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Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas

ANG Pinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo

English Edition
Vol. XLII No. 1
January 7, 2011


Stop destructive large-scale mining

he people's democratic government prohibits pines and Asia.”

T the operations of all enterprises that are

plunderous and destructive to the environ-
ment and contrary to the interests of the people
Mining operations cause incomprehensible
destruction: They trample on the nation's sove-
reignty. They cause widespread land grabbing.
and their revolutionary movement. The most They plunder the nation's natural resources and
striking of these are the big mining firms, almost destroy the environment. They poison our waters,
all of which are 100% owned by foreign imperia- crops, fishing grounds, pasture lands and other
list companies. natural sources of livelihood. They endanger peo-
Almost all of these enterprises also operate in ple's lives. They violate the policies, laws and re-
areas covered by bases of the armed revolution- gulations of people's democratic governments.
ary movement. The revolutionary movement has a The people are strongly opposed to large-
clear policy regarding these baneful enterprises. scale foreign mining. Workers, minority peoples
They must be stopped and held accountable for and even church people, local governments, envi-
the destruction they have wrought and they must ronmental activists and human rights advocates
be expelled from guerrilla fronts, zones and bases and other sectors are waging stiff resistance
and the entire country. against them. Such resistance is being met with
This policy is being reiterated in the face of severe repression. Big mining companies put up
recent threats of withdrawal by big foreign min- their own private armies to suppress the people.
ing companies allegedly because of heavier taxes They actively collaborate with the reactionary
being imposed on them by the revolutionary state's fascist military, paramilitary and security
movement. They and their cohorts among high- forces.
ranking officials of the reactionary puppet gov- The revolutionary movement does not allow
ernment and army have even made a show of de- their presence. They are beyond the pale of the
manding that this issue should be discussed in revolutionary taxation
the upcoming resumption of peace talks bet- being undertaken by de-
ween the National Democratic Front of the mocratic organs of peo-
Philippines (NDFP) and the Government ple's governance for the
of the Republic of the Philippines economic welfare and deve-
(GRP). lopment of the people and for
They falsely claim that socio-economic programs in re-
their operations bring benefits volutionary areas. For the Party
to the national economy and the and the entire revolutionary move-
livelihoods of affected local ment, it is best for these useless
communities. In fact, big foreign mining companies
two of the most im- to be booted out not only
poverished provinces from most of the revolu-
nationwide are in the tionary bases but from the
Caraga region which is whole country.
now known as the “mi- It will be good for the is-
ning capital of the Philip- sue of large-scale foreign mining to be

This issue’s Foreign Mining: Land, not

“Fiesta” in San
a bane to the people militarization
highligths... Agustin PAGE 4
raised in the peace talks in the tlers and national and ethnic mi- nies and their cohorts among
context of the next agenda of norities shall be fully respected. high-ranking state officials are
socio-economic reforms. Part of “All mining operations shall aware that the revolutionary
the agenda involves the asserti- be strictly regulated with the ob- movement implements and will
on of national sovereignty and jective of ensuring the domestic put forward these proposals in
people's power. The revolution- processing of mineral ores up to order to halt foreign mining and
ary movement recognizes the be- the secondary and tertiary stages the irresponsible extraction of
nefits that can be derived by the of industrial production while at the country's resources, the
people from responsible mi- the same time guaranteeing trampling of the country and
ning and other uses of natural environmental protection, social people's interests and welfare
resources. But they must be sub- compensation for disturbance and the destruction of the envi-
ject to strict supervision and re- and damage caused as well as ronment, and replace this with
gulation. democratic consultation with, responsible mining for the peo-
The NDFP will put forward and the consent of, the people in ple's interests under the su-
the following proposal: the communities immediately pervision of the people's demo-
“All resources of the public and directly affected by such cratic government.
domain, including land, waters, operations.” This worries the big foreign
minerals, coal, petroleum and Thus, there must be a de- mining interests and the puppet
other mineral oils, all forces of tailed accounting of the large- reactionaries. Thus, they are
potential energy, fisheries, fo- scale destruction wrought on scrambling to put a stop to the
rests, wildlife, flora and fauna the people and the country by forging of an agreement in
and other natural resources shall logging, mining and plantations accordance with the proposals
not be alienated. In this regard, run by big foreign plantations. put forward by the revolutionary
the legitimate interests of set- Big foreign mining compa- movement. ~

Foreign mining: A bane

precious metals. Throughout its
entire rule, imperialist compa-

to the people
nies, mainly American, extract-
ed billions upon billions of dol-
lars worth of gold, other pre-
ince the US occupied the Philippines towards the end of the

S 19th century, the imperialists have shown a savage interest in

the country's natural wealth and extracted minerals and other
natural resources.
cious metals and natural resour-
ces from the country.
The greedy imperialists knew
that in spite of all the wealth
Even before the US seized other natural resources. Thus, they had already extracted from
the Philippines from Spanish co- when the US occupied the the country, there was more to
lonial rule, it already knew of country, its first concern was to be taken. The Philipines is one
and strongly coveted the Philip- make sure that mines were set of five countries in the world
pines' rich gold reserves and its up to extract gold and other with the richest copper, nickel
and iron ore deposits. Gold re-
mains the most valuable of the
ANG Contents
minerals being mined and
Editorial: Stop Destructive
exported from the country.
Vol. XLII No. 1 January 7, 2010 large-scale mining 1
Foreign Mining: A bane to the According to the US State
Ang Bayan is published in Pilipino, people 2 Department's latest findings,
Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligaynon, Waray and
English editions.
CPP’s advances in Mindanao 3 there are more than seven bil-
It is available for downloading at
“Fiesta” in San Agustin 4 lion tons of mineral resources
the Philippine Revolution Web Central Other anniversary commemorations 5
worth $840 billion still un-
located at: NPA expansion in Negros 6 5 firearms seized in DOriental 6 tapped in the country. This
Ang Bayan welcomes contributions Release Ka Bart! 6 includes more than 100,000
in the form of articles and news. AFP ceasefire violations 7 tons of gold and about five bil-
Readers are likewise enjoined to send Peasant leader, activist slain 8
in their comments and suggestions for
lion tons of copper deposits.
3 political detainees, walk free 8
the betterment of our publication. You There is also more than 50 bil-
leonardo Co did not die in crossfire 9
can reach us by email at: lion tons of non-mineral stones,
Land, not militarization 10
News 11 like marble, and a huge potental
for mining oil deposits and na-
Ang Bayan is published fortnightly by the Central Committee
of the Communist Party of the Philippines tural gas from marshlands and

2 ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011

offshore areas. years per contract. With a mini- rectly in the hands of foreign mi-
Based on their continuing mum of $50 million in required ning companies. This number
surveys, imperialist mining investments, it was the foreign excludes other vast land areas
companies have determined companies that were able to covered by MPSA and EP.
that a third of the country's ter- corner almost all FTAA. They are The majority of these areas
ritory is rich in mineral depo- even able to cover hundreds of are located within the ancestral
sits, mainly gold, copper and thousands of hectares more by lands of national minorities,
nickel. The puppet regime ex- applying for several FTAA. who are thus the main victims
pects foreign mining companies Other authorities provided of land grabbing and displace-
to bring in up to $13 billion in for by the Mining Act are the ment. Their forests and other
new investments. Even areas Mineral Production Sharing natural resources are likewise
like the Liguasan Marsh in Min- Agreement (MPSA) and the destroyed, and they go hungry
danao and the Palawan seas are Exploration Permit (EP). The with the devastation of their
being eyed as sources of oil and MPSA involves joint ventures livelihoods. Their indigenous
natural gas. between the company and the cultures and ways of life are vi-
Various puppet regimes have government, while the EP grants olated and they suffer various
bent over backwards in provid- companies the authority to forms of abuse and oppression.
ing so many privileges to for- explore for minerals on In the Cordillera, one of the
eign mining companies. The land areas of varying regions with the biggest
height of servility was the crea- size for two years. concentrations of national mi-
tion of the Philippine Mining There norities, up to 70% of the land
Act of 1995, which opened are now area is covered by FTAA. These
practically the entire country m o r e are all ancestral lands of various
to mining. It allowed the entry than 100 tribes in the region. Twenty-five
of 100% foreign-owned min- F T A A percent (25%) of gold exports
ing companies, despite provi- cove- and 40% of copper exports are
sions in the reactionary go- ring mined from the Cordillera.
vernment's own constitution nine In terms of land area, large-
reserving the exploitation of scale foreign mining compa-
the country's mineral wealth nies have the biggest
for Philippine corporations coverage in Lumad and
or those that are at least Moro ancestral lands in
60% controlled by Filipi- Mindanao. The Caraga
nos. Region and Zamboanga
This law provides for Peninsula combined is
three kinds of authorities host to some of the big-
to mining companes. One m i l - gest mining areas in the
is the Financial and Techni- lion hec- country, where more than 2.3
cal Assistance Agreement tares or almost a millin national minorities are
(FTAA) which allows a company third of the country's severely affected by the oppres-
to conduct exploration actvities entire land area of 30 million siveness of large-scale foreign
in up to 81,000 hectares for 25 hectares. Almost all (99) are di- mining operations. ~

42 years of advancing correct leadership of the CPP

which has served as the beacon
people's war in Mindanao of the people's armed revoluti-
on and mass struggles.
Excerpts from National Democratic Front-Mindanao spokesperson From one Party group when
Jorge “Ka Oris” Madlos' message delivered on December 26, 2010 the CPP first took root in Min-
before members of the Party, Red fighters, residents, friends and danao in 1971, there are now
other guests in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur to celebrate the 42nd five Regional Committees cove-
anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines. ring the entire island. The total
party membership in Mindanao
he revolutionary victories determination of the Filipino numbering several thousand

T of the past 42 years could

not have been achieved
without the perseverance and
people to carry forward arduous
struggles. Neither could these
have been achieved without the
lead a few hundred thousands
of organized masses. The Party
leads scores of New People's Ar-

ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011 3

my (NPA) platoons and compa- with an ever worsening econo-
nies in the island. There are now mic and political crisis. The
42 guerrilla fronts from 39 last world capitalist system is suf-
year. The NPA in Mindanao fering from a prolonged depres-
launched more than 250 tactical sion. The Filipino people suffer
offensives this year against mi- ever worsening conditions as a
litary, paramilitary and police result of US- and IMF-imposed
forces, seizing almost 200 high- policies of liberalization, priva-
powered rifles. Enemy forces tization, deregulation and de-
lost an equivalent of a battalion nationalization. The people
of men. have long lost hope that their
The Party leads the people's national and democratic aspira-
struggle in Mindanao for land tions can be achieved under the
reform and other basic econo- current ruling system.
mic issues, human rights and The US-Aquino regime's
other political rights, the right newly unveiled Oplan Bayani-
to self-determination of the Lu- han is basically a rehash of the
mad people including that of The objectives of the AFP's Oplan Bantay Laya in terms of
our Moro brothers, the struggle brutal military campaigns under relying on a brutal military
against US political and military Oplan Bantay Laya have been campaign of suppression. Pat-
intervention as well as the pro- completely frustrated. Instead terned after the US Counter-
tection and rehabilitation of of being decimated by Oplan insurgency Guide, Oplan Baya-
our environment. bantay Laya 1 (2001-2005), the nihan seeks to camouflage the
The Party has strengthened whole revolutionary movement brutality of the fascist war with
and broadened the revolution- has grown bigger and stronger. "human rights" rhetoric, psywar
ary united front in the whole is- Oplan Bantay Laya 2 (2006- lies, doleout campaigns, so-
land. The revolutionary forces 2010) failed not only in re- called community organizing
have weathered the violent sus- ducing the revolutionary forces for peace and development and
tained attacks of successive to inconsequentiality, but in other political gimmicks. Just
reactionary regimes from the stopping as well the continued like the AFP's previous cam-
imposition of martial law in advance of the people's war. The paigns, Oplan Bayanihan will be
1972. From the early phase of current new democratic revolu- counter-productive both econo-
the strategic defensive stage, tion has achieved far greater mically and politically. It will
the protracted people's war has victories than all the previous only drain the resources of the
advanced to the middle phase revolutionary movements of the government and further draw
and has set sights on fulfilling Filipino people. the people's ire. In Mindanao,
the requirements for completing This clearly shows the matu- this will only worsen the rage of
the last phase in the next five rity and competence of the CPP the Lumad, Moro and non-Moro
years and entering the stage of to lead and advance the peo- people and drive them to unite
the strategic stalemate after- ple's revolution. In contrast, the under the NDF's banner and the
wards. ruling social system is beset CPP's leadership. ~

A “fiesta” in San Agustin town

people, scrutinized drivers'
licenses and told passengers to
turn back.
housands of people riding multicabs, jeeps, trucks and buses But the people stood their

T trooped to a village in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur to attend

and join in the festivities for the 42nd anniversary of the
Communist Party of the Philippines last December 26. They came
ground. To resist the military's
veiled threats, they decided to
mass up first in Lianga and walk
from different parts of Mindanao, some of them traveling since the remaining distance. They
midnight just to be able to make it to the venue. bravely faced the soldiers who
were armed wih rifles. They rea-
Elements of the 4th ID tried Agustin, blocking a convoy of soned out that the military
to stop them an hour away from up to 140 vehicles, not to men- should respect their right to go
the site of the celebration. The tion the innumerable mo- where they want that day, in
soldiers set up checkpoints torcycles. They took pictures accordance with the reciprocal
along the highway going to San and listed the names of the ceasefire that guaranteed their

4 ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011

security in attending the CPP were up all night preparing ety of questions ranging from
anniversary celebration. Espe- food, banners and equipment, the prospects of the peace
cially with media persons in tow, setting up the sound system talks, details of the revolution's
the people were able to assert and rehearsing their cultural advance in the island, the CPP's
their right to join the celebration presentations. stand on mining and Ka Roger's
to which they were invited. The At around 10 a.m., the pro- condition. Everyone carefully
military was forced to let them gram began with a parade of co- listened to Ka Oris' responses.
through, but not before delaying lors and a march of up to a hun- More than 40 journalists from
their trip for several hours. dred Red fighters. Sporting local, national and international
When they arrived, they green camisa de chino with red media outlets had accepted the
were welcomed by their fellow NPA badges on their left revolutionary movement's invi-
peasants, women and youth— sleeves, they raised their rifles tation and joined the celebra-
all members of revolutionary to salute the CPP flag while tion.
mass organizations under the singing the Internationale. After lunch, the guests pre-
democratic people's govern- After this, Ka Bill, a CPP sented their own performances.
ment. They were happily greet- official in the region warmly A member of a women's organi-
ed by friends, acquaintances welcomed the guests, who made zation sang about the estab-
and relatives who were Red it despite the military's harass- lishment of genuine coopera-
fighters. They were given ID ment. Ka Oris' speech came tives and advancing agrarian
cards, pins with the Communist next, where he hailed the ad- revolution. A seven-year old girl
Party logo to wear and souvenir vance and the gains achieved by who came with her parents sang
calendars depicting the nation- the Communist Party of the about the free and prosperous
al-democratic revolution. Philippines in the island (see re- future she longed for. At this
Hours before this, residents lated article). Between point, it was the Red fighters'
of San Agusin had already been speeches, a group from the Ka- turn to listen offstage and ap-
preparing for the guests' arrival. bataang Makabayan wearing red plaud.
The night before, they cleaned and their faces adorned with Those who joined the cele-
and prepared a meadow in the paint presented a play depicting bration left the site together to
middle of a rice field which the history of the Party from its avoid military harassment. They
would serve as the site of the establishment up to the current went home with a stronger fight-
celebration. With the help of stage of preparing for the stra- ing spirit, and with joyful memo-
Red fighters from the Pulang Di- tegic stalemate in the next five ries of acting in concert and
wata Command, the residents years. Their movements, dances overcoming the repressiveness of
constructed a vast stage and and songs described the reasons the reactionary army, of the rare
several huts where the guests for the armed revolutionary opportunity to loudly proclaim
could rest and food would be movement's correctness and their political convictions and
stored. They put up a huge why it was gaining strength in mingle with their people's army,
piece of red cloth as backdrop the countryside. of a simple feast to celebrate the
and painted it with a giant After a short general pro- anniversary of their Party, and of
image of the hammer and sickle. gram, Ka Oris was interviewed catching a glimpse of the revolu-
The residents and Red fighters by the media, who asked a vari- tion's victory. ~

Groups launch other activities In Rizal, members of the

Kabataang Makabayan also
on CPP's 42nd anniversary painted revolutionary slogans
in several towns and cities in
llied organizations of the National Democratic Front of the
A Philippines (NDFP) launched other activities to celebrate the
42nd anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines.
the province.
In Negros, the island's CPP
spokesperson Ka Marco held a
Members of the Revolution- ning rally at the Biñan, Laguna press conference on the expan-
ary Council of Trade Unions- town plaza. RCTU-ST spokes- sion and consolidation of the
Southern Tagalog (RCTU-ST) person Fortunato Magtanggol armed revolution in the region
painted revolutionary slogans said workers must participate (See related article).
on walls near factories in La- in people's war by joining the Elsewhere in the country, the
guna and some parts of Bata- New People's Army. RCTU-ST al- revolutionary forces launched
ngas on December 12. On so called on the working class programs, study sessions and
December 19, some 40 mem- to fulfill its leading role in the other celebrations to mark the
bers of RCTU launched a light- revolution. anniversary. ~

ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011 5

The NPA is sure to expand 2009 to 2010 and has moved it
again with the onset of the

in Negros
AFP's new oplan.
The Negros Operational
Command, on the other hand,
he expansion of the New People's Army (NPA) in Negros is a

T certainty. In the coming years, it is targeting the estab-

lishment of company-size guerrilla fronts in every congres-
sional district in the island, in accordance with the call by the
said that the NPA in the island
has enough forces to achieve
its targets. Part of the gains
the NPA can build on is the
leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines to leap from more than 30 tactical offen-
the strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate. sives it was able to launch last
This target was presented in Marco said their targets are year and its seizure of more
a press conference held in the achievable because they were than 20 high-powered fire-
last week of December in a able to expand their mass base arms. More than 20 AFP troops
mountainous area in Negros as despite a number of weak- were killed and 15 were
part of the celebrations of the nesses and shortcomings. The wounded.
42nd anniversary of the CPP's AFP's identification of Negros The CPP in Negros projects
founding. The declaration was as a priority target in its that it could establish around
a big slap in the face of the counter-insurgency campaign seven company-size guerrilla
Philippine Army's 3rd Division in the Visayas failed to stop fronts in Negros Occidental and
whose mouthpieces have re- the 30-40% expansion of the three company-size guerrilla
peatedly claimed that the revo- mass base. The AFP leadership fronts in Negros Oriental in the
lutionary movement in the is- had also moved its deadline for next five years in preparation
land is a spent force. crushing the revolutionary for entering the stage of stra-
CPP-Negros spokesperson Ka movement in the island from tegic stalemate. ~

NPA seizes 5 firearms CPP demands immediate

in Davao Oriental release of Ka Bart
he Communist Party of the Philippines de-
R ed fighters under the Antonio Nerio Antao Com-
mand of the New People's Army (ANAC-NPA) T manded on January 5 the immediate re-
lease of Tirso “Ka Bart” Alcantara as part of
seized five firearms in a disarming operation
against Romeo Antuling, the despotic barangay the GRP’s compliance with the Joint Agree-
captain of Old Macopa, Manay, Davao Oriental on ment on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JA-
December 15, at 12:10 p.m. SIG). The AFP captured Ka Bart in Ibabang
Seized were two M16 rifles, two automatic shot- Iyam, Lucena, Quezon on January 4. Arrested
guns and a cal .45 pistol. with him was a man identified as Apolonio Cu-
ANAC spokesperson Dyomabuk Kadyawan said arto.
Antuling was a despotic village official who used After his capture, Ka Bart was immedately
his influence to amass high-powered firearms and taken to the Southern Luzon Command
establish his own private army. He is also guilty of headquarters in Camp Nakar, and later air-
several human rihts violations in Manay. Kadyawan lifted to the V. Luna Hospital in Quezon City
added that Antuling has been using his armed for treatment of a bullet wound he sustained.
group to terrorize civilians living in the area. To keep custody of Ka Bart, the military
Meanwhile, latest reports from Ka Amado Pesan- immediately filed 23 criminal cases against
te, spokesperson of the NPA Rodal Urtal Command him.
in Northern Samar said that the Red fighters were Ka Bart, a consultant in the peace talks, is
able to seize 11 firearms in their successful amush covered by JASIG. His release would bode well
against a 12-man unit of the 63rd IB Bravo Coy in for the upcoming talks. Pending his detention
Barangay Perez, Las Navas on December 14. The by the Philippine government, the CPP de-
arms seizure consisted of ten M16s and a K3 light manded humane treatment for him and respect
machine gun, aside from ammuniion and military for his rights, including the right to confer
equipment. ~ with his lawyers and see his doctors. ~

6 ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011

AFP ceasefire violations Percol strafed a house that was
being visited by an NPA team in
he AFP and PNP brazenly violated the NDFP and GRP's recipro- Sitio Uper Balading, Barangay

T cal ceasefire that started December 16 and ended January 3.

They used the 19-day ceasefire to position their troops with-
in and around guerrilla zones. They surveilled and harassed sus-
Bayotbot, San Jose. The NPA
unit was forced to retreat with-
out firing a shot to avoid hit-
pected activists and supporters of the armed revolutionary move- ting civilians. The military
ment and arrested NPA forces. A civilian was killed as the AFP went killed civilian Stephen Lester
on a rampage. Following are the incidents collated by Ang Bayan: Barrientos (see related article)
and arrested Ka Christian Bas-
Davao City. The PNP Spe- Barangay Nasalaan in San Fran- cos, an NPA member who was
cial Action Force raided a cisco town, a 24-man military then taking advantage of the
house on January 1 in Toril platoon herded the menfolk ceasefire to visit his fiancee.
District where NPA cadre Ka and forced them to undress. Two other guerrillas were ar-
Edwin Brigano was staying. Surigao del Sur. In the rested by the military.
Brigano was seeking medical runup towards December 26th, Capiz and Iloilo. Starting
treatment during the ceasefire forces of the 4th ID set up December 21, troops of the 61st
for serious lung and liver ail- checkpoints in a number of IB conducted combat clearing
ments. The PNP-SAF detained barangays in Surigao del Sur, operations in at least six
and slapped him with including the province's main barangays of Tapaz, Capiz and
trumped-up charges. throughfares, to determine the Calinog, Iloilo.
Quezon. Soldiers of the exact venue of the CPP an- Agusan del Sur. Police op-
74th IB detained ten students niversary celebration. When eratives arrested NDF-North
of the Polytechnic University the exact place was made Central Mindanao official Ka
of the Philippines who were in known to the public, the police Pedro Codaste and his com-
Barangay San Andres, and military began setting up panions at a checkpoint in
San Narciso on De- checkpoints around San Bayugan town.
cember 28. The Agustin town to block, terror- Ifugao and Mountain
military accused ize and stop people from join- Province. A commando unit of
them of being NPA ing the festivities. the 5th ID entered an area
members but they The military along the boundary of Aguinal-
were released for failed to stop do town in Ifugao and Natonin
lack of evidence. them and the town in Mountain Province on
Since the ceasefire celebration was December 16. The following day,
began on Decem- a success (see it positioned itself in Sitio Tap-
ber 16 up to the related article). po, Barangay Banawel, Natonin
days before Christ- Occidental where there were ongoing Civil-
mas, offensive mili- Mindoro. Sol- Military Operations that served
tary operations diers from the as cover for offensive military
were conducted al- 80th IB led by operations of a Re-engineered
most without letup Lt. Col. Special Operations Team.
by the 85th and Roger Military operations were also
74th IB in the conducted in a number of
villages of White barangays in Na-
Cliff, Busuk- tonin, among
Busukan, San t h e m
Juan, Sinagtala, Alunugan,
Binay, San Vi- B a l a n g a w,
cente and Vigo Banawel, Botac,
Central in San Maducayan,
Narciso. The Saliyok and
troopers harassed Tonglayaon,
and took pic- and in Ba-
tures of residents nanao, Bo-
in a number of tigue and
areas. In Sitio other barangays in
M a g e r o n , Paracelis town. ~

ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011 7


Peasant leader, activist slain Barrientos, 19, a member of the

Southern Tagalog Cultural Net-
work (STCN), a youth cultural
group in the region. Anak-
peasant leader from Nueva Ecija and an activist from Min-

A doro were killed by armed minions of the reactionary state

in December and the first days of January.
January 2. Armed men troops from the Philippine
bayan-Southern Tagalog deputy
secretary general John Macuha
said Barrientos was in the area
to visit his father who lives in
aboard a motorcycle murdered Army 80th IB raided a house in Upper Balading, Barangay Ba-
Oyi Villarosa, an officer of San Jose town in Occidental yotbot, San Jose. An active
Alyansa ng Magbubukid sa Git- Mindoro where a unit of the member of STCN, Barrientos'
nang Luson (AMGL), the region- New People's Army was staying. last performance was in Mendi-
al chapter of the Kilusang Mag- In a statement, Ka Higom ola on December 10 during the
bubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP). Vil- Maragang, spokesperson of the commemoration of Internation-
larosa, who was killed n Santa NPA Lucio de Guzman Command al Human Rights Day.
Rosa, Nueva Ecija was shot to in Mindoro said the Red fight- To avoid being held ac-
death on the way home after ers opted to withdraw without countable, the military claimed
working all day in his farm. He firing a single shot in order to that Barrientos was “killed in
sustained four fatal bullet avoid hitting civilians. the crossfire” between the AFP
wounds from a cal .45 pistol Killed in the treacherous at- and the NPA. Not satisfied with
and is the first victim of extra- tack by fascist troops was this lie, the military caused the
judicial killing in 2011. Stephen Barrientos family even more an-
December 23. Lester guish by not allowing them to
A youth activist claim the slain activist's body.
and member of a After they were finally able to
Southern Tagalog- retrieve the body, the family
based cultural or- suffered even more harassment
ganization was killed when in the hands of the military. ~

allegedly being inolved in a

3 political detainees
crime dating back to 2009. She
was held incommunicado and

walk free
interrogated for a week before
being presented in court. The
court dismissed the case filed
against Abraham for lack of
hree political detainees were released before the end of 2010.

T Among them were two of the “Morong 43” and a detainee in-
carcerated in Tuguegarao City.
Meanwhile, Atty. Edre
Olalia, lawyer for the “Morong
43” said that the continued
Two members of the “Mo- who has never had any experi-
rong 43” who were not part of ence with checks was proven detention of Rogelio Villarisis,
the first batch released on De- innocent of violating the anti- Edwin Dematera and Danny
cember 17 were able to leave bouncing checks law. Pinero is a violation of their
the Metro Manila District Jail Prior to this, Myrna Cruz- political rights since there are
(MMDJ) in Camp Bagong Diwa, Abraham who was detained at no arrest warrants or commit-
Taguig City on December 28. the Bureau of Jail Management ment orders issued against
Aldrin Garcia and Antonio de and Penology Center in Tugue- them.
Dios were proven to be mere garao City was released. Abra- Aside from them, there are
namesakes of other persons ac- ham, a consultant for peasant five more activists belonging to
cused of various crimes. Garcia, organizations and a member of the “Morong 43” who are still
who is supposedly a drug user the Anakpawis Party in Cagayan being detained at Camp Capin-
was freed after he tested nega- walked free on December 23 af- pin in Tanay, Rizal and coerced
tive for illegal drugs. De Dios, ter nine months in detention. to testify against their com-
on the other hand, a poor man She was arrested in March for rades. ~

8 ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011


Leonardo Co and his team names of EDC officials who

could verify his statements. He
were not killed in the showed them his identification
card and the sackful of

crossfire seedlings they had gathered.

The soldiers did not believe
Gibe. Instead, they ordered him
he results of a fact-finding mission conducted by Agham-

to lie face down on the ground
Advocates of Science and Technology for the People have be- for close to two hours. They al-
lied claims by the military that renowned scientist Leonardo so ignored the dying Borromeo,
Co and two members of his team were killed in the crossfire dur- refusing to provide any medical
ing a firefight between the New People's Army and elements of the treatment for close to two
19th IB. hours.
Based on the accounts of the other hand, was able to They gave him first aid only
the surviving victims, other per- crawl towards a big tree and after the soldiers received or-
sonalities involved in the inci- hide behind it. The others were ders from their superiors at
dent and an ocular inspection of easier targets because they did around 2 p.m. It was already 3
the scene of the shooting, the not have much cover. p.m. when an ambulance came
33-strong fact-finding team or- By 12:17 p.m., Balute had for Borromeo. But he died be-
ganized by Agham confirmed flagged down an EDC vehicle fore he could reach the hospi-
that the shots that snuffed out and asked the driver to bring tal.
the lives of Co and his team him to the field office so he When the soldiers realized
members Sofronio Cortez and could report the shooting. At the huge blunder they had
Julius Borromeo came from only about the same time, Gibe was made, they tried to intimidate
one direction. able to send a text message to and confuse Gibe to destroy his
Co and his group had already the EDC asking for help. Based credibility as a witness. To
spent several hours in a forest- on this, the EDC lost no time in plant doubts in his mind, they
ed area of Barangay Lim-ao, texting Co to leave the area im- asked him if he knew about the
Kananga, Leyte in the morning mediately as there was report- military operation in the area,
of November 15 to collect tree edly an encounter going on. The and even told him that they
seedlings for an Energy Devel- EDC was then unaware that it had lost two soldiers. Gibe an-
opment Corp. (EDC) reforesta- was actually Co's group that was swered that their venture into
tion project. Also with Co were being fired upon, that Co and the forest was coordinated with
Roniño Gibe, a forest guard and Cortez's blood-soaked bodies the military, which did not in-
Policarpio Balute, a farmer. Be- were already sprawled on the form them about any ongoing
fore they proceeded, the EDC ground and that Borromeo was AFP operations. They mocked
formally informed the military fighting for his life. Gibe again, saying, “It's impos-
at around 8:30 a.m. of Co and After the shooting, the sol- sible for you not to have seen
his team's activity. diers approached the victims. the three armed men. We had
It was around 12:00 noon When the troopers saw Gibe, he been observing them walking
when Co and his group were was repeatedly interrogated on for around for 30 minutes!”
suddenly fired upon. where their Obviously, what the soldiers
One by one, they firearms saw was Co's group, and they
dropped to the ground, w e r e , fired at them without bothering
shouting “Have pity, where his to verify their identities. In
we are not your ene- other com- statements issued later by the
mies!” “Please stop!” panions military, there was no mention
Said Balute, there was had es- of any casualties on the AFP
rapid fire and big ex- caped to side, contrary to what the sol-
plosions that shook the and who diers had told Gibe.
ground. The shooting their con- Agham decided to conduct its
lasted for 15-20 minutes. tacts were. Gibe also repeatedly own probe, because even before
Balute happened to be be- answered that they were not the Kananga PNP could finish its
hind a huge tree when they armed and that they were EDC official investigation, the police
were shot at. He decided to run employees tasked to assist Co in were already “corroborating” the
to ask help from EDC. Gibe, on his research. He gave them the 19th IB's lies. ~

ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011 9

Land, not militarization alms and other people's charity.
Breaking the chains of
feudal bondage and exploita-
he successful land occupation campaign in Negros has tion. The landlords on the is-

T breathed new life into agrarian struggles in the island (read

“Campaign for land occupation in Negros” in Ang Bayan's De-
cember 7, 2010 issue). The peasantry's mighty strength which lay
land fiercely oppose the land
occupation campaign, as it is a
direct affront to the feudal rule
dormant for some time has been stirred, with the farmers demon- of Eduardo “Danding” Cojuang-
strating their collective, sustained and organized actions for land, co (who has 11 haciendas in
food, work and social justice. Since they began their land occupa- the entire island); Jose Miguel
tion campaign in the last quarter of 2008, it has spread through- Arroyo (husband of former Pres.
out the island and spurred various forms of antifeudal struggles. Gloria Macapagal-Arroy); Daniel
“Bitay” Lacson (former Negros
Poor peasants and farm the so-called season of death, Occidental governor Presiden-
workers dared to act in response all of the island's 11 sugar cen- tial Adviser for the Visayas un-
to calls for land occupation in trals stop operating. The is- der both Cory Aquino and Be-
the face of government's failure land's economy grinds to a nigno Aquino III); Negros Occi-
to fulfill its promise of land and halt—an economy where dental Gov. Alfredo
social justice. It was a promise 85% of agriculture is Marañon; Pulupandan,
made by every president, from ge a re d Negros Occidental mayor
Quezon during the Common- to- Magdaleno Peña; and
wealth to the present puppet w a r d s the Teves and Limkaichong
regime. planting sugar families.
Genuine land cane and exporting In connivance with the
reform is es- sugar. Without sugar landlords, the reactionary state
pecially ur- cane, there is no work. mobilizes its coercive instru-
gent in And without work, the ments to suppress the peas-
Negros. majority of the population antry. Aside from the courts,
During goes hungry. This, while af- the military, police and paramil-
“tiempos fluent landlord families go on itary forces, it also taps the
muer- pleasure trips to European or mercenary Revolutionary Prole-
tos” American cities. tarian Army (RPA) bandit group.
o r Under these circumstances, Criminalization of agrarian
it is just for the peasantry to cases. Landlord-dominated lo-
till idle lands and develop them cal governments consider as
so they can have food for their criminal acts the actions taken
starving families. This would be by the peasantry to assert their
more productive than to rely on rights to land and livelihood
and against hunger and milita-
Media condemns US soldiers' arrogance rization. Instead of addressing
JOURNALISTS strongly condemned the arrogance of American the peasantry's just demands,
soldiers guarding the headquarters of the US Joint Special Op- the landlords or their under-
erations Task Force (JSTOFP) in Zamboanga City and called on lings file criminal cases against
the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) Commisson to investigate them.
the incident, According to a report last
In a statement, the National Union of Journalists of the August, a total of 402 criminal
Philippines (NUJP) said it was arrogant and totally illegal for cases have been filed against
the American soldiers to bar local media who were then cover- the peasants. One-hundred and
ing the December 20 visit to the Western Mindanao Command fifty-two farmers (80 of them in
headquarters of (ret) Gen. Edilberto Adan, a member of the VFA Negros Occidental) with arrest
Commission. When the media asked the US soldiers why they warrants have been forced to
were being barred, the soldiers threatened to confiscate the TV leave their loved ones and go
network's equipment if they continued taking footages. into hiding. Twenty-six peasant
The NUJP asked the VFA Commission to conduct an inves- leaders and activists are de-
tigation into the foreign soldiers' arrogant behavior, saying tained in Bago and Cadiz. Two
that to let this incident pass would be to abrogate the na- peasant youth were abducted
tion's sovereignty. ~ by RPA bandits and have not
been surfaced to date. ~

10 ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011

nate in the busting of their
DOLE grants PAL flight attendants' demands
The PAL workers' struggle
THE Department of Labor and Employent (DOLE) granted on Decem-
was supported by the majority
ber 24 the demands of members of the Flight Attendants' and Stew-
of unions and workers' associa-
ards' Association of the Philippines (FASAP), including raising the
tions nationwide because of its
mandatory retirement age. The Philippine Air Lines Employees As-
strategic effect on the Philip-
sociation (PALEA) has thus called off a strike to oppose the mass
pine workers' movement against
termination of 2,600 PAL employees and other repressive policies.
contractualization and other re-
The decision in favor of the lective bargaining agreement pressive policies of imperialist
PAL employees was issued after (CBA) because it was no longer globalization.
more than a week of mediation beneficial to them. It would Among the demands won by
by the Aquino government on trigger a mass layoff where FASAP members was the rais-
the conflicts between PAL's those booted out would be re- ing of the mandatory retire-
management and the union. An placed by non-unionized and ment age for both men and
assumption of jurisdiction (AJ) contractual workers who would women to 60 years. Under the
order was issued by Malacañang not enjoy any benefits or job se- old CBA, female flight atten-
on December 16. The power to curity. This would also culmi- dants hired by the company af-
issue AJ orders is vested ter November 2000 would
in the president and the be forced to retire by their
DOLE secretary to inter- 40th birthday. FASAP also
vene in labor conflicts be- won a `200 million wage
tween management and hike over the next three
workers' unions and pre- years—`2,000 to `2,500
vent a strike. per month in the first year
PALEA and the and `1,300 in the next
Anakpawis Party-list two years.
branch at PAL had been Each member was also
strongly opposed to the granted a rice allowance of
PAL management's en- `1,800 a month, aside from
forcement of the old col- other benefits.

PISTON opposes new NLEX, SLEX toll hikes

MEMBERS of the Pinag-isang Samahan ng Tsuper at Operators Na- has also been hiked from `30
tionwide (PISTON) held a protest rally on January 3 at the Alabang to `40 after the Land Trans-
viauct in Muntinlupa City after the toll fee hike at the North Lu- portation and Franchising Reg-
zon Expressway (NLEX) and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) took ulatory Board approved their
effect last January 1. petition filed last year.
Widespread opposition has
Toll fees were raised 300% at the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) prompted Benigno Aquino III
at the SLEX while at the NLEX, have doubled. Passengers will to propose a graduated toll fee
Class 1 vehicles will be paying have to shell out an additional hike at the NLEX and SLEX, a
`41, up from `36 from Ba- `10 for a trip from North Av- move that actually does noth-
lintawak to the Bocaue Inter- enue in Quezon City to Taft Av- ing to reduce the excessive
change. enue in Manila. monopoly profits of big capi-
Aside from the toll fee, fares The flagdown rate in taxis talists.

ANG BAYAN January 7, 2011 11

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