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School Board Meeting

Starlee M. Sinderson


School Board Meeting

This was a very long 4 hour school board meeting that took place on March 14, 2019.

The meeting was called to order by President Lola Brooks at 5:05 P.M. Trustees Cavazos,

Cepeda, Ford, Garvey, Wright, and Young were in attendance. The meeting began with the

Canyon Springs ROTC presenting the colors. CCSD employees, parents, and citizens were all

present at this meeting as well as some questions that were being asked via a live feed.

Open floor

During this time President Brooks opened up the floor for the public to speak on issues

that they felt were relevant.

Robert Cole

Robert Cole a CCSD employee is concerned about employee morale. He would like to

know why the school district spends so much money recruiting and training teachers when they

do not spend any money to improve the morale of the teachers once they are here. His question is

what the board plans on doing to improve employee morale and keeping the teachers that they

recruit from leaving. This item seems like it should be presented to the teachers union as it is the

job of the union to fight for teacher’s rights. Unfortunately according to our text According to the

text not all state require that the school board negotiate with the unions (pg. 40)

Dale Sumuta

Mr. Suuta is a parent of a Tarkanian middle school student. He has come to make the

board aware of racism, discrimination, and nepotism that he feels is not being taken care of at the

school. He has spoken to his son’s basketball coach and the principal but nothing has been done

so he has come before the board to make them aware. President Brooks is not happy with this

report and sends someone to speak privately to Mr. Sumuta. If Mr. Sumuta’s claims are correct

the school will be in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title VII of the

Civil Rights Act of 1964 (pg. 185)

Las Vegas Academy/ Legacy Project

The vast majority of this meeting dealt with the issue of security, plumbing, AC/Heat, and

the overall conditions plaguing Las Vegas Academy. The Las Vegas Academy brought teachers,

parents, alumni, and professional in construction to address the board about what they feel are

unsafe and unfair conditions within the school.


Trustee Dr. Linda Young fully supports the Las Vegas Academy and moves for the board

to make a decision to offer some help. She points out that the board has discussed these

conditions several times but that as far as she can tell nothing has been done to help the situation.

Unfortunately trustee Wright believes that there are several schools in need of the same attention

and she moves for the board to review the Facilities Condition Index which tracks the conditions

of all of the school buildings in the district. She suggests that the board address the schools with

the highest need first.

I could not find any information in the text in regards to laws that specifically deal with

the condition of the actual school facilities.


The rest of the meeting felt like sitting in a high school student council meeting. The

President would announce that hey were moving on to a different time in the meeting and then

people would make a motion and second the motion and then they would vote.

Consent Agenda

President Brooks moved announced that they were moving onto the Consent Agenda.

There were no public speakers on this topic. A motion was made by Trustee Young and second

by Trustee Ford that the issue be moved to a separate discussion. A vote happened and passed 6-


Make Up for Inclement Weather Day

The board discussed dates for a make up to the inclement weather day. Most all of the

dates were turned down do to either conflict with the graduation schedule or teachers schedules.

They discussed if teachers would be reprimanded for calling out on that day when it is scheduled.

Agenda Items

Agenda item 6.02- No one spoke

Agenda item 6.03 Trustee requests: Wright requests copy of Facilities Condition Index,

Brooks requests Calendar for next year, and review of changes to NCLB, Cepeda requests

review of the districts Risk Management plan.


A motion was made and second for adjournment. The board voted on it and it passed 7-0

thus ending the board meeting at 8:54 p.m.