AUSTRALIA is heading for an "At that stage homeowners could Las Vegas, Phoenix, and dozens GDP plus the change in debt,
overall number is up now by 44% economic crunch as family hit a wall," he said. of places in California and since it also follows that change in
across the nation." finances collapse under the Economists are forecasting three elsewhere in the US. aggregate demand is the sum of
"I wouldn't like to see another burden of record debts, rising 0.25 per cent rate hikes for 2011, Until the bubble pops, the change in GDP plus the
interest rate rise anytime soon – it interest rates and utility bills. taking the typical mortgage rate to speculative manias always make it acceleration of debt.
will accelerate the downturn." With banks warning they will be 8.55 per cent. Australia's Tulip appear as if there are shortages Australia got out of the crisis in
The new figures suggest that the forced to raise mortgage rates by Mania and infinite demand. 2009 by exploiting the upside of
shortage has been overblown. 0.50 per cent in 2011 and Sydney I rather doubt those interest rate Playable Actions this factor: if you can encourage
Residential property listings were rents forecast to rise by between hike are coming. I would guess The day of reckoning has finally people into debt, then aggregate
328,270 during December, $160 and $190 a month, there is one more hike at most. arrived for Australia. A day of demand grows as debt accelerates
representing an increase of 44.9% according to analysts Residex, Then at some point there will be reckoning awaits Canada, China, --so even slowing down the rate
over the year. householders look set to suffer. panic cuts by the Reserve Bank of and the UK as well. It's too late of deleveraging gives a positive
"In Surfer's Paradise, for instance, Repossessions and tenant Australia. now to do much of anything
I know there are now over 2,000 evictions are expected to rise History suggests it will not matter except AUSTRALIA'S page 38
E-reader News Edition TV/ 35
continued from page 32

60 percent of voters required for • Who becomes governor: If the incompetence and vote buying. would appreciate it. We need to
its passage. The amendment is governor is recalled, the The state House of put a stop to Quinn's proposals
widely viewed as a reaction to the lieutenant governor becomes Representatives consists of 118 that will drive businesses and jobs
corruption charges against former acting governor until a special representatives elected from out of the state and massively
Governor Rod Blagojevich. What election is held. If there is no individual legislative districts for raise your taxes as part of the
Does A Recall Effort Take? lieutenant governor, the attorney a two-year term with no limits. bargain.
general becomes acting governor. The Illinois Senate is consists of Please email Recall Governor Pat
• A voter has to file an affidavit If there is no attorney general, the 59 senators with staggered two- or Q u i n n
stating his or her intent to secretary of state becomes acting four-year terms. Today(RecallQuinnToday@gmail
circulate petitions to recall the governor. Thus, getting approval from 20 .com) and lend your support to the
governor. The affidavit cannot be • Special election: A special members of the Illinois House and effort to save the state of Illinois ABC Renews 'Grey's
filed until after the governor has election to select a new governor 10 members of the Illinois Senate from Quinn's fiscal recklessness. Anatomy,' 'Modern
served six months in office. has to be held within 60 days if (half from Democrats and half Please let me know what you can Family,' 'Castle' and Three
• Permission from lawmakers: the governor is recalled. That from Republicans) is not a do to help.
The affidavit has to include the process starts on the day of the prohibitive task. Mike "Mish" Shedlock More
signatures of 20 members of the r e c a l l e l e c t i o n i f m u l t i p l e Governor Quinn Supports Recalls h t t p : / / Jean Bentley (TV Squad)
Illinois House and 10 members of candidates from the same political It is a fitting sense of irony that globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. Submitted at 1/10/2011 7:10:00 AM
the Illinois Senate. Half of the party file for the office. If that’s Governor Quinn Trumpets com
signatures from lawmakers have the case, a special primary Recalls. Click Here To Scroll Thru My Filed under: TV News ABC is
to be from Democrats and half election would be held on the " I think the ultimate way to get Recent Post List Mike "Mish" giving six of its shows an early
from Republicans. same day of the recall election. ethics in Illinois is have the power Shedlock is a registered vote of confidence: The network
• Petitioners have to gather Candidates must gather 5,000 of recall in our constitution," investment advisor representative announced at its TCA press
signatures equal to 15 percent of signatures in order to run in the Quinn said. for SitkaPacific Capital conference this morning that
the number of people who voted s p e c i a l e l e c t i o n . T h e n e w I could not possibly agree more Management. Sitka Pacific is an several of its veteran series will be
in the last gubernatorial election. governor will serve for the with Governor Quinn. It is asset management firm whose back next season.
• Of those signatures, organizers unexpired portion of the recalled perhaps the only major political goal is strong performance and Among the series getting early
would have to get at least 100 governor’s term. stance he has taken that I can low volatility, regardless of renewals are'Grey's
signatures in each of at least 25 • The Better Government has endorse 100%. market direction. Visit http:// Anatomy'(TV's No. 1 drama) and
different counties. Petitioners n o t e d t h a t n o t h i n g i n t h e Will You Stand Up To The sister series'Private Practice,'
would have 150 days to get them amendment prevents the recalled Injustice? account_management.html to which will return for their eighth
and the State Board of Elections governor from running in the We have to wait six months to learn more about wealth and fifth seasons, respectively,
would have 100 days to certify special election after he or she is file, but there is no sense in management and capital while'Castle' gets a fourth.
them. recalled. It also noted that the waiting. There are many tasks to preservation strategies of Sitka The network also picked up three
• When would the recall election amendment does not require be performed and I will need Pacific. of its half-hour Wednesday night
be held? No later than 100 days grounds for recall. volunteers from every county to comedies for third
after the State Board of Elections gather signatures. I estimate we seasons:'Modern Family'(TV's
certifies the signatures. The above bullet points are from need about 520,000 signatures. No. 1 comedy),'Cougar Town'
• Passage: A majority of voters the State Journal Register. My goal is to get 700,000. and'The Middle.' Missing from
have to vote to recall the governor Note that the amendment does If you can volunteer, time, web that bunch: the struggling
in order for him or her to be not require grounds for a recall, design, advertising, legal help, or freshman series 'Better With You.'
removed. but we have them: Blatant fiscal any kind of general assistance, I Permalink| Email this| Linking
Blogs| Comments
36 Economy/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition

California Budget Balancer Interactive Map from

LA Times Misses the Mark (Michael I sorted out some but not all of • Labor and Workforce how much can be saved by my
Shedlock) (Mish's Global the more ridiculous ones. Development suggestions above.
Economic Trend Analysis) Does the state need a .... • Latino Legislative Caucus I propose the LA Times re-do
Submitted at 1/9/2011 5:32:00 PM • Learn California their preposterous exercise meant Kinect Hacks: Build
I just took the interactive LA • Acupuncture Department • Little Hoover Commission to convey the idea that taxes have
Times California Budget Balancer • Office of AIDs • Maritime Academy to be raised. They don't. In fact, I a monument to
exercise. • Air Research Board • Managed Risk Board bet they could be lowered.
I vehemently protest. • 3 different agencies for alcohol • Museum for History Here is the LA Times Discussion
yourself in Minecraft
This was a blatant effort to force and beverages • MyCali Youth Portal Thread on California Budget Griffin McElroy (Joystiq)
people into accepting a need to • 2 Apprenticeship Councils • Native Heritage Association Balancer Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:30:00 PM
raise taxes. To balance the budget • Art Council • Natural Community Planning For more ideas on how to Fight
I made every possible program • Asian Pacific Islander Program California Tax Hikes please visit Behold, a singularity of internet
cut offered. It was not enough. To Legislative Caucus • Naturopathic Medicine the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers phenomena! Nathan Viniconis has
balance the budget I had to raise • Bureau of Automotive repair Community Association modded Kinect to capture images
sin taxes and gas taxes. • Barbering board • Outreach Mike "Mish" Shedlock that are imported into Minecraft,
There are worse solutions of • Biodiversity council • Peace Officer Standards Board h t t p : / / creating gigantic monuments out
course, like hiking income taxes • Calvet Loan program • Postsecondary Education globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. of household objects. "Household
or corporate income taxes. • Climate Change Portal Commission com objects?" Who are we kidding --
Exercise Misses the Mark • Coastal Commission • Prison Industry Authority Click Here To Scroll Thru My you're going to turn yourself into
• Cool California • Privacy Protection Office Recent Post List Mike "Mish" Mount Rushmore.
• Where was a proposal to • 4 Delta agencies • Psychology Board Shedlock is a registered Continue reading Kinect Hacks:
privatize the prison system using • Digital Library • Railroad Museum investment advisor representative Build a monument to yourself in
non-union labor? • Bureau of Electronic and • Recovery Task Force for SitkaPacific Capital Minecraft
• Where was the proposal to Appliance Repair • Refugee Branch Management. Sitka Pacific is an Kinect Hacks: Build a monument
eliminate prevailing wage laws? • Employment Training Panel • Regents of the U of C asset management firm whose to yourself in Minecraft originally
• Where was the proposal to • Energy Commission • Save Our Water commission goal is strong performance and appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 10
eliminate defined benefit plans for • Equalization Board • Smart Growth Caucus low volatility, regardless of Jan 2011 13:30:00 EST. Please
all government workers? • 2 Fair Employment agencies • Status of Women Commission market direction. Visit http:// see our terms for use of feeds.
• Where was the proposal to • Film Commission • Take Charge California Permalink| Email this| Comments
virtually privatize every • Flex Your Power • We Connect account_management.html to
conceivable government job to the • Healthy Family Program • Wetlands Information System learn more about wealth
private sector? • Hearing Aid Dispensers Bureau • Workforce Investment Board management and capital
• What about programs that could • Home Furnishings Bureau preservation strategies of Sitka
be eliminated entirely? • Humanities Council California does not need ANY of Pacific.
• Independent Living Council those. Moreover I assure you I
California Agencies • Indoor Air Quality Program missed dozens more that could be
Look at this disgusting list of • Economic Development Bank cut back if not eliminated entirely.
California Agencies. • Interagency Ecological Program What the heck do those cost? And
E-reader News Edition Gaming/ Daily Word/ 37
continued from page 33 2 Corinthians
Bondholder defaults would risk Once again I implore Ireland to Unfortunately, the idiots running Gov't in Belgium for 210 Days;
contagion to Spain and Portugal, tell the IMF and EU to go to hell Ireland's government, especially Private Debt Placements in 4:5 (01-10-11)
where the banks rely heavily on in response to the IMF's Trojan Minister Brian Cowen, don't see it Portugal; Is China the Red Knight (Verse of the Day)
foreign capital markets. Horse offering. Flashback the way Iceland’s president does. Savior?
Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:00:00 AM
Of course, banks are only half the November 28, 2010: To Ireland However, Iceland's government Also see Friday's post Italy The
story. Nobel economist Paul With Love. did not see it that way either, but Invisible Elephant For we do not preach ourselves,
Krugman said Iceland has been I believe we have all heard the the citizens of Iceland took If Italy blows, the currency union but Jesus Christ as Lord, and
able to eke out recovery sooner story and know how it ends. matters into their own hands and has had it. ourselves as your servants for
because it never joined the euro. Iceland is No Ireland voted the bums out, rejecting Mike "Mish" Shedlock Jesus' sake.
"Iceland devalued its currency Inquiring Irish minds just might "Icesave". h t t p : / / — 2 Corinthians 4:5(NIV)
massively and imposed capital be interested to see how Iceland Regardless of what deal Cowen globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. Thoughts on Today's Verse... Our
controls. And a strange thing has fared after they told EU bankers signs, I see no reason it need be com message is not ourselves. Jesus is
happened: although it experienced to go to hell. For the answer, binding on the next Irish Click Here To Scroll Thru My Lord. One day all of creation will
the worst financial crisis please consider Iceland Is No Parliament. Indeed, I recommend Recent Post List Mike "Mish" acknowledge and praise him. But
(anywhere) in history, its Ireland as State Kept Free of Bank to to citizens of Ireland that they Shedlock is a registered for the people around us to praise
punishment has been substantially Debt firmly tell their representatives investment advisor representative Jesus today, they need to see him
less than that of other nations," he Iceland’s President Olafur R. that if they vote for Cowen's for SitkaPacific Capital alive in us. We serve others in
said, referring to Baltic states Grimsson said his country is proposed budget, they will be Management. Sitka Pacific is an Jesus' name. We are his body --
pegged to the euro. better off than Ireland thanks to voted out of office. asset management firm whose his hands of compassion, his heart
Two years later, the krona is the government’s decision to Just Who The Hell Do You goal is strong performance and of mercy, and his voice of
down 30pc, aluminum smelters allow the banks to fail two years Think You Are? low volatility, regardless of tenderness. So let's lift up Jesus --
are firing on all chimneys to meet ago and because the krona could Nigel Farage in a speech before market direction. Visit http:// not just by telling others about
export demand and local produce be devalued. European Parliament says“The him, but serving others as his
has displaced imports, including “The difference is that in Iceland Euro Game Is Up… Just Who account_management.html to presence in the world. My
such exotica as vegetables and we allowed the banks to fail,” The Hell Do You Think You learn more about wealth Prayer... God of grace, thank you
tomatoes grown in greenhouses. Grimsson said in an interview Are?" management and capital for the privilege of sharing your
The underlying tale of Ireland with Bloomberg Television’s Words alone cannot describe that preservation strategies of Sitka love with others. Thank you for
and Iceland, and the tale of the Mark Barton today. “These were video. Please play it. Iceland told Pacific. saving me FROM my sin. Thank
1930s, is that a devaluation shock private banks and we didn’t pump its creditors to go to hell and is you for saving me FOR service to
may cause a violent crisis – that money into them in order to keep better off for it. Ireland can and bless others for Jesus' sake. In the
looks and feels terrible while it them going; the state did not should do the same. name of Jesus, my Savior, I pray.
happens – but the slow-burn of shoulder the responsibility of the For still more on the European Amen.
policy austerity and debt deflation failed private banks.” sovereign debt crisis please see
does more damage in the end. To Vote the Bums Out and Tell the my Sunday post France, Germany
Ireland With Love EU and IMF to Go to Hell Pressure Portugal to Take Aid; No

Uno for uno dollar on iThings this Tuesday

Richard Mitchell (Joystiq) a deal for you: To celebrate Uno's Uno for uno dollar on iThings
Submitted at 1/10/2011 3:00:00 PM 40th anniversary, the iPhone and this Tuesday originally appeared
iPad versions of the card game on Joystiq on Mon, 10 Jan 2011
If you've been looking for a will be available for $1 on the 15:00:00 EST. Please see our
(legitimate) excuse to scream App Store tomorrow, January 11 - Continue reading Uno for uno terms for use of feeds.
"UNO!" in public, Mattel has got - 1/11/11, geddit? dollar on iThings this Tuesday Permalink| Email this| Comments
38 Culture/ TV/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 34

boost to demand (this stuff is a bit globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.

Tablet Wave Means Few Will
hard to get one's head around, but
it's correct and aligns with the
Click Here To Scroll Thru My Succeed, Many Will Fail
impact of inventories on Recent Post List Mike "Mish" Erik Malinowski (Wired Top year goes on."
aggregate demand). Shedlock is a registered Stories) And with so many options out
That's how the USA looked a bit investment advisor representative Submitted at 1/10/2011 6:00:00 AM there to pick from, it's going to be
better in recent months--you for SitkaPacific Capital up to manufacturers to separate
slowed down deleveraging. But Management. Sitka Pacific is an LAS VEGAS -- Every year at themselves with unique features.
since Australia went from asset management firm whose CES, there's a theme or Let's look at who some of the
marginal deleveraging to goal is strong performance and expectation that quickly becomes major players of 2011 might be.
releveraging, the acceleration in low volatility, regardless of codified the moment you step many tablet makers showing off Photo: Erik Malinowski/
debt was all the more extreme-- market direction. Visit http:// inside the cavernous and often their wares are second-tier
and we had a apparent boom. soulless Las Vegas Convention players, and will be drubbed by See Also:
That appears to be ending now, account_management.html to Center. This year, it was clear that giants like Apple, Samsung, This entry passed through the
since though the Credit Impulse is learn more about wealth everyone and their grandmother Motorola, RIM and maybe a Full-Text RSS service — if this is
still positive on a yearly basis, it's management and capital was coming out with a tablet PC. couple of other fortunate ones. your content and you're reading it
turned negative in the last few preservation strategies of Sitka Pre-show estimates put the For tablets, 2011 is going to be a on someone else's site, please read
months. So this should be a Pacific. number of tablet introductions at gruesome battle of attrition our FAQ page at
leading indicator of an around 50. Scuttlebutt inside amongst dozens of companies. content-only/faq.php
"unexpected" (don't you love that Central Hall here put that figure "The market will only bear so Five Filters featured site: So,
word from the mainstream?) closer to 80, although an exact much," said IDC analyst David Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
slowdown in Australia. Mike count would be a near-Herculean Daoud before CES kicked off. Again?.
"Mish" Shedlock and mind-numbing task. "It's going to get pretty ugly as the
h t t p : / / What is painfully obvious is that

'Teen Mom 2' Star Arrested, Salma Hayek Developing 'Wicked'

Miniseries and More
Jean Bentley (TV Squad) The paper also reported that Rice, Ricky Gervais, George
Submitted at 1/10/2011 8:30:00 AM former '16 and Pregnant' star Clooney, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt
Evans signed over primary Romney, Kid Rock, Rod Stewart,
Filed under: TV News Another custody of her son to her mother Kim and Kourtney Kardashian,
week, another 'Teen Mom' in in June. Promos for the upcoming and Donald and Melania Trump. [
legal trouble. 'Teen Mom 2,' which premieres NY Mag]
According to the Daily Mail, tonight, show Evans' mother o. David E. Kelley's 'Wonder
'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans threatening to sue for custody. Woman' series is a no-go. Bad
was arrested in October for drug In other TV news ... timing and an expensive licensing
possession and breaking and o. Salma Hayek is developing a fee are reportedly to blame. [
entering. Evans and her boyfriend 'Wicked' miniseries. The program [ Entertainment Weekly] new CNN show. Other early Deadline]
allegedly broke into a vacant will be based on the bestselling o. Piers Morgan has some big guests on 'Piers Morgan Tonight,' Permalink| Email this| Linking
home and were caught with book, 'Wicked: The Life and name guests lined up after Oprah which premieres next week, will Blogs| Comments
marajuana and a metal pipe. The Times of the Wicked Witch of the appears on the first episode of his be Howard Stern, Condoleezza
couple are due in court today. West' and not the popular musical.
E-reader News Edition Culture/ TV/ 39

Australian Solar Car Breaks World Speed Record

Keith Barry (Wired Top Stories) According to Mawer, the car was building ultra-efficient electric
Submitted at 1/10/2011 7:00:00 AM steady on the road, though the vehicles,” Friedman said. “Our
handling dynamics changed after vision is hopefully that a few
A student-built solar car has the team removed the 55-pound other teams take on the challenge
broken the world record for o n - b o a r d b a t t e r y t h a t w a s and try break this record again.
fastest solar-powered vehicle. designed to power the car on We might even find some
Last week, we told you that the longer journeys. designing cars specifically geared
students at the University of New “The car is designed to travel at toward breaking this record, and
South Wales were trying for a these speeds, so the aerodynamics in the process develop even more
record run in Sunswift IV — meant the car was steady,” Mawer efficient cars.”
affectionately known as IVy. Last said. “However since we were That’s a goal we can definitely
Friday, with racer Barton Mawer going for solar only, we removed get behind.
behind the wheel, the previous the battery that normally sits in Photos: University of NSW
record of 49.09 mph was shattered the front which meant the car This entry passed through the
when IVy was clocked at a 55.14- wanted to move a little from side Full-Text RSS service — if this is
mph average over two 2500-meter to side. But I felt safe the whole your content and you're reading it
(1.56-mile) runs in opposite time and with improvements feel on someone else's site, please read
directions at an Australian Air confident the car could handle school tour around Australia to try hope to inspire the next our FAQ page at
Force base in the town of Nowra. going faster!” and generate some excitement generation, but they also aim to content-only/faq.php
IVy’s top speed through the lights And go faster is exactly what the amongst children who might inspire their competitors to Five Filters featured site: So,
was 56.85 mph. team plans to do. Currently, consider doing engineering or advance the field of solar Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
“It was a long road but we’re they’re optimizing IVy for the science when they go to automobiles. Again?.
really happy with the result,” said upcoming World Solar Challenge university,” Friedman said. “We hope it spurs a bit of
Sunswift project manager Daniel to be held in October. “We also Not only does the Sunswift team excitement about designing and
Friedman. plan to take the solar car on a

'The Kennedys' Update: Did Caroline Get the

Miniseries Pulled?
Chris Harnick (TV Squad) miniseries off History's schedule. collection on 'Good Morning
Submitted at 1/10/2011 7:40:00 AM Caroline Kennedy reportedly America' and other media outlets.
personally lobbied Anne However, if AETN had gone
Filed under: TV News Did Sweeney, co-chair of Disney through with the project, it's been
Caroline Kennedy and Maria Media Networks and president of suggested Kennedy would not
Shriver influence the History Disney/ABC Television Group. have been as cooperative in
Channel in its shelving of the Sweeney sits on the board of promoting the Hyperion book.
controversial 'The Kennedys' A&E Television Networks, the Permalink| Email this| Linking
miniseries? According to The parent company of History. Blogs| Comments
Hollywood Reporter, the two may Kennedy has a book deal with of unpublished interviews with
have been instrumental in getting Disney's Hyperion publishing her mother, Jackie Kennedy
the Katie Holmes/Greg Kinnear house and is editing a collection Onasis. She agreed to promote the
40 Culture/ Sports/ Politics-Left/ E-reader News Edition

Jan. 10, 1863: Take the Tube Whitewashing

Tony Long (Wired Top Stories) Hillary Kelly (The New Republic
comprises 11 lines(not counting - All Feed)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 6:00:00 AM the Dockland Lights Railway or
the converted suburban rail lines Submitted at 1/9/2011 11:00:00 PM

1863: London inaugurates the of the London Overground),

world’s first subway service. serving 270 stations in I like to think that my
Approximately 40,000 Londoners metropolitan London. The system bookshelves hold a staggering
ride the trains the first day. carries roughly a billion variety of fiction, that I have the
The original line ran from passengers per year, making it one reading tastes of a true eclectic.
Paddington Station to Farringdon of the largest in the world. By The truth is, perhaps, a bit less
Street, via Edgware Road, Baker comparison, the New York City exciting. A wander through my
Street, Portland Road (now Great subway system carries 1.6 billion (freakishly organized) shelves
Portland Street), Gower Street passengers annually and Tokyo will turn up a large amount of
(now Euston Square) and King’s 3.1 billion. nineteenth-century literature, a
Cross. The train took 18 minutes Source: Various smattering of modernism, and a
to make the 3¾-mile journey. By Photo: Underground trains at hearty amount of “contemporary
1880 the line was carrying 40 Earl’s Court Station. classics” (a term I despise but can
million passengers a year. Tom Page/Flickr find no substitute for). Some of
Despite its success, it was not An earlier version of this article these pages have yet to be turned,
widely copied for more than three appeared on Jan. 10, and others look like they have
decades. The next metro subways 2007. been through a war. I’m not
to open were Budapest and See Also: boasting: Overall, it’s rather
Glasgow in 1896. Boston opened standard fare, the evidence of a
system, which became known as London Transport Executive This entry passed through the pretty conventional literary
in 1897, Paris in 1900 and New the Underground, was largely (1948), London Transport Board Full-Text RSS service — if this is
York in 1904. education.
consolidated by 1902 under the ( 1 9 6 3 ) , L o n d o n T r a n s p o r t your content and you're reading it (From 'Huck Finn' to 'Humpty-
The system relied on steam- ownership of American tycoon Executive (again, 1970), London on someone else's site, please read
driven trains, which made proper Dumpty,' check out our slideshow
Charles Yerkes. Regional Transport (1984) and our FAQ page at of the worst literary revisions of
ventilation critical. There were But it wasn’t until 1933 before all Transport for London(2000). content-only/faq.php
also several independent all time.)
the lines came under the control D u r i n g W o r l d W a r I I , Five Filters featured site: So, But conventional is not the same
companies operating the trains, of a public corporation called the Underground stations were used Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
making logistics a nightmare. as inoffensive; and my
London Passenger Transport as ad hoc air raid shelters during Again?. wholesome library is riddled with
By the 20th century, however, Board. Governance of the system the Blitz.
trains had been electrified and has successively passed to the Today the Underground WHITEWASHING page 42
tunneling methods improved. The

Vernon Davis to Kyle Orton: 'Come On, Buddy'

FanHouse Staff (FanHouse quarterback as well. And Davis you're coming, come on, buddy. I and a new regime led at the top by
Main) apparently knows who he wants. love ya." John Elway and whomever the
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:58:00 AM TMZ caught Davis Sunday night Orton has had the two best Broncos hire as coach, Orton's
and brought up the prospect of seasons in his career as Denver's exit could be near.
Filed under: 49ers, Broncos Orton getting traded to the 49ers. starter, throwing 41 touchdowns
Vernon Davis will have a new When asked if he'd be opposed to and only 21 interceptions with a
coach this season in Jim Orton throwing him the ball in said, "I love Kyle Orton. I love quarterback rating in the high 80s.
Harbaugh, and probably a new San Francisco next year, Davis him to death. Kyle Orton: if But with Tim Tebow in the fold
E-reader News Edition Politics-Left/ 41

Hillary Kelly (The New Republic nature—the stuff of ordinary Twain’s most lauded novel, in change it to suit our tastes, even if And so, the removal of the word
- All Feed) experience, which transcends which the word “nigger” has been our tastes are more ethically “nigger” from Huckleberry Finn
Submitted at 1/9/2011 11:00:00 PM differences of time and place. But entirely removed and replaced justifiable. is another chink in the armor of
sometimes, we come upon with the word “slave.” The Moreover, to reach into the past our critical thinking. If the n-word
I like to think that my characters or sentiments that repel reasoning behind Gribben’s with a contemporary mindset can is a barrier to reading Huckleberry
bookshelves hold a staggering us, that we find hard to prettifying tweak is that this one be a dangerous game to play. Finn, then I see all the more
variety of fiction, that I have the comprehend and also to condone. “single, singularly offensive Presentism can only lead to a reason—I say this as a former
reading tastes of a true eclectic. We discover that our most word” has become a barrier to its severely distorted perception of teacher of literature to
The truth is, perhaps, a bit less cherished authors do not follow inclusion on school reading lists. history, as differences are erased schoolchildren—why its retention
exciting. A wander through my our own codes of civility, and Students, he claims, cannot bring and anachronisms abound. This is imperative. Novels are safe
(freakishly organized) shelves their writing is scarred with themselves to read such offensive should be obvious. But the havens for young children, places
will turn up a large amount of racism, sexism, and the like. language, and teachers feel that, inhibition of the itch to reach back to explore the dark sides of
nineteenth-century literature, a The noteworthy thing is that we “in the new classroom,” they and insert our own view of a existence without real-world
smattering of modernism, and a continue to be moved by these simply “cannot [teach Huck Finn] social or political or moral ramifications. That is why the
hearty amount of “contemporary same morally imperfect books. anymore.” He goes on, “For a question into a text may be a little study of fiction is itself a moral
classics” (a term I despise but can Edith Wharton’s cruel single word to form a barrier, it less obvious in this era of education. In this imaginative
find no substitute for). Some of representation of the Jew in the seems such an unnecessary state customization, when it is common exploration of human weakness
these pages have yet to be turned, character of Simon Rosedale does of affairs.” practice to edit and customize and error and cruelty, the student
and others look like they have not quite ruin or disqualify The I understand Gribben’s impulse everything from Nikes to also encounters the reality of
been through a war. I’m not House of Mirth. Despite its to rebel, but I’m afraid this “state Facebook pages. Perhaps it is not racism. Indeed, the classroom is
boasting: Overall, it’s rather narrow views on evangelical of affairs” he doesn’t like is surprising that a professor would the optimal environment for such
standard fare, the evidence of a Christianity, I keep coming back indeed necessary. The integrity of choose to “find and replace” his an encounter. With the support
pretty conventional literary to Jane Eyre. As for the ill a writer’s text is one of the way through an archetype of and guidance of a teacher, the
education. treatment of women—the canon is sanctities of literature. What a American literature so that it may shock and the anger can be
(From 'Huck Finn' to 'Humpty- rife with it. We frequently writer writes is what a writer no longer offend us. recognized and analyzed, and
Dumpty,' check out our slideshow encounter “offensive” material writes, and there is nothing we Most importantly, the memory of turned into a beneficial
of the worst literary revisions of wrapped in delightful, elegant, can do about that. Of course, prejudice is our most potent pedagogical experience. A lesson
all time.) illuminating narrative, and we can translators, editors, and those weapon against prejudice itself. on racial epithets, and why we do
But conventional is not the same do nothing, save stop reading closely involved in the publication As a society, we cannot afford to not use them, and what their
as inoffensive; and my these novels and plays, to avoid it. process do have their way with bowdlerize our collective career has been in the history of
wholesome library is riddled with The authors are no longer around the author’s manuscript, and there memory. We do not shy away American English—surely this is
passages that are, by our to receive our protests, or to alter are gray areas in which the from teaching our children about preferable to the avoidance of the
standards, ugly and obscene. Old their work—and only they would author’s language may not be the Holocaust; we do not disallow subject, which is an exercise in
books, the ones we call classics, have the authority to do so. We clear or his intention known; but all mention of September 11; and, cultural dishonesty.
are often fascinating and offensive can scribble our rage in the that hardly justifies our own even more to the point, we pass And where will it end? Shall we
in the same measure, for the same margins, but the text we must intervention in a text because we along the history of our nation’s have The Merchant of Venice
reasons. Reading is an activity leave alone. would prefer it to read differently. own faults—Japanese internment without the merchant of Venice?
that frees our mind to parse moral Or must we? In an attempt to It is also true that many writers camps, slavery, the systemic Should we skip over Daniel
and emotional complications, as “rectify” the reputation of The repeatedly dip back into their own destruction of the Native Deronda entirely? How about
we dig through the dilemmas of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, work, revising and editing for American way of life. To “never using the latest in computer
fictional characters and grapple Alan Gribben, a professor at decades; but the text is theirs to forget,” as the bumper sticker technology to remove the
with the fruits of our discovery. Auburn University, has joined do as they wish. The text is a commands, is to remind ourselves blackface from old “Amos and
Often, those dilemmas are of a forces with NewSouth Books to living but finished thing, and we daily that we are responsible for
comprehensible and even banal publish a new edition of Mark have no democratic right to the moral quality of our future. WHITEWASHING page 43
42 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 40

passages that are, by our illuminating narrative, and we can sanctities of literature. What a Facebook pages. Perhaps it is not education. In this imaginative
standards, ugly and obscene. Old do nothing, save stop reading writer writes is what a writer surprising that a professor would exploration of human weakness
books, the ones we call classics, these novels and plays, to avoid it. writes, and there is nothing we choose to “find and replace” his and error and cruelty, the student
are often fascinating and offensive The authors are no longer around can do about that. Of course, way through an archetype of also encounters the reality of
in the same measure, for the same to receive our protests, or to alter translators, editors, and those American literature so that it may racism. Indeed, the classroom is
reasons. Reading is an activity their work—and only they would closely involved in the publication no longer offend us. the optimal environment for such
that frees our mind to parse moral have the authority to do so. We process do have their way with Most importantly, the memory of an encounter. With the support
and emotional complications, as can scribble our rage in the the author’s manuscript, and there prejudice is our most potent and guidance of a teacher, the
we dig through the dilemmas of margins, but the text we must are gray areas in which the weapon against prejudice itself. shock and the anger can be
fictional characters and grapple leave alone. author’s language may not be As a society, we cannot afford to recognized and analyzed, and
with the fruits of our discovery. Or must we? In an attempt to clear or his intention known; but bowdlerize our collective turned into a beneficial
Often, those dilemmas are of a “rectify” the reputation of The that hardly justifies our own memory. We do not shy away pedagogical experience. A lesson
comprehensible and even banal Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, intervention in a text because we from teaching our children about on racial epithets, and why we do
nature—the stuff of ordinary Alan Gribben, a professor at would prefer it to read differently. the Holocaust; we do not disallow not use them, and what their
experience, which transcends Auburn University, has joined It is also true that many writers all mention of September 11; and, career has been in the history of
differences of time and place. But forces with NewSouth Books to repeatedly dip back into their own even more to the point, we pass American English—surely this is
sometimes, we come upon publish a new edition of Mark work, revising and editing for along the history of our nation’s preferable to the avoidance of the
characters or sentiments that repel Twain’s most lauded novel, in decades; but the text is theirs to own faults—Japanese internment subject, which is an exercise in
us, that we find hard to which the word “nigger” has been do as they wish. The text is a camps, slavery, the systemic cultural dishonesty.
comprehend and also to condone. entirely removed and replaced living but finished thing, and we destruction of the Native And where will it end? Shall we
We discover that our most with the word “slave.” The have no democratic right to American way of life. To “never have The Merchant of Venice
cherished authors do not follow reasoning behind Gribben’s change it to suit our tastes, even if forget,” as the bumper sticker without the merchant of Venice?
our own codes of civility, and prettifying tweak is that this one our tastes are more ethically commands, is to remind ourselves Should we skip over Daniel
their writing is scarred with “single, singularly offensive justifiable. daily that we are responsible for Deronda entirely? How about
racism, sexism, and the like. word” has become a barrier to its Moreover, to reach into the past the moral quality of our future. using the latest in computer
The noteworthy thing is that we inclusion on school reading lists. with a contemporary mindset can And so, the removal of the word technology to remove the
continue to be moved by these Students, he claims, cannot bring be a dangerous game to play. “nigger” from Huckleberry Finn blackface from old “Amos and
same morally imperfect books. themselves to read such offensive Presentism can only lead to a is another chink in the armor of Andy” clips? Might the world be
Edith Wharton’s cruel language, and teachers feel that, severely distorted perception of our critical thinking. If the n-word a better place without the oeuvre
representation of the Jew in the “in the new classroom,” they history, as differences are erased is a barrier to reading Huckleberry of Henry Miller?
character of Simon Rosedale does simply “cannot [teach Huck Finn] and anachronisms abound. This Finn, then I see all the more Perhaps, but let’s not find out,
not quite ruin or disqualify The anymore.” He goes on, “For a should be obvious. But the reason—I say this as a former and let’s not even imagine.
House of Mirth. Despite its single word to form a barrier, it inhibition of the itch to reach back teacher of literature to Hillary Kelly is the assistant
narrow views on evangelical seems such an unnecessary state and insert our own view of a schoolchildren—why its retention editor of The Book.
Christianity, I keep coming back of affairs.” social or political or moral is imperative. Novels are safe
to Jane Eyre. As for the ill I understand Gribben’s impulse question into a text may be a little havens for young children, places
treatment of women—the canon is to rebel, but I’m afraid this “state less obvious in this era of to explore the dark sides of
rife with it. We frequently of affairs” he doesn’t like is customization, when it is common existence without real-world
encounter “offensive” material indeed necessary. The integrity of practice to edit and customize ramifications. That is why the
wrapped in delightful, elegant, a writer’s text is one of the everything from Nikes to study of fiction is itself a moral
E-reader News Edition Politics-Left/ 43
Housed continued from page 41

Andy” clips? Might the world be

E.J. Dionne Jr. (The New every single bill was going to be behind the health law in a buy coverage. Couldn't
Republic - All Feed) a better place without the oeuvre
an open bill.” systematic way. Republicans at least keep those of Henry Miller?
Submitted at 1/9/2011 11:00:00 PM In other words, he was for an Instead, they showed right out of nice business-friendly tax credits? Perhaps, but let’s not find out,
open process before he was the box that policy analysis Then there is the presumption and let’s not even imagine.
WASHINGTON—Rule One of against it, and it depends on what doesn't really interest them. The that by repealing the law in its Hillary Kelly is the assistant
politics: When you have the the meaning of the word “open” Congressional Budget Office entirety, the House is speaking for editor of The Book.
advantage, don't allow your is. Not a good start. issued a painstaking study finding “the people.” Wrong. Even a Fox
opponents to turn the tables. Moreover, the GOP highlighted that the repeal bill would add$230 News poll, taken last month,
House Republicans violated this the extent to which this legislation billion to the federal deficit over found that only 27 percent of
rule when they decided to make is all about politics by giving it the next decade. They treated this Americans wanted to repeal the
repeal of the health care law their the jarringly unpoetic name, as if it were just a point of view health law entirely, while 32
first major act in the 112th “Repealing the Job-Killing Health tossed off on Bill O'Reilly's show. percent wanted to repeal parts of
Congress. The mistake will haunt Care Law Act.” This is less a bill “CBO is entitled to their opinion,” it. On the other side, 16 percent
them for years. than a piece of propaganda.
It's a surprising error from a But the biggest problem is the
Boehner said.
No, the CBO is not expressing an
wanted to keep it as is, and 15
percent wanted to expand it.
leadership that showed shrewd signal this vote sends about how
j u d g m e n t a n d e x c e p t i o n a l the Republicans plan to use their
d i s c i p l i n e d u r i n g P r e s i d e n t new power. Rather than leading
“opinion” in the way that, say, “I
prefer green ties to red ties” is an
This poll and many others do
show that supporters of the law Reality
“opinion.” But, hey, bold have a lot of work to do. But this David Rieff (The New Republic
Obama's first two years. John off with positive action showing assertions are a lot easier than week, House Republicans will be - All Feed)
Boehner is now Speaker of the what the party stands for, they math. helping them to do it. Maybe Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:22:08 PM
House because he and his party start by tearing something down In the meantime, Democrats have someday, their bill will be seen as
f o c u s e d o n d e m o n i z i n g before they have anything to put never been as united behind the the Republican Majority-Killing In “A Few Words in Defense of
e v e r y t h i n g O b a m a d i d a n d in its place. Do they really want health care law as they are now. Repeal Act of 2011. Our Country,” Randy Newman’s
winning the public argument over us to believe that theirs will be a True, Republicans might pick up a E.J. Dionne, Jr. is the author of wistful, Bush-era song about the
both the health care plan and the reactive majority—unless you few stray Democratic votes for the recently published Souled end of the American empire, there
stimulus. By contrast, this week's prefer the word reactionary? repeal—though only 13 of the 34 Out: Reclaiming Faith and is a line about “the leaders we
health care debate will put And how much of what they do Democrats who voted against the Politics After the Religious Right. have/are the worst we’ve ever had
Boehner and the Republicans on will be defined by the imperative final bill remain in the House. But He is a Washington Post /but they’re not the worst this
the defensive. of throwing bones to the tea party this debate is a gift to supporters columnist, a senior fellow at the poor world has ever seen.” Words
Already, it has forced the GOP to movement, which sees health care of the law who will now get to Brookings Institution, and a to take to heart as we debate
fudge its pledge to respect the repeal as a holy cause? point out all the popular professor at Georgetown whether or not hate speech on the
minority's rights, since the Boehner and his colleagues could provisions the Republicans would University. right—above all, on Fox News, in
l e a d e r s h i p r u l e d o u t a n y have been more deliberate and scrap. (c) 2011, Washington Post the blogosphere, and on talk
amendments to its bill. The serious by first holding hearings Consider, for example, that Writers Group radio—has made events like the
inconsistency led Boehner to to highlight what they see as the voting for repeal is, in part, a vote For more TNR, become a fan on attempted assassination of
produce one of the lamest sound flaws in Obama's approach and to for a tax increase because it would Facebook and follow us on Congresswoman Gabrielle
bites of his career. “Well, listen, I begin the work of writing a bill of involve eliminating a slew of tax Twitter. Giffords more likely. Despite the
promised a more open process,” their own. They could have credits, including $40 billion over irate denials on conservative
he said. “I didn't promise that questioned the assumptions a decade to help small businesses websites (as usual, National
Review Online, with the
honorable exception of Heather
Mac Donald, made this case with
44 TV/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 43

particularly breathtaking ever been? Again, echoing Randy of war. And there are far more
dishonesty), there is really no Newman, probably not. The telling examples. During her
doubt that the apocalyptic rhetoric rhetoric of many white Senate campaign against Harry
that is the common currency of southerners during the civil rights Reid in Nevada, Sharron Angle
the Becks, Palins, Limbaughs, and struggle, and in Texas in the (whom Richard Lowry has said he
worse has the potential to make months leading up to the Kennedy likes) told conservative radio talk
unstable people murderous. Take assassination, was almost show host Jim Manders that she
National Review’s editor, Richard certainly worse. (And yes, Mr. hoped Harry Reid could be
Lowry, fresh from his December Lowry, whatever it pleases you to defeated at the ballot box so that
31 column asserting that the imagine, we all know JFK was there would be no need
United States is so self-evidently assassinated by a communist, but for“Second Amendment
the greatest country in the history that does not mean the anxieties remedies.”
of the world that “only the that the Secret Service had at the If the American right does not
churlish and malevolent can deny, time about right-wing violence see the problem with this, then
or even get irked at the assertion.” were without foundation.) In they really have lost their minds.
He may choose to pretend that reality, when, for example, we And, if they do see the problem,
Americans have always used talk about Sarah Palin’s website but refuse to admit it, then they
martial language in politics, and
that “no one ever [sic] before has
ever thought it constitutes
putting the image of a rifle’s
crosshairs around the 20
Democratic candidates, including
have lost their honor.
David Rieff is the author of eight
books, including A Bed for the
Fringe First Look: Doc
incitement.” But this is quite
simply a lie: Ask the Secret
Giffords, that her PAC wanted to
see thrown out of office, we are
Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis.
Bishop Meets Doc Brown
Service, which takes such talking about something quite Damian Holbrook hearing that he may share more
threatening speech extremely different from using words like ( Breaking News) than just a love of classic tunes
seriously. “campaign,” “rank and file,” etc. Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:16:00 AM with his number-one fan. Wonder
Is this speech the worst it has that are derived from the lexicon what it could be... Maybe he's an
Fringe alt-rocker?
Now this is how you remind Share you ideas — and
people that you've moved nights! excitement over Fringe's return —
Friday, January 21 at 9/8c, the in the comments below!
relocated Fringe finally returns to This entry passed through the
our present with the greatly Full-Text RSS service — if this is
anticipated appearance by Back to your content and you're reading it
the Future's Christopher Lloyd. on someone else's site, please read
Guest starring as Walter's our FAQ page at
musical hero, the man we'll content-only/faq.php
always love as Doc Brown will Five Filters featured site: So,
not just be playing the keys, but Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
also play a key role in the week's Again?.
wacko case. In addition, we're
E-reader News Edition TV/ 45

ABC Renews Grey's, Castle and More Tatyana Ali on 'Love That Girl,'
How She Avoided Being a Child
— But Which Shows Were Left Out? Star Tragedy, and Willow Smith
Adam Bryant (
Breaking News) Chris Jancelewicz (TV Squad)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:44:00 PM Submitted at 1/10/2011 8:00:00 AM

Ellen Pompeo, Nathan Fillion Filed under: Reality-Free,

Six ABC series have received Celebrity Interviews, Midseason
early renewals, the network TV Tatyana Ali, who most of us
announced Monday. know as Ashley from ' The Fresh
Medical dramas Grey's Anatomy Prince of Bel-Air,' has certainly
and Private Practice, crime drama grown up. Now 31, the actress is
Castle and the network's three helming her own show, ' Love
sophomore comedies, The That Girl,' which premieres
Middle, Modern Family, and tonight on TV One.
Cougar Town will each return Charming and quick to laughter,
next season. Ali is over the moon about her
Winter Preview: Get scoop on all new show and her return to
your favorite shows comedy. With a recurring role on ' about 'Love That Girl,' how she
"We really stood by our The Young and the Restless,' Ali avoided being a child star tragedy,
Wednesday comedy block and that I think hits the target of our doesn't necessarily mean those hasn't been away from the small and what she thinks about Willow
who would have thought a year brand. ... We have a really two shows or other network series screen completely, but she's Smith.
ago that The Middle, which I powerful procedural there." such as Detroit 1-8-7, V and thrilled to return from whence she Permalink| Email this| Linking
think is such an underrated show, Get more of today's latest news Better with You are doomed. Lee came -- that is, the land of the Blogs| Comments
would kick off what I think is one Notably absent from the pickups, said the network "[has] sitcom.
of the best nights of comedy," however, were Sunday dramas ambitions" to renew Housewives TV Squad spoke with Ali in LA
ABC President Paul Lee said at Desperate Housewives and and that a decision about Detroit
the Television Critics Brothers & Sisters. Housewives wouldn't come for two or three
Association's winter previews. creator Marc Cherry is contracted months.
"That's a core part of our for two more seasons, but Which of the renewed shows are
schedule." contracts for stars Teri Hatcher, you most excited about?
Lee also said Grey's and Private Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross This entry passed through the
Practice"were really at the top of and Eva Longoria expire at the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
their creative form" this season, end of this season. your content and you're reading it
while he heavily praised Castle's Brothers & Sisters' renewal on someone else's site, please read
performance in the difficult prospects have been debated all our FAQ page at
Mondays-at-10 timeslot. (The season. The network originally content-only/faq.php
show topped CBS' buzzed-about ordered only 18 episodes for its Five Filters featured site: So,
Hawaii Five-0 reboot several current season. Decent ratings Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
times in the fall.) then led ABC to up the order to Again?.
" Castle really showed its mettle the traditional 22 episodes.
this year," Lee said. "It's a show This batch of early renewals
46 TV/ Products/ E-reader News Edition

Lie to Me's Cal Flies Over the Builders' Show:

Cuckoo's Nest Redefining the hefty trash
Joe Hudak (
Breaking News) bag
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:36:00 AM
Consumer Reports Shopping
Blog (Consumer Reports)
Lie to Me
Two lies don't make a truth, but Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:19:05 AM

the two new back-to-back

episodes of Lie to Me airing Builders' Show: Redefining the
tonight are honest fun. In the first, hefty trash bag
Cal Lightman ( Tim Roth) Ahead of the spring cleaning and
investigates a mental hospital that home improvement season, Waste
may be holding a patient against Management, Inc. is continuing
his will and promptly begins to its national rollout of the Bagster concerning hazardous materials.
lose his own mind after he's Dumpster in a Bag at the 2011 Once the bag is full or your
mysteriously medicated. "Cal Builders' Show. The big green bag project complete, schedule a
starts to descend into madness," is an efficient and potentially cost pickup online or by phone at 1-
says exec producer Alex Cary. -effective way to get rid of junk in 877-789-BAGS. Within three
"He's quite aware of the limits of your attic or debris from a business days, a local operator
his own sanity." He's unaware, uncovering the skeletons in the schedule accordingly," he says. remodeling project. will come and haul the bag away.
however, of just who slipped him lothario's closet. "But I'm fairly confident that we'll Here's how it works. You find a Collection fees range from $80 to
the hallucinogenic drug causing A recent decision by Fox, be very much in that plan for the participating home center or $160, which Waste Management
him to see visions of his parents meanwhile, has fans wondering if fall." No lie. hardware store at says is 50 to 70 percent less than a
— and leading to a 48-hour their beloved show is headed for Lie to Me airs Monday at 8/7c w w w . t h e b a g s t e r . c o m a n d Dumpster rental.
lockup. "There's a terrific amount the boneyard. Early in December, and 9/8c on Fox. purchase one of the heavy-duty, —Daniel DiClerico Subscribe
of dark humor," Cary says. the network declined to order any Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine woven-poly bags for about $30. now!
Fans can expect a dose of dark further episodes to make room for now! Then take the bag home, place it S u b s c r i b e t o
romance in the second episode. the upcoming cop drama The This entry passed through the i n t h e d r i v e w a y o r o t h e r for expert
The story centers on George Chicago Code. But Cary assures Full-Text RSS service — if this is accessible spot, and fill 'er up. Ratings, buying advice and
Parker ( Mad Men's Sam Page), a viewers his series is still vital and your content and you're reading it Measuring 8' x 4' x 2'6", and rated reliability on hundreds of
charming yet shady ladies' man chalks the issue up to tricky on someone else's site, please read at 3,300 pounds, the Bagster can products. Update your feed
who is about to become engaged scheduling. "They know what this our FAQ page at handle large furnishings, sheets of preferences
to a wealthy divorcée. "He's series is and what it can do for content-only/faq.php plywood, or even an old bathtub.
almost too good to be true," says them. But they're trying to find Five Filters featured site: So, You're responsible for complying
Cary. Spoiler alert: There's out what some other products can Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing with federal, state, and local laws
nothing "almost" about it, and do, too. They want to see how Again?.
Lightman is tasked with other shows perform, then
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CES 2011: A Consumer Reports coverage wrap-up

Carol Mangis (Consumer your pocket aims to take on the iPad show even starts ways, including glasses-free
Reports) • Samsung's smart appliances • Hands on with Panasonic's 3D • OnStar to launch Android voice
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:32:22 AM keep you connected and green HDC-SD90 camcorder (video) January 5, 2011 app and Verizon prototype
(video) • New Dell Streak 7 tablet uses T • Fujifilm debuts low-priced
CES 2011: A Consumer Reports • Viewsonic tablets range from 4 -Mobile 4G • Olympus redesigns SLR-like, point-and-shoots with GPS and
coverage wrap-up to 10 inches (video) • Hands on with Panasonic's 3D unveils 6 new cameras RAW
The 2011 Consumer Electronics • Casio's prototype watch keeps HDC-SD90 camcorder (video) • Sharp debuts Galapagos e-
Show is over; our reporters and tabs on your phone • New Dell Streak 7 tablet uses T reader/tablet January 4, 2011
analysts have made it back to our • Hands on with Toshiba and LG -Mobile 4G • Casio unveils new camera
office and are already looking glasses-free 3D TVs • Hands on with Samsung's new design and digital art service • Four Asus tablets run the gamut
toward the next big things • Vudu begins 3D streaming, Verizon LTE 4G devices (video) • Sony debuts over two dozen • Hands-on with Vizio's first
(Verizon iPhone, anyone?). ESPN 3D to go 24/7 • Sony prototypes show the cameras and camcorders tablet and cell phone
But just in case you missed any • JVC unveils Everio GS-TD1, its future of 3D (video) • Sony touchscreen all-in-one PC • Funai to bring "Cloud" content
of our coverage, we thought we'd first 3D HD camcorder • Hands on with Sony Vaio F cuts down on fingerprints to TVs, Blu-ray players
pull all our posts together in one • Cool new wireless cameras and Series 3D laptop • Sony adds new 11- and 13-inch • Sprint announces HTC EVO
mega-post. Here you have it: over accessories (video) • GoPro HD Wearable Camera laptops Shift 4G, MiFi mobile hotspot
100 stories, including previews, • T w o C o n s u m e r R e p o r t s can record in 3D (video) • Sony debuts F Series 3D • Our top five must-sees
news, videos, and perspective. webcasts, live from the show • Hands on with Lenovo IdeaPad Laptops • Vizio to debut Google TVs,
January 8, 2011 • Mitsubishi rocks 92-inch 3D U1 Hybrid laptop-tablet (video) • Intel processors focus on plus its first tablet and cell phone
• GE Brillion smart appliances DLP, shows first 3D LCDs • Panasonic focused on 3D TV, content • Toshiba launches the Toshiba
monitor energy usage • Are any of the new tablets an expanding Web-based content • T w o C o n s u m e r R e p o r t s Tablet
• 3D TV overview for 2011 and 'iPad killer'? • 3D gets simpler, cheaper, and webcasts, live from the show • LG unveils 'Smart TVs,' plus a
beyond • Panasonic's Viera tablets can surprisingly innovative • LG shows smart TVs, motion- set-top box, with full Web
control what you watch on the big • Sony Ericsson debuts Xperia based remotes (video) browsing
January 7, 2011 screen (video) arc phone with extra-sharp display • AMD, Intel processors combine
• Energy-frugal color e-book • Sharp goes bigger with LCD CPU and graphics on one chip January 3, 2011
readers promised for mid-year January 6, 2011 TVs • Philips Simply Straight wall
• T h e A n d r o i d C l o u d • So that's why Reese's is the • Sony makes 3D TV personal, mount puts HDTV where you • PCs with Intel's 'Sandy Bridge'
Communicator is not a tablet official candy of CES launches streaming music service want it CPUs
• A tablet overview (video) • Sprint and RIM team up for 4G • Motorola debuts Droid Bionic, • Lenovo shows how to "mod" • Will passive 3D TVs solve the
• iRiver claims highest-resolution tablet Cliq 2 smart phones your computer 3D glasses problem?
6-inch e-book reader ever • Close-up of Motorola's Xoom • Microsoft Windows 8 will run • AT&T announces LTE plans, • Here come the passive 3D TVs
• Fujitsu's teddy bear 'reads' your tablet on thumb-size motherboard 4G devices
emotions (video) • Hands on with Nintendo 3DS; • Samsung's Smarter Life devices • LG announces two Optimus December 31, 2010
• Canon brings back the optical 3D, glasses-free provide a better connected smart phones, 3D mobile display
viewfinder • Olympus's new Tough cameras experience • Vizio launches 21:9 ultra- • Unusual gadgets from CES
• FCC's Genachowski pushes can do 3D with one lens • Samsung joins the Smart TV widescreen 3D HDTVs 2010: Where are they now?
hard for sale of unused spectrum • Verizon unveils ten 4G LTE set, adds inches to TV lines • One-button Netflix launching
• Eye-Fi will expand wireless devices • Samsung debuts Wi-Fi-only coming to many remote controls December 30, 2010
capabilities later this year • Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab and pocketable • A product preview video from
• Samsung adds Time Warner, Galaxy Player Galaxy Player CES Unveiled • What we'll see in Web
DirecTV and Comcast to Smart • Hands on with Sony HD • New Acer laptops put emphasis • Sonomax promises fast, custom s t r e a m i n g t o T V s
TV initiative Camcorder with Projector (video) on entertainment -fit earphones
• LG puts glasses-free 3DTV in • 3G/4G Motorola Xoom tablet • A digital avalanche—before the • Toshiba offers 3D TVs three CES page 49
48 Products/ E-reader News Edition

Lenovo 11.6” X-Series ThinkPad Ultraportable Notebook

(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) travel around with people? Isn’t ready • LCD Backlight Technology:
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:00:22 AM that crazy? I guess it takes all • Weighs less than 3 pounds as LED backlight Telecom:
kinds to make a world. But even well as having a slim profile and
• Operating system: Genuine • 3G Mobile Broadband
Maybe Too Literal still, how can a computer like the small footprint Windows 7 Home Premium 32 • Wireless cellular modem
What a horrible lap top. It doesn’t Lenovo 11.6” X-Series ThinkPad • Avoid spotty WiFi with this • Color: Midnight Black – • Cellular enhancement protocol:
even spin! Notebook Laptop legally call laptop’s installed hardware thatSmooth 11.6” HD AG, AMD HSPA, GPRS, WCDMA
When I got this Lenovo 11.6" X- itself a Lap Top? I haven’t talked enables Internet access to more Athlon 1.6GHz with Low Light
Series ThinkPad Notebook Lap to my lawyer yet, but I expect reliable subscription-based WAN Enhanced Webcam Software:
Top, I thought it was going to be he’ll find some sort of class action cellular broadband networks • System graphics: AMD M780G • Norton Internet Security 2009
a wonderful amount of fun. I lawsuit in all of this false • GOBI support Motherboard with ATI Mobility (30 days subscription)
mean, 11.6" HD widescreen? advertising. Authorized for • Low-light-sensitive, integrated
Radeon HD 3200 graphics • ThinkVantage Toolbox
802.11n Gigabit Ethernet? A 250 SquareTrade Extended Warranty web camera with 0.3 megapixel • Audio Output: Sound Card • Microsoft Research
gig hard drive? Come on, who Warranty: 1 Year Lenovo sensor resolution • Audio Codec: CX20582 AutoCollage Touch
wouldn’t be all about a Lenovo Condition: New • Good for the environment, • Compliant Standards: High • Lenovo Online Data Backup
1 1 . 6 ” X - S e r i e s T h i n k P a d Features: ThinkPad X100e meets EPEAT Definition Audio • ThinkVantage System Update
Notebook! Why, as soon as I got • Ready to work anywhere Silver, ENERGY STAR® and • Total memory: 2 GB PC2-5300 • Adobe Flash Player
it out of the box, I balanced it e q u i p p e d w i t h 3 G M o b i l e RoHS standards DDR2 SDRAM 667M Hz SO • Skype
right on my lap and twisted it, Broadband & Wireless cellular • 3 USB ports (1 powered), 4-in-DIMM 200-pin • Lenovo Password Manager
hard as I could! I figured my new modem 1 media card reader and HD • Hard Drive: 250 GB- Serial • ThinkVantage Rescue and
Lap Top would spin for hours! • Designed for usability, the ISO audio ATA-300 – 5400rpm Recovery
But you know what it did? It just full-sized keyboard is spill- • Battery: 6 cell Li-Ion Battery 56 • Windows Live Toolbar
went plop. resistant Additional Photos: W/h • ThinkVantage Power Manager
Just plop! It didn’t even spin! I • Offers an 11.6” HD widescreen • Keyboard and touchpad • Run Time: Up to 5 hours • ThinkVantage Access
started blaming myself! And I display with anti-glare • Left Profile (Headphone Jack, • Integrated WiFi wireless LAN Connections
w a s T o p C h a m p i o n o f m y • TrackPoint pointing device and Ethernet and 2 USB Ports) adapters: ThinkPad b/g/n • Adobe Reader
hometown from 1991 through a multitouch touchpad lets you • Right Profile (4-in-1 Media W i r e l e s s
1997. I even retired myself easily zoom, scroll and rotate Card Reader and Powered USB • Input Device Type: UltraNav, In the box:
because I was too good! But I just using simple two-finger gestures Port) Keyboard, TrackPoint • Lenovo CK3460 Thinkpad
thought I’d lost my touch or • Stay productive and reduce IT • Package Contents • Supported flash memory cards: X100e Notebook 11.6”, Model
something! It was horrible! The headaches with ThinkVantage • Packaging SD Memory Card, Memory Stick No. 35082AU
nights of doubt and tears! Technologies: Rescue and Pro, Memory Stick, • AC Power Adapter
Now, of course, I know that the Recovery™, Password Manager, Specifications: MultiMediaCard • Lithium-Ion Battery
Lenovo 11.6” X-Series ThinkPad S y s t e m U p d a t e ™ , A c c e s s • Processor: AMD Athlon Neo • Built-in Devices: GPS, cellular • User’s Manual
Notebook Lap Top isn’t the sort Connections™, Active Protection Single-Core MV-40 (1.6GHz, antenna, wireless LAN antenna,
of top that spins in your lap. It’s System™, Power Manager 800MHz, 512KB L2) stereo speakers, SIM card reader Credit: 47662183@N04
some kind of computer for people • Highly mobile due to a variety • Max Resolution: 1366 x 768 • Wireless capabilities: Mobile Discuss this product
who don’t like to sit at a desk. Did of connectivity options, including (WXGA) broadband, IEEE 802.11n (draft), Price: $349.99 I want one!
you know they even make 802.11n, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast • Display: 11.6 in. TFT active I E E E 8 0 2 . 1 1 b , G P S , I E E E
external hard drives that can Ethernet, as well as being WWAN matrix 802.11g
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Detroit Auto Show 2011: VW rolls out continued from page 47

December 8, 2010
American Passat December 29, 2010
• Sony's new technology will
Consumer Reports Shopping version is due to start at less than • What we'll see in smart phones speed up LCD TV's response time
Blog (Consumer Reports) $20,000, taking advantage of
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:53:35 AM exchange rates by being built at December 28, 2010 December 7, 2010
VW’s new factory in • Westinghouse 2D/3D glasses
Detroit Auto Show 2011: VW Chattanooga, Tenn., the • What we'll see in 3D TVs can replace your TV
rolls out American Passat company’s first U.S. plant since it • MSI to launch Windows and
Volkswagen rolled out the long closed its Pennsylvania factory in Android tablets November 18, 2010
awaited update to the Passat at the 1988. • What we expect to see
Detroit Auto Show this morning. The Passat is following in the • Samsung to announce Google
The big news is that for the first the highway and have a range of footsteps of the 2011 Jetta sedan, December 23, 2010 TVs?
time since 2005, Volkswagen will more than 800 miles. which uses cheaper interior
offer its biggest sedan with its The new Passat is the largest materials and an older, less • Microsoft to unveil tablet November 11, 2010
clean diesel TDI engine. The 2.0- Passat yet, three inches longer in sophisticated, and less powerful version of Windows at CES • 50 new tablet computers, smart
liter, four-cylinder turbo-diesel length and wheelbase than its engine design to meet a lower credit cards, and iPod-controlled
puts out 140 hp. The Passat will predecessor. Volkswagen claims price point. The new model goes December 22, 2010 copters
a l s o b e o f f e r e d w i t h this will give it best in class rear on sale in August.
Volkswagen’s 170-hp, five- legroom. — Eric Evarts • HP/Palm to debut WebOS tablet November 10, 2010
cylinder gas engine and a 280-hp, The S, SE, and SEL trim levels See our complete 2011 Detroit
3.6-liter V6. The five-cylinder and will be available and standard Auto Show coverage and follow December 20, 2010 • CES 2011 opens doors to
diesel will be offered with a five- equipment includes a dual-zone o u r l i v e u p d a t e s o n everyday gadget fans
speed manual transmission, and a climate control system and Twitter@CRCars. Subscribe now! • Motorola might just show a
six-speed automatic transmission Bluetooth cell-phone connection. S u b s c r i b e t o tablet Subscribe now!
will be optional on the five- Memory position seats, leather, for expert S u b s c r i b e t o
cylinder. The TDI and the V6 keyless entry, satellite radio, and a Ratings, buying advice and December 16, 2010 for expert
offer an optional six-speed, dual- n a v i g a t i o n s y s t e m w i l l b e r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f Ratings, buying advice and
clutch automated manual DSG o p t i o n a l . products. Update your feed • LCD TVs from LG to get new reliability on hundreds of
transmission. Volkswagen claims Perhaps most significant, the base preferences 'Nano LED' backlights products. Update your feed
the diesel will return 43 mpg on preferences
December 15, 2010

• Microsoft to introduce new

tablets at CES to compete with
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2011 Detroit auto show: Terrell Suggs: Baltimore Ravens vs.

Two hybrid versions of Pittsburgh Steelers is 'Armageddon' (
Ford C-Max coming Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:26:39 PM
bitter rivalry this season with
Baltimore winning on the road 17
-14 in Week 4 -- Pittsburgh's first
the road in the playoffs and won't
be intimidated playing in
Pittsburgh for a second time this
Consumer Reports Shopping
Blog (Consumer Reports) Updated: January 10, 2011, 1:26 loss -- and the Steelers winning at season.
PM ET Baltimore 13-10 in Week 13 -- the "We're looking forward to
Submitted at 1/10/2011 9:52:18 AM Round 3 of Ravens vs. Steelers is Ravens' only loss at home this walking into Heinz Field with a
Saturday. Pro Bowl linebacker season. certain swagger," Suggs said.
2011 Detroit auto show: Two Terrell Suggs said it's more like Suggs said the "whole football Suggs said that swagger comes
hybrid versions of Ford C-Max "World War 3" to the Ravens. world" is looking forward to from the leadership of Baltimore's
coming On Sunday, after the Ravens beat seeing another "smash-mouth" two longtime defensive stalwarts -
Ford introduced plug in and full the Kansas City Chiefs 30-7 in an battle between the two teams. - Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.
hybrid versions of its upcoming C AFC wild-card game, Suggs said " W e ' r e l i k e m o d e r n - d a y "When we get on the road we get
-Max minivan at the North hybrids. that the divisional-round matchup g l a d i a t o r s , " h e s a i d . the feeling it's us against the
American International Auto C-Max Energi owners will be between the Ravens and Steelers Both teams finished 12-4 but the world. We've got the whole city
Show. The C-Max Energi will be able to use the recently introduced is "personal between the two Steelers won the AFC North of Baltimore behind us, but at that
the first plug-in hybrid from the MyFord Mobile to remotely cities, Baltimore and Pittsburgh." thanks to a better division record. moment they're not there with us,"
carmaker, and Ford claims it will monitor and control their cars “ "We're very evenly matched. Two Suggs said. "It's just us guys. Us
charge overnight using a 120-volt charging systems. This is World War 3 to us. This is p h y s i c a l , f a s t , o u t s t a n d i n g 53 men. We're just trying to get a
outlet and will have a range of Both models are due in 2012. definitely Armageddon.”-- Terrell defenses," Suggs said. "Two very Super Bowl ring."
more than 500 miles, more than — Jim Travers Suggs poised quarterbacks, except their This entry passed through the
the Chevrolet Volt. See our complete 2011 Detroit When asked to expound on his quarterback [ Ben Roethlisberger] Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Ford says the C-Max hybrid will Auto Show coverage and follow comment in an interview with may have an edge since he's got your content and you're reading it
be capable of speeds greater than our live updates on "ESPN First Take" on Monday, two rings, but we're working on on someone else's site, please read
47 mph on electric power, and Twitter@CRCars. Subscribe now! Suggs said that for the Ravens, getting Joe [Flacco] his first one our FAQ page at
deliver better fuel mileage than S u b s c r i b e t o the matchup is taking on biblical this year." content-only/faq.php
the Ford Fusion hybrid, which for expert proportions. Saturday's winner will advance to Five Filters featured site: So,
returned 34mpg overall in our Ratings, buying advice and "This is World War 3 to us. This the AFC Championship Game Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
testing. Both models will use reliability on hundreds of is definitely Armageddon," Suggs against either the New England Again?.
lithium – ion batteries, which products. Update your feed said. Patriots or New York Jets, who
Ford says are lighter and smaller preferences The Ravens and Steelers split the play on Sunday.
than the nickel-metal-hydride two regular-season games in their The Ravens are 7-3 all-time on
batteries used in most current
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It's personal again: New York Jets' Rex Ryan against New
England Patriots' Bill Belichick
Rich Cimini ( his ability to match wits with team." has you extra time, but the Jets tend to
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:04:22 PM Belichick. In their last meeting, Ryan's latest verbal assault, covered. Blog struggle after extended layoffs.
Dec. 6 in Foxborough, the Jets obviously orchestrated, was a Jets Center This time, they will use a
Updated: January 10, 2011, 1:04 were humiliated on Monday Night variation of his celebrated "rings" "There are chess matches "ridiculous amount of
PM ET By Rich Cimini Football 45-3. rant from last year. A few months involved every week. It was preparation" to formulate a game "I was outcoached in that game," after being hired by the Jets, he checkmate," he said. "He plan that doesn't confuse the
Archive said Ryan, who also used the "it's said he didn't come to New York definitely outcoached me." players, according to Ryan. But
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- It's personal" line last week in "to kiss Bill Belichick's rings." This perhaps was a clever he added, "That doesn't mean
personal -- again. This time, Rex preparation for Peyton Manning Ryan is 2-2 against Belichick, but motivational ploy by Ryan to take we're going to dummy it up. You
Ryan is out for Bill Belichick. and the Indianapolis Colts. "I said his credibility took a big hit last the heat off his players this week. dummy it up against them, and
Calling out one of the most it then, I'm saying it now. month. A few days before the Instead of being reminded by you get crushed."
successful coaches in NFL Belichick, I recognize the fact this anticipated showdown, Ryan said reporters about how badly they The Jets won the first meeting in
history, the New York Jets' coach is a Hall of Fame coach. He'll go he wanted to "kick Belichick's played in the last meeting -- Week 2, 28-14. After the 45-3
delivered an unsolicited rant down in history as maybe the ass." It turned out to be the other namely, Mark Sanchez, who debacle, Ryan told Belichick
Monday, admitting he was greatest football coach in the way around, as the Jets suffered threw three interceptions -- they during the postgame handshake
outcoached by Belichick in last history of this game, or going to the second-most lopsided defeat will be bombarded with questions they'd meet again.
month's blowout and vowing to be close to it. in franchise history. about Ryan's challenge. "I told Belichick after the game,
flip the script in Sunday's AFC "He was at that level that week The Jets were ill-prepared, and The players were off Monday and 'We'll see you in Round 3,' " Ryan
divisional playoff game against and I was not. For whatever Ryan made questionable tactical not available to the media. said. "He just looked at me."
the New England Patriots. reason, I never had my team decisions early in the contest. He "This is going to be about me This time, the stakes are huge.
"This is about Bill Belichick prepared the way it should've wasted a replay challenge on a raising my level against Bill The survivor plays the Pittsburgh
versus Rex Ryan," Ryan said, been prepared. That falls right fourth-and-1 spot, and he let the Belichick," Ryan said. "I Steelers- Baltimore Ravens
addressing the upcoming down on me." then-slumping Nick Folk try a 53- recognize he's the best. I'm just winner for the AFC
showdown in Foxborough for the Belichick, in a conference call yard field goal into swirling winds trying to be the best on Sunday, championship.
first time. "There's no question, about two hours after Ryan made -- and he missed badly. and I plan on being the best coach "If we win this one, we'll be the
it's personal. It's about him against his comment, took a lighthearted Defensively, the Jets had no on Sunday. ... That's what it is. I same old Jets," Ryan said, "right
myself. That's what it's going to approach. Rex Ryan news conf. answers for Tom Brady, who recognize my level has to come back in the AFC Championship
come down to." Jets head coach Rex Ryan's passed for 326 yards and four up. He's going to get my best shot. Game."
“ Monday news conference about touchdowns. He's going to get everything I Rich Cimini covers the Jets for
There's no question, it's personal. the win in Indy and the upcoming Clearly, the Jets missed safety have on Sunday. If he slips at all, You can
It's about him against myself. playoff with the Patriots. Jim Leonhard, the "quarterback" we're gonna beat him." follow him on Twitter.
That's what it's going to come More Podcasts » of the secondary. He suffered a Ryan felt the Jets outsmarted This entry passed through the
down to.”-- Rex Ryan on facing "I might have a little quickness on season-ending injury three days themselves in the previous game, Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Bill Belichick him, he's probably got a little before the game, a major installing a game plan that looked your content and you're reading it
In terms of football duels, this more strength and power on me," disruption in their defensive good on paper but wasn't realistic. on someone else's site, please read
was the verbal equivalent of a Belichick said. "I don't think preparation. The Patriots picked There may be some truth to that our FAQ page at
white glove across the face. you'll see either of us out there on Leonhard's replacement, Eric because, after playing content-only/faq.php
Ryan said both teams are even making any blocks, or tackles, or Smith. Nevertheless, Ryan Thanksgiving, they had 10 full Five Filters featured site: So,
from the standpoint of talent and runs, throws or catches. At least blamed himself. Jets blog days to prepare for the Patriots, Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
assistant coaches, and that the you won't see me doing that. It's Looking for more on who also played on Thanksgiving. Again?.
rubber game will be decided by probably a good thing for our the green and white? Most teams thrive when given
52 Sports/ Social Media/ E-reader News Edition

Former Philadelphia Phillies manager Dallas Green,

DEMO: Motorola Atrix
family 'hurting pretty bad' 4G Dual-Core Android news services taking a single gunshot wound to our own," Dallas Green said. Smartphone [VIDEO]
( the head at point-blank range. "The worst thing to ever happen
Ben Parr (Mashable!)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:46:25 AM President Obama and first lady to us."
Michelle Obama led a national Green issued a statement Sunday Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:21:20 PM

Updated: January 10, 2011, 12:46 moment of silence to honor the through Phillies general manager
PM ET victims Monday from Washington Ruben Amaro Jr., whom Green Android phones made a splash at
Nothing in Dallas Green's arsenal at 11 a.m. ET. A moment of works for as an adviser. this year’s Consumer Electronics
of big-league experience could silence will also be held before "This is such a tough time for Show (CES), but few generated as
h a v e p r e p a r e d h i m f o r t h e Monday night's Tostitos BCS Sylvia and I and for John and many waves as the Motorola
shooting death of his young National Championship Game Roxanna and little Dallas," Green Atrix 4G.
granddaughter. between Auburn and Oregon in said of his wife, son and their The Atrix is not only one of the
Green was spending time at his Glendale, Ariz. family. "We thank everybody first dual-core smartphones, it is
Caribbean home in Turks and Dallas Green and his wife were from the bottom of our hearts for also one of the first 4G devices
Caicos when he learned of the 9- traveling to be with family in their friendship, thoughts and for AT&T. It runs on an Nvidia
year-old's passing, according to a Arizona on Sunday. prayers, especially the Phillies Tegra 1GHz dual-core processor,
New York Daily News report. Green felt the highest of highs as and our extended family in 1GB of RAM and sports a
"It's pretty hard," Green told the manager of the World Series- baseball. Somehow we will get glorious 960×540 qHD screen. It
Daily News on Sunday. "We're all w i n n i n g 1 9 8 0 P h i l a d e l p h i a through this, but right now our even comes with a dock that will
hurting pretty bad." Phillies. And he was no stranger little 9-year-old granddaughter is let you run Android and the
AP Photo Christina-Taylor to career lows, having been fired Christina-Taylor Green's father, not here and we're having a hard desktop version of Firefox
Green, 9, was among six people by George Steinbrenner in 1989 J o h n G r e e n , w a s r e c e n t l y time with that." simultaneously.
shot and killed Saturday outside a after less than one season at the promoted by the Dodgers to the Information from Out of all the phones we played
grocery store in Tucson, Ariz. helm for the New York Yankees. p o s i t i o n o f a n a t i o n a l's Jon with at CES, the Motorola Atrix
Christina-Taylor Green was shot But Green, a tough guy crosschecker, overseeing amateur Weisman was used in this report. was the best of the bunch. It’s
and killed Saturday by a gunman throughout his career known for a prospects. His daughter had just This entry passed through the faster than the iPhone 4 and the
outside a grocery store in Tucson, gruff and direct manner, told the been elected to the student council Full-Text RSS service — if this is multimedia dock is a useful
Ariz. Daily News he had seen the news in her elementary school and had your content and you're reading it accessory for anyone who needs
She had gone to see Rep. of the shootings on TV and "didn't been invited to meet Giffords at on someone else's site, please read to quickly get on the web while
Gabrielle Giffords, who was make any connection" that his her community gathering. our FAQ page at on the go.
m e e t i n g w i t h c o n s t i t u e n t s . grandaughter might have been in John Green told the Arizona content-only/faq.php Check out our demo video above
Giffords was among 13 people the area. Daily Star that she had become Five Filters featured site: So, if you want to learn more.
wounded in the shooting that Green, 76, said his wife had then interested in politics from a young Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing More About: 4G, android, att,
killed six people, including phoned their son and returned to age. She also played second base Again?. Motorola, Motorola Atrix
Arizona's chief federal judge and the room in tears. on her Little League baseball For more Mobile coverage:
an aide for the Democratic " T h e y s h o t o u r b e a u t i f u l team. • Follow Mashable Mobile on
lawmaker. Giffords remained in Christina," she said, according to "I can't believe this could happen Twitter
critical condition Monday after Green. to any 9-year-old child, much less • Become a Fan on Facebook
• Subscribe to the Mobile channel
• Download our free apps for
Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad
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Rematch Factor Adds Kick to AP Top 25 Poll: Duke

Tantalizing Divisional Round Remains No. 1
Dave Goldberg (FanHouse FanHouse Newswire
Main) (FanHouse Main)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:14:00 PM Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:21:00 AM

Filed under: NFL Playoffs, NFL Filed under: Connecticut, Duke,

Analysis There's no better Kansas, Notre Dame, Ohio State,
testimony to the parity in the NFL Pittsburgh, Syracuse Duke is
than the upcoming weekend. Just again a unanimous No. 1 in The
look at the numbers. Associated Press' college
The two AFC games will be the basketball poll following a week
third between divisional foes -- that saw 12 ranked teams lose.
the Steelers and Ravens; the Jets The Blue Devils received all 65
and Patriots. Both Pittsburgh- first-place votes Monday from the
Baltimore games were decided by national media panel. Ohio State,
the Spartans haven't been ranked
three points and won by the road Kansas, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, San
since the final poll of 2006-07.
team; New York and New Diego State and Villanova held on
The Big East has five teams in
England split, although the point conference-title game. players? to second through seventh.
the top 10 and eight ranked
disparity was wider -- the Jets That sets up this weekend But that's for another day. Purdue, Notre Dame and
overall, one off its record set in
winning at home by 14, the perfectly and will probably lead Right now, it's about enjoying the Connecticut round out the top 10.
January 2009.
Patriots by 42. again to record television ratings, next four weeks. There are four newcomers this
Copyright 2011 The Associated
In the NFC, both regular-season making folks wonder again why So on to this week, which starts week. Louisville and Temple
Press. The information contained
games also were decided by three the threat of a lockout hangs over with what will undoubtedly be the were already ranked this season.
in the AP news report may not be
points, a 23-20 win by Seattle at the NFL. Are the owners really most bruising matchup, Baltimore No. 20 Wisconsin is in for the
published, broadcast, rewritten or
Chicago on Oct. 17, providing at that strapped financially (with at Pittsburgh. first time since last season's final
otherwise distributed without the
least a glimmer of suggestion that close to $2 billion a year poll, while No. 24 Georgia is
prior written authority of The
the rank outsiders from the Pacific reportedly coming soon from ranked for the first time since the
Associated Press. Active
Northwest, still under .500 at 8-9 ESPN) that they're willing to turn final poll of 2002-03.
hyperlinks have been inserted by
overall, can advance to the off fans by locking out the Michigan State is one of the
teams knocked out, the first time

Foursquare Users Upload 1 Million Photos in 3 Weeks

Lauren Indvik (Mashable!) Foursquare tweeted earlier today given the ability to add comments • Become a Fan on Facebook
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:37:53 PM that it had passed the 1 million to the checkins of their friends as • Subscribe to the Social Media
mark over the weekend, along part of the update, opening up channel
1 million photos have been with a link to the 1 millionth new levels of interactivity to the • Download our free apps for
uploaded to Foursquare since the photo, which was uploaded on location-based social network. Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad
New York-based startup began Sunday. More About: foursquare
allowing iPhone and Android The new feature, which was For more Social Media coverage:
users to upload photos to the included as part of an update users to attach photos to checkins, • Follow Mashable Social Media
service. released in late December, enables tips and venues. Users were also on Twitter
54 Sports/ Gaming/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Les Miles Anticipates Meeting

With Michigan, Reportedly as
Soon as Tuesday
FanHouse Staff (FanHouse
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:30:00 PM
Mercedes SLS
Filed under: LSU, Michigan,
Coaching, Rumors LSU coach
AMG E-Cell hitting
Les Miles confirmed on Monday dealerships in 2013
that he expects to meet with
Michigan officials regarding the Tim Stevens (Engadget)
Wolverines' vacant head coaching
position, and multiple reports
indicate that a meeting between
Black Ops led 2010 UK Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:33:00 PM

You may disagree with the car's

Miles and Michigan athletic
director David Brandon could
substance of such a meeting.
game sales, Just Dance color and its powertrain choice,
but you can't argue with 528
horsepower, 649lb/ft of torque,
take place as soon as Tuesday.
Speaking at a press conference to
announce cornerback Patrick
However, Miles also noted that
he is "extremely happy" at LSU top of the pops on Wii and AWD acceleration so good it
should come with a neck brace.
and that his family is very Alexander Sliwinski (Joystiq) top of the charts on PSP. It's a legitimately hot car, and it's
Peterson's intention to enter the
comfortable in Baton Rouge, La. Although one could speculate as l e g i t i m a t e l y c o m i n g t o
2011 NFL Draft, Miles told Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:00:00 PM
Miles' current contract with LSU to why Black Ops wasn't at the dealerships. Mercedes today
reporters that nobody from
runs through the 2014 season, Although it comes as little front line of PC sales in the UK, confirmed that the SLS AMG E-
Michigan had contacted him
with him scheduled to make $3.7 surprise, Call of Duty: Black Ops it's just as fitting that Football Cell will be available for order at
directly and he had no knowledge
million annually. He would have was the best-selling game in the Manager 2011 and 2010 occupied dealerships in 2013, and while no
of a timetable for a meeting, but
to pay the school a $1.25 million UK last year. The UK Interactive the forward spots in the region. price was given, expect it to be a
he nonetheless anticipated a
buyout if he were to leave. Entertainment Association's 2010 C h e c k o u t t h e c o m p l e t e lot. The gasoline-powered model
meeting taking place. He also said
that he could not speculate on the bestsellers list features the usual breakdown by format after the cost around $200,000, after all.
suspects, with Black Ops, FIFA jump. Oh, and that citrus color? It's
11 and Just Dance occupying the Continue reading Black Ops led pretty stunning in the flesh, a
top three spots, respectively, 2010 UK game sales, Just Dance matte hue that makes you go
across all platform sales. top of the pops on Wii "Mmm."
Breaking it down by format, Black Ops led 2010 UK game Gallery: Mercedes SLS AMG E-
Blops landed in the top sales spot sales, Just Dance top of the pops Cell
for Xbox 360 and PS3 games, on Wii originally appeared on Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell
while Just Dance and its sequel Joystiq on Mon, 10 Jan 2011 hitting dealerships in 2013
filled the first and third positions 14:00:00 EST. Please see our originally appeared on Engadget
among Wii releases, naturally. terms for use of feeds. on Mon, 10 Jan 2011 14:33:00
Professor Layton And The Lost Permalink| Email this| Comments EDT. Please see our terms for use
Future took the golden picarat for of feeds. Permalink| | Email this|
DS and FIFA 11 charged to the Comments
E-reader News Edition Gaming/ Politics/ 55

Limbaugh Blasts Media for 'Sick'

(Newsmax - Inside Cover) said.
Submitted at 1/10/2011 8:34:32 AM “They’re trying to link this
shooting to me, to Sarah Palin, to
Monday, 10 Jan 2011 02:34 PM talk radio. There’s no logic in any
With Democratic of the assertions they’re trying to
Congresswoman Gabrielle make.”
Giffords fighting for her life after Limbaugh noted that Loughner
Saturday’s shooting in Arizona, reportedly has been stalking
Rush Limbaugh angrily blasted Giffords since 2007 — before the
the left on Monday for its “sick” tea party came into being.
a t t e m p t s t o t a k e p o l i t i c a l “One of the first acts of insanity is The reaction to the Arizona
No More Heroes: Heroes' advantage from the tragedy. to take an obviously deranged kid, shooting has been a “lame, purely
L i m b a u g h r a i l e d a g a i n s t insane, irrational, and try to political attempt by the left to do

Paradise slicin' fools on suggestions from the mainstream analyze him with sanity and what they cannot convince the
media and others that Sarah Palin, rationality. American people to do, and that is
the tea party, and conservatives in “It is all political. I was blamed support them. It’s embarrassingly,
PS3 this fall general were somehow to blame for the Oklahoma City bombing depressingly sick.”
for inspiring 22-year-old shooter in 1995.” Summarizing his views,
Ben Gilbert (Joystiq) Besides making the graphics look Jared Loughner, whose rampage When these kinds of incidents Limbaugh said he and those who
Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:30:00 PM much, much nicer, and adding killed six and injured 13. occur, Limbaugh said, “I don’t listen to him, Palin and the people
Move support, a handful of No “ W h a t a n e m b a r r a s s i n g recall one conservative, one who voted for her, and “half the
N o M o r e H e r o e s : H e r o e s ' More Heroes 2 content will make weekend,” Rush told listeners to Republican, one conservative country have been indicted for the
P a r a d i s e w a s o d d l y p l a c e d its way into the PS3 re-release. his radio show. “I knew this was blogger, making a mad dash to a actions of a lone, deranged
(misplaced?) on a PlayStation 3 We're also hoping that developer going to happen. computer to blame Democrats for individual.”
2011 "exclusives" list, and given a AQ Interactive is secretly working “It has led a number of people to what happened. © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
tentative release window by the on more wacky TV shows for make fools of themselves. The “Here we have a 22-year-old This entry passed through the
US PlayStation blog: "fall 2011." T r a v i s T o u c h d o w n t o f l i p sheriff of Pima County has made dopehead, insane, irrational, and Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Last we heard, the up-rezzed third through, but we're not holding our a fool of himself. the desperate hope that the losers your content and you're reading it
-person brawler was heading to breath. “Most in the drive-by media have of 2010 had was that they could on someone else's site, please read
PlayStation 3s at some point in N o M o r e H e r o e s : H e r o e s ' been illustrating why we call them revitalize their political fortunes our FAQ page at
2011, but now we know the game Paradise slicin' fools on PS3 this the drive-by media. To take an because of this unfortunate content-only/faq.php
won't arrive until the back half of fall originally appeared on Joystiq incident like this, and try to turn it shooting.” Five Filters featured site: So,
the year. on Mon, 10 Jan 2011 14:30:00 t o p o l i t i c a l a d v a n t a g e b y The left has been trying “to make Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
"But why," you ask, "is a port of a EST. Please see our terms for use connecting it to people who have a connection between this nut and Again?.
2007 Wii title taking so very long of feeds. absolutely nothing to do with the Sarah Palin. But the majority of
to bring to the PlayStation 3?" Permalink| Email this| Comments sordid event, is silly on its face. people don’t buy it,” Limbaugh
56 Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Are Women Too Naive About Marriage -- and Divorce?

Delia Lloyd (Politics Daily) Sandra Tsing Loh -- who, in a between her and her husband.
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:50:00 PM much-hyped article in The Or go read " Heartburn," Nora
Atlantic a few years back urged Ephron's thinly disguised 1983
There's a sobering article in last women not to marry lest they end memoir about the break-up of her
week's Salon that bears reading by up, like her, in a workable but marriage to Washington Post
all mothers near and far. Titled " loveless "companionate marriage" journalist Carl Bernstein (which
Regrets of a Stay-at-Home Mom," -- Read does the same. She was subsequently made into a
it depicts the mindset of a recently counsels new mothers to forget all film starring Meryl Streep).
divorced, partially-employed that stuff they hear about having Throughout the book, even
mother of two who -- after being "quality time" with their kids. though the Ephron-stand-in
out of the workforce for 14 years - They should go get a job so that protagonist knows something is
- discovers it ain't so easy getting they don't end up broke and bereft amiss (it turns out that her
back into the game when she like her. husband is having an affair while
needs a full-time job. It's tempting to read this piece she's pregnant with their second
The author, Katy Read, only and dismiss Read as somewhat child), she works desperately to
partly blames the current unworldly. As my colleague Jill keep the marriage together.
economic crisis for her job- study by Ohio State University 's of friends and family members,
Lawrence opined in a private (Ephron, like Wolf, has since
hunting woes. Rather, she places Center for Human Resource many women continue to believe
email exchange about the channeled her insights about
most of it on her decision 14 years Research found that divorce that our marriages will somehow
article,"You really have to be marriage and divorce into a
ago to invest first and foremost in reduces a person's wealth by 77% be different. Others might fall
hopelessly naive to believe that community-based forum: she is
her children ("sliding . . . skating . compared to that of a single apart. But ours won't crumble. It's
you could abandon your career the Founding Editor of the
. . supervising art projects . . . person. a sort of NIMBY -- "not in my
and never have to worry about Huffington Post's new divorce
helping them with their But I read Read's piece a bit backyard" -- phenomenon applied
money. Or that her husband vertical).
homework") over and above differently. I didn't think it was so to our personal lives.
would never die or lose his job." I myself am hardly a hopeless
things like securing a retirement much about the financial realities And something tells me she's not
Particularly in a world where you romantic. Heck, not so long ago, I
fund or a sufficiently well- of divorce for women -- though alone in idealizing the security of
can't open the newspaper without wrote a post on these very pages
cushioned savings account. that was the ostensible topic of the her marriage. Go read some of the
reading another article about the encouraging more women who
As she writes: "I did what the article -- as it was about the entries over on the blog Big Little
death of journalism, one would were "settling" in unhappy
experts advised: developed my continually high, and unrealistic, Wolf's Daily Plate of Crazy where
also think that Read would have marriages to dump their husbands.
skills, undertook new challenges, assumptions women bring to the D.A. Wolf (another freelance
realized long ago that freelance But I too -- another freelance
expanded my professional table about marriage. As my writer!) talks about the"isle of
journalists who earn real incomes journalist, mind you! -- find it
contacts. I advanced creatively if colleague Sarah Wildman put it in denial" which she lived on
are about as prevalent these days incomprehensible to
not financially, published essays the same email exchange: "The throughout her marriage and well
as full-time travel agents. (For a conceptualize my marriage ending
in respected literary journals that unspoken bit in here is that she into the divorce. In a particularly
quick and dismal take on the dire and what it might mean for my
often paid (cue ominous music) in assumed she'd never divorce." moving post entitled " Something
state of journalistic salaries right sanity, let alone my long-term
copies of the magazine." Fast Precisely. Sure, according to The Like Marriage," Wolf confesses
now, see this mock job posting for income stream.
forward 14 years and Read finds National Marriage Project's State that as early as her honeymoon
a news producer on McSweeneys. I remember once, about nine
that "My income -- freelance of Our Unions 2007 report, for the and even on her wedding day,
Ouch!) years ago, having a terrible
writing, child support, a couple of average couple marrying for the there were signs all around her
It's also no secret that divorce argument with my husband in
menial part-time jobs -- doesn't first time, the lifetime probability that "I was married; and he was
itself is expensive. The average front of his office. It ended with
cover my current expenses, let of divorce or separation remains not." And yet, so strong was her
cost of divorce in the U.S. is me slamming his office door,
alone my retirement or the kids' between 40 and 50 percent. But need to believe that her marriage
estimated by Forbes to be $15,000 running out onto the street and
tuition." despite all the statistics, all the would endure that she silenced
to $30,000. Court fees can add
Her conclusion? Much like studies, all the newspaper articles, those voices inside her head that ARE page 57
$25,000 for a two day trial. A
and -- let's face it -- the divorces pointed towards the growing gulf
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 57

Howard Kurtz Denounces Palin The Heroic Namesake of

Attacks in Giffords Shooting John Boehner's
(Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Submitted at 1/10/2011 7:33:43 AM
murderer who opens fire on a
political gathering and kills a half-
dozen people, including a 9-year-
Hometown Church
Matt Lewis (Politics Daily) communion to other prisoners.
Monday, 10 Jan 2011 01:33 PM old girl.
By Dan Weil “On her Facebook page, Palin Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:30:00 PM After two weeks of starvation and
Moderate Howard Kurtz, offered her ‘sincere condolences’ dehydration, Kolbe was the only
Washington bureau chief of The Columnist Speaker of the House prisoner still alive. In order to
to Giffords and the others who
Daily Beast, has written a strong John Boehner is a longtime empty the bunker, guards
were shot, saying that ‘on behalf
rebuke to the liberal pundits who member of St. Maximilian Kolbe eventually gave him a lethal
of Todd and my family, we all
contend that Sarah Palin shares governor posted a map on her pray for the victims and their parish in Liberty Township, Ohio. injection. He is an official
blame for the Arizona bloodbath Facebook page with crosshair families, and for peace and Many Catholics are familiar with Christian martyr.
that killed six in what appears to t a r g e t s r e p r e s e n t i n g 2 0 justice.’ the church's namesake-- but The man whose place he took
be the attempted assassination of Democratic lawmakers she was “This isn't about a nearly year-old everyone should know his story. lived 53 more years, dying at the
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. “I hate to singling out for defeat after they Sarah Palin map; it's about a lone Here is a very brief retelling of it. age of 95.
say this, but the blame game is voted for President Obama's nut job who doesn't value human As a priest living in Poland Kolbe was canonized by Pope
already under way,” he writes on health care plan. One of them was life,” Kurtz concluded. during World War II, Kolbe John Paul II in October 1982.
the website. helped hide thousands of Jews With the Roe v. Wade
Giffords. Palin, who touts her © Newsmax. All rights reserved. from the Nazis. In 1941, he was anniversary coming up on Jan. 22,
“ I t b e g a n w i t h i n h o u r s o f caribou-hunting heritage, also This entry passed through the
Saturday's horrifying shooting of t w e e t e d , ‘ D o n ' t r e t r e a t , Full-Text RSS service — if this is arrested by the Gestapo, and it is, perhaps also appropriate to
Arizona Congresswoman RELOAD!’ ultimately transferred to note St. Maximilian Kolbe is the
your content and you're reading it
Gabrielle Giffords and nearly 20 “This kind of rhetoric is highly on someone else's site, please read Auschwitz. patron saint of the pro-life
others, even before the gunman unfortunate. The use of the our FAQ page at When three men disappeared movement.
was identified,” Kurtz writes. crosshairs was dumb. But it's a content-only/faq.php from the camp, it was decided that This entry passed through the
“One of the first to be dragged long stretch from such excessive Five Filters featured site: So, 10 prisoners must be put to death. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
into this sickening ritual of guilt language and symbols to holding Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing When one of the men cried out, your content and you're reading it
by association: Sarah Palin. mentioning his family, Kolbe on someone else's site, please read
a public official accountable for a Again?. volunteered to replace him. our FAQ page at
“Last March, the former Alaska
Surprisingly, the guard allowed content-only/faq.php
the swap to take place. Five Filters featured site: So,
Placed in a starvation cell, Kolbe Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
led the men in prayer, celebrated Again?.
Mass and secretly gave
continued from page 56

bursting into tears... about what, I we, too, might not make it. I was her story, I wondered if she, too, This entry passed through the Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
no longer remember. What I do unemployed at the time, in the was overly, perhaps naively, Full-Text RSS service — if this is Again?.
remember was the sensation -- for midst of a career change and had invested in the permanence of her your content and you're reading it
the very first time in our life an eight-month-old baby. And I marriage. on someone else's site, please read
together -- that our marriage, like suddenly thought: what if? That doesn't make her stupid. It our FAQ page at
so many others I knew, was I can't speak for Katy Read. But just makes her human. content-only/faq.php
fragile. That it was possible that when I read between the lines of Follow Delia on Twitter. Five Filters featured site: So,
58 Politics/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Joe Biden in Afghanistan on

Unannounced Visit
Lynn Sweet (Politics Daily) Obama would inherit as president. commitment to a long-term
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:03:00 PM According to a pool report, Biden partnership with Afghanistan.
landed on Monday evening -- While in Afghanistan, the Vice
Correspondent Kabul is nine hours ahead of East President will meet with President
Vice President Joe Biden is in Coast time -- and will meet with Hamid Karzai, visit with U.S. Ford Focus Electric pops
Afghanistan, arriving Monday and Gen. David Petraeus and U. S. service members and civilian a hatch and shows all that
using the unannounced visit to Ambassador Karl Eikenberry for personnel, and tour an Afghan
"assess progress" the Afghans are an "update from them on the National Army Training Center."
battery junk in its trunk
making toward taking over situation on the ground." This entry passed through the Tim Stevens (Engadget)
security responsibilities from U.S. Biden and Afghan President Full-Text RSS service — if this is Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:56:00 PM
forces later this year. Hamid Karzai will lunch during your content and you're reading it
Biden is making his first visit to the trip and hold other meetings. on someone else's site, please read The five-door Ford Focus is an
Afghanistan as vice president. He Biden's office said in a statement: our FAQ page at eminently practical vehicle, and
traveled to the country, where "The primary purpose of the trip content-only/faq.php the Electric version will be as
U.S. troops have been stationed is to assess progress toward the Five Filters featured site: So, well. However, we're now
for almost a decade, in January transition to Afghan-led security Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing learning that it won't be quite as
2009 as vice president-elect, beginning this year, and to Again?. practical as we'd hoped. We didn't
assessing the situation Barack demonstrate the United States' get the chance to pop the rear
hatch on the thing when we were
Rubio Repeats: I Don't Want GOP's VP Nomination exploring it at CES. Here in
Detroit we did and you can see
(Newsmax - Inside Cover) when asked if he would consider c a n e x p e c t t h e m t o c o m e what we found above. That's
Submitted at 1/10/2011 6:35:23 AM occupying the No. 2 spot on the knocking on his door periodically. definitely a big 'ol box, putting a
GOP ticket, The Hill reports. © Newsmax. All rights reserved. hurting on cargo space, but
Monday, 10 Jan 2011 12:35 PM "I'm flattered that people would This entry passed through the ultimately a small price to pay for
By Dan Weil ask that question, because I think Full-Text RSS service — if this is rolling totally fuel- and emissions-
Republican U.S. Sen. Marco they mean it in a complimentary your content and you're reading it free.
Rubio of Florida, one of the way. But, by the same token, I on someone else's site, please read Ford Focus Electric pops a hatch
party’s rising stars, has said recognize that this job — this one our FAQ page at and shows all that battery junk in
repeatedly that he’s not interested job that I wanted, I wanted to be a content-only/faq.php its trunk originally appeared on
in running for vice president in U.S. senator, not a vice wanted to be a U.S. senator." Five Filters featured site: So, Engadget on Mon, 10 Jan 2011
2012, and he reiterated that view presidential candidate, not a R e g a r d l e s s o f t h a t , s o m e Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing 14:56:00 EDT. Please see our
Monday. "No, and I don't spend presidential candidate," Rubio Republicans find his hard-nosed, Again?. terms for use of feeds. Permalink|
any time thinking about it," Rubio added. "I didn't run to use it as a intellectually based conservatism | Email this| Comments
said on 92.5 Radio in Fort Myers steppingstone, I ran because I quite appealing, so he probably
E-reader News Edition Food/ Technology/ Health/ 59

Cooking Light's 12 Healthy Habits Apple drops iPhone 3GS to

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Here's what to expect, month by
August: Go Vegetarian at Least 1
Day a Week— Expand the $49 on contract, we pretend
Forget the grandiose, impossible January: Eat More Fruits and number of all-vegetable dishes
New Year’s resolutions: The path V e g e t a b l e s — A d d 3 m o r e
to a healthier lifestyle begins one servings of fruits and vegetables
that you eat by making 1 dinner or
main-meal-of-the-day vegetarian.
the timing is coincidental
Darren Murph (Engadget)
little habit at a time. Welcome to to your diet each day. Download September: Go Fishing— Cook
our 12 Healthy Habits program: January's Healthy Habits Tracker fish or seafood for dinner 2 times Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:12:00 PM

Each month this year we’ll focus PDF. a week.

on one healthy practice that Feb: Get Moving— Increase the Hey, a phone that Apple
October: Focus on Healthy
you’re probably already doing but amount of aerobic exercise you introduced back in 2009(that'd be
Fats— Swap healthy fats for
want to do a bit more (usually do. the iPhone 3GS) is now selling --
unhealthy fats in your diet.
food-related, but we’ve thrown in March: Get Cooking— Cook at brand new with a two-year voice /
November: Be Portion Aware—
a couple that focus on exercise). least 3 meals more per week than data agreement -- for $49, both at
Cut your portion size of less-
We’ll profile people and explore you are now, even if that means AT&T and through Apple
healthy or higher-calorie foods at
their challenges and goals, then cooking breakfast or lunch (for directly. Of course, you could get
least once per meal.
recommend food or fitness freezing, maybe). the far more capable iPhone 4 for
December: Eat Mindfully— Be
strategies, and provide recipes and April: Go For More Grains— a fair amount more, or you could is coincidental originally appeared
mindful of the Earth, be thankful,
nutrition tips. Want to join us? Add 3 servings of whole grains wait until tomorrow so you'd on Engadget on Mon, 10 Jan 2011
be giving, be happy this holiday
Sign up for our 12 Healthy Habits per day. actually have an option when it 14:12:00 EDT. Please see our
n e w s l e t t e r a n d j o i n t h e May: Eat Breakfast Daily— Eat a comes to carriers. Your call, terms for use of feeds. Permalink
This entry passed through the
conversation on our message healthy breakfast every day. obviously. Apple Insider| AT&T, Apple|
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
boards and on Facebook. You can Apple drops iPhone 3GS to $49 Email this| Comments
June: Get Stronger— Add your content and you're reading it
be part of the conversation, online strength training to your fitness on contract, we pretend the timing
on someone else's site, please read
and in the magazine. regimen: at least 2 sessions per our FAQ page at
The plan challenges you to add a week. content-only/faq.php
new habit each month, and by July: Ease Up on Salt— Cut back Five Filters featured site: So,
year-end, the accumulated effect on salt/sodium and increase your Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
will be a much healthier you. sodium awareness. Again?.

The 15 Worst Health & Diet Myths

David Zinczenko (Eat This, Not in tears. “I’m passing on the panic, and explain that most of harder and eating less enjoyable.
That) veal—red meat causes cancer. what we consider “bad for you” So relax, and start enjoying food
Submitted at 1/10/2011 4:18:54 PM And the eggplant foods aren’t bad for you at again: Here are 15 food fallacies
parmesan—cheese has fat, which all—they’re just innocent victims you can forget for good.
“I don’t know what to order,” my gives you high cholesterol. And of well-intentioned Myth #1: Too much protein hurts
friend told me over lunch the bread plate—carbs give you misinformation. A well-balanced your kidneys
recently. We were sitting in a diabetes. I can’t eat anything! And diet, combined with some smart Reality: Protein helps burn fat,
great new Italian restaurant near I’m really hungry!” choices, is all you need to lose build muscle, and won’t harm
my office. With those kinds of fears, it’s a pounds and keep most of our your kidneys at all
“I know,” I replied, scanning the wonder my “health-conscious” greatest health worries at bay. But Way back in 1983, researchers
menu. “Everything looks terrific!” friend didn’t die of starvation: no many food and nutrition “myths” discovered that eating more
“Yeah, but everything is bad for protein, and no fat, and no carbs? author of Eat This, Not That!, I persist, confusing our food
you!” she exclaimed, practically What’s left? Fortunately, as was able to calm her lunch plate choices and making weight-loss WORST page 60
60 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 59

protein increases the amount of baked potato versus a processed sugar—contain similar amounts day—1,600 mg less than insulin—a hormone that signals
blood your kidneys filter per potato that's used to make of fructose. There's no evidence to recommended. your body to store fat. That makes
minute. Many scientists chips—is more important than the show any differences in these two Put the Truth to Work for You: it an ideal between-meals snack,
immediately made the leap that a type of spud. types of sugar. Both will cause Strive for a potassium-rich especially when you're trying to
high-protein diet places your Myth #3: Red meat causes cancer weight gain when consumed in diet—which you can achieve by lose weight. And while some beef
kidneys under greater stress. They Reality: Research says enjoy the excess. The only particular evil eating a wide variety of fruits, -jerky brands are packed with
were proven wrong. Over the past steak! regarding HFCS is that it’s vegetables, and legumes—and high-sodium ingredients such as
two decades, several studies have In a 1986 study, Japanese cheaper, and commonly shows up your salt intake won't matter as MSG and sodium nitrate,
found that while protein-rich researchers discovered cancer everywhere from bread to ketchup much. For instance, spinach, chemical-free products are
meals do increase blood flow to developing in rats that were fed to soda. broccoli, bananas, white potatoes, available.
the kidneys, this doesn't have an "heterocyclic amines," Put the Truth to Work for You: and most types of beans each Put the Truth to Work for You:
adverse effect on overall kidney compounds that are generated HFCS and regular sugar are contain more than 400 mg Sometimes, the service station is a
function. from overcooking meat under empty-calorie carbohydrates that potassium per serving. healthier rest stop than a fast food
Put the Truth to Work for You: high heat. Since then, some should be consumed in limited Myth #6: Chocolate bars are joint. Heck, even pork rinds are
Eat your target body weight in studies of large populations have amounts. How? By keeping soft empty calories better than you’d think: A 1-
grams of protein daily. For suggested a potential link between drinks, sweetened fruit juices, and Reality: Dark chocolate is a ounce serving contains zero
example, if you're a chubby 180- meat and cancer. Yet no study has prepackaged desserts to a health food carbohydrates, 17 grams (g) of
pound woman and want to be a ever found a direct cause-and- minimum. Cocoa is rich in flavonoids—the protein, and 9 g fat. That's nine
lean 160, have 160 grams of effect relationship between red- Myth #5: Too much salt causes same heart-healthy compounds times the protein and less fat than
protein a day. If you're a 160- meat consumption and cancer. high blood pressure found in red wine and green tea. you'll find in a serving of carb-
pound guy hoping to pack on 20 The population studies are far Reality: Perhaps, but too little Its most potent form is dark packed potato chips.
pounds of muscle, aim for 180 from conclusive. They relied on potassium causes high blood chocolate. In a recent study, Myth #8: Restaurants comply
grams each day. broad surveys of people's eating pressure too Greek researchers found that with nutrition disclosure
Bonus Tip: Lose weight fast. habits and health Large-scale scientific reviews consuming dark chocolate regulations
Build muscle. Get out of debt. afflictions—numbers that have determined there's no reason containing 100 milligrams (mg) of Reality: Most restaurants would
Whatever your resolution for illuminate trends, not causes. for people with normal blood flavonoids relaxes your blood rather load you up with additional
2011, here's your plan. Put the Truth to Work for You: pressure to restrict their sodium vessels, improving bloodflow to cheap calories
Myth #2: Sweet potatoes are Don't stop grilling. Meat lovers intake. Now, if you already have your heart. And remember: Milk Even though many restaurants
healthier than white potatoes who are worried about the high blood pressure, you may be chocolate isn't as rich in offer healthy alternatives, you
Reality: They’re both healthy! supposed risks of grilled meat "salt sensitive." As a result, flavonoids as dark, so develop a could still be at the whim of the
Sweet potatoes have more fiber don't need to avoid burgers and reducing the amount of salt you taste for the latter. kitchen's cook. A recent E.W.
and vitamin A, but white potatoes steak—just trim off the burned or eat could be helpful. However, Put the Truth to Work for You: Scripps lab investigation found
are higher in essential minerals overcooked sections of the meat people with high blood pressure Now that you know which "bad" that "responsible" menu items at
such as iron, magnesium, and before eating. who don't want to lower their salt foods aren't actually so awful, you chains ranging from Chili's to
potassium. As for the glycemic Myth #4: High-fructose corn intake can simply consume more need to know which deceptively Taco Bell may have up to twice
index, sweet potatoes are lower on syrup (HFCS) is more fattening potassium-containing foods—it's dangerous diet-destroying foods the calories and eight times the fat
the scale, but baked white than regular sugar really the balance of the two to avoid. Check out our must-see published in the restaurants'
potatoes typically aren't eaten Reality: They’re equally minerals that matters. In fact, slideshow of 25 "Healthy" Foods nutritional information.
without cheese, sour cream, or fattening. Beware! Dutch researchers determined that that Aren’t. Put the Truth to Work for You:
butter—all toppings that contain Recent research has show that a low potassium intake has the Myth #7: Gas station snacks are Restaurants run from us, but they
fat, which lowers the glycemic fructose may cause an increase in same impact on your blood nutritional nightmares can't hide. Discover their secrets
index of a meal. weight by interfering with leptin, pressure as high salt consumption Reality: Even at filling stations, every day by signing up for our
Put the Truth to Work for You: the hormone that tells us when does. And it turns out, the average you’ll find food that isn’t filling free Eat This, Not That!
The form in which you consume a we’re full. But both HFCS and person consumes 3,100 Beef jerky is high in protein and WORST page 61
potato—for instance, a whole sucrose—better known as table milligrams (mg) of potassium a doesn't raise your level of
E-reader News Edition 61
continued from page 60

newsletter or by following me with a daily gram intake Peanut butter is a representative These days, the world of food is stoked all day. Spreading six
right here on Twitter, and you'll averaging from the high 20s to the example for busting this myth. A full of nasty surprises like this smaller meals across your day
make 2011 the year of your low 30s. tub of reduced-fat peanut butter one, and knowledge is power. operates on the simple principle
flatter, toner belly! Put the Truth to Work for You: indeed comes with a fraction less Check out Eat This, Not That! of satisfaction: Frequent meals
Myth #9: Sports drinks are ideal Just eat sensibilty. Favor whole, fat than the full-fat 2011 and Cook This, Not That! tame the slavering beast of
after-workout refreshment unprocessed foods. Make sure the variety—they’re not lying about for the best food, nutrition and hunger.
Reality: You need more than that carbs you eat are fiber-rich—that that. But what the food companies health secrets, and avoid shocking Put the Truth to Work for You:
to keep your muscles growing means produce, legumes, and don’t tell you is that they’ve waistline expanders with our Make sure each mini meal blends
Carb-loaded drinks like whole grains—because they'll replaced that healthy fat with slideshow of 20 Salads Worse protein and fiber-rich complex
Vitaminwater and Gatorade are a help slow the aborption of sugar maltodextrin, a carbohydrate used Than a Whopper. carbohydrates, which will sustain
great way to rehydrate and into your bloodstream. as a filler in many processed Myth #14: Skipping meals helps the feeling of fullness. Check out
reenergize; they help replenish Myth #11: Saturated fat will clog foods. This means you’re trading you lose weight our super-handy list of the best
glycogen, your body's stored your heart the healthy fat from peanuts for Reality: Skipping meals, snacks for weight loss.
energy. But they don't always Reality: Fat has gotten a bum rap empty carbs, double the sugar, especially breakfast, can make ------------
supply the amino acids needed for Most people consider turkey, and a savings of a meager 10 you fat LOSE 15 POUNDS IN 6
muscle repair. To maximize post- chicken, and fish healthy, yet calories. Not eating can mess with your WEEKS: Check out the Men's
workout recovery, a protein-carb think they should avoid red Put the Truth to Work for You: body's ability to control your Health Diet!
combination—which those drinks meat—or only choose very lean When you're shopping, don't just appetite. And it also destroys EAT RIGHT RULE: If your food
may not offer—can help. cuts—since they've always been read the nutritional data. Look at willpower, which is just as can go bad, it's good for you. If it
Put the Truth to Work for You: told that it's high in saturated fat. the ingredients list as well. Here's damaging. If you skip breakfast or can't go bad, it's bad for you.
After you suck down that sports But a closer look at beef reveals a guideline that never fails: The a healthy snack, your brain doesn't FOLLOW DAVE ZINCZENKO
drink, eat a bowl of 100 percent the truth: Almost half of its fat is a fewer ingredients, the healthier have the energy to say no to the RIGHT HERE ON TWITTER
whole-grain cereal with nonfat monounsaturated fat called oleic the food. inevitable chowfest. The and get FREE health, nutrition
milk, suggests a 2009 study in the acid—the same heart-healthy fat Myth #13: Diet soda is better for consequences can be heavy: In a and weight-loss secrets like this
Journal of the International that's found in olive oil. Second, you 2005 study, breakfast eaters were one every day! You'll lose weight
Society of Sports Nutrition. A most of the saturated fat in beef Reality: It may lead to even 30 percent less likely to be and get healthy faster than ever!
glass of low-fat chocolate milk is actually decreases your heart- greater weight gain overweight or obese. Check out these cutting-edge
a good choice as well. disease risk—either by lowering Just because diet soda is low in Put the Truth to Work for You: guides to fast and easy weight
Myth #10: You need 38 grams of LDL (bad) cholesterol, or by calories doesn’t mean it can’t lead The perfect breakfast? Eggs, loss, the brand-new Men’s Health
fiber a day reducing your ratio of total to weight gain. It may have only 5 bacon, and toast. It's a nice Big Book of Exercises and
Reality: More fiber is better, but cholesterol to HDL (good) or fewer calories per serving, but balance of all the nutritional Women’s Health Big Book of
38 is nearly impossible cholesterol. emerging research suggests that building blocks—protein, fiber, Exercises.
That's the recommendation from Put the Truth to Work for You: consuming sugary-tasting carbs—that will jumpstart your Get more nutrition, health, and
the Institute of Medicine. And it's We're not giving you permission beverages—even if they’re day. The worst? Waffles or fitness secrets from Men's Health:
a lot, equaling nine apples or to gorge on butter, bacon, and artificially sweetened—may lead pancakes with syrup. All those Subscribe today with this special
more than a half dozen bowls of cheese. No, our point is this: Don't to a high preference for sweetness carbs and sugars are likely to put offer and save 50% off the cover
instant oatmeal. (Most people eat freak out about saturated fat. overall. That means sweeter (and you into a food coma by 10 a.m. price.
about 15 grams of fiber daily.) There's no scientific reason that more caloric) cereal, bread, Myth #15: You should eat three This entry passed through the
The studies found a correlation natural foods containing saturated dessert—everything. In fact, new times a day Full-Text RSS service — if this is
between high fiber intake and fat can't, or shouldn't, be part of a research found that people who Reality: Three meals and two or your content and you're reading it
lower incidence of heart disease. healthy diet. drink diet soda on a daily basis three snacks is ideal on someone else's site, please read
But none of the high-fiber-eating Myth #12: Reduced-fat foods are have an increased risk of Most diet plans portray snacking our FAQ page at
groups in those studies averaged healthier alternatives developing type 2 diabetes and as a failure. But by snacking on content-only/faq.php
as high as 38 grams, and, in fact, Reality: Less fat often means metabolic syndrome. the right foods at strategic times, WORST page 62
people saw maximum benefits more sugar Put the Truth to Work for You: you'll keep your energy levels
62 Health/ E-reader News Edition
Success Story: Justin Roberts continued from page 61

Five Filters featured site: So,

( kids gradually replaced exercise 190 pounds and couldn't be more Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
Submitted at 1/10/2011 4:00:00 AM in Justin's life, but he wasn't pleased. Well, yes, he could—if Again?.
worried. "I used to feel that if my Jason were to follow his lead and
by Dean Stattmann| Print Article| weight was ever going to pose a get fit too. He hasn't yet, but
Email to Friend problem, I'd have to see it to Justin hopes that just as his
JUSTIN ROBERTS believe it," he remembers. brother's sobering health news
Hometown: Indianapolis Soon, he saw it. In September scared him into getting in shape,
Age: 33 2009, Jason received bad news his own new energy and
Height: 6'2" from his doctor. His weight had confidence will inspire his own
Weight Before: 265 lbs put him at risk for serious heart brother and his own children. "I'm
Weight Now: 190 lbs problems. The news jolted Justin trying really hard now to make
Twins share everything, even more than it did his brother. sure that my kids grow up with a
including genetics, of course. But "I realized I really had to do good, healthy lifestyle," he says.
that's not always a good thing, something," Justin says. "As twins "I'm trying to create the right
especially if they also share being with the same genes, I knew it habits for them, because I've
obese. Growing up, Justin and was just a matter of time until I never felt better or been happier
Jason Roberts were the same would develop the same than I am right now."
weight as most of their peers—but conditions." Justin's Tip: Value Your Health
they were never overly athletic. The next day, Justin joined a "The one thing that you can't buy
As Justin reached high school, local gym and began a three-day-a in life is being healthy. Making
he'd visit the weight room -week workout program. His two- that a priority in your life is worth
sporadically, though he never hour sessions were split between more than any amount of money."
liked cardio. That strategy caught full-body lifts and—yes—cardio. Related articles:
up with him in college, where he In the kitchen, Justin was just as Read More Success Stories
(and his waist) fell victim to fast
food and lots of soda. At one
time, Justin was downing as much
methodical, creating a 1,400-
calorie-a-day meal plan with
[on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
more] Cadillac CTS Coupe
specific ratios of nutrients This entry passed through the ( sports car. To differentiate itself
as 1,300 calories a day from designed to maximize fat burning. Full-Text RSS service — if this is from all of the Audis, BMWs, and
Submitted at 1/10/2011 3:00:00 AM
sugary beverages alone. "I went from eating 60% of my your content and you're reading it Mercedes on the road, the CTS
After graduation, he found a job diet as carbs, 20% protein, and on someone else's site, please read by Tony Quiroga| Print Article| was also dressed to draw stares.
as a systems engineer working 20% as fat to 60% as protein and our FAQ page at Email to Friend Like any peacock on wheels—it
right alongside Jason, who had 20% as carbs," he says. Once his content-only/faq.php Cadillac is in attack mode. Once was bigger, brasher, and more
adopted many of the same bad new workout and diet were in Five Filters featured site: So, satisfied to simply be known as a chrome covered than anything
habits and ballooned to 265 place, he stuck with them Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing purveyor of soft parade floats for Germany offered. Think
pounds—the exact same weight as religiously, vowing to never miss Again?. the Geritol set, the iconic brand Escalade—as a sedan.
Justin. a session. has recently refocused and is now But park that CTS Sedan next to
Long hours, a marriage, and three It worked. Today, Justin we ighs targeting its first generation's the new CTS Coupe and suddenly
grandchildren—especially those the four-door has zero game.
who drive German cars. From the base of the windshield
The first Caddy to go after "kids" to the slick, accentuated tail, the
was the '09 CTS Sedan. Cadillac Coupe is a new original. Its body
studied the popular German-car has enough acute angles,
formula and created a rear-wheel-
drive four-door that moves like a CADILLAC page 63
E-reader News Edition Health/ 63
continued from page 62 continued from page 63

intersecting lines, triangles, Open the door (there's no handle, Germans can't quite seems to more]
trapezoids, and vertices to keep a just a touch pad) and you'll see the match: Even more swagger than This entry passed through the
geometry class occupied for a same firm seats and vinyl- an Escalade. Related articles: Full-Text RSS service — if this is
semester. On the road, it looks wrapped dashboard as the sedan. Best New Off-Road Vehicles your content and you're reading it
like a concept car stolen off the Although it lacks the meticulous High Voltage: Three electric cars on someone else's site, please read
auto-show floor. execution on an Audi interior, the worth checking out our FAQ page at
Providing the go for the Coupe's CTS is a huge step forward for a Hot Convertibles: Cool rides you content-only/faq.php
show is a 304-horsepower, 3.6- domestic car. Regardless if its dream about—for every budget Five Filters featured site: So,
liter V-6 that can be coupled with size, the steering impresses with [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
either a six-speed manual or a six- its accuracy and connected feel. more] Again?.
speed automatic. A shorter rear- The scales may read heavyweight, This entry passed through the
axle ratio makes the two-door feel but the CTS Coupe's handling is Full-Text RSS service — if this is
more muscular under acceleration entirely that of a welterweight. your content and you're reading it
than the sedan, but with nearly Cadillac's CTS Coupe starts at on someone else's site, please read
4,000 pounds of Cadillac to move, $38,165 and rises to over $50,000 our FAQ page at
the V-6 can only muster 0-60 in when fully optioned. The content-only/faq.php
the mid-six-second range with supercharged CTS-V Coupe starts Five Filters featured site: So,
either transmission. If you want at $63,465. Despite prices nearly Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
more power—a lot more identical to the two-door Audi A5 Again?.
power—Cadillac also sells a and BMW 3-series (and slightly
supercharged, 180 mph, 556- below Mercedes-Benz's E350
horsepower V-8 CTS-V Coupe Coupe), it's the car's exceptional
that will lop about 2.5 seconds off style that's sure to get you noticed. FRESH page 64
the V-6 Coupe's 0-60 time. After all, it has something the

Fresh Mediterranean Lentil Salad

( diced Calories: 210
Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:00:00 AM • 1 small cucumber, diced Protein: 7 g
• 1/2 cup pitted Kalamata olives, Carbs: 21 g
| Print Article| Email to Friend sliced Fat: 12 g
Ingredients • 3 tbsp chopped mint or parsley Fiber: 5 g
• 2 oz feta cheese, crumbled Serves 6
• 1 cup dried lentils, rinsed well Created by Rebecca Katz, author
• 1 clove garlic, minced How to Make It of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen
• 1/4 tsp dried oregano 1.) Combine the lentils, garlic, Related articles:
• 2 bay leaves oregano, bay leaves, and Recipe: Quinoa Paella with
• 1/4 tsp cinnamon cinnamon in a saucepan. Add Chicken and Chorizo
• 1/4 cup extra-virgin oil water until lentils are submerged Recipe: Black Bean Cakes
• 1 tbsp brown rice vinegar approximately 2 inches. Bring Recipe: Skillet Mac & Cheese
• 2 tbsp lemon juice mixture to a boil, then cover and leaves. vinaigrette, stir in remaining With Ham & Spinach
• 1/2 tsp ground cumin let simmer over low heat until 3.) Whisk together olive oil, ingredients, and top with feta. [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
• 1/4 tsp sea salt tender, about 20 to 25 minutes. vinegar, lemon juice, cumin, and Nutritional Breakdown
• 1 red bell pepper, seeded and 2.) Drain lentils and discard bay salt. Toss the lentils with the Per serving FRESH page 63
64 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 63

This Is Not War

Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:00:35 AM
they are. “hanging party” and “targeting” “campaign” and “battleground,” whether on their way from daily
That said, the posturing for the and “crosshairs” talk and imagery waging “war” on poverty or Mass, learning about democracy
A voluntary rhetorical cold foreseeable future is going to be even where it is not at fault, even various cancers, and even “truce” at a young age, or simply
shower. about rhetoric, just as it was after where -- or especially where -- are as much a part of our politics participating in our democracy
A s after any violent attack, there the bombing of the Alfred P. that talk has been the province of as the Constitution. But too much and engaging with its brave
is great temptation to posture Murrah Federal Building in both sides. beyond that, and the reality is that representatives. And we ought to
politically, from both sides and Oklahoma City -- and while the Let’s be clear, again: Tough talk our words and imagery can combat the evil and derivative
even among law enforcement. It is allegations that rhetoric caused and imagery are not at fault here. become a turn-off and a nonsense with as much goodness
wrong. Not every moment is the shooting are false, this is an Has anyone yet uncovered any distraction. And they can all too as we can stand.
political, and those who rush appropriate moment to consider nexus between the rantings of the easily lead to just the kinds of Decency from all and to all
where angels fear to tread are our words and imagery just the Tucson shooter and the rhetoric absurd and distracting should be our calling cards -- both
fools. We could begin to list the same. Perhaps our rhetoric can and imagery that has been recriminations we have witnessed in our politics and in our analysis
statements, but now is not a time improve. There is a difference blamed? And even if they were to: this past weekend. of these events. That might not
for that. Evil does and always will b e t w e e n a n e n e m y a n d a n The truth is we talk tough daily This is not a call for a dilution of have been the overwhelming
exist. As will madmen who o p p o n e n t , n o m a t t e r h o w on, yes, Fox News, and MSNBC, principle or opinions but for a reality for some of our media
succumb to it. And those looking w r o n g h e a d e d a n o p p o n e n t . too. And as Howard Kurtz points better engagement with one venues this weekend, but maybe
to cast blame in the wake of the Thomas Jefferson put it this way: out, even journalists are quite at another. Just because some of we can begin again right now. To
Tucson shooting ought to stop “Every difference of opinion is home using war imagery in those who are talking about quote Lincoln again: We must not
pointing fingers at Sarah Palin, not a difference of principle. We writing about politics and cooling down the rhetoric are also be enemies. That begins with how
Arizona’s illegal-immigration have called by different names policies. Tough, harsh talk and casting blame where it doesn’t we talk to and about one another.
laws, or anyone or anything else. brethren of the same principle. war imagery tends to be just that - belong does not mean we can’t do --- Kathryn Jean Lopez is editor-
The cause of violence in Tucson We are all Republicans, we are all - talk and imagery. Justified or and be better. We always can. We at-large of National Review
looks, right now, to simply be the Federalists.” Abraham Lincoln deranged, it is passionate political know we can. Online and a nationally
dark and confused mind of a man this way: “We are not enemies, rhetoric, some examples of it We’ll soon learn much more syndicated columnist. Seth
who is a declared fan of Mein but friends. We must not be better than others, all of it about Saturday’s shooter. Beyond Leibsohn is a fellow of the
Kampf and The Communist enemies. Though passion may charged. prosecutorial necessity and Claremont Institute and a
Manifesto, who railed against our have strained, it must not break Our thoughts just now are not insights into early-warning signs, principal with the consulting firm
currency and t h e our bonds of affection.” about recriminations, but about we ought to forget his name as Leibsohn & Associates. Kathryn
unconstitutionality of his The horror of Tucson can rethinking some of our words and quickly as most of us have Jean Lopez Seth Leibsohn
community college, and was reinspire those notions. It hurts no considering voluntarily swearing forgotten the name of the Virginia
troubled enough to think violence one and deprives no one of their off some of them whenever Tech shooter. And we would be
was the only way to make his First Amendment rights to suggest feasible. Such rhetoric will always wise to remember instead the
points -- however indiscernible we all tone down some of the be with us; words like heroes and innocents of the day,
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 65

Atrocity in Arizona
Arnold Ahlert (FrontPage “will always have a neurological
Magazine » FrontPage) deficiency, such as memory loss
Submitted at 1/9/2011 10:18:53 PM or a lack or motor skills.” He
added that the “next three or four
A town hall-style meeting held days” are the most critical period,
outside a supermarket in Tuscon, and that recovery “could take
Arizona was the scene of a deadly years to achieve.” On Sunday
rampage on Saturday. 19 people there was good news: surgeon
were shot. Five were killed at the Dr. Michael Lemole said at a
scene and one died in the hospital. news conference that Giffords
Congresswoman Gabrielle responded to doctors’ commands.
Giffords who hosted the event, The alleged shooter, 22-year-old
was shot in the head at point Jared Loughner, was an army
blank range by a 22-year-old man reject who has posted several
identified as Jared Loughner. She disjointed videos online, on
remains in critical condition in a subjects such as mind control, the
local hospital, but is expected to currency, terrorism and the
survive. Police claim Giffords Constitution. A picture posted at
was the target of the assassination captain and Desert Storm veteran, way that she has it depicted has pertained to the health care bill. his MySpace page showed a
attempt. An additional man, w h o i s t r a i n i n g t o b e t h e the crosshairs of a gun sight over Giffords voted in favor of the handgun resting on top of a U.S.
described as a “Caucasian male commander of the next space our district. When people do that, politically-charged legislation. history book. Reading material he
with dark hair, approximately 40- shuttle mission, slated for an April they’ve got to realize there are Ms. Giffords is currently in the listed as his favorites on MySpace
50 years old,” is also being sought launch. Her brother-in-law is consequences to that action.” ICU at the University of Arizona included Animal Farm, Brave
in connection with the crime. currently serving aboard the What Ms. Giffords meant by that Hospital, having survived a New World, The Wizard Of OZ,
Forty year old Ms. Giffords is a International Space Station. statement remains unclear. “through and through” gunshot Aesop Fables, (sic) The Odyssey,
former registered Republican who Ms. Giffords was re-elected to a Ms. Giffords has held several wound to her brain. State Sen. A l i c e A d v e n t u r e s I n t o
changed her affiliation to third term representing Arizona’s “Congress on Your Corner” Linda Lopez, a friend of the Wonderland,(sic) Fahrenheit 451,
Democrat. Despite that change, 8th Congressional district in events over the past four years, Congresswoman, confirmed the P e t e r P a n , T o K i l l A
Ms. Giffords is not a lockstep November, winning a tight race including three previous events at bullet entered Giffords’ head at Mockingbird, We The Living,
party member. She was one of 19 against Iraq veteran Jesse Kelly, a this venue. According to Pima her temple and exited through her Phantom Toll Booth, One Flew
Democrats who refused to support candidate backed by the Tea Party County investigators, Giffords forehead. Lopez added that O v e r T h e C u c k o o ’ s N e s t ,
Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker movement. During that campaign had no security for this particular Giffords was responding to Pulp,Through The Looking Glass,
last week, is reportedly a gun- Ms. Giffords’ district was one of meeting, despite having a glass commands before surgery, but is T h e C o m m u n i s t M a n i f e s t o ,
rights advocate, and broke ranks 20 which appeared on former vice door and side window broken at u n s u r e o f h e r l o n g - t e r m Siddhartha, The Old Man And
with her party last summer, when -presidential candidate Sarah her office last March, an act of prognosis. Dr. Manny Alvarez, The Sea, Gulliver’s Travels, Mein
she criticized president Obama for Palin’s Facebook page with the vandalism purportedly related to senior managing health editor of Kampf, The Republic, and Meno.
not sending enough National d r a w i n g o f a g u n s c o p e “42 threats or acts or vandalism in, said the survival
Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico superimposed over it. “We’re on the first three months of 2010 rate of a gunshot would to the
border. She is married to Sarah Palin’s targeted list,” reported by lawmakers. Nearly head is about five percent, and
astronaut Mark Kelly, a Navy Giffords said at the time. “The all of the incidents reportedly three percent of those who survive
66 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

The Arizona Shooting and the Blame Game

Mike Finch (FrontPage A quick look at Loughner’s often final arbiter of politician
Magazine » FrontPage) background shows that he read “discussion”, the duel.
Submitted at 1/9/2011 10:17:48 PM the Communist Manifesto, Mein Obviously, we are not calling for
Kampf, was anti-God, and if the return of fist fights at
What a relief! President Obama holds any political philosophy at Conventions and duels to settle
can pull FBI Director Mueller all, would be classified as an our political differences, but in a
back from Arizona and call off the extreme anarchist. What in the free and open democracy, that
investigation into the shooting of fuzzy reaches of the minds of the allows for dissent, in fact,
Congresswoman Giffords. The parade of Democratic politicians encourages dissent, politics often
smoking gun has been found. and their lackeys in the is a raucous mud slinging
It is obvious after listening to the mainstream media would connect enterprise. And we are thankful
Sunday morning news shows that t h a t p h i l o s o p h y w i t h for it, for that freedom is what has
the shooter had been listening to Constitutional Conservatives? It kept this government thriving and
conservative talk radio, was doesn’t connect at all, but that is free for over 230 years.
heavily influences by the Tea not the point, this is a teaching Cuba has political harmony, no
Party, Sarah Palin, loose gun laws moment for the left. disagreeable discourse happens
in Arizona, and the hate discourse Which is why, following down there. Is that what we
that is created by right wing immediately on the heels of their want? In the spirit of cooperation,
organizations and politicians. dissecting the causes of the I will not assign any preference
Sherlock Holmes has nothing over shooting, the post counseling has for those thoughts to Messrs
David Gregory. already begun. On Meet the Grijalva and Cleaver.
Gregory in questioning newly Press, we got schooled on ethics, We allow freedom and dissent,
e l e c t e d C o n g r e s s m a n R a u l racial harmony, peace and justice but we are also a nation of laws.
Labrador of Idaho, said “I by the Congressmen Cleaver and Loungner needs to be dealt with
mention the Tea Party, not to Grijalva and Congresswoman swiftly and once found guilty
assign blame, but….” Well, then Wasserman Schultz. We must needs to be sent to his maker post
why mention it? By opening the tone down the criticism and our haste. Our love of freedom did
discussion with that statement, political discussion must become not cause this tragedy, human
the nostalgia for those “civil” civility in our politics.
Gregory, of course, is doing more “civil” or more violence will
days of discourse makes me A cursory glance at American nature did.
exactly what he says he isn’t ensue.
wistful. history would show that civility in Michael Finch is the Chief of
doing. Assigning blame. Our heated discourse must give We know what is happening of politics has never been the norm. Operations of the David Horowitz
Gregory’s performance this way to civility of yesterday. By
course. “Civility” in politics American politics is raucous, Freedom Center, a non-profit
morning, from someone who once that of course, they must be
means Conservatives agreeing heated, fiery, yes, at times hate organization based in Los Angeles
in awhile, shows signs of even speaking of the civility of “Blood
with the Left, it calls for muted filled and dirty and in tragic rare and headed by author David
h a n d i n e s s , w a s s h a m e f u l . for Oil”, “Bush lied, people died”
objections and ceding the moral cases, turns violent. 19th Century Horowitz. He is a regular
F e e d i n g t h e i d e a t h a t t h i s the Jim Crow Republicans,
high ground to the other side. American politics was filled with contributor to
deranged idiot in Arizona was a Republican Nazis and the mantra
Then, and only then, we will all the dirtiest campaigns, fights and
Tea Party, Sarah Palin plant, is that the religious right is more
get along and have peace and (literally) at conventions, and the
despicable. dangerous than the Taliban. Yes,
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 67

The Most Cynical Campaign Dorwan

Submitted at 1/10/2011 3:00:57 AM
that this was political, but the
odds are that it was.” Liberal
T he Tucson shooting was an blogger Markos Moulitsas blamed
Jared Loughner is clearly
deranged, his fevered mind drawn
to irrational extremes, whether
thought it constitutes incitement.
That said, all of us have an
obligation to speak with truth and
u n s p e a k a b l e h o r r o r , a Sarah Palin because she included
c h a r a c t e r i s t i c e x e r c i s e i n Giffords’s district on a map with
those of Adolf Hitler or Karl
Marx. He was anti-government
charity in making our political
arguments. Not because hateful RIP
A m e r i c a n d e m o c r a c y - - a crosshairs denoting Democrats the way paranoiacs who think the talk will drive the mentally ill to Submitted at 1/10/2011 2:00:00 PM
townhall meeting outside a she wanted to see defeated. Keith government is controlling their criminal acts, but because civility
Safeway store -- interrupted by Olbermann called for Palin to be minds are anti-government -- is a good in its own right. We An overlooked story of heroism
gunshots and bloodshed. The drummed from public life unless think John Nash, not Milton could always use more of it, but D orwan Stoddard and his wife,
gunman targeted Democratic Rep. she repents of her role in the Friedman. Like the Virginia Tech it’s not true that this is an Mavanell, grew up together as
Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot tragedy. Pima County Sheriff shooter, Loughner had behaved unprecedentedly vitriolic time in friends in Tucson, and were high-
through the head but survived, Clarence Dupnik blamed “the bizarrely around his fellow American politics. The signature school sweethearts in the 1950s.
and killed six and wounded vitriol that comes out of certain students, frightening them. One chant of the Vietnam protesters The two parted, moved away, and
thirteen others. Any time someone mouths about tearing down the former high-school classmate still lionized by the Left, “Hey, married others. But 15 years ago,
attempts to assassinate a public government,” and called his state remembers him as a liberal, yet hey, LBJ, how many kids did you having survived the death of their
official it is an attack on the entire “the Mecca for prejudice and given what we’ve learned so far kill today?” is worse than most spouses, the two were reunited --
country, and the Tucson shooting bigotry” -- apparently for the about his ravings, it is doubtful everything you hear on the and then married -- in their
has been appropriately treated as offense of enforcing immigration Loughner’s disordered mind was airwaves today. Nonetheless, if hometown.
such by politicians across the laws. And so on. capable of a holding a coherent we all can endeavor to be more When Jared Loughner began
political spectrum. The irony of criticizing the ideology. civil, a place to start is to not to firing on the crowd gathered
#ad#We barely knew all the facts overheated rhetoric of your That doesn’t stop the Left from try to score gross political points around Rep. Gabrielle Gifford at
in the immediate aftermath of the opponents at the same time you arguing that he was basically off the heinous act of a disturbed the Safeway supermarket in
shooting, though, before this call them accomplices to murder taking his cues from a map on individual. Tucson on Saturday, Mavanell
vicious act was being milked for apparently was lost on these Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. Our prayers are with Rep. thought the sounds came from
political advantage by ghoulish people, most of whom have never About that map: Martial imagery Giffords, everyone wounded in firecrackers. Dorwan knew
opportunists on the Left. Their been noted for their subtlety (or has been central to American the attack, and the families of otherwise and quickly pulled his
argument was that the suspect, civility). It is vile to attempt to tar politics for more than a century. those who were slain. The Editors wife to the ground and threw
Jared Loughner, was effectively the opposition with the crimes of Why do Palin’s critics think we himself over her. Mavy -- as she
sent from the Tea Party. Paul a l u n a t i c s o a s t o r e n d e r say “campaign” or “rank-and-
Krugman rushed to his keyboard illegitimate the views of about file”? We all use language of this DORWAN page 70
to say, “We don’t have proof yet half of America. sort, and no one ever before has

Let’s Avoid Political Games Over Arizona Shooting

Ernest Istook (The Foundry: It’s worsened by the sadly me. Local police beefed-up their a failure of civil discourse. What debates.
Conservative Policy News.) predictable efforts of Washington patrols around my home during it demonstrates instead is the risk Those who believe in “never
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:00:12 PM interests to twist every tragedy that time. And from representing of being accessible to the letting a crisis go to waste” are
into an excuse to restrict our Oklahoma City, I’m aghast that public—but that is a necessary unjustified and shameless in
Posted January 10th, 2011 at freedoms or to bash their political spin doctors are already aspect of serving in Congress in a trying to point fingers at groups
1:00pm in Ongoing Priorities adversaries. As a former Member encouraging President Obama to free society. Greater attention to like the Tea Party movement. But
Print This Post of Congress whose life was use this tragedy as his “Oklahoma security is proper, but it should if the sun rises in the east and sets
The horrid shootings and killings threatened, I know the issues first- City moment.” not restrict citizens from frequent in the west, some see it as a
in Tucson demonstrate the always hand. A man went to prison for The attack on Rep. Gabrielle face time with Members of
-unpredictable nature of mayhem. threatening to kill and dismember Giffords (D-AZ) and others is not Congress, nor suppress robust LET’S page 72
68 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Mr. Civility
Submitted at 1/10/2011 10:30:00 AM
comes out.” with war crimes.” In 2009, his motivated not by talk radio, but
#ad#Maybe he regretted that one rage naturally extended to former by how the federal government
The worst peacemaker in the only because it involved a fellow vice president Dick Cheney, handled Waco. Olbermann
world Democrat? Over the years, he’s whom he called “as dishonest, as reacted by talking about
M SNBC host Keith Olbermann told opponents they have “blood insane as any terrorist.” He also Limbaugh’s “hate radio” and said
announced Saturday that all on their hands,” should “go to railed against Cheney for his that “frankly, Rush, you have that
Americans must abandon rhetoric hell,” are equivalent to al-Qaeda, support of the war in Iraq, stating, blood on your hands now and you
with violent imagery, saying that and are responsible for creating “You were negligent before 9/11. have had it for 15 years.”
“the [political] rhetoric has terrorism. Your response to your complicity During the 2010 special Senate
devolved and descended, past the In 2007, Olbermann called rival by omission on 9/11 was panic election in Massachusetts,
ugly and past the threatening and network Fox News “worse than al and shame and insanity, and lying Olbermann infamously said, “In
past the fantastic and into the -Qaeda#...#for our society” and this country into a war that did Scott Brown we have an
imminently murderous.” Urging said the channel was “as nothing but kill 4,299 more of irresponsible, homophobic, racist,
every politician and politically dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan us.” reactionary, ex–nude model,
engaged American to promise to ever was.” He referred to Gen. In 2009, he said that deprived of teabagging supporter of violence
do so, Olbermann said, “I David Petraeus as “betray us.” “the total mindless, morally against women and against
apologize for and repudiate any The following year, Olbermann bankrupt, knee-jerk, fascistic politicians with whom he
act or any thing in my past that said that the terms the president hatred,” Michelle Malkin would disagrees.”
may have even inadvertently had applied to Iraqi terrorists be “a big mashed-up bag of meat This dismal record makes it clear
encouraged violence.” applied to his administration. “Mr. with lipstick on it.” Then, that if Olbermann is faithful to his
There’s a lot for Olbermann to Bush, at long last, has it not Olbermann shared this hateful pledge, he’s going to have a
regret. He explicitly dawned on you that the America message with those participants in difficult time finding enough
acknowledged and apologized for you have now created includes Glenn Beck’s 9/12 movement: “In things to say to fill up five hours
a rather mild (by Olbermann ‘cold-blooded killers who will kill short, Glenn, 9-12ers, if you are of air time every week.
standards) reference to then- people to achieve their political invoking 9/11 just to oppose --- Katrina Trinko is a staff
candidate Hillary Clinton, in objectives’?” demanded health-care reform, go to hell!” reporter for National Review
which he’d proposed that a male Olbermann. “They are those in, or Last April, Rush Limbaugh Online.
Democratic delegate go into a formerly in, your employ, who argued that Oklahoma City Katrina Trinko
room with Clinton “and only he may yet be charged some day bomber Timothy McVeigh was
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 69

“Kate and Allah”

Abigail R. Esman (FrontPage fictional sit-com about a fictitious
Magazine » FrontPage) Muslim family living in America,
Submitted at 1/9/2011 10:16:37 PM and presumably it will change the
way people think about Muslims
Call it Katie Couric’s “Sarah – even as, in reality, Muslims like
Palin Moment.” the American Faisal Shahzad
As pretty much everyone knows attempt to bomb Times Square;
by now, during a wrap-up of the or like the Pakistani-American
Zardari’s Defense of
events of 2010, CBS Farooque Ahmed, plan mass Taseer Comes at Crucial
anchorwoman Katie Couric bombings of Washington Moment for Pakistan
expressed concern about what she Metrorail stations; or like Nidal
felt was “seething hatred” she Malik Hasan, massacre their Lisa Curtis (The Foundry:
claims faces Muslims in Conservative Policy News.)
colleagues and friends in a mass
America.“ Her solution? “Maybe jihadist shootout. Submitted at 1/10/2011 11:00:03 AM

we need a Muslim version of But okay: let’s just say that

’The Cosby Show,’” Couric fiction can override these facts. Posted January 10th, 2011 at
suggested. “I know that sounds How do you put such a show 12:00pm in American Leadership
crazy. But ‘The Cosby Show’ did together? Print This Post
so much to change attitudes about It’s one thing, of course, when The international community has
African Americans in this you’re dealing with race. Blacks been shocked and sickened by
country, and I think sometimes have continually attacked Cosby – reaction in Pakistan to the
people are afraid of what they and his eponymous TV show – assassination of Punjab Governor
don’t understand.” That will contending that he is really a Salman Taseer. Support for the
change, proposed Couric, “if they white man in a black man’s skin. Governor’s murderer was found
[Muslims] became part of the But suppose you create a show not only within the religious
popular culture.” meaningless? Were Diana Ross Jewish Cosby show? about a Muslim American family parties but also from lawyers,
Popular culture? Like Kareem and the Jackson 5 and Stevie Moreover, the idea that the in which the 15-year-old daughter parts of the media, and even some
Abdul-Jabaar? Like Mohammed Wonder white? For that matter – Cosby Show itself made a real dates a non-Muslim boy, and the politicians from the mainstream
Ali? Like Ahmad Rashad? Memet wasn’t Bill Cosby part of the difference is questionable, at best. family has no complaints. There political parties. This has been a
Oz, perhaps, named among both popular culture long before the W h i l e N e w Y o r k e r s h a v e are indeed many such Muslim wake-up call for U.S.
Esquire’s and Time’s“Most show that bore his name? embraced blacks, America has not families in the USA. But how policymakers, who now see that
Influential” lists? How about Ice The irony, of course, is that the – and as a journalist, she should would Muslim extremists – in support for extremist ideologies is
Cube, perhaps, or Mike Tyson, or so-called “Muslim hate” in know that. Or has she forgotten America and abroad – approach much broader and deeper in
Jermaine Jackson, or Snoop Dogg America is itself a fiction. FBI the thousands of people who that? Answer: they would say Pakistani society than previously
– all Muslims? reports show that while there are revolted against the idea of a “these aren’t Muslims.” (And understood.
I also wonder what, exactly, “The twice as many Jews as Muslims in black president? Has she forgotten then threaten to kill the show’s In the midst of the horrific
Cosby Show” did to “change the US, nearly ten times as many the cries of those who outwardly producers. Remember “South demonization of the late Taseer,
attitudes” in America. Were Jews as Muslims were the targets stated they “will never vote for a Park”?) Pakistani President Asif Ali
blacks not part of the popular of hate crimes in 2009. Ten black man”? Zardari rightly defended him last
culture before the “Cosby Show”? times. Where is Ms. Couric on But okay. Let’s say that there’s a week as a man with “courage to
Was “The Jeffersons” this? Why isn’t she suggesting a relationship here: create a stand up to bigots and fanatics.”
Zardari’s statement provides a

ZARDARI’S page 72
70 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
The Impact of Obamacare: From the Frontlines of continued from page 67

is known to her friends -- was hit

Our Health Care Crisis three times in the legs, and is now
in stable condition and expected
Kathryn Nix (The Foundry: families any knowledge about the to survive. Dorwan was shot,
Conservative Policy News.) services their children receive. fatally, through the head, at the
Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:00:57 PM
age of 76. Dorwan was
Our contribution to the debate memorialized at the Mountain
Posted January 10th, 2011 at h a s n o t b e e n l i m i t e d t o Avenue Church of Christ -- a
2:00pm in Health Care Print This researching the facts. Heritage has small Tucson-area church where
Post also highlighted the stories of he and Mavy had worshipped and
The fight against Obamacare has ordinary citizens already dealing served -- on Sunday.
begun on a new front as the w i t h t h e c o n s e q u e n c e s o f #ad#Trading his life for his wife’s
House of Representatives “reform” or awaiting worse to was Dorwan’s final act, after
prepares to consider H.R. 2, a come. Our new brochure, “ The which he could manage no final
measure to repeal the health care Impact of Obamacare: From the words. Rev. Mike Nowak, the
overhaul in its entirety. New Frontlines of Our Health Care pastor of Mountain Avenue
Members of Congress Crisis,” provides a glimpse into Church of Christ, visited Mavy at
campaigned on a promise to fight the lives of affected individuals the University Medical Center, to
the unpopular new law, and this is and highlights why the best way which she and Dorwan were both
the first step to making good on forward for all Americans is to rushed, and she spoke about the
that promise. fully repeal Obamacare and then aftermath of the attack: “She
Meanwhile, proponents of start over to get health care reform talked to him for ten minutes as
Obamacare continue to claim that right. he breathed heavily. He never
repeal would hurt Americans and To learn more about how talked back to her.”
increase the federal deficit. In everyday citizens will be affected In pictures, Dorwan typically
fact, the reverse is true. The by Obamacare and the need for wears a bolo tie, a white cowboy
negative impact of the health law repeal, we invite you to check out hat, and a graying beard, and
will be felt by every American our new brochure and the research keeps his arm firmly around his
citizen. For example: more will remain uninsured. the practice of medicine. papers, charts, graphs, and impact wife. He had retired from a career
• Obamacare creates trillions in • Expanding Medicaid will put • Cuts to Medicare mean that calculator that accompany it. as a construction worker, and had
new spending and will add to the already-suffering state budgets seniors face reduced access to This entry passed through the since freely employed his skills
federal deficit, putting future further in the red, while the services, fewer benefits, and Full-Text RSS service — if this is repairing and rebuilding their
taxpayers on the hook. overreach of the federal higher premiums. your content and you're reading it church. A sign for “Dory’s
• 16 million more Americans will government threatens state • New taxes and penalties will on someone else's site, please read R o o m ” - - s t y l e d a f t e r h i s
be added to the 58 million autonomy under our federalist make it harder for businesses to our FAQ page at affectionate nickname -- marks
receiving Medicaid, a program for system. create jobs and continue offering content-only/faq.php one of his own creations, during
low-income citizens that • Increased enrollment in health benefits. Five Filters featured site: So, the construction of which he fell
incoming New York Governor government health programs, new • Government intrusion into Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing off a high ladder. Against church
A n d r e w C u o m o regulations, and less family life reaches new heights, as Again?. members’ expectations, Dorwan
called“dysfunctional on many reimbursement all mean that federally funded projects aimed at survived the fall, but he needed 17
levels” and in need of “a physicians face more obstacles to reducing teen pregnancy deny stents.
desperate overhaul.” Millions Dorwan and Mavy led the
church’s “benevolence
DORWAN page 72
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 71

Adding Insult to Tragedy

Rich Trzupek (FrontPage school is breaking the
Magazine » FrontPage) constitution. If you watch the
Submitted at 1/9/2011 10:20:01 PM video then you’ll understand. The
teachers are taking advantage of
The shooting spree that left six you in the first and Fifth
dead and fourteen wounded in Amendment. The United States
Arizona on Saturday was a Constitution, which is the law,
horrible tragedy involving a very can be broken at this school.”
unstable young man. It’s clear that These are not examples of right-
twenty-two year old Jared wing rhetoric, nor of left-wing
Loughner, who was allegedly rhetoric. These are the paranoid,
attempting to assassinate Arizona delusional ravings of a young man
representative Gabrielle Giffords, who lists both Mein Kampf and
has been deeply disturbed for a The Communist Manifesto among
long time. As Pima County his favorite books. Yet, that didn’t
Sheriff Clarence Dupnik stop Sherriff Dupnik from
observed: “there is reason to claiming that Loughner was
believe he has a mental issue.” motivated by an “atmosphere”
Yet, Dupnik and a number of that is created when “one party is
media outlets were not content to trying to do something to make
stop there. Surely there must be a Consider a sampling of his not backed by gold and silver! this country a better country and
way to blame conservatives and pronouncements: No! I won’t trust in god!” the other party is trying to block
“right-wing rhetoric” for the •“This video is my introduction to • “ I k n o w w h o ’ s l i s t e n i n g : them.” The Lookout implied that
tragedy, right? We’ve seen this you! My favorite activity is Government Officials, and the Giffords’ Republican opponent,
kind of knee-jerk reaction from conscience dreaming; the greatest People. Nearly all the people, who retired Marine Jesse Kelly, was to
the Left before, of course. Like inspiration for my political d o n ’ t k n o w t h i s a c c u r a t e blame, because Kelly held a
other attempts to make political business information.” information of a new currency, campaign rally last June called
hay out of tragedy, this one is • “I can’t trust the current aren’t aware of mind control and “Get on Target for Victory”
equally doomed to failure and government because of the brainwash methods. If I have my during which attendees could fire
does little but embarrass the ratifications: the government is civil rights, then this message a fully automatic M-16 with the
rabble-rousers. implying mind control and wouldn’t have happen.” candidate.
Let’s begin with Jared Lee brainwash on the people by •“Hello, I know you’re illiterate!
Loughner’s view of the world, as controlling grammar. No! I won’t This is the greatest protest for
posted in his YouTube videos. pay debt with a currency that’s exposure into a wrongful act. The
72 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 67 continued from page 69

reason to bash the Tea Party and the din and ferocity of our It’s tawdry to suggest that glimmer of hope that there are Statements like those from
to restrict both our First and political culture, he respectfully President Obama should now seek still sane voices inside Pakistan Zardari last week remind us what
Second Amendment rights. The keeps his voice down, his political gain from public displays who understand that basic is at stake and why the future
gun control lobby is already emotions in check and his mind of empathy. Unfortunately, it’s principles of freedom of direction of Pakistan matters so
making its typical arguments, open. also typical Washington, just one expression and respect for much to the security of the
ignoring that Rep. Giffords That is the pitch, at least. The more thing Americans don’t like minorities form the building civilized world.
describes herself on her campaign trick is to make it without about today’s politics. blocks of civilized society. Rather than throwing up our
website as “a longtime gun owner seeming to be trying to make it. Former Congressman Ernest Zardari also took the opportunity hands on the challenges in
and strong supporter of the He will, after all, be speaking at a Istook is now a distinguished to emphasize the ideals that his Pakistan and allowing extremists
Second Amendment.” funeral. fellow at The Heritage Pakistan People’s Party — to increasingly dictate the
Then there are articles publicly It’s true -as I experienced first- Foundation. especially his late wife Benazir direction of the region, the Obama
advising Obama of how to speak hand – that President Bill Clinton This entry passed through the Bhutto — have strived for in administration must support those
at funerals in Arizona, and benefited from his sincere Full-Text RSS service — if this is recent years as the country stares like Zardari who are willing to
headlines such as“Barack displays of compassion regarding your content and you're reading it down the abyss of a rising wave take a stand against extremist
Obama’s Oklahoma City the Oklahoma City bombing. I on someone else's site, please read of extremism. Demonstrating he ideologies. At the same time, the
Moment.” Victims are still in the was with him at the memorial our FAQ page at fully recognizes what’s at stake U.S. must relentlessly pursue an
hospital and mortuaries, yet service we held; I don’t question content-only/faq.php for his country in Taseer’s integrated political-military
political spin doctors are the authenticity of his words and Five Filters featured site: So, murder, Zardari said, “An strategy in both Pakistan and
suggesting how Obama can ride conduct there. The timing indeed Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing egalitarian, tolerant, inclusive and Afghanistan that seeks to change
the Arizona shooting back into coincided with the start of his Again?. just order that serves all the the calculations of the Pakistani
political popularity. political rebound that led to what people of Pakistan remains our security establishment on the
As Howard Fineman suggests at had seemed to be an unlikely goal.” costs and benefits of providing a
Huffington Post: second term. But the real reason The widespread support for a permissive environment for
As was the case with Clinton, was changes in Clinton’s agenda cold-blooded murder of a militants who are fueled by these
Obama may be able to remind (including an eventual signing of prominent leader in the name of destructive ideologies.
voters of what they like best about welfare reform), not because of religion has led some in the U.S. This entry passed through the
him: his sensible demeanor. Amid his commendable compassion. to wonder whether Pakistan has Full-Text RSS service — if this is
already been lost to extremism. your content and you're reading it
DORWAN They are asking whether U.S. aid on someone else's site, please read
continued from page 70
for Pakistanis and backing of the our FAQ page at
committee,” a group devoted to speak of how Dorwan had helped that “Dory will never have to government can make a difference content-only/faq.php
helping the poor. The Stoddards them. Kat Joplin said she had worry about another stent again.” in a country where fanaticism is Five Filters featured site: So,
helped care for sick church been homeless until the Stoddards Nowak described their catching like wild fire and the Why is Wikileaks a Good Thing
members and provided helped her and her husband get relationship for KGU9: “They country’s political, civilian, and Again?.
transportation for those who off the streets, into a motel room, were inseparable. You saw one security leadership are
needed it. Several friends and and eventually, onto a payroll. and you knew the other one increasingly unable to staunch the
church members praised their The Joplins even stayed at the wasn’t far behind. That will be a flames. The answer is yes.
work on the committee as Stoddard’s own home for a time. whole other life for her, so I’m The U.S. must keep faith with
Christian charity. The couple Friends described Dorwan was an afraid it will hit her harder down Pakistan’s beleaguered leadership.
didn’t just write checks; they enthusiastic Arizona Wildcats fan, the road.”
sought out those in need, listened and pictures show Dorwan at the Dory and Mavy “didn’t write any
to their problems, and offered piano at a church picnic. books. There are no streets named
their friendship as well as their Nowak said that Mavy credits after them. There is no monument
financial support. Several people Dorwan with saving her life, and
stood up at the funeral services to had joked from her hospital bed DORWAN page 73
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 73
continued from page 72

to them, but their impact in the

A Location-Based Scavenger Hunt for
community of Tucson will last a
lifetime,” Nowak said. … Buick?
Dorwan Stoddard is survived by Todd Wasserman (Mashable!) is social media marketing. While
two sons, four stepdaughters, and Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:12:52 PM GM discontinued its Oldsmobile
his wife. brand in 2004 and shuttled
--- Matthew Shaffer is a William Buick — yes, Buick is getting Pontiac in 2009, the automaker is
F. Buckley fellow at the National into the social media scene with a hoping Buick will endure. The
Review Institute. Matthew Shaffer platform-agnostic, mobile-based scavenger hunt is part of an effort
scavenger hunt. to skew the brand younger.
Called the “Quest for the Keys,” Craig Bierley, head of advertising
the program, which starts and promotions for Buick and
Monday, is designed to build GMC, told MediaPost last month
excitement around the General that the average Enclave buyer is
Motors’ brand’s lineup. This in his mid-50s and a third of
includes the Regal, Enclave and people buying the Regal are 40 or
Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook
LaCrosse, along with the new younger.
Places to guide participants on the
Verano. Quest for the Keys will More About: advertising, Big
hunt. In each city, the program
roll out in seven citiesincluding Fuel, Buick, Facebook Places,
awards six keys that reward each
Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, foursquare, GM, gowalla trips,
contestant $2,000. A final
Chicago, Minneapolis, New York MARKETING
drawing in November will award
and Austin, Texas, over the next For more Business coverage:
three winners the choice of a
few months. The scavenger hunt • Follow Mashable Business on
Verano, Regal, LaCrosse or
offers clues on Facebook and Twitter
Enclave. Buick is also offering a
Twitter for the first three weeks • Become a Fan on Facebook
Facebook trivia game on its
and then culminates with a day of • Subscribe to the Business
Facebook site.
offline scavenger hunting. channel
Though considered behind rival
However, instead of linking with • Download our free apps for
Ford on the social media front,
one location-based service — as Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad
Buick parent company General
is common — Buick has opted to
Motors recently hired New York-
make the program platform-
based agency Big Fuel to handle
agnostic, requiring the use of
74 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition

Meetup Now Lets Businesses Offer Targeted Deals to Group

Meghan Peters (Mashable!) provide one-off deals to members, Meetup organizers receive a daily Glusman says. “The vision is new functionality will help ease
Submitted at 1/10/2011 12:48:28 PM but to foster relationships between digest e-mail of all the offers about businesses having the the process for these existing
businesses and Meetup groups available in their area, and the opportunity to earn the group deals, while encouraging new
Group organizing platform with ongoing offers, says Meetup first 10 organizers to opt in for a members’ business.” offers from others.
Meetup has announced a new Vice President of Strategy Andres deal get it for their group. As most Meetup groups are “Right now, it’s a platform that’s
feature that allows businesses to Glusman. Perks can be anything from created around a common interest, very much DIY,” he said.
offer special deals to members of It’s a self-serve model where discounted merchandise for each specialized businesses can tailor a “Meetup Perks is taking away the
Meetup groups. businesses can visit the Meetup group member to a free venue for deal for that community. For friction that keeps it from
The added functionality, called Perks page and search by group hosting the group’s meetups. “If example, Houston’s JeepPeople happening more.”
Meetup Perks, gives both local topic and location. They then you’re a business and you want Meetup has already gained deals Offers only go out to active
businesses and national brands the choose which groups they’d like Meetup groups to publicize your for members on parts and services groups (those that have met
opportunity to reach targeted the deal to be available to — for a Perk, it better be good or else with local Jeep dealers and
communities. The idea is not to fee of $5 per month, per group. organizers won’t opt in,” mechanics. Glusman hopes the MEETUP page 75
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 75
continued from page 74

recently) and can be disabled by More About: business,

group organizers should they not community, deals, group buying,
want to receive deals. local business, meetup, meetup
Meetup Perks is in line with the perks, networking
group buying trend that began less For more Social Media coverage:
than a year ago and has recently • Follow Mashable Social Media
exploded with the success of daily on Twitter
deals site Groupon. Yet there’s • Become a Fan on Facebook
additional value for businesses • Subscribe to the Social Media
with the ability to target interest channel
groups, while group organizers • Download our free apps for
can benefit by attracting more Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad
members. It’s a true win-win.
Will your Meetup group
participate in Perks? What kind of
deals do you hope to see? Give us
your two cents below.
continued from page 75

executives on stage would talk LTE voice plans, quasi-affirms

dollars and cents, but this makes it new pricing
fairly clear that there will Palm Voice Test portal
definitely be separate plans for 4G foreshadows Verizon's LTE voice
phones, most likely ones with
higher prices. Feel free to hit the
source link if you'd like to poke
plans, quasi-affirms new pricing
originally appeared on Engadget
on Mon, 10 Jan 2011 13:50:00
Palm Voice Test portal foreshadows
around, but we wouldn't expect it
to remain online for much longer.
EDT. Please see our terms for use
of feeds. Permalink Pre Central| Verizon's LTE voice plans, quasi-
One more look is after the break. Verizon Wireless| Email this|
Update: As we predicted, the
page has been pulled. Good thing
Comments affirms new pricing
Darren Murph (Engadget) and 4G for data. Heck, not even no way an LTE-enabled Pre is
the important bits are right here
for you and yours. Submitted at 1/10/2011 1:50:00 PM all of the first-wave LTE devices planning to slink into VZW's
Continue reading Palm Voice will support simultaneous 4G data lineup -- but it's pretty obvious
Test portal foreshadows Verizon's See that image above? It's not a + 3G voice. Of course, we all that at least someone within the
forthcoming Palm LTE phone for know that LTE voice is coming company is thinking about a
Verizon Wireless, but it could be eventually, and a new test portal world where voice calls are
a sneak peek into Big Red's plans at Verizon's official website may completed over LTE. Potentially
for the future. If you'll recall, be a clue as to how things will be more interesting is the "4G plan
VZW's CTO Tony Malone hinted arranged once it's live. We're pricing on this phone" line --
last week at CES that integrated guessing that an admin simply during Verizon's second LTE
LTE voice + data wouldn't come p o p u l a t e d t h i s p a g e w i t h presser at CES, none of the
until 2012 or 2013 at the earliest, information and images from the
and for now, all LTE devices standard Pre Plus page -- there's PALM page 75
would be relying on 3G for voice

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