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Roller coaster Co-operation

Teacher Liz June 2020

Cham, you have been really enjoying the new roller coaster bike
track. When it hasn't been brought out of the shed you are asking
for it! It’s awesome that you know that the teachers will respond to
your needs and that you have the language and you are now confi-
dent enough to ask for what you need. I can remember when you
first came to An-Nur, you would point and make a grunt noise to-
wards the swing, until we taught you to say “swing please”! Look
how far you have come since then! Currently your individual learn-
ing goal is being able to communicate your wants and needs in Eng-
lish & Arabic to both your peers and you teachers.
When we first got the roller coaster we encouraged children after
their turn to always push the care back to the top as that’s the saf-
est way. Sometimes other children forget to but you never do, and
you are ready waiting for the car to help them push it back up.
Cham you are taking responsibility for your learning environment by
ensuring the car is returned and ready to go. You have to be careful
to feel the wheels lock into place, to make sure its safe.
You have learned how to align the care wheels to the roller coaster and how
to push it safely back up to the top and feel the wheels lock in. I think for you
this experience is about building the communication & relationships, more
than using the car.
I love watching the co-operation and negotiation it takes between you and
your friends while taking turns. Not only do you have increased language, but
you are now able to use language for increasingly complex purposes—
negotiating, instructing, questioning.
Well done Cham, I can see that you are increasing your vocabulary and you
are able to communicate more and more as you continue to grow and learn.