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Zacharia, the leader

Teacher Liz , June 2020

Zacharia, lately I have noticed that you are initiating
group games. You are definitely showing a leadership
role here. First you invite all your friends to join you,
even though some are hesitant you were encourag-
ing. Then you speak with the team in Arabic, inform-
ing them about what they need to do in order to play.
I’m not sure I can understand what the rules are, but
the children all do and they engage in the group
game of chasing., other children see you and they
want to join in too.
Zacharia, you show that you are a leader, you are
one of our oldest children now and it wont be long
till you leave to go to school!
You told the children the rules to the game and they
listened to you and respected you as you had given
them an awesome fun experience.
I was impressed at your tactics during the
game you would all of a sudden stop the game
and tell the children “Look!” and point far off in
the distance they would all stop & look, but you
took the opportunity to run away and get a
head start! I saw you helping your friends up
when they slipped over that is kind.
Zacharia, Its has been so amazing watching the
last week repeat this experience, and practice
your leadership skills. The children certainly
have an affinity with you and follow what you
do, so its important that you are a role model
for the children and show them appropriate
things to do.
Do you know what though? Most importantly
you all had fun together!